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  1. Ironman Australia 2017

    1398 for me and 1397 for my mate - same category as Shuffla
  2. Busso race day

    Thanks Ratdog and thanks very much for all your support during the run leg for John and I. Sorry for not replying until now, I've been a little busy with John over the last few days. We got back to Newcastle late last night. We had a fantastic day and all our training come off on Sunday. For me it was an amazing experience and one I will remember for the rest of my life. Out of my 15 Ironman finishes, this one was up there with this year's Kona (my one and only Kona!). For me, it was a really rewarding experience and a hell of a lot of fun. I would well recommend to anyone to be a guide/pilot to a visually impaired/blind triathlete if given the chance - dam hard work but the rewards are twice as much!! Thanks also to the other trannies on the course and all the supporters - it really helped make our day very special.
  3. Hi All, My preference is to wear a short sleeve tri race suit at Kona rather than a sleeveless, as I got really sun-burned at IM Malaysia last year in a sleeveless suit. However, I understand that in non-wetsuit swim IM events such as Kona and Malaysia that you are not allowed to wear a sleeved tri suit under a swim speed suit in the swim. I see on the Kona NBC coverage that a good percentage of the pros and age groupers wear the sleeved tri suits these days - but the pros don't seem to have the sleeves showing at the start of the swim and come out of the change tent with sleeved suits - but I couldn't imagine that they would spend the time changing into a sleeved suit! For those who have raced at Kona, what do you recommend? Thanks
  4. Thanks Murray - I've picked up 2 tix - ta
  5. Kona Advice Please

    Cranky - that's gold - thanks And Tranny catch-up/swim would be great - count me in And Trannie Undie Run - that would be outstanding - as long as there are no photos!
  6. Kona Advice Please

    Hey Cranky Can you post your rejigged itinerary when you have completed it - so I can copy - thanks - the advice on this thread has been gold - thanks all
  7. Hi All, I would like your thoughts/experience regarding the Garmin Vector 2S single-sensing powermeter. I am after a low cost power meter system that is easy to transfer between my road and tri bikes. I would like it to be reliable and reasonably accurate and relatively easy to fit and calibrate. Thoughts and possible alternatives would be appreciated.
  8. Kona Advice Please

    Hi All, I really appreciate the solid advice and the amount of time you guys have put into providing me with information - a huge thank you. Mjainoz - it rolled down one slot - There were 4 slots for our 55-59 age group. Kevin Fergusson got first and didn't take his slot; 2nd and 3rd where Japanese and they took their slots; I (obviously) took my 4th slot and then Perry Nation who came 5th took the roll-down. So, it only rolled down one slot. The Japanese roll downs were after the main roll downs so I don't know the impact they had on our age group as such. However I do know of a Japanese guys who due to the way the 75 slots were allocated, and then the Japanese roll downs happened, that he was 22nd in his age group and got a (Japanese) roll-down. I think I would not have been happy if I was 21st in that age group and didn't get a slot!
  9. Kona Advice Please

    Hi All, So after 24 years of triathlons; the last 10 years at Ironman distance; and 13 Ironman races, I finally got a Kona Slot at Cairns. I came 4th in my 55-59 age group. And how ironic that I completed my 12th IM at Port 6 weeks ago and therefore it was just a matter of time to get the Legacy Slot - anyway I'm off to Kona in October. I would very much appreciate your insights and experience on what to do to enhance my Kona experience. I would think that this will most likely be my one and only Kona Slot so I would like to make the most out of it. I intend to go to Kona not to race but to totally enjoy the experience and not worry about a time - yes I realise that this maybe a different approach to some - but I have always thought that if I did get a Kona Slot I would be going there to take in the whole experience rather than racing for a time, as I'm not up the front-end anyway. What I am after is insights from people who have 'been there done that' - for example what airline I should travel with, where to stay, what to do before the event etc. I am most interested in the pre and post race rather than the race itself as I have raced in the heat before (such as IM Malaysia) but any tips would be good. I have heard that there is a swim the weekend before the event that is worth doing plus I thought that I would get there about a week before to experience the lead up. Are there any "Must Dos" or 'Don't bothers". Any advice from your experience would be great.
  10. 2016 Trannies Kona Rollcall

    I got a slot at Cairns - finally
  11. Ironman Cairns 2016

    Ironpo Especially
  12. Ironman Cairns 2016

    Start list is up
  13. Port Roll Call - TRANNY TRACKER

    I think that you will find that John came third. There were 3 slots - 4th took the roll down slot that 2nd didn't take
  14. Wiggle Nutrition

    I've been using the coconut flavoured bars - love 'em
  15. Australian Alpine Ascent

    Emo I would be more than happy to do a write up - just let me know