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  1. Ironman Texas. Not my best swim or bike. Dropped a 4:02 marathon and ran easy all day. Off a 9 week program. Not sure what happened, I have been fitter but was never able to run like that.
  2. I don't & even if I did I wouldn't go looking.
  3. Then they cancelled Ironman Santa Rosa 3 months out. They have also cancelled Wisconsin in Sept so his gripe was wrong.
  4. Bored@work


    I often do this. Esp lately since my girls have started watching re runs of Dawson’s Creek
  5. When doing the Everesting on a Fatbike was it sketchy cornering at speed when descending ?
  6. I said the same thing about Busso
  7. I’m retired so it doesn’t bother me. I just found it interesting they are pushing on with the event.
  8. Matt Koorey coaching in Facebook. His tips are delivered in constructive and positive manner. I would watch them when training for Ironman (often just for some motivation)
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