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  1. Infinit Jase

    Noosa 2019

    Ring him up Ronnie and ask him. You will have it all sorted in 5 minutes.
  2. Gerrard Gosens is a bloody legend. The way that he spoke in that interview after he's probably lost his chance of going to the Olympics is pretty good and shows what a champion bloke and attitude that he has.
  3. It has to be a good idea to try and break it up on the bike.
  4. Thanks guys. I thought the country races would have added up to more than that. I guess I'm not into the Razzle Dazzle of Ironman and I like racing friendly low key races.
  5. Bahahahahaha Pieman. Hey Pete do you have time to crunch the numbers on the 4 races combined to Sunny Coast 70.3 numbers? You are the man on all of this stuff.
  6. Why does it have to be Challenge or Ironman? QLD has 5 long course races and only 1 of them is Ironman. Goodiwindi HOTW Tweed Enduro Yeppoon Kracken 70.3 Sunny Coast Hervey Bay 100 I think that the country races are better as well as half the price. I hope that Shep keeps going to for you guys.
  7. Yeah what's going on there. Is that the full list? 10 Pros racing and they pay to 10th I think.
  8. The dude seems pretty regretful for doing that and apologized. Why didn't the lady back it off for 5 seconds and then lapped it up.
  9. It's when trying to be funny backfires. Or when strong personalities and egos meet. Pete's a nice guy. Cyclists always hang shit on each other. This one didn't work out right.
  10. How funny is that. Bahahaha.
  11. Yeah I've hung out with Brad. He's a nice guy Razzing Cam. It's good to make it more interesting. Cam and Starky are doing a great job.
  12. Gees that sounds like a good idea. Good one.
  13. Bahahahaha. Must be a laid back race director. I don't need any of that fancy stuff. Just want a race. See ya there.
  14. Infinit Jase

    IM Kona

    I like the idea. Break it up. Don't the pro's start at 6.30am? They still need time between the female pro's and age groupers.
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