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  1. I thought only old people listened to talk back radio.
  2. I don’t see any age groupers buying their way into Wimbledon. I don’t see any 70 year who is the only one playing tennis at the Port Mac tennis club getting a spot to Wimbledon. Kona is world champs for pros in the Ironman branded triathlon event.
  3. Yep they make a Monza out of it. I know a husband & wife couple who both race in the XC category. They raced Vineman with me & he decided a few weeks before the race he could be assed racing. No refund. They do multiple IM every year & only race XC category.
  4. $26k was a guess based on the exchange rate. They entry fee XC varies from race to race. Kona is the most expensive. It was about $10k aus for Arizona when I did it Arizona is now $7900usd so about $11698 at the current rate. Then u get screwed by the banks so it will be about $12000+ for your qualifying race. Kona was about $10500 in 2016. So I guessed $26k Aust would almost guarantee u a spot on the start line.
  5. If u ask they probs will. They wanted to collect my bike from my air bnb & rack it for me. I was staying about 700m from transition.
  6. Yes it almost guarantees u a Kona spot. They even have most improved spot. My buddy got a spot with a 13:25 time in the 45 -49 age group. If u race XC to qualify u have to race XC in Kona. It’s about $26k total but it’s the easiest way to get to Kona. You also get a fruit bowl as a Kona finisher
  7. Bored@work

    Wurf watch

    Pffft not one KOM......
  8. You must have missed my Cali love on the other thread. People were banging on about how horrible & dangerous Cali is. I love the place. Mt Tam, Stinson beach, dipsy trail, Corte Madera, Donut Alley, Johnny's donuts, Burritovill. it's the Northface 100 that I'm thinking of doing.
  9. Is this why you dislike Trump?
  10. its 5:30am. I assume u guys have already finished your 2hrs of hill repeats in the rain.
  11. You ask for permission? Pffft rookie
  12. Just be a dick like me. I couldn’t give a shit about politics. I just think trump is a cockhead.
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