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  1. Townsville Triathlon

    Mater Health Services North Queensland - Olympic Distance Wave 1 7.15am Open Male Wave 2 7.19am 15-29 Male Wave 3 7.23am 30-39 Male Wave 4 7.27am 40-49 Male Wave 5 7.31am 50+ Male Wave 6 7.35am 15-29 Female Wave 7 7.39am 30-29 Female Wave 8 7.43am 40-49 Female Wave 9 7.47am 50+ Female Wave 10 7.51am Olympic Teams
  2. Townsville Triathlon

  3. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    http://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com/road-bike-reviews/continental-grand-prix-tt-2016 This link should help, but essentially, 1.5-2.5 watts saved by improved rolling resistance over butyl "Please note that all these tests are performed with the same 100 grams butyl inner tube. When substituting the 100 grams butyl tube with a latex tube, rolling resistance will be another 1.5 - 2.5 watts lower (link). Fitted with a latex tube, this should be one of the fastest tires available."
  4. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    Agree. I'd always pack a butyl tube as my spare.
  5. Townsville Triathlon

    I'm getting "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." when I try and follow that link. FFS. Dropbox fail, link fail. It's almost like someone doesn't want me to race!
  6. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    I've been using them this season. One went bang when I first installed and inflated it. I'm now more careful about checking the tube isn't caught under the bead when installing. No more problems. I don't use talc, yes they need inflating before every ride, no I haven't had any punctures and no I can't tell the difference but science tells me they are faster, so I use them.
  7. Ironman in Victoria

  8. It's about time Ironman

    Is my maths out? It's seems like its the same price... Payment plan = $250+$285+$285=$820 Regular entry = $820+8% active fee I'm assuming active fee still applies to the payment plan.
  9. Townsville Triathlon

    Same here.
  10. Running Shorts

    Another vote for Lululemon. Specifically the 5inch surge short with liner.
  11. KQ questions

    This thread got me to the pool at 6am this morning.
  12. Le Tour - sherwen liggett out. Robbie Keenan IN

    Don't get me started on Sean Kelly and his "general class-ment". It's either general classification or classement général you imbecile!
  13. Custom Bike Fit, Qld

    Baker did mine and my wife's fit on both roadie and TT. Highly recommended.
  14. Don't be THAT triathlete.....

    I totally agree. The axiom, "don't try anything new on race day" also applies. Sticking a different set of wheels, tyres, valves, tubes and another cassette on your bike a week before your big race is just asking for trouble. Especially with all the issues associated with frame clearance, break pad position/composition. Why bother?
  15. Tri Toys: best, worst or most wanted.

    Are they worth it? I keep looking at them and with the tilt kit it comes out at $1650. That's just silly, but they look so nice!