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  1. Things to do in Sydney

    Thanks all!
  2. Thank you !!!!! Didn't know most of those little tricks!
  3. Quadruple channel crossing

    Amazing amounts of crazy-awesome!
  4. Things to do in Sydney

    Heading to Sydney on Friday. Dazz will be working so I'll take the girls and do the tourist thing. Lily will be learning about the First Fleet in school next year so I want to take her to Botany Bay and Port Jackson (hopefully there's some stuff to look at there).... Still researching the whole thing but just wanted to throw it out there and see if I've missed anything. Here's my list so far. .. https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/1ofOTytpif1fadCLu6yL_8pYGbGk Also am I best to take the car or get Dazz to drop us off, and get an Opal Card and do the public transport thing. We only have one day as far as I am aware, at this point. We land at 8:45am, so it will be a full day. Thanks!
  5. I used to access the forum through Tapatalk and it was great because it would send notifications when a thread I was interested in was posted in or one of my comments was quoted, etc. But there's no Transitions on there any more so I am accessing it (usually via my mobile) over the Internet. This doesn't take me to the last read post on a thread, notify me of updates etc, even though I tick the little "notify me of replies" box. Just wondering what others were using? I spoke to Roxii and he suggested IPB Buddy but that's an Apple app and I have a Samsung. Ideas?
  6. KQ questions

    As do you GE!
  7. KQ questions

    yeah. I looked 25 before I started posting here
  8. KQ questions

    I am only 39.... was only 38 then .... this....
  9. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    I try not to think, if I don't have to. Happy to hear others' ideas.
  10. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    Wasn't mine. Tyno's the one with the big noggin!
  11. KQ questions

  12. KQ questions

    Lol. Oops I forgot to add it! I'll find it.
  13. No minimum tri suit order?

    Hey. Watch it! I know where you live! LOL! Yeah.
  14. KQ questions

    Yes, but .... LOL! Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment This. I think it is much easier to KQ as a female.