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  1. Kona heat is back

    I wasn't that hot. If you use the aid stations (lots of ice down the suit) and dress appropriately, you'll be fine.
  2. Kona Advice Please

    Glad you didn't chuck! I would've enjoyed our more had I not been sea sick. Great news! Jumped off the edge of the world yet?
  3. Kona race day thread

    Well done Trannie! Just IVP's wife to go I think Eta 6:13 pm AEST
  4. Kona race day thread

    Just turned onto Hualalai Rd One more turn. .....
  5. Kona race day thread

    On the Kuakini Hwy. ..
  6. Kona race day thread

    TGL just about to hit Palani
  7. Kona race day thread

    Yeah. She mentioned that in her interview afterwards
  8. If I create a workout on Garmin Connect, can I put it on Training Peaks as a scheduled workout or do I need to create the workout on TP?
  9. Tim Don out of KONA - Hit by Car

    I was.
  10. SPAM Accounts

    I don't think there is one. Can you please start one for us, Roxii???!
  11. SPAM Accounts

    Unfortunately, for him, this has already happened.
  12. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Not a jersey, but de Soto wings are great
  13. OT saving lives

    Close! !