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  1. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Nothing humble about the guy. He's a pig
  2. New Wetsuit Time

    Get a cheap one. Just get up an hour earlier & u will get the same results.
  3. New Wetsuit Time

    Glad you like it. As others have said get on Roka. You don't need the top of the line.
  4. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    Or like people who have raced Kona.
  5. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    Diet's are like religion. Everyone's is perfect & everyone else is wrong. People will preach about their's but won't listen to others.
  6. New Bike :)

    I have done the same. Rolling on Ultegra Di2 & loving it. I'll keep Campy on the wilier but won't be buying a new bike with Campy again.
  7. Triathlete vs Dog

    We purchase a dog that required re-homing last week. My wife noticed him on a Facebook group & wanted him.We were on holidays, so asked the in-laws to go & have a look at him. The in-laws picked him up and were looking after him until we got home. Now they won't give him back. Looks like I paid $600 for someone else to get a dog FFS.
  8. No dnf for this lady

    Welcome to the USA.
  9. Proof CEO of Ironman is a fraud. ;) messick

    You have never podiumed in Kona. Get up at 2am & u will make the list
  10. Aero Helmet

    Save your money & earn your watts. Get up at 3am
  11. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    You don't want it enough. I want that Kona spot, so I get up half an hour before I go to bed. So paying $500 for a chain & pulleys to save 2.4 watts is a waste of money. TT helmets and race wheels etc are fine. What sort of time benefit would 2.4watts over 180km give you?
  12. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    That's awesome Tiger. I'm glad you know a guy who gets up at 3am
  13. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    Some people have the time. Some people have the money. Few have both
  14. Where's Macca?

    Probably hanging out with Harvey.
  15. is training sterile for the IM these days

    Just like a tiger 🐯