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  1. But wasn't it the hottest & widest Kona ever this year.
  2. I did ask for a $3.5k for a new set of wheels. When my wife asked why I need them. "KOMS" I'm currently sooking around the house because the purchase didn't get approved.
  3. My wife calls it internet bullying. I actually enjoy it have found it has improved my top end sprint speed. *cough, cough...... managed to jag a second in the crit on Wednesday after doing 60% of the work on the front. Up a grade next week
  4. Got it sorted. He went anticlock wise I went clockwise. My wife said 9:45 at night is too late go out. So I will get it tomorrow.
  5. I did it for Feb this year. It's a lot of work being a vegan. I raced well & dropped a bit of weight.
  6. Sorry I miss read your post. I thought you were saying cash wasn't required. Does transfer wise lock in the current exchange rate or the rate when the money was transferred into the account.
  7. Exactly what's happening with me. I got emailed a segment for a guy who has been targeting my KOMs (he set his account to private) I went out & smashed it today. Then I uploaded & it doesn't show me on the leader board. The map shows me as having ridden the road by no segment is recorded. I equalled his other KOM he got today. He set it at 3:45 & I had to go out after work when the wind had died off. For all my flat fast segments, he sends his mate after them. He takes it so series I find it funny. I like it because it pushes me to improve. When I started taking his KOM he deleted me on facebook & blocked me on Strava, Zwift etc... I find it funny as
  8. Tipping it's a bit different because you live there v's visiting. No door man, valet, tourist things etc. We always take $400 or $500 in cash. We try to get about $50 in singles or as I like to call them stripper cash. We use card for meals, tours etc. But find it handy to have splash cash on us. Especially if we get really good customer service so we know there is a chance the money will go direct to the person who helped us.
  9. Can you block people from segments you have created?
  10. I prefer to work for my watts. I’ll just get up at 2am
  11. Instagram tells me he's a dog person so he must be O.K
  12. It's funny you mention Melbourne & Shepparton they are the worse races I have seen for drafting.
  13. BTW Kenneth - Awesome dog in your profile pic
  14. TO - bike description yellow, blue & black Felt 2016 model with Ultra Athlete - no it's a black, yellow & blue Felt 2017 with durace. You must have written the wrong number down
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