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    Swim Drills

    Drills waste your time my friend
  2. what countless experiences? names and dates? what disengaged athletes and membership outside of what we already recieve within the proper channels without malice and exaggeration? membership has grown this year...again
  3. this is my point...you are having a crack at TA customer service and put up one email as evidence which is more than most do - normally it is just an anecdotal rant and next minute there is a KKK lynch mob - and the hordes will use that email cut and paste as fodder to have further cracks at 'customer service' - because it is a fellow trannie within the proper age demographic of 'rantness' - and you are one of the dozen or so people that post regularly on here - then people will accept your word over mine...i have been around within that period and find it highly unlikely that you you received no response whatsover - i was on the technical committee in 2014 and asked for member feedback and we had lots of enquiries such as yours that were discussed and actioned.
  4. For 5 years myself as chair, and the age group sub committee have engaged WTC/Ironman and built support for agers competing at kona and 70.3. We wanted full national federation support and representation - but Ironman wont allow us to do more than we do currently. Ie. provide support staff, ancilliary support, t-shirt, a team breakfast with welchie, michellie, crowie et al. The reason being conflict with franchise partners and apparel contractual rights. We still hope that might change in the future. We are going to provide significant support for 70.3 WC competitors this year too. Our ITU Sprint/Olympic teams have run at a loss the past couple of years. Suffice to say it doesnt make a cent. Entirely funded by team members. The ones making the biggest noise in this thread are those who do not even participate in this space, or are in anyway close to being informed, or balanced in their enquiry. I take calls and emails every day from members, non members and anyone in the sport who has a question that the national federation might be able to deal with - positive or negative in any sphere which we administrate. I get the whinge/rant/outrage factor with social media - a contemporary issue that all organisations deal with. I also get that anything I say will be seen as BS because it doesnt suit the 'TA is f..8kd' narrative. Goes with the territory. It's the main reason I dont engage with debate on here because it becomes irrational, non-informed and moronic most of the time. A shame because I respect roxii and the forum could actually provide a platform for robust, respectful, and fair discussion. Hope everyone is well and training hard. I'm just doing the usual couple of hours a day and loving the weights program. Paying dividends with swimming and overall strength. New age group this season so look forward to locking horns with the grey brigade next season
  5. ring the office...if you want the truth...or feel free to unload and go along the lines of trumpism and hansonism
  6. mickbillfrank


    you use the phrase equivalence in this thread - and agree. Problem with Islam in my view is their complete local, regional, autonomy. Interpretations of the koran and the hadith are diverse and acceptable as long as a recognised leader makes the assertions. A lack of central doctrinal/administrative authority creates huge divisions and demarcations between adherents and their affiliations.
  7. mickbillfrank


    thanks for that matt. same with mormons and seventh day adventists...not considered christian by the world council of churches even though they have a variant belief in jesus
  8. mickbillfrank


    like who? pretty sure catholics werent burning crosses in the yards of other catholics....nor jews, blacks, and gays
  9. mickbillfrank


    KKK arent a christian organisation - their doctrine is grounded in white supremacy, anti-semitism, bigotry, and racism. While they claim to be protestant christians their deviance from manistream christian doctrine is clear - an example, "We want to keep our race the white race," said Ancona. "We want to stay white. It's not a hateful thing to want to maintain white supremacy." Earlier this week on Twitter, while talking to a user who expressed interest in joining, Ancona described the KKK as a group that's "not about hate." And asserted that the groups is "about love for God, race and nation." He alsoc laimed that Jesus was not a Jew, and said the crowd only "called him a Jew to mock him," adding, "the Jews killed Christ." There is no orthodox, Catholic, or mainstream protestant tradition that for one minute accepts the assertion that jesus wasnt a jew. The KKK were essentially pissed off confederates who conducted guerilla warfare on blacks and northerners (mainly catholic) post civil war.
  10. ahhh no...they merely said they believed in the big bang and not creationism...just like 1.7 billion catholics who believe in the big bang and evolution... doesnt make them/me atheist...in fact more icelanders than australians are christian by a good margin. http://icelandmag.visir.is/article/00-icelanders-25-years-or-younger-believe-god-created-world-new-poll-reveals
  11. Bring back currarong road mate! Paris roubaix!
  12. mickbillfrank


    agree wholeheartedly - hence why there really is no 'truth' it's all perspective and rationalisation. any rational intelligent humanbeing cannot understand the bible as inerrant and infallible. there are simply too many contradictions, errors, mistakes, and shit grammar for that to even be considered. getting back to islam - we can demonise the religion all we like. unfortunately the radicals are flying the flag sky high at the moment - and it doesnt help when muslims like walid aly win the gold logie and beat the martyr/victim drum. his acceptance speech was all about him being a symbol for muslim inclusivity in society generally, and his industry particularly...muslims are 1.8% or there abouts of the australian population...so even him winning the gong, or being a presenter on a prime time show is massively over-representing his faith tradition. using his argument 1 in 4 tv people should be catholics given 27% of the population are from that faith tradition.
  13. mickbillfrank


    well no...im not religious - im an academic who interprets language and text for a living. i can read and write the orginal language in which was written. there is consensus and convention around the literary genres of the bible.
  14. mickbillfrank


    there is no ambiguity at all with regard to the old and new testaments. literary forms abound and are easily identified. as you say, the issue is with a literal fundamental approach,,,ie. world in 6 days 6000 years old noahs ark adam and eve homosexual mandates etc etc...very dangerous
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