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  1. I do this. Early mornings and when the girls are at skipping training.
  2. Ditto..... and a party would be thrown .... and possibly a national holiday declared 🤣 He loves my achievements and loves watching me race, but hates the amount of time I train and the obsession I have for it.
  3. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I thought that was sweat dripping down the side of my face from my forehead. I am hoping this is the case I don't ever go 40 km per hour unless I'm going down the hill! I will be more than happy with D grade.
  4. Cranky

    OT saving lives

    Good to know. Thanks. I always put it in my phone but now I don't have to!
  5. Kiren, Goughy, everyone else, How's things?
  6. You're missing my daily messages aren't you! 🤣
  7. It's funny because I am so used to my alarm, Dazza's phone alarm went off the other day before mine (he takes longer to get ready on race day than me) and I'm trying to turn it if on MY WATCH... not realising why it wasn't working until I fully woke up.
  8. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I'll stop at 99 then. I'll let you know when I get my butt organised and you can book your ticket! 🤣 See what happens even you make me rest! 🤣
  9. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Who says I'm competitive I recon I would be able to sit back for a little bit, until I felt comfortable. No, I haven't. Thanks, I'll have a look. LOL. Thanks for that!! Ahhh geeze. Now what do I do?! The attraction to Nundah was that my girls know the place and would be happy sitting there waiting for me to race, under the shelter. I'd also feel happy them being there. I'm not familiar with Muzz. I've only ridden there once. So don't feel comfortable taking the girls and dumping them. Dazz (my Dazz) works on a Saturday morning. That was the other attraction to Saturday mornings. It wasn't taking time away from him.
  10. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    That's at Elimbah, yeah? I was hoping to stick to nundah crit track so I could take the girls with me and not have to travel. For some reason I just thought, before looking into it, they raced there every Saturday. Lots of great advice here. Thanks, Bored. Got my 9 year old one still. Covered in dust. I wanted Nundah. See above Yep. She'll do for a go.
  11. Cranky

    Hamilton Wheelers

    How many of these Saturdays will be applicable to me? I don't understand all the different racing.
  12. Then be happy the rest of the day that you did. Cause you know you'd beat yourself up if you didn't, and that feels worse than the early morning start.
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