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  1. Yep we are coming out for the race. Looking forward to it. It might be a hot one this year.
  2. And everyone's sweat rates are different so that's where the wide range is a guide. I guess it looks pretty obvious to try and keep hydrated.
  3. I thought it was really good. A good mix of the pro race and stories.
  4. I take the split and look at my watch but I don't know why I do that. Swim courses are rarely spot on and it doesn't really matter. Its a bloody long way to go. It's just habit I guess.
  5. I hear that about Melbourne all of the time. I don't know why.
  6. Good one Zed. I listed to that podcast as well. How was it when he called out Starky for sitting behind the motorbikes. Funny stuff.
  7. Bahahahaha I've been doing the tape thing for ages but I wasn't game to say anything.
  8. Good one Rory. I thought I was the only Poof running around in Lulu Lemon shorts. They are great and have 2 side pockets with zippers.
  9. Hey Shrek. Which part of what Cal and Bevan have said in the interview is not correct? Cam made a dick of himself and should have just apologised and that would have been the end of it. But instead writes a whole heap of bullshit about Cal. That is not right. If Cam wants to explain himself. The option is open to go on the show. I don't know Sarah but I feel sorry for her. She has done nothing wrong but her name keeps coming up. Hey Shrek to you even know Cal or Cam?
  10. Hey Zed. You are Zinging. Is this you telling us how good your going? If you are riding to hr of 130/140 then the speed is irrelevant. You are going good. You should go better with a taper and then you'll be really zinging. Best of Luck. Just get it done mate. Training times don't count.
  11. I'm getting in on Wednesday night. I'm not sure that I will catch you guys at the Coffee shop. I'm more into Pies and Beers. Are you guys heading to the Pub on Monday?
  12. Wow M5 would want to create some turnover for that. I can't imagine them having many triathletes.
  13. Geez IronmanFoz have you ever had a sore ITband. Bloody hell they are sore to even walk on. You are a hard man. It's a lot of money spent to go over and have an injury mid race. I hope that it comes good for Josh.
  14. $400 a month. Geez. What do you get from that? Hopefully a full service.
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