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  1. Yep. The only year they vetted them was the years Lance was racing. Look at how many times he mentions trolls. Then his latest Instagram post is all about trolls. Bit ironic he tried to troll me on Instagram.
  2. Not sure. I spoke to him in person, about 6 years. He was outside the bike shop when it was closed. Recommended a shop that was open etc. Didn’t seem like a bad person at the time. He went viral on my mate & sent messages to his work, friends etc. The guy he attacked is one of the nicest guys u will ever meet. A true English Gentleman, who would do anything for you. Then he did the same to another mate. This friend is a good guy, but he has the temper of a raging bull. If they ever meet in real life. I’m tipping it will be on for sure. He claims to be self made & makes his money from social media. Plenty of ppl have had issues with him. Google his name + rape...... Just look at how he tried to troll me on Instagram. I’m waiting for him to start on my strava account.
  3. Have a look at some of the other videos of him on YouTube. He tries to pick a fight with Another vegan called Sam. No offense to Sam but he’s built like a 14year old. He got owned by this guy, now plays the victim. Sling enough shit at ppl & they will retaliate.
  4. I do both. When the legs are heavy & I can’t get the power/hold the power. I do an easy 30km on the flat. I ride almost every day & often twice a day.
  5. After. He commented this morning. I title a lot of my pics #dadbod
  6. Perfect example of Durianrider being a dick. Tipping he’s reading this thread. I don’t follow him on social. Then today he starts trying to troll me. Tipping he’s cut my mates are taking his KOMs.
  7. This so funny. My mate is taking his KOM. Durian then sends him abusive messages My mate said “let’s meet up to discuss “ no reply
  8. Yep he’s full of shit. @Peter next time you’re in Adelaide I’ll take u on my Sat bunch ride so u can chat with some of the guys who have had issues with him. I’m surprised he hasn’t been attacked sooner. I know one of my mates would love to catch up with him.
  9. Durianrider had his media pass revoked for the TDU. Sucked in d*ickhead
  10. Calm down. Didn't say I would be racing it. I'll fly over & do the hell ride with all the other MAAP, Rapha wearing twats. Drink coffee, eat donuts & laugh at you Ironman kooks.
  11. If Peter races, I will be there.
  12. I always say “my next wife, is going to be a good cook”
  13. Durian rider is a creep & gutless. He comes across the big man but backs down when challenged. He went after a mate of mine accusing him of drafting in the Indy Pack race and several other things. My mate said game on lets settle it and he backed down. The way he controls and manipulates women to help boost his online social following is pathetic. My other friend has taken a heap of local KOM of him. The next minute Harley is accusing him of doping. The guy will be struting around the TDU with Natasha (she won't be wearing a bra, just to make sure she gets every guys attention) Just stay away from him if you're in ADL.
  14. Bored@work


    yep you're right. I'm tired & grumpy today.
  15. I didn't watch the vid ( at work with no head phones) Did G mention racing as Pro or even mention Kona? He only mentioned wanting to do an Ironman or two.
  16. Bored@work


    Can we keep the politics out of this thread. I can and will start deleteing posts if this keeps happening in this thread.
  17. What’s the % of good road v bad road?
  18. Have they fixed the roads up?
  19. I just ordered a set of Caden wheels. I’ll go with what Ben recommends
  20. 90/95 on the front & 100 on the back
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