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  1. This! I was born with four congenital abnormalities which have over the years required various repairs, I always make a rule of consulting my cardiac care team before making any drastic changes This is interesting, I've always wondered if athletes blinded by the red mist of racing have accidentally gone into hypoxia and if this is a contributor to cardiac arrest?
  2. trickle

    Aero Helmet

    Just grab a Rudy Project Boost, can be had cheap enough (I scored mine for $99 on sale)
  3. trickle

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Training camp. Lets go!
  4. Yep, fairly light gauge though. More than likely aluminium.
  5. Pretty sure thats just an inboard seal?
  6. So that "tensioning" bolt is just to preload the bearings and tighten the NDS crank arm against them. The pinch bolts and retaining clip do all the hard clamping work. My guess is the LBS was correct, You may not have loaded the NDS arm far enough over the crank spindle meaning the retaining clip didn't engage the little keeper slot in conjunction with no enough righty tighty.
  7. I'd highly recommend http://www.lighthousebeachholidayvillage.com.au/ We've stayed there 4 yrs in a row now, accommodation is cheap cheerful and does the job. Located right on the bike course (my wife and kids sit under the trees and chill watching the bikes go by)
  8. Hell no, I'm doing that chemotherapy cream on my face. Can't even go out in the sun!
  9. @Cranky I'm off work for a couple weeks, happy to turn the tools on it if that helps.
  10. Kidnapping , if it wasn't on Strava did it really happen?
  11. trickle

    IMOZ 2020

    Accommodation booked at our usual spot right on the bike course for IM Number 4.
  12. trickle

    Hamilton Wheelers

    What do you need to know?
  13. trickle

    Port - Race Day

    Vehicle registration pays for roads remember... lots of vehicles registered in Port Mac should more than cover the road repair costs🤣🤣
  14. Go Vegan 😏 🙄
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