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  1. trickle

    IMOZ 2020

    Accommodation booked at our usual spot right on the bike course for IM Number 4.
  2. trickle

    Hamilton Wheelers

    What do you need to know?
  3. trickle

    Port - Race Day

    Vehicle registration pays for roads remember... lots of vehicles registered in Port Mac should more than cover the road repair costs🤣🤣
  4. Go Vegan 😏 🙄
  5. trickle

    Port - Race Day

    I caught up with Coffs Pete at the ends of my last lap. Top effort bloke!
  6. trickle

    Port 2019

    After racing that, I wished I'd ridden a fat bike
  7. trickle

    Port 2019

    My wife and kids drove the course today, comment from the missus "you should have put aero bars on your 29er"
  8. trickle

    Port 2019

    I dare say your race suit/kit will be fine on the bike. Maybe throw a vest or long sleeve shell/spray jacket in a special needs bag for the run. After already being rained on and already damp the temp dropping towards the end of the arvo will see you cooling down pretty quick.
  9. trickle

    Port 2019

    Amazingly yes! They pushed through an update recently, update the app if you haven't already done so?
  10. trickle

    Port Race Numbers

    @monkie my bad, posting from my phone and thought I'd quoted the last post.
  11. trickle

    Port Race Numbers

    140.6 752 - Trickle Is it Sunday yet!?
  12. trickle

    Port 2019

    @ironpo That looks absolutely terrible 😛 Those conditions this time next week would be absolutely perfect!
  13. Yeah they do. I use an Orca S6 sleeveless suit that has been great. Pretty sure they're still available.
  14. trickle

    Port 2019

    Currently away on a 5 day venison gathering trip, bit of cross training before the final countdown begins. What could possibly go wrong right?
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