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  1. Grimsey open water swim sessions on Sundays if you want a group to swim with. Google for more info. About $12
  2. Cranky

    Aero Helmet

    You a small in your Evade?
  3. Cranky

    Aero Helmet

    Any updates? I bought a S-works Evade. It has now been retired. Haven't been able to find another small one anywhere.
  4. Cranky

    Aero Helmet

    This Unavailable Did you? 🌋🌡🔥☄
  5. Cranky

    Aero Helmet

  6. Yay for her. That's a big deal. Both physically and mentally. Well done Mrs B!
  7. Maybe if he left it in there the air wouldn't have come out?
  8. Cranky


    Just shared this on FB. Hope you don't mind. Putting it out there so other companies might feel inclined to do the same!
  9. Bury it in the back yard Send me the treasure map
  10. Not good enough 😑
  11. Welcome to you both. 17hours have tri suits that are a good price. Family business. https://www.facebook.com/awesomelookingtriathlonclothing/ Facebook message them (Wayne) with any questions. Tell him Cranky sent ya 😉 As for training, you can grab a free beginner program online if you want something specific to follow. I don't like to think, so I'm happy to just follow something. Just google "beginner triathlon training plans" or something like that and you'll get heaps. Once you get more serious, you can subscribe to TrainerRoad or Training Peaks (discounted with a Triathlon Australia membership) and they have online programs. I like TrainerRoad because, even though they specialise in cycle training, they do combined swim, bike and run programs for all the different triathlon distances and give you options of low, medium or high volume programs (depending how much time you have available to you). If you're interesting in going this way (TrainerRoad), let me know your email address and I'll send you a free one month trial (when you're subscribed they send you these occasionally to hand out to your friends). Nutrition - as the others have said, when you're doing short ones, don't stress too much, but when you extend your distances out, contact Jason at Infinite Nutrition Australia and he'll be able to get you sorted with either a standard or personalised mix, and will take all the thinking out of it for you. Again...I like this! Also you'll get a discount if you drop the "Transitions" name. https://www.infinitnutrition.com.au/ Wetsuits are generally only allowed if water temp is below 22°c. Don't worry about a speed suit until you're racing at the pointy end of your age group. They are expensive, but you might find a second hand one on Facebook's Triathlon Marketplace when you get to that point. Welcome aboard. This place is awesome and a wealth of knowledge ... just don't take anything personally if someone has a dig. There are some great people on here, so just focus on the positive comments and ignore the others. 👋
  12. I'd like to get all my times back to where they were before my bike crash but Dazz wants me in the house more so that limits training. We've negotiated to 3 mornings a week. The rest I have to swish in during lunch breaks or while the girls are skipping training.
  13. I dunno. I guess I'll make it up along the way?
  14. I'd love to but it hurts to hurt
  15. Cranky


    Why don't they just do 5 minutes of fireworks and donate the rest of the money to a good cause each year. They are a great and they look awesome but after half an hour isn't everyone a bit tired of them? And it's soooo much money!
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