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  1. Bored@work

    Strava Help

    I updated the app & it fixed it. Unfortunately it changed my leader boards to miles
  2. Good point, never thought of that.
  3. Thanks 👍 my mate did it in 4:26 & that includes extra cool down km.
  4. Uber pretzel on Zwift. 5:08 with an avg watts of 204. Not bad after a hard 2hr session yesterday. That gives me 394km for the week
  5. 50km on Zwift with 1000m of vert avg power of 217w with a 144avg heart rate now donut time
  6. Bored@work

    Froome GONE

    Smart move by Richie. I have always said medals & fruit bowls are lovely but they don’t pay the bills.
  7. So TWA will over rule Ironman's decision?
  8. So if Ironman says they don't want the event to happen. TRI WA will still run it?
  9. Yesterday was Lunch time ride 45km with 10 x KOM - turned myself inside out chasing a couple of them. Then 5:30 - SAS- Out & Back (C) 35.69km avg 238 watts 6;30- Virtual Tour de France stage 3 29.8km avg 211watts I slept well last night
  10. Who has the final decision? I'm curious - they get enough entrants to make it viable - the community embrace the race (this would be the perfect oppurtunity for the local race haters to voice their concerns at a council meeting, like they have in the past. This will just give them a better reason) - Insurance companies are on board -TRIWA want it to go ahead (I think they have some sort of arrangemtn with IM for this event) Alll looks good....... Then Ironman (in the USA) decide they don't want the race to go ahead due to PR risk if there is an outbreak after the race. Can they stop the race from happening? or remove teh IM brand
  11. they also do that so ppl keep paying their entry fees.
  12. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    Back off champ. I know a thing or two about what makes a good donut.
  13. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    We will find out in a few months if you’re correct. I also wouldn’t be surprised if IM decide to say no more Ironman branded races in 2020 let’s restart everything next year at IM NZ. I will happily donate $50 to the RSPCA if I’m wrong
  14. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    Today’s donut. Vietnamese iced coffee with fresh cream.
  15. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    I think the insurance underwriters will be very risk averse. Without insurance, permits will not be granted. I also think the additional safety measures might increase the cost of running the event to a point holding the event is. I linger profitable
  16. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    As stated above insurance & permits. Surprised Perth show has been given the go ahead. Th new dates for Port Mac were given the go ahead & have then been cancelled a few months later.
  17. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    Having said that it would be fun to drop a sub 5hr bike
  18. Bored@work

    Port Mac

    I’m guessing low numbers won’t be the final determine factor. Insurance and permits will be the problem.
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