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  1. Parky was state side last week
  2. We go every year to the dawn service but this year was my first year as a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force. It felt very different.
  3. Just feeding the troll. I remember defending Lance Armstrong & Michael Jackson because there was no evidence after multiple investigations..... One thing I have learnt from my travels in the US is the Trump supporters are different.
  4. Is fox news the real news or is it the fake news site?
  5. I rotate my shoes to match my sock color. #sock doping.
  6. What i don't understand is why a copy hasn't been made available to the Democrats to review. Do the Democrats not have people with security clerances?
  7. What do you mean by they get returned?
  8. Try this place https://hollandbikeshop.com/en-gb/bicycle-parts-road-bike/road-bike-handlebar-stem/handlebar-parts/?page=2
  9. Bored@work

    IM Kona

    The host plugs the product in the intro
  10. Bored@work

    IM Kona

    A good interview with Rich & John from EMJ on IM Talk podcast. Sounds like there will be changes to the 2019 race. I thought it was a good interview and shows the passion Rich & the team have for the race & triathlon and community events in general.
  11. There was a company in the UK selling stuff for them. I was going to get a new headset for my old TT rig but decided to sell the whole bike anyway. It might have been Evans Cycles.
  12. no, do you have a copy I could read?
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