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  1. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    I have a discount code that was around $100py.
  2. Geelong 70.3

    No good Peter, hopefully a speedy recovery. I'll be there, looking forward to some fun, haven't raced there since 2010. Keen to see how the itb holds together having just started slowly walk/running after xmas, so expect to do a fair bit of walking on Sunday.
  3. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Thanks Alex, that now makes sense. As for the high ATL/CTL values this is a heavy training block, and agree that I won't be able to sustain it. My coach is Gerard Donnelly and we are building up for 3 Peaks, with Geelong 70.3 this weekend (not much taper as its not a key race, more just to work on bike pacing as I start to build my running back up after injury timeout.) Regular FTP tests, the last one was slightly lower than expected so there could be a small impact there, but currently slowly improving and learning heaps especially about road riding. Cheers Stephen
  4. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Close but still not as per the graph numbers eg: Mon CTL is 148, Sun ATL is 204 = -56 (Could be rounding) as the score is -55, however if I repeat for previous day: Sun CTL is 150, Sat ATL is 193 = -43 ( number for TSB on Sun is -47) and this continues for the previous days as well.
  5. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Hi - Still learning this stuff, as I leave it to the coach, however the above statement appears to be a little incorrect - not sure what affects it however my current state is ATL - 187, CTL - 148 which should leave the TSB as being -39, however my TSB is actually -55, that seems to be quite a variance. thanks Stephen
  6. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    I wouldn't see that as a high number, and depending on the length of the race you can decide on whether an additional easy run should be done. If I'm doing an IM, my previous coach used to keep me doing longish easy stuff right up to the days preceding as I have a habit of racing to feel and end up going out to hard on the 1st lap of an IM. Based on what you describe I would just stay fresh and use it as a learning exercise for next race. If you do a run before to lower the number you may not actually understand whether this had an impact on the race and whether to avoid it next time.
  7. Bugger, because I could see you on the IM comeback trail. At least they see you as a hip young adult.
  8. Open Water Swimming

    Nothing can replace practicing in the environment, however there are a few things to consider when swimming in open choppy water. You cannot swim in choppy water like you would in a pool (I have had top pool swimmers who spend plenty of time in the surf, be absolutely useless when swimming in the chop/surf). Don't fight the waves - Let yourself go with them to start with. If swimming out in chop, you will fall off the waves and learn to take a breath as you come over the top and let yourself fall down the back. As you get used to it you can then learn to apply a stronger stroke at the right time Short strokes are the answer in the chop. If a wave is going to break on you keep warm arm out in front and the other trailing in the water until it has passed, as if your going through the wave. Breathing wise if you start to feel stressed, give a few long slow breaths out, helps to relax. (similar to first getting in cold water it takes your breath away, however if you blow a few long breaths you get yourself back in control.
  9. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    I was sitting at a railway crossing just last night and the boom gate went up, a cyclist went down the middle of the two lanes and went through prior to the lights stopping flashing. Having just 2 weeks prior seen someone pulled over and fined, I rode up to the guy and just gave him some background. He told me in no uncertain terms to F*** off and mind my own business. I just smiled and said no problem, and let him roll on and continued my spin home.
  10. What would you pay for zwift?

    Why does everyone by default accept the $10 price point. I find it fascinating to why we think its value for money. I know its pretty cheap, in the scheme of things, a couple of coffees and its paid for, but why shouldn't it be $5 per month. This is just like mobile phones, a price is set, we are all dumb enough to think its a good price. they get market share and now the price goes up. Why should the price go up, nothing of real value has been added and the masses will all just accept and go forward. The more people using the cheaper it should become. I don't use it and put my money into a real coach that sets the program, evaluates, provides feedback and advice. Stephen
  11. Amy's Gran Fondo

    Great event, my 2nd time, but what a difference it makes when you hit the GOR. Yesterday we had a group of 5, 3 doing the work, last year it started like that, but about 1/2 way had a peleton of around 100 bikes. Peter - Where those photos mid race or after?
  12. Walking......... quickly.......

    I found its all in the arm movement. Leading into Challenge Roth I had my ITB snipped (4 weeks prior) and was able to get around the 7 min mark and then I was allowed for the trip away to do 2min walk, 1 min jog, this got me down to low 6:00. Mind you during the race after about 10km the speed dropped right off as I just wanted to enjoy the day.
  13. IM Frankfurt & Challenge Roth

    The race is staggered with people leaving in age group categories every 5 mins (approx 200 groups). The swim was tough starting 55mins after the pro men, it didn't take long before you had to swim through other wave starts and this made it slower swim. Whilst there was drafting occurring it generally was not intentional from where I was (there were exceptions including 1 AUS girl, whom I dropped 3 times only to see her coming last on the wheel of s rider). The course had more altitude gains than Port Mac, but a super smooth surface & the supporters thru the villlages and on the hills was exciting. the run is great for the good runners, proving to be s tough but very interesting course. Again the support was strong across the course. My only complaint was lack of cool water to drink on the run. The sponges were cold so not sure why the drink wasn't. Difficult day for spectators to get out to the main hill then back to town, but as an athlete I enjoyed the race immensely. regards stephen
  14. ITB Release

    AP - just a little more background info... I have been doing this sport since the early 90's, come from a running background (youth certainly not running fast in my adult life) and I agree my core is certainly not my best feature....and apparently my legs as well....(not sure what is but thats a different discussion). I did my first few IM's in early 2000s (Foster) and would have to look after my tfl / glutes. After that I had knee problems, (I also spent considerable time playing basketball and sailing - of which are both terrible on the knees) got them looked into, and did no tri's for a few years. The advice was from some of the very best knee specialists and all the various exercises and treatments got me no where. I decided I needed a different course of action and did strengthening work with another physio (2009ish) and got me back into tri's and enjoying them again. Hehas more recently been coaching me as well for the last 2.5years and we have been getting some great results. This season I have been building on this work, splitting time between cycling road races and tri's (very difficult to do either well at the same time due to the different engines required, but this was done for fun and the challenge). Everything has been going well up until just before IM NZ and I still am unsure what has caused the breakdown, and at first it was just with running, but now is giving me grief whilst riding. cheers Stephen
  15. ITB Release

    Aidan - I am supposed to get Peter Fuller (Ashburton) to do it and yes it was advised as in room with a local, but everyone I speak to has never heard of an in-room and only - but I think Peter is only in Melb once er month. Will send you a pm. Thanks everyone for your input, its certainly never an east call so close to the events.