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  1. Maryland was an ok Ironman nothing amazing.
  2. Exactly my point. When ppl use avg times to justify their rational that Busso isn’t an easy course.
  3. Yep but we are talking about the full Ironman. & PJ wasn't exactly a top level pro the years he competed. I watched him pull a dnf one year & then walk the second half the marathon the second year. Has he ever finished top 10 there?
  4. First time a Top Level pro has raced it.
  5. DC is awesome. You will love it.
  6. I more pleased that things are changing for the female population in these regions
  7. I looked at the start list for Busso this week and noticed numbers are down for a couple of clubs.
  8. People still use cables?
  9. & I was told it would make me go blind
  10. When was the last time you had a warming tablet ?
  11. I agree i have meet him a couple of times and he seemed a like a good chap. First time was over in Busso the year he was doing commentary for IM Live. The second time was out at the velodrome in Sydney.
  12. I agree with Go Easy. I hate the arrogance of this site/kona and tri's in general. Then I read posts like this and think how awesome a sport it really is. I'm sure one day I'm going to miss it & look back with regret having not race Kona.
  13. Add bike to travel insurance. If you’re not making money from the race they will cover you.
  14. Worried they will take your crown has the stalking king
  15. This is why I was a member of Tri-USA much better value than the Tri Aust
  16. If I give Trunp credit for anything, it will be for inspiring RATM to play again.
  17. Probably why I have benefited so much from using mentors
  18. It won’t be hard for the next President to shine after this Ass Clown
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