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  1. Infinit Jase

    New Specialized Shiv

    So it fits 1.5L on the back but how do you get to it? The bento box thing is cool. Making the bike friendly for travel is great as well.
  2. Infinit Jase


    John from Perth that left a message on my Phone. You didn't leave a number so I can not ring you back sorry.
  3. I'm with you Pieman. If there is no TV coverage. It is hard for quality sponsors to get exposure for their business's. It's good that Ironman are doing the Facebook coverage and interviewing Pro's. The Pro Athletes can make a profile for themselves and start getting some following going.
  4. Infinit Jase

    Kona 18: predict the fastest runner 1man 1 woman

    Gomez and Beth McKenzie
  5. Infinit Jase


    I thought it was Diaa Nour (Leanda Cave's husband) and Jimmy Seear. I have met Diaa a few times and he seems like a nice guy.
  6. Infinit Jase


    No problems Turts, I just put some Infinit Points into your account for your next order.
  7. Infinit Jase

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    It's a sport with no umpire. All the talk about doing the right thing is just talk. As Softy said that a group comes past with athletes that are slower than you cheating. All you can do is try and sit legal off the back. I thought that maybe an umpire rocks up and says that you can not do that really nicely and then boom. Here is a 5 minute card and then the other 15 blokes sitting in can have a chat with you. Yep stick to country races where it's more fun for less money and fair racing.
  8. Infinit Jase

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    It just seems like a sport with no referee. 90% of Athletes on the first lap at Sunny Coast were really, really good. The 10% were just taking the piss. I started letting the 10% know what I thought and the Mrs told me to pull my head in because half of them were customers of mine. Bahahahaha yes TimG that was definitely outside assistance. But I think that a 15 minute penalty with my running flat out home was fair. He ran back into 4th as well. Bloody hell he can GO.
  9. Infinit Jase

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    The Draft Busters don't do anything. I need to stop talking and go and be a TO. When I first started Tri's. The bike would turn up if you were in a bunch and some grumpy old bloke would tell you that everyone was cheating and that you had 1 minute to split it up or everyone was getting a penalty. This is your 1 and only warning. Everyone would split up and that was it. If you were in a bunch after that the whole bunch got a penalty except the legit guy sitting on the front. I know it would suck to get a penalty if you were in the wrong spot but at the right time. It would split it up really quickly. I think that the draft busters should wear a Go Pro and if any athlete abuses the Ref should get a holiday.
  10. Infinit Jase

    Ironman Mont T (sanders)

    Vegan = It's a Free Entry into the Cool Kids Club AP. It gives you something to talk about. I'm a massive fan of Lionel. There aren't to many athletes that are as open as him, especially when he stuffs up. He has had some great results and is getting better and better each year. It's going to be a good race at Kona.
  11. Infinit Jase

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    I could not agree with you guys more. So disappointing. I could not watch it.
  12. Infinit Jase

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    Good one Ronnie. I had thought of that sort of thing as well. Especially if prize money is put up at an event and there are no Pro entries until very late. You could look after 1 international athlete and make it work.
  13. Infinit Jase

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    Yeppoon Kracken 102. Bahahahahahaha yeah I was thinking the same thing Pieman. It needs to be clearly spelled out to them before the race.
  14. Infinit Jase

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    Sweet as Trier. I'm with you. I like the idea of having a prize pool so that young athletes can have a crack and try and turn Pro and get to an international level. 3 out of the 6 guys that won prize money on the weekend did not turn up to Presentations. That's Bullshit. 2nd and 3rd female winners raced together all day and then played Paper, Rock, Scissors to see who wins. That's Bullshit. How does the race director now go and get sponsorship for next years race when the guys this year were just taking the piss. I didn't mind the brain explosion on race day and doing the scissors bullshit. I just got annoyed the next day when they were showing off on Social media about it. All they had to do was put on a show for the last 100m and they come out of it looking like rock stars. If the race director does not pay athletes. They can do whatever they want. Surely if you give some cash away. With that must come some sort of professionalism. So Trier. If you want some prize money. What is your sales pitch for Sponsors and Race Directors?
  15. Infinit Jase

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    We don't sponsor Katy Gibb or Keira. What did you think of their finish?