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  1. Major League Triathlon

    I had not seen it either. Looks like a USA series. That will be great for those guys. I hope that it works out. It would be great if Aus had that same thing.
  2. Dob in a doper. This can't end well.

    That's bloody awesome.
  3. Yeppoon - Kraken 102 (long course)

    Bahahahahahaha 99. You blokes must be old.
  4. Yeppoon - Kraken 102 (long course)

    Was that the year that Belinda Granger and Matt Koorey won the Ironman? They had a half the same day as well. Windy and choppy in the swim.
  5. Coast to Coast

    Good one Schoey. That would be bloody awesome. Kim Beckinsale and Dyson Findlay from Noosa are doing it this year. They will be easy to get a hold of if you want to ask them a few questions.
  6. most patronising thing said

    My wife was watching Robina on the weekend and could not believe what the athletes were saying to each other as they went past. The worst one was "Why don't you learn how to ride a bike ya fat CBom". That is wrong, even if someone is not doing the right thing.
  7. CLIF BAR set to fuel IRONMAN Oceania Multisport series

    If you pay them the money Oompa Loompa, then you have the partnership.
  8. Broken Collarbone - who had one, what did you do etc.

    Yeah mate. I was pretty happy to get close to 11hrs. Everyone said that I could not do the race. My shoulder stopped hurting in the swim on the Thursday before the race. So that was bloody lucky.
  9. Broken Collarbone - who had one, what did you do etc.

    Broke my collar bone 7 weeks out from Kona 2016 on Tuesday and plate put in on Friday. Got on the Wind Trainer on Monday totally off the pain killers and did that for 2 weeks. Walked some stairs when I could not run. Got the OK to go into the water after 2 weeks and tried to swim but that's not a good idea for a while. My doc gave me the tip to try and do stuff as much as I could. If it hurt the next day, I had gone to hard. 1 Day on the bike and then the next walk, run or swim. 3 weeks till I could ride OK. 4 Weeks till I could run and 5 weeks to start actually swimming a bit. Best of Luck with the recovery.
  10. What nutrition do you use

    I don't know how to hook that up Peter. But if you give me a time and let me know what you want me to do. I will get it sorted.
  11. What nutrition do you use

    Yeah it would be great to get to more races but I am pretty booked up with the races that I have now that we sponsor. Between Tri's, running and MTB'ing events. We have a lot going on. I think that we would be the smallest nutrition company in Aus. I do all of the talking. My wife Rach does all of the smart stuff (social media, contracts with sponsored athletes and looks after our clubs and coaches). My dad makes up all of the product. Hey Brett if you were to ring us up for a nutrition chat. Would you rather speak a Dietitian or a Pro Athlete that knows our product inside and out? I am getting to busy to do this on my own.
  12. What nutrition do you use

    Tailwind is not something that we can replicate. It is made up of Dextrose and Sucrose. We use both of those and Maltodextrin as well. My 2 questions are normally how many grams of carbs are you trying to get in per hour and how much Sodium are you chasing. Then I can get a mix going for you.
  13. What nutrition do you use

    Yeah Brett I totally get that. My wife is the same. She hates talking on the phone. I'm going to make a bigger effort this year to get out and see squads and clubs more.
  14. What nutrition do you use

    Hi BogFrog, The 1 thing that I try to do when I work with athletes is make their nutrition plan as simple and dumb proof as possible. We Custom make Nutrition. You get to tell me what you want and I can make it up in 8 different flavours. If you have a Dietitian looking after you. Sweet as. They can tell me what they want for you and I make it up. If you don't know what you want. I sit on the phone all day making mixes up for athletes. For Olympic Distance racing I'm going to have a serve of my Infinit in a bidon. Drink the bottle and that is my whole nutrition for the race. If you need any help with anything just let me know.
  15. What nutrition do you use

    Too Funny. I just tried to give you a call Keiran. I sit on the phone all day every day making mixes up for people so that there is no confusion. Just give me a buzz back and I will get you sorted. Thanks guys. See ya at Robina Cranky.