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  1. Token are a great wheel, I ran a set of tubs for a while before switching back to clinchers. Rate them highly.
  2. trickle

    Port 2019

    Moo tri this weekend for a bit of "race sim" brick training (and because I needed a new event town and Endura drink bottle that I wont ever use) IM training, definitely not as consistent as previous attempts. Work has been nuts, 6 day weeks 3 weeks in the month and working on call has sapped me something fierce. I'll get it done though even just to tick off my 3rd.
  3. trickle

    Port 2019

    How is everyone tracking? Just a few weeks to go!
  4. 2 hours (55k) of steady low gear 6 min on 3 min off on the bike, rained on the whole time and soaked to the bone. 15 min w/up, 12 x 90second aerobic hill repeats, 3km home for 10km total run...rained on the whole time and soaked to the bone. Could be worse I guess, could be hot!?
  5. An early 120 of hilly shitty roads between Samford and Dayboro followed by a 2.8k swim with lots of strength work, water temp was 31 degrees.
  6. trickle

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Once people get word that @Cranky is racing the event will sell out for sure.
  7. I use one of these on my ISM Adamo saddle: https://forum.slowtwitch.com/cgi-bin/gforum.cgi?post=5000968 Really hard to find but well worth it, they are great!
  8. Lets get them fixing the IMOZ bike roads first 🤣
  9. Ever have one of those days when you just feel like you can keep going? My programmed bike of 30 Min warm up, 30 Z3/Z4, 30 min cool down on the Nundah crit track ended up being a 112km ride through the back roads and then around the Redcliffe peninsula. Sometimes the program needs to go out the window! Unfortunately I picked up a dose of conjunctivitis and couldn't see myself going to work.
  10. trickle

    Port 2019

    We stay here: http://www.lighthousebeachholidayvillage.com.au/rates.html Pretty basic but suits us perfectly and is right on the bike course!
  11. 17 Hours do custom orders ( i think), i know they do a heap of different Tri clubs around the country.
  12. trickle

    Port 2019

    No butter on my hot cross buns, I'm in training for Port 2019 don't you know!? Accommodation booked, I think I've entered (better check that) and also break the news to my cardiologist, I lied. 2018 won't be my last IM.
  13. trickle

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I'm also keen and happy to take at an unreasonable price
  14. trickle

    Busso 2018

    Back to the big Island for Brett then?
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