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  1. IM Frankfurt & Challenge Roth

    The race is staggered with people leaving in age group categories every 5 mins (approx 200 groups). The swim was tough starting 55mins after the pro men, it didn't take long before you had to swim through other wave starts and this made it slower swim. Whilst there was drafting occurring it generally was not intentional from where I was (there were exceptions including 1 AUS girl, whom I dropped 3 times only to see her coming last on the wheel of s rider). The course had more altitude gains than Port Mac, but a super smooth surface & the supporters thru the villlages and on the hills was exciting. the run is great for the good runners, proving to be s tough but very interesting course. Again the support was strong across the course. My only complaint was lack of cool water to drink on the run. The sponges were cold so not sure why the drink wasn't. Difficult day for spectators to get out to the main hill then back to town, but as an athlete I enjoyed the race immensely. regards stephen
  2. ITB Release

    AP - just a little more background info... I have been doing this sport since the early 90's, come from a running background (youth certainly not running fast in my adult life) and I agree my core is certainly not my best feature....and apparently my legs as well....(not sure what is but thats a different discussion). I did my first few IM's in early 2000s (Foster) and would have to look after my tfl / glutes. After that I had knee problems, (I also spent considerable time playing basketball and sailing - of which are both terrible on the knees) got them looked into, and did no tri's for a few years. The advice was from some of the very best knee specialists and all the various exercises and treatments got me no where. I decided I needed a different course of action and did strengthening work with another physio (2009ish) and got me back into tri's and enjoying them again. Hehas more recently been coaching me as well for the last 2.5years and we have been getting some great results. This season I have been building on this work, splitting time between cycling road races and tri's (very difficult to do either well at the same time due to the different engines required, but this was done for fun and the challenge). Everything has been going well up until just before IM NZ and I still am unsure what has caused the breakdown, and at first it was just with running, but now is giving me grief whilst riding. cheers Stephen
  3. ITB Release

    Aidan - I am supposed to get Peter Fuller (Ashburton) to do it and yes it was advised as in room with a local, but everyone I speak to has never heard of an in-room and only - but I think Peter is only in Melb once er month. Will send you a pm. Thanks everyone for your input, its certainly never an east call so close to the events.
  4. Cairns KQ times 2016

    Best of both worlds for the Japenese contestants. They got a chance at the asia pacific spots and then got a chance for Japan IM available spots.
  5. ITB Release

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone out in the transitions world has had an ITB release (minor cut "Z" to the ITB) that basically lengthens it and allows it to transition better over the knee. I am interested in how it was performed, what the recovery timeframe was and whether it resolved the problem. I have an ITB issue (late Jan early Feb) that is progressively getting worse and it has been managed as best as possible, treated with TFL and Glute masage, cortisone into the ITB and it is now at the point that it is annoying me during the riding. I have managed to get through IM NZ, 3Peaks and IM Port Mac (noting both IM's I had to do quite some walking). I have a trip to France to ride the Pyranees, then Challenge Roth and then more hill riding in the Alps before coming back home. (1st day of riding is the 2nd July, last day is the 23rd July). I have been advised that by two different doctors that the ITB release is required asap, I'm thinking I'm out of time for that but keen to here people's thoughts. I currently have no plans to do any running before the trip and likely to walk the majority of Challenge Roth. Thanks Stephen
  6. Altering roadie to TT for Roth

    2016 TCR (slime green color, but upgraded to Durace all over). Don't think the septets can be reversed, I'' have to have a look. Sounds like get some clip ons, and just adjust the seat accordingly.
  7. Altering roadie to TT for Roth

    Seeking some thoughts as to what needs to be tweaked. I'm heading over to ride Pyrenees before Roth then off to the Alps post Roth. I'm only taking my Giant TCR and starting to look at clip ons and what else I may need to do to adjust setup for TT. I have both my roadie & trinity professionally fitted so have all the settings, but keen to get some thoughts on what to adjust. Thoughts appreciated, thanks. Stephen
  8. IM Australia Race Schedule

    I would like to think it has been well thought through as in previous years we had issues on the bike with the cross over between both the half and the full and it was not good. I would prefer that the IM guys go off as early as possible. If they are using a single lap of the IM course there will definitely be overlap. I quite enjoy being on the run and having people that are doing the half still going (gives the impression that there are lots of competitors).
  9. First Ironman - NZ or Aus?

    I guess everyone finds something that makes it the preferred place. I just did Taupo last weekend and a lovely spot for the race, everything was easy in and around the town and very well organised. The swim on a nice day would be awesome, the crowd support on the run to T1 was awesome. The ride was much smoother than port, however was absolutely boring ride course. Whilst there were spectators in town and on the first hill, Port has more spectators on its main hill, and supporters throughout all the towns as well as DJ's and commentators. The runs are very similar from a support perspective (perhaps Port has a few more across the run), and similar in scenery, with Taupo perhaps a little lumpier. Fence sitting now officially over, my preference would prefer to race Port again over Taupo, however if a group of mates was heading to Taupo, I would join them. Stephen
  10. Kona spots at port

    Trav is Temme from Trispecify is in, have fun Trav. Tim will have to drag his but out and get you through the winter sessions.
  11. When will you stop running?

    I beg to disagree, I would love to see you on the bike in crits / road races. You would be awesome and give some of the blokes a run for there money.
  12. Hi - Just wondering if anyone has seen this in action. I was out riding on Saturday and this guy was riding a Cervelo TT bike and had 3 bottles on the back (1 was for tools / tube). He said it was a "hydration station" but I have never seen this before. I can't see anything online wondering if anyone else has. Stephen
  13. #IMNZ

    I'm in for my first NZ IM, along with a bunch of 4 others. Looking forward to it, training all going reasonable well.
  14. Garmin bike radar

    I bought one and find it extremely useful, especially when riding on a TT bike, as it picks cars up a long way back and provides time for you to ensure you are as far left as you can be, without having to make adjustments at the last minute. When passing other riders (especially when in a bunch), it gives you an early warning as to the ability to pass, or hold back until the vehicle has gone. Again there can be some messy bunch riders out there. Whilst I still can't trust it 100% (I still have a look), it makes life very easy. Another advantage is when having to turn right, if your on a single lane road and cars are coming, it lets you know each cars position and you can slow up accordingly without having to look around and check whether its safe, until you have the all clear then you can have a look before driving. Many riders I see as soon as their heads turn so does there bike, so this takes that problem away. Anyway - I'm impressed but perhaps just a little to pricey and the battery only lasts around 5 hours. Stephen
  15. Giro della Donna

    Yep, I ventured out, and successfully managed to blow up, limping home up Donna Buang going "I think I can, I think I can". Certainly a great event and the weather was superb, well organised, just was a little lonely going up the gravel section, got dropped by a small group just prior, and then chuckled as I past them in the last km. Now turning my eyes to the Tour of Bright this weekend. Stephen