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  1. Is that Amberley RAAF Base?
  2. exactly, that why it shits me more people don't volunteer
  3. I know I was taking the piss. I have spent plenty of time in SF.
  4. San Fran looks terrible today
  5. What sort of Ass Puppet would do that?
  6. Exactly what I meant by “don’t be a dick”
  7. Yep. Just paid the $2k deposit. Can’t wait
  8. I’m taking my daughter there in June next year....
  9. I can say it. You just don't have to agree with me. not sure I ever said it was less of a risk. I just said I feel safer in parts of the US than I do in parts of Australia. I hate the US gun laws and support gun reform.
  10. Ok I’m going to stay in Australia & never travel the USA is just too damm scary
  11. I was in Cozumel & Playa. Not the border towns.
  12. yep that's why I avoid those areas.
  13. I’m off to Nice in a couple of weeks. There was a random attack by some crazy in a truck. I’m going to avoid all places that have trucks
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