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  1. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Great. I won't bring my trainer but I'll talk to tou while you're on yours. I just do a 5 min ride on the course to warm up. I'll be the one with the 2 kids hanging off me! It's probably just a new thing type nervous. I get that... which is why it's taken me 2 years of talking about this to actually do it! Maybe wait till the day. Bring the $50 with you. Is that an option? The guys on the day may not care. What size are you? I wonder if Darren's kit would fit you. It has 17 hours on it but that's all. Would that be allowed? Thank you 😃 no hurry. Get well soon.
  2. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Yes please. I'll fix you up for them. PM me with your bank details 👍 I didn't ask questions about my top or helmet. Yes. You can attend/skip any events you like. This. Solo training on the trainer gets boring and I push harder in a race than solo training. Sweet. Make sure you say hi. I'll be the non-aero one! 🤣 This. It was the same at Pinkenba. Pretty quiet. People warming up with trainers yes. Most in club kit. They didn't check my bike. This time, There was no start list until on the day. Just turn up and pay you money.
  3. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    What is dirt bar tape? Glasses - I had a skull cap on to keep me warm, they wouldn't fit I was in the small chain ring until I got going Club uniform He did hold me just after this photo was taken Lol. Shoe covers aren't going to help me enough. Thanks 😁
  4. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I passed When you're going my snail pace, this is the least of my worries!
  5. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

  6. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    13 Oct but it's for club members only. You'll have to join up!
  7. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Not sure but I think there were only 2 other girls so I should have podiumed! The wind one way was a bit strong! 😩
  8. Cranky

    Swimming to work!

    What if he tied helium balloons around his waist. Then the boats could see him!
  9. Hope you're feeling better today 🙏
  10. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

  11. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    How are these socks? Thanks, Willie! I hope the team approve. 🤣
  12. Look! I cooked! Lol...
  13. How do we get the live results? The page isn't working for me. When I put in their name it just comes up with --:-- because they're not finished yet. This is where I'm looking https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/gold-coast-marathon
  14. Cranky

    Team IM

    Agreed. But if I had family that could do a team maybe I would be allowed to do it myself on the day seeing we were there to support .... 🤫💁‍♀️
  15. I was running, if you can call it that, in my black tranny visor. Didn't see you out there?!
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