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  1. Great day weatherwise and everyone seemed in good spirits. The day was about consistent pacing through the bike and the run, and happy with the outcome. Swim - Starting in the 2nd last wave, is always a challenge having to navigate around the slower portions of previous age groups and it ceases to amaze me that people can zig zag the amount they do. Ended with a swim time of 31:53 when it would normally be 29-29 so I think the course was a little long. Bike - I recently have worn my roadie shoes on the ride due to the comfort factor, however the wire tightener came off its guide and I couldn't tighten the shoe. After a couple of mins trying I gave up and rode with a loose shoe. Settling into a rhythm was fairly easy albeit not quite sure what power to ride at. In the last 3 weeks the PM (stages) has calibrated differently to what it has for the last 12 months (normally 851, the closest I could get was 843) this meant the power number was displaying higher than expected. I know last year I rode just shy of 38kmh and this year was the same target, so just used a combination of speed and hr to settle on a wattage. Lap 1 was pretty uneventful, lap 2 was mentally a little tougher with a few extra riders in the sprint causing a some challenges in that they would ride hard, pass then sit up, and I'd have to go back around. Lap 3 fairly boring, with very few riders let in sight (top riders in the earlier age groups were well up the road and I had passed the back markers. My Garmin watch also froze on me from a display perspective, it was beeping away on the bike, however the display wasn't showing any splits, hr, power etc...... Having tried a few times to reset it, I couldn't even power it down. This was going to make the run interesting without any splits or pacing to look at. 2:19:43 - My first sub 2:20 with last year at 2:22. Run Eased out of transition and just worked on finding a nice cadence. The run for me is always me weakest leg, and today I had set my mind at trying to go 1:40 and not stop along the way (aid stations / toilets). Today without the benefit of the pace, as people started to pass me I would ask them what pace they were running and try and correlate that to what I was doing. At the end of the 1st lap I asked someone the time of the day, so I could work out how long I had to make it home on my target. Quick calculation saw that I was pretty much on track. Focused on keeping a good cadence and body position, and then at the far turnaround tried to pick up the pace a little. Finished well, happy with my efforts and crossed the line with a time of 4:37:07 a couple of minutes under my pb (4:40). Unfortunately I had a guy pass me at St Kilda baths who must have been in my age group (his race number was not in the same range) and he took the final podium position from me by 20sec, disappointing but realistically I probably couldn't have gone with him anyway. Great day out in the sunshine and some good racing all round. Now to recover and get ready for Port Mac. Stephen
  2. I'm in, should be fun day out. Stephen
  3. I don't get this unless you don't like the shape, color or fit. Simple put its sits on your head and gets some rain or a bit of sun on it. As we are being made painfully aware that plastic doesn't break down, why do you think the helmet is at risk? I get if you throw it around the back of the car or drop it on the floor of the garage, replace them, but outside of that it doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. Has anyone used the Elemental 88mm carbon wheels from Wheelscience. I'm tossing up between them and the Caden 81mm.
  5. Pretty much 12-15hrs year round, with a few 20hrs at key points. best time is 10:28, mostly over 11h, with the biggest problem keeping nutrition in post 7 hours, regardless of pacing.
  6. I emailed them straight away, and only got the response on Tuesday and yes they have allowed me to delay to the original 2020 timeslot. In the meantime you had to have accepted the slot by last Friday, so given I was worried about missing out, just accepted it. In essence it has been a long time getting to this point and there are no guarantees I will still be able to go around next year, so I'm going to stick with the entry and bring on 2019 Kona. Given I'm terrible when it comes to heat, this will be a new challenge to get my head around and prepare the body as best coming off a Melb winter. Stephen
  7. I was originally advised that my years woudl be 2020 and then on Friday got the email and entered yesterday. Kona 2019, so it only tool 2 years of waiting on the list. Had originally only planned on doing Geelong 70.3 as the nominal race and then a bunch of mates decided to do Port Mac, so entered that just after xmas. Lucky i did as I only started swimming and running (if you can call it that) again at xmas and now it's not far away. Exciting times ahead. Stephen
  8. Blobby

    Improved race times

    The beauty of the body is that it can always improve with training. Your best is only ever at a point in time....I'm having better results than I did when I was much younger and fitter and I'm sure there will come a time (if it hasn't already) that I will no longer be able to improve certain areas. No-one can ever be better than what they are given. However if the individual is operating at his "current" best and then introduces what AP has called a better attitude every day of the week then that person can probably dig deeper than they previously had thus raising the bar to a new "best". Stephen......slipping down the slippery slope of age, but seeing people still having a crack at it is exciting.
  9. I never have had this problem, never wear a cap unless racing or freezing cold. Having said that with my head I don't have a choice.
  10. Blobby

    Advice for first 70.3

    I resemble that comment.🤣 I start with the shoes clipped onto the pedals. I don't want to be running around on uneven surface in cleats, the risk to roll an ankle is there and very real (and seriously after training for a half or full, what a waste it would be). Most accidents happen outside of T1 with people trying to clip in at low speeds, wobbling around in amongst a bunch of others doing the same thing. I can no longer jump on the moving bike (especially with the biddons behind the seat......just not that flexible any more) So I get past the mount line away from others, lean bike over, swing leg over and then start to peddle up to speed. Once at speed, in goes the 1st foot, peddle back up to speed, put in 2nd foot and then back up to speed. This generally keeps me well clear of all others and there is no way that I'm within 400m of the mount line at this point. If you can do this in 100 metres I'm guessing your HR just went through the roof and this is not a sprint race no need to spike the HR. With Geelong having the big U turn just before you head up the hill, its best to be clipped in and settled prior to that turn, so for different courses there can be a different approach.
  11. Blobby

    Geelong 70.3

    I'm in #1018, looking forward to a good day of training.
  12. Nope, a desk jockey that loves being outside. Was quite surprised by the number, however I did very little running / swimming for the year . The distance add up when you do a training session and have to ride out there, then go onto work afterwards, then you have to ride home so you have the bike for the next day, so the miles add up quickly. My coach has asked me to minimise the junk miles, so will try to reduce those where I can. I'm not a fan of the trainer (albeit I know how good they are and I film rides for Fulgaz), but would prefer to be out in the elements unless its bucketing done. Stephen
  13. Distance 21,478 km (109km swim, 20,758 ride, 603 run) - Avg of 413km per week Time 863 h (32h swim, 772h ride, 58h run) - Avg 16h per week Elevation 181,712 m Active 324 d must go and check in on the family now......
  14. An absolutely fantastic weekend of cycling, drama, exciting and fast racing and great to see some younger riders dusting up the seasoned riders. Raced the Fondo on Saturday, before watching the road races (both days) and then raced the Club Team Timetrials. Great weekend of of racing.
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