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  1. most patronising thing said

    ouch that's terrible.
  2. most patronising thing said

    Similar thing happened to me before last weeks critical race. Daughter: What's the plan for tonights race? Me: not sure, might try for a sneaky break away Daughter: your sprint is crap, so that's probably a good idea Breaks didn't stick, worked my ass off but got 4th in the sprint. After the race. Daughter: What happened? Me: I got 4th Daughter: Do you really think that's good enough? (said in a harsh tone) Hour later at the burger place. Daughter: Maybe get a small fries Dad, you only got 4th. That kid is brutal. BTW 4th in that field is awesome
  3. Scheduling strength training

    Who is Lew?
  4. Tdu 2018 live. TV guide

    Also got to hang out with Jensie for 10min having a chat & chilling out. He sleeps next to his iPhone.
  5. Tdu 2018 live. TV guide

    That was awesome. Caleb was a cool guy. Of course the zipper got stuck & wouldn’t do up. Classic
  6. Tdu 2018 live. TV guide

    Just practicing now #blessed #kona #flea#leaveyourphoneinthekitchen
  7. Tdu 2018 live. TV guide

    I’ll be presenting the best young riders jersey on stage this afternoon
  8. most patronising thing said

    My wife fkn hates this one. Normally spoken by a fktard salesman "go home and ask your husband" her response is "I control the money and make the decisions, he picks the colour"
  9. Scheduling strength training

    Yep I agree. That's why I stopped doing it. I flew home from Cairns on the Monday red eye. Dehydrated and feeling like shit. After IM Chattanooga I had to fly back to Cali then next day. So I booked a 5pm flight with a stop over in Texas. I packed a trigger point roller. Rolled and stretched at every airport & kept up my water intake. Got up every 20min on the plane etc Getting old sucks.
  10. most patronising thing said

    Some of my favourites Tri related: - If you actually tried you could be pretty good IM Lake Tahoe ( I was carrying a couple of KG) - "Who are you here to support?" - "sorry sir this area is for athletes only" "do you think you will finish?" Lady at work: As I was about to eat lunch "didn't you used to be an athlete or something" Training with mates: You are getting fitter, we don't have to wait anywhere near as long as we used to. From my family: With just a little bit more class, you would be a real dead shit - Uncle Peter You're as smooth as a ripple on a bucket of shit - Dad
  11. Scheduling strength training

    Try the next morning. That hurts.
  12. Moats fails another drug test.

    You never know, it's good to see them testing AG & not just the pro's
  13. Moats fails another drug test.

    old guys taking drugs so they can get a Kona spot........... so sad. #blessed
  14. Scheduling strength training

    Fixed that for ya
  15. Scheduling strength training

    The Customer is always right & trained with Sutto. He's trained Kona champions. If you are getting DOMS try taking the Customers approach & see what happens.