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  1. As a leper from melb who has been planning on Cairns what are my chances, as it doesn't even look like you can go into quarantine from VIC. Now 10 weeks out, its looking like there is Zero chance of attending. I'm a glass half full kind of guy so anything is possible, but becoming highly unlikely. thoughts?
  2. He doesn't get off the top very often, with a daily commute each way of 2h, its pretty easy to consistently be at the top, then throw in a few swims and runs, he can lock in the top spot. Certainly impressive in Melb winter to be doing that consistently.
  3. Blobby

    Wurf watch

    Kona 2019 with the lad, can't say the man as Dave Scott was in a different shot.
  4. About as old as me, geriatric & over the hill. Gen 1 so its a 2014, but probably 4 years old. The bit that annoys me if it was the mechanical side of things that is no good due to wear and tear I would understand better, however for electronics that are relatively cheap, small to store, its a little more frustrating. I could quite honestly say that it has done less than 5000km as I ride mostly outdoors (rain hail or shine). I guess its just their way of keeping people on the latest euipment.
  5. I just got that very same response.......word for word. Very dissappointing as whilst I've had it for years, I'd be stunned if it had even done 5K as I much prefer to ride outdoors.
  6. I struck out, my Gen1 Kickr I think has died. When plugged in to power I get no BT signal, even after powering off every BT signal in the garage including apple TV, iphone. I can't even turn the pedal more than a 1/4 turn (like it has a brake on). Yet if I remove the power, the flywheel spins just fine. Have raised a support ticket on Sunday night, but I'm guessing the electronics are buggered.
  7. Blobby

    42km in 42 hours

    Fri - 10.4k, Sat 10.7km, leaving Sun morn post ride to do 21.1. Haven't told the coach yet, I think I'm going to be in trouble.......but then again nothing really matters right now with no races in sight.
  8. 2019, 78kg, 5:04, avg pwr - 237, np 251
  9. i couldn't care less if the followed my movements, I'm not that interesting, so happy to use the app.
  10. Blobby

    Cairns IM 2020

    No idea how anyone can make a call, however I think I will leave my entry where it is. If for any reason they have to move it again or cancel there will be have to be options to defer / move to a different race. By then we should have a pretty good idea of what the future holds.
  11. Vic, No swimming since 20/3 - even the beaches are closed for water activities in my council Hate WT, but haven't been outside since 15/3 and all ride sessions being done on the trainer now. Running still outside, usually within a 5km radius from home, but finding there is quite a bit more effort required to avoid others, so may need to change the time of the day.
  12. so people are now searching for a location that enables them to run & ride downhill. My selected perfect route for the bike would be the top of the Galibier, down to Bourg d'Osians and back towards Grenoble (that should be around 90k and mostly down hill. Probably could repeat the run from Galibier turnoff near bottom of Lautaret and heading back towards Bourg d'Osians would be downhill, but not to steep to get a good roll going.
  13. Definitely more than 3 people done. I had reports from two separate racers that the tent was full on the second lap. 1st lap was being monitored and perhaps a little more leniency.
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