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  1. Exactly my point. He referred to it as a Very Simple fix.
  2. I agree with B & C but there is advantages to training in a group esp on the bike. You will push yourself longer & harder in a bunch ride than you ever will on the trainer, especially if you ride with ppl better than you. A) Get out of bed earlier might work for some. I laugh when people say get up at 4am for training session. For me I would have to go to bed by 9pm. By the time we get home from work, do some training, eat, dishes, help daughter with school home work etc Then spend some time with my wife it's 10/10:30. There is no way I'm getting up at 4am
  3. Kona is another race on the calendar in a nice location. The swim is amazing, 90% off the bike and run are on batshit boring roads. I got sick of driving the highway from Waikola into Kona. 90km for the 70.3 was enough, stuff running 42km. The 70.3 half marathon was probably the nicest 21km I have ever run/walked. Yeah but then you can post with a condescending tone towards others, quote the number of times you have been, use it as a defence every time someone disagrees with you and put a stupid emoji on the end of every sentence.
  4. Macca just told me it’s a cycling investigation has nothing to do with triathlon😂😂😂😂
  5. Are u a failure if you draft ya way to Kona, claim to be a world champion in the military division & get coached by a Dr with direct link to doping? asking for a friend
  6. This is so funny. Can’t wait to hear Macca’s spin on this.
  7. Not unless they are paying airfares, accommodation and race entry.
  8. Bored@work

    Wurf watch

    His Instagram comment is on point
  9. No but I recorded it on Strava. *only joking. The segment was too short 😥
  10. My wife once wrote it on my training program. She wanted to make sure it got done😂
  11. I could say triathlon has almost cost me my marriage. I could also say it has saved my marriage. When I first started racing I did Port Mac or Busso every year. My wife was sick of the same locations year in year out. She was also sick of me talking about IM & spending money on racing etc when we really should have been saving the money. Life had to fit in around club training sessions etc Then I started training solo, stopped talking about IM, we traveled to new and exciting locations to race. Training now fits in around life. This is my house. I never cook, haven't opened a letter in 20 years, wouldn't know how to pay a bill. We have a cleaner and I pay someone to do the maintenance jobs around the house. It works for us.
  12. Post this late at night? Shouldn't you be in bed ready for 3am hill repeats in the rain? Best of luck & chasing the dream to turn pro. How old are you now? and thanks for sharing a great post.
  13. The difference is the NBA, PGA & Premier League etc don't have age groups divisions. It's simply the best players in the world get a jersey. Kona has charity spots, age groups (some of which are basically charity spots) legacy spots, sponsors spots and the ability to buy a spot.
  14. Running with the boss. A smart man will never beat the boss on a lunch time run.
  15. 10km run at lunch time - 5:24 pace just rolling along.
  16. or when they get sick & can't afford to go to hospital
  17. Yes. The industry I work in is affected by a change in goverment.
  18. Cranky could sit on the back of C grade. The difference in skills between C & D isn't that big.
  19. A few. It I’m more of a Unicorn type of guy these days.
  20. Bored@work

    The 1% stuff

    Does Busso have a bakery?
  21. $80 each. Short one is brand new, long one used for three races
  22. Did u want a long one or a short one?
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