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  1. In fact my favourite Ironman didn't even make my initial list. As there was nothing unique about the event.
  2. Nice dig but that wasn't my intent for starting this thread. In an other thread I referred to Busso as being "vanilla" the stock standard avg Ironman. People sooked. It got me thinking what makes different IM special. If you look at my original post in this thread there are plenty of IM race I have done and left them out because. Well they were nothing special. I had also forgot about the weir crossing in Port. That is something different.
  3. In the other thread BarryBevan mentioned how cool the Aid Stations are at IM Arizona. It got me thinking what’s the unique or cool things about the IM race are you have done. I'm thinking more than just the swim is beautiful etc. What are some of the different things you have noticed at races you have done? IM Arizona - the themed aid stations were awesome. My fav was the NFL station with big screen TV live score updates and the ppl dressed in football gear IM Texas - had BBQ & Tacos in the recovery area IM Louisville - the small town out on the bike course. It had nothing to do with the race but the streets were lined with hay bales & it had a real country fair vibe. My family caught the free shuttle bus out there and spent a few hours. Also, the smell of American BBQ on the bike almost killed me. IM Cozumel - the drunk supporters who all stagger off the cruise ships and go nuts. The all-inclusive resorts that really bring the IM participants together. Also a dolphin jumping out the water signals the start of the race. IM Maryland - They really loved the race director he was like a rock star at the event. Unfortunately he died last year. They honoured him in the medal. I also like how they have a competition to design the medal IM Chattanooga - the food was amazing and the number of military, law enforcement and emergency services ppl supporting the race was impressive I was going to do Ironman Wisconsin because the run throught the football stadium So what are the different things you have noticed at races you have completed.
  4. Having a meeting with the boss to discuss the $1500 uber eats bill on my coproate credit card..........
  5. That's all good. Until I walk past & pick it up and put it in the bin. (unless it's next to ppl gear)
  6. MMMMm I just re-read your post. What is the gradient of the climb. Also did you set the 1:02 on a TT bike? Do you have a power mete? I also think if you have just been riding this year you should be in good shape to beat it already. I would not think of the 1:02 & go set a time on there now. Trying to improve on a time set during training & long time ago probably isn't the best bench mark to be measuring improvment off. Then try to beat that time. You might surprise yourself. On a climb of that distance it's going to be all about pacing and having the wind in the right direction. Look at the wind direction and your training load, get the right combination and you will take the 3min off. In training hang on the back of a bunch and see how long you can hang on for. You will push yourself harder than any solo ride. Just don't jump on the back of A graders & get destroyed in 500m. Give it a month
  7. Bored@work

    Busso 2019

    After Ironman Melbourne, Ratdog & I destroyed McDonalds family meal each at the Airport & then grabbed a dozen donuts for the family. I ate all 12 donuts on the flight home (its a 1hr flight) So I purchased 12 more from the Dreamy Donuts at Adelaide airport & put them in the Krispy Kreme box
  8. Bored@work

    Busso 2019

    Do Texas! The Uni station by the bridge is worth it. When my wife wasn’t volunteering she was there.
  9. Bored@work

    Busso 2019

    Local guy went 9:45 in Busso on Sunday & then raced the local crit tonight. He got in the break & did his fair share on the front. Really impressive
  10. Do you have zwift? If so look at doing the FTP build programs.
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