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  1. It was a good assumption based on my experience volunteering at races. Most of the time they are happy to get any support be it for 1hr or 6hrs. The volunteers who get paid (sporting clubs, community groups are the one who seem to do the longer shifts) T1 & T2 helpers are normally done & dusted in under 2hrs.
  2. I used the term FACT in response to Ironpo. But just for fun I will edit my response. "If a new CEO is voted in and they have the support of the board they may decided to change the format and location of the Ironman WC in the future".
  3. Without volunteers you would be paying a lot more to race at your Kona WC. People will just keep whinging about crowding, drafting, pro women not getting the same number of spots etc.
  4. Haven’t we heard the same complaints for the last 4 years in a row
  5. 84.4 kg. Work has blocked the link.
  6. My mentor at work dropped it on me a few years ago at work. It stuck with me and changed the way I go about things.
  7. Thanks for the post of the vid btw. Its the first time I have heard anyone comment on it. Plenty of keyboard warriors claiming the Kona council won’t allow it but when pressed they had no reference or proof. I was sick & bored last time it was posted so I spent hours reading. Kona council minutes & community forums about the race
  8. Not to bring facts into it. She said “probably” won’t happen. Re the two day race. She said the WC won’t happen. This could all change if a new CEO is appointed. This is FACT. Ironman is a business & is run like a business. If it makes money it makes sense! I spoke to a couple of senior Ironman officials in Nice & what they say off record is a hell of a lot different to what they say in camera.
  9. Tipping you have never volunteered at an Ironman? Most shifts are only 2 to 4hrs. Wet suit strippers would do less than 2hrs for example. A bit like most things in life "if you want to do something, you will find away. If you don't want to do it, you will find an excuse"
  10. France was shit for donuts. There is only a couple of donut stores in Paris & they were both crap. Chocolate Croissants were my go to snack. 12 hour shifts for two months at work & all meals provided via uber eats + 10 days in France put on a few kgs extra.
  11. Reduce cut off to 15 hrs BTW how do you know it's been looked at before? Womens one week & mens the next week would be good for the local economy.
  12. Plenty of girls volunteered on Sunday who raced Saturday.
  13. It made the women’s race a lot better. It will also make Ironman more money. So I’m tipping they are thinking about it. BTW if they can shut Nice down for two days. They can shit Kona down for two days.
  14. I wasn’t complaining. I said the wait for the last age group was almost two after transition closed. I said they need to do something about that. BTW I have already provided feedback about that
  15. This why male & female races will be good for the big events. It worked extremely well for the 70.3 WC in Nice. It also created more spectators on course (both days). The only problem I noticed was a number of female athletes cheating on the Saturday. They had their husbands pacing them on a bike during the run & pouring water over them to keep cool.
  16. Checked this forum at 2:30 in the morning because jet lag sucks
  17. The 70.3 race worked extremely well with a separate race for men and women. I wonder if they will do the same for Kona. They can have more people racing over all. It will eliminate the pro women having to contend with fast age group males.
  18. A really nasty infection from a scratch on his leg. Refused to go the dr u til it was too late. He’s also got a chest infection. Looks like the infection started to spread through his body & it started shutting down. Blood pressure was 61 over 39 so they are giving him some drugs to increase it
  19. I don’t know how nurses do it. Absolute legends
  20. Fingers crossed. They took him to the Lyell Mac Hospital (dead smack in the middle of bogan territory) fk me these nurses are deafest legends. so far there has been the following ppl arrive - some on with a hang over - guy with a strained ankle - someone who is hungry & wants a sandwich ffs these people have no fkn idea
  21. I’m doing ok. But I just got a call from my Mum saying, Dad was being loaded into an Ambulance. Now I’m sitting in the ED waiting room. Waiting to find out more info. Looks like he’s had a stroke
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