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  1. Lance Reminds me of Trump, Mundine & my old sparing partner.
  2. You can’t get to the top with out making some enemies. I get what people are saying, but I also like the way he’s moving forward & trying new things etc.
  3. When the family decides to update your weekly task list
  4. Makes millions, still wears ugly suits.
  5. Well at 2.25m IMWA will be ok
  6. I will ban him
  7. he could make 20 grand a month & have 20 million in the bank, he’s still a dickhead
  8. It’s interesting out of all the KOM they have been taken off him. He picks this one to have a crack at. I’m tipping it he get it back, he won’t have it for long.
  9. I think I will end up paying for it. I'm tipping most ppl who forget to pause their Garmins are not going to pay for the app. I use tailwinds, ceramic bearings & any advantage I can get to get that damm KOM back. I also use the leaderboard to gauge how I'm going against other guys who I race against.
  10. Can this rear quick release disc wheel be converted from a quick release to a thru AXL? For some reason Cannondale thought it would be a good idea to have thru axl front & quick release rear..... I want to run them on my Factor as a set of training wheels
  11. What a great idea
  12. Yep it’s a strange segment. I think it goes pat his house.
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