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  1. Relax take the dog for a walk. Spend time with the family. Rest recovery & enjoy a good feed. I lasted 15 years in the sport by playing it smart & getting the balance right.
  2. Of course they are: or are those nasty dems blocking it?
  3. Just referencing what history proves he will do
  4. I have no case just guessing what trump will do.he blames others, claims fake news or flat out lies
  5. Yes blame, blame Obahama or the evil squad
  6. They just announced they are renaming the Gawler bike path that’s named after him.
  7. Trump: “I lost all my friends. They’ve tightened up. They’ve choked. They can’t breathe,” he said. “Because people have such respect for the office of the presidency. They have respect for office of the president. They have respect for our country again, our country is respected again.” I thought all his friends were now in prison for freaud or being a peado
  8. Nah B@W is an example of someone who loves taking the piss. I just don't like Donald Trump. I also don't like brussel sprouts but I'm sure IJ thinks they are awesome.
  9. Example number 1. that was way too easy.
  10. I'm more impressed by the way he has managed to unite the ignorant and stupid to support everythign he's says even when his proven to be wrong or lied.
  11. Tbh I wish I raced Roth.
  12. U know there is a hill on the course?
  13. Depends what club is running the event. Under
  14. Wouldn't have needed the extra padding?
  15. So who was it? Those poor innocent football players. Was it all a big which hunt from the nasty media/
  16. Bored@work

    Ironman spain

    5min drafting penalty for the lead female
  17. No it has to be black shoes/black socks Dirt bar tape Glasses on the inside small chain ring no skin suit Old mate should be holding you ready to go (so you can be clipped in) Should have been aero overshoe covers (that match the kit) Seriously, it's awesome to see you out there giving road racing a go.
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