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  1. To look fresh. In my last crit I thought I felt a cramp coming on. I could have slowed down. So I just DNF’d . I had enough of a lead to win, but that’s not what crit racing is about. I have plenty of things I can be doing instead of racing in October when the season starts again.
  2. The best thing about crit racing is u don’t have to get up at 2am to train
  3. That looks like a fast flowing crit track. Perfect for a first race (no sharp tight corners)
  4. Gold. If I had Twitter I would tag Macca in it
  5. Bored@work

    Froome GONE

    He just won the 2011 Vuelta
  6. Been on the pour over cover for awhile now. Cold pour is great on a stinking hot day
  7. Yeah but did you see the Ironcowboy when he finished? This guy looked a lot fresher
  8. Seems to be a common excuse these days.
  9. We ran out of coffee beans this morning. This is her way of saying sorry.
  10. Bored@work

    New bike day

    New bike day, BMC with Force Etap Axis.
  11. Seeing the YouTube clips of that race make me want to start racing again. The singing before race start would make it a special event.
  12. Surprised he still finished, others would have DNF'd
  13. Voluntering for me is more about giving back to the athelete rather than the sport. Anyone can hand out water bottles. Having expereinced athletes volunteering in T1 & T2 makes a big difference to the athlete.
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