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  1. BenjieB

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    I searched and the first fit was for a game called "Idle heroes". Coincidence?
  2. BenjieB

    Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    Top of 39 degrees. Fook.
  3. BenjieB

    Stages Power Meter

    Gen 3 is what's coming on the latest version of Shimano cranks. i.e. 9100. The pod looks identical to the Gen 2 thats on the 9000.
  4. BenjieB

    Stages Power Meter

    I've got a Gen 2 stages after they replaced my Gen1. Basically, the Gen 1 wasn't watertight and riding in the wet caused it to disharge the battery immediately and then refuse to work until it dried out. Gen 2 has been completely trouble free. Worth noting that Stages and Garmin watches like the 910XT and the 920XT have a long standing connectivity issue. Something to do with the strength of the receiver/transmitter - basically makes them unusable together due to constant signal dropouts. Garmin bike computers have no such problem. I can swap my stages from TT bike to Roadie, but don't do it regularly. No problems when I have though. Incidentally, I have a 172.5mm dura ace Gen 2 stages that I'd like to swap for a 165mm one if anyone is up for that? Happy to include the chainset as part of the swap (50/34 rings, but I have a set of 39/53 ones).
  5. BenjieB

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Port number 4 for me. Chasing sub 10. Over it. I need a looooong break after this one.
  6. BenjieB

    Why make it harder?

    My coach removes the shovel.
  7. BenjieB

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Hey guys. I'm driving up tomorrow and keen to meet up Sat morning for a ride. Let me know what the details are.
  8. BenjieB

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Thanks. Appreciate it!
  9. BenjieB

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Thanks mate! Will hit you up closer to the time. For info, coach has put 5 hours in the training plan on Sat 5th. The day before the race
  10. BenjieB

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Hi all, I'm headed up to Coffs for the Olympic tri in March, but as its not an A race and I'm in ironman training mode, I need to do a long ride that weekend too. Does anyone have any information on a good 120-130km cycle route up there? Cheers
  11. BenjieB


    I think a few 30-39 green hats went off with the under 30s green hats.
  12. BenjieB

    Bike insurance

    CycleCover will cover all your bikes for racing and travelling, theft from racks etc. with no limit and no need to declare them individually. They can also do your home contents as well. Never had to claim but pretty happy with the level of cover for the cost.
  13. BenjieB

    most patronising thing said

    Doing my run off the bike up at Terrey Hills and a mate rides past yelling "walker left". What and ass hat.
  14. BenjieB

    Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Do they check your passport? I only put my Aussie citizenship application in last week.
  15. BenjieB

    Tri-Club Around Chatswood

    You’re very welcome to come along to any of our sessions. All Balmoral’s training sessions are coached by the professional coaches of EnergyLink coaching. That’s Bruce and Chris Thomas for those that have been on the scene for a while. We also have last year’s 35-39 70.3 age group world champion coaching with EnergyLink. The sessions are: open water swim - Saturday 3pm start at the club rooms down at Balmoral. Ask for Kelly who is the swim captain. brick - Saturday 7am start in centennial park. Meet at the duck ponds. Ask for Mike, he’s the brick captain track session - Thursday 6:30pm at Rawson park oval (I’m the track captain, so ask for Ben). There’s also a club race on 3rd of December down at obelisk beach and a Christmas aquathon and BBQ on 15 December at Balmoral. Let me know if you have any more questions.