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  1. Agree. I’m working 12hr days at the moment & have no idea how you train for an Ironman with those hours. Driving to & from work. Sleeping 7hours a night it only leaves about 4 hours a day free. Then there is ironing, getting lunch ready, walking the dog and talking to my girls. I’m struggling to get in a ride each day. Prizna, do you have a coach? Use training peaks etc or just do what you can when you can.
  2. That’s cool. I wasn’t seeking approval. If spending $350 gives me a 1% better chance of walking away from a crash without brain damage it’s money well spent.
  3. GOLD. Thankyou for posting.
  4. Btw I was already following you on insta
  5. No not at all. Plenty of ppl on this forum hide behind their usernames. I just like taking the piss out of ppl. A bit like ppl claiming they work on the tools but post all day.
  6. Reminds me of the Michael Jackson investigation.
  7. No worries Michael.
  8. or wooden fruit bowls.
  9. Podium? As in top three or the top 10 they get on stage. Im a big Crowie fan but I don’t think he has it to mix it up in Kona
  10. Hey Prizna. Fair call, I'll stop it & had already made a decision not to do it. Out of intrest, you seem to have a strong opinion on excuses etc. What was the last Ironman you raced & how did you fit it in around family & work.
  11. I was unclipped but that’s it. You are right it was probably illegal. If I got caught I would have paid the fine.
  12. Just like Trump & Anthony Mundine. You can't disagree with him or have a different opinion.
  14. Some people see family as an excuse. I see it as a priority. I would rather spend my spare time with the ones I love. This is one of the reasons why I don’t train with a squad. I do what I can when I can. I would rather cross the line into the arms of my family ( they volunteer at Ironman) then cross the line get KQ spot & return to an empty hotel room. Yeah yeah yeah I know you can have both but for me it’s not worth the risk or the effort, Example: I was meant to ride 120km on Saturday. My daughter wanted to do Parkrun & breakfast at the cafe. I spent the rest of the day driving her to two birthday parties, netball & then droppped her off at a sleepover. I managed to sneak out for a 45km ride later in the afternoon. Organized dinner out with my wife & friends via text messages while stopped at the lights. Raced in the door & straight into the shower. Friends arrived 5min after I got home 10min later I was in the car & driving everyone out to dinner. I’m currently doing 12hr shifts at work & still managed to ride 320km & spend time duty the family.
  15. Just took another 4sec off my Norton Summit time.
  16. Only the top 3 to 5 are racing in ultraman the rest are just completing it
  17. Tahoe is amazing. I'm thinking of heading there for a relay swim across the lake.
  18. I was going to say NON-Drafting but that's never going to happen.
  19. Previous results would suggest it’s a cyclist race
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