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  1. Yeah, it's not that important. It just shits me cause they won't let me transfer it to next year and the refund is hardly worth talking about. IM corp sucks! NX Sports would transfer it to any other race of theirs with no fees!!
  2. WHY? I was going to have this discussion with my physio tomorrow afternoon. About what pain, if any, is good and what is bad, and how long should I NOT swim for. If it's going to aggrivate it, I won't. I'm only dumb most of the time. When it comes to injuries and what is best in the long run, I am able to pull myself up.... as shown with my ATFL recovery last year. Thanks for caring though.
  3. Do teams generally sell out? I thought they would have sold out by now. Individual entries sell out on the day they open! I don't want to change to a team unless I have to, but I am not in a position to make that decision yet. If I do race, it will not be a good one, but I still would like to do it solo! (I'm not much of a team player)
  4. Got an answer to my own question this morning. Just FYI in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation one day... Hi Jo, Yes you are able to change to a team until sold out. You will need to register and pay for a team. You must be the team captain and participating. Once complete please email to confirm as well as confirm if the credit card used for your individual entry is still valid and we will process a refund of your individual entry fee.
  5. I have a friend who has separate accounts to her hubby. They separated a while back and when they got back together they just left them separate. They split the Bill's. He pays some, she pays others. She says it's great because she doesn't have to ask 'permission' to buy stuff and he can't comment if he doesn't like what she buys. The only downside is you can't have an offset account for your mortgage which I think helps heaps with repayments. ?? Dazz and I have a joint account but we also have separate accounts for the sole purpose of a great deal that ING offer. If you have 2 accounts, you get 2 lots of interest (because it's capped at a max balance. Hard to explain but it makes sense.) We dont split the bills. They just get paid out of the joint account. I pay for stuff out of my own account sometimes (groceries, school fees, skipping) just because I have pay pass on my phone attached to my account but IF I were to run out of money I would just top it up from the joint one. But my pay goes into my account because that's a condition of the interest thing, that there's regular money going in there. I buy what I want, if it's a little purchases (nutrition, clothing, shoes, race entries etc) and don't lie about the price. But I dont come forward with it either ... unless I'm asked. I wouldn't buy a bike without 'permission'. Although normally Dazz wants a new bike for me before I do anyway. 🤣 And other than tri, I dont spend money. I'm a tight arse in every other regard. No magazines, pedicures, spas, hair dos (a trim every 9 months or so), no make up, fake tans, and the only clothes I buy are training/ racing related, unless I am desperate for work clothes. My casual clothes are tri related. The only time I'll get a massage is if its injury related/prevention. I never buy lunch. We don't go out to dinner often and when we do, it's the local sports club. I just can't justify spending $100 to eat something that costs $10 at home! However, I dont hold back on the kids expenses (hard to believe how expensive skipping is as a sport!) And they never miss out on school camps, excursions, etc. I also am a bit looser on the purse strings when we are on holidays. But I tell the kids, when we are on holidays, that we are tight all year long so we can do stuff like this. I hope they are learning.
  6. And my puncture wounds in my hip and elbow are nearly healed 🙄
  7. The surgeon that I went to (highly recommended by a swim squad mate) doesn't operate in the public system, but wanted his opinion anyway. He has referred me to the Mater and I will hear back from them and they will put me on the waiting list. He said that I have two options. One is physio and a steroid injection, the other is surgery. However considering that I will probably be on the waiting list for months (I forgot to ask how long the waiting list would be), I can do the physio between now and then and if it helps I can cancel the surgery, and if it doesn't help then I have the surgery done when imake it to the top of the list. It's a full 6 months recovery after surgery. The first six weeks being in a sling. I'm back to the physio tomorrow. It's much better now than it was. I can run and hold the TT position on the trainer with mo discomfort at all. I just can't swim. Darren was awesome!!! Highly recommend him. Didn't push me into surgery. Gave me all the options and possible side effects of each. He's at Brisbane Private if anyone needs one. So can noosa be transferred to a team if I cant swim by then?
  8. So here is the report. GP reckons I need surgery. Off to the physio now to see what he thinks. If I don't like what either of them have to say I'll just do what dazaau said!
  9. Thank you! Wrong! I like dazaau's response better!
  10. I don't have an answer for this but I get exactly the same thing. Funnily enough it doesn't bother me on race day though because I am up extra early and manage to do a couple of toilet stops before the race starts. On training mornings there's only a 15 minute gap between when my alarm goes off and when I am out the door. So I only get one toilet stop. However I have found it if I go the night before, as well as in the morning, I am able to make it through my long runs. Also I need a lot of salad and spinach. On the days where I have eaten this a day or two before it also makes it worse. If it's training runs, I don't really worry about it. I just make sure there's a toilet on my run course. However a couple of days out before a race I will ease up on the salad and veggies. I did speak to my GP about this as I was a bit concerned as well but he said it's just normal. Because when you're running he get everything moving. However I don't know why it never used to happen to you and now it does. Have you changed your diet? Are you using gels? They used to always do it to me. I don't run with any nutrition now in training. Because I used to have a gel and then need a toilet within 10 minutes. Good luck. And don't forget to carry tissues with you just in case! Also there is an app cold public toilet finder. Download this in case you're ever running an unknown areas!
  11. MJ - sorry to hear. I hope you are going ok. A celebration is a great idea. Funerals suck. And good on him for donating his body. What a great guy. Goughy - any progress? Stay tough. You're doing great.
  12. Don't do drugs. Just train. ??
  13. I THINK I was taking Armaforce when I got tested. Never heard back so I guess it was ok..... that batch anyway.
  14. Seeing the gp for the results and will take them to the physio that afternoon
  15. Just had my shoulder scanned but have to wait until Wednesday to get the results from my GP. They gave me a CD with the pictures on it, which I'm yet to look at, but just wondering if anyone here is a radiologist or knows how to read MRI scans? Or am I just going to have to learn to be patient and wait until Wednesday?
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