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  1. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Do they check your passport? I only put my Aussie citizenship application in last week.
  2. Tri-Club Around Chatswood

    You’re very welcome to come along to any of our sessions. All Balmoral’s training sessions are coached by the professional coaches of EnergyLink coaching. That’s Bruce and Chris Thomas for those that have been on the scene for a while. We also have last year’s 35-39 70.3 age group world champion coaching with EnergyLink. The sessions are: open water swim - Saturday 3pm start at the club rooms down at Balmoral. Ask for Kelly who is the swim captain. brick - Saturday 7am start in centennial park. Meet at the duck ponds. Ask for Mike, he’s the brick captain track session - Thursday 6:30pm at Rawson park oval (I’m the track captain, so ask for Ben). There’s also a club race on 3rd of December down at obelisk beach and a Christmas aquathon and BBQ on 15 December at Balmoral. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  3. WS 70.3

    So there could be bull sharks in there?
  4. Tri-Club Around Chatswood

    There's always Balmoral. www.balmoraltriclub.org.au
  5. WS 70.3

    109 for me. Solid male pro field.
  6. WS 70.3

    Hooray. I get practice blocking on the swim.
  7. New Wetsuit Time

  8. I've got a sizeable hole in wetsuit and wondering if anyone has a replacement sitting around doing nothing. Any model of Maverick is fine, just needs to be a male small.
  9. Another Beam Bike

    I saw a P5x at Bobbo last weekend. Someone in out club has one too. Saw another one at Sunny coast 70.3 as I overtook it on my P2.
  10. Another Beam Bike

    £7650 for a complete bike! ouch!
  11. Longest Training Ride before 180km

    Elite Energy do seem to have problems when it comes to getting swim courses the right distance. Especially at Husky. Some years, it's even been a different distance for different waves. My missus and a few others in her wave were a little irritated 2 years ago when one of the buoys just disappeared mid swim. Some of my clubbies were a littel surprised to find that the swim at Port Stephens oly distance last year was over 2km.
  12. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Bike sponsor probably requires him to be seen and photographed too.
  13. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Bocco gear technical trucker hats!
  14. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    Sounds foul! Fair dos to you FP. I'd have a go at IM Malaysia before IM Wales.
  15. 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2017 any dates?

    The blocking was out of control. I started in one of the last waves and spent pretty much the entire bike dodging people who refused to stay left. Apart from that, a good day and a new PB. 16mins quicker than 2015, even with the slightly harder bike leg.