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  1. Infinit Jase

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    Jason Shields will shake it up as well. The ladies race should be a cracker.
  2. Infinit Jase

    Challenge Melbourne results (1:55 bike split)

    Good one Peter. I have been thinking the same thing for years.
  3. Infinit Jase

    Kona Legacy Slot Experience, What's Yours?

    Congratulations iFoz that is awesome. It sounds like there is a fair wait to get a spot now. It is great that they let you know that your in for next year.
  4. Infinit Jase

    Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    I think that you are out of the loop Ruley. Come on mate. Pick your Game Up!!!!!
  5. Infinit Jase

    ball tampering vs doping

    Good one Ruley. That is pretty bad. What did he get for that? I'm with you on this one.
  6. Infinit Jase

    Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    Yeah I think that is what he said. Hey Parkside. If you send Tim a message. Can you please let me know how you go.
  7. Infinit Jase

    Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    Tim Reed is sponsored by Hot Shot. He loves the product and swears by it. Send him a message and ask him. I'm sure that he will help you out. He is a massive cramper and it works for him.
  8. Infinit Jase

    Major League Triathlon

    I had not seen it either. Looks like a USA series. That will be great for those guys. I hope that it works out. It would be great if Aus had that same thing.
  9. Infinit Jase

    Dob in a doper. This can't end well.

    That's bloody awesome.
  10. Infinit Jase

    Yeppoon - Kraken 102 (long course)

    Bahahahahahaha 99. You blokes must be old.
  11. Infinit Jase

    Yeppoon - Kraken 102 (long course)

    Was that the year that Belinda Granger and Matt Koorey won the Ironman? They had a half the same day as well. Windy and choppy in the swim.
  12. Infinit Jase

    Coast to Coast

    Good one Schoey. That would be bloody awesome. Kim Beckinsale and Dyson Findlay from Noosa are doing it this year. They will be easy to get a hold of if you want to ask them a few questions.
  13. Infinit Jase

    most patronising thing said

    My wife was watching Robina on the weekend and could not believe what the athletes were saying to each other as they went past. The worst one was "Why don't you learn how to ride a bike ya fat CBom". That is wrong, even if someone is not doing the right thing.
  14. Infinit Jase

    CLIF BAR set to fuel IRONMAN Oceania Multisport series

    If you pay them the money Oompa Loompa, then you have the partnership.
  15. Infinit Jase

    Broken Collarbone - who had one, what did you do etc.

    Yeah mate. I was pretty happy to get close to 11hrs. Everyone said that I could not do the race. My shoulder stopped hurting in the swim on the Thursday before the race. So that was bloody lucky.