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  1. I don't & even if I did I wouldn't go looking.
  2. Then they cancelled Ironman Santa Rosa 3 months out. They have also cancelled Wisconsin in Sept so his gripe was wrong.
  3. Bored@work


    I often do this. Esp lately since my girls have started watching re runs of Dawson’s Creek
  4. When doing the Everesting on a Fatbike was it sketchy cornering at speed when descending ?
  5. I said the same thing about Busso
  6. I’m retired so it doesn’t bother me. I just found it interesting they are pushing on with the event.
  7. Matt Koorey coaching in Facebook. His tips are delivered in constructive and positive manner. I would watch them when training for Ironman (often just for some motivation)
  8. I have never questioned his ability or his dedication to the sport. I have called him out on his arrogant condescending tone and how he be littles others.
  9. Yep this is exactly why I would fire up at BS comments from twats like "you don't want it enough" "Anyone can qualify for Kona if they want it" then belittle people because they like their warm comfy beds and not doing hill repeats in the rain. The burnout rate at IM is huge. The number of long term compitiors (10+years and multiple IM) is low in this this sport. I also found the motivation of racing a new & exciting location would help out with get me going. The thought of doing the same race year in year would kill me.
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