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  1. Are you using the 5k app? makes it pretty easy to keep track of all those.
  2. I thought the norm these days following any disaster was to join a class action with Maurice Blackburn and recoup your repair costs from the government.
  3. Mike Del


    That comment was made by the head of permanent professional firefighters union. He wanted the money spent on upgrading hydrants which I think they would use more than than the volunteer rural guys. The chief of the volunteer firefighters (who the parade is for) said they would appreciate the gesture.
  4. Mike Del


    I thought that too when I heard it this morning. I hope it’s not the case but it does sound a little like the full time pro’s are a little miffed at the attention all the attention the volunteer rural firefighters are getting. Well their union anyway
  5. Mike Del


    They were speaking to one of the chief firefighters on the Brisbane 10 news, he said it would be greatly appreciated, but I get your point. I suppose the number of firefighters that attend will be the ultimate gadge of acceptance.
  6. Mike Del


    Heard on the news today that Brisbane is planning a ticker tape parade and presentation of the keys to the city as a thank you for the firefighters
  7. Mike Del


    All good, we all have those days
  8. Mike Del


    Exactly Ex thank you You’re loosing it Prince, it wasn’t even me who made that comment. I’ve taken Roxii’s advice about going on about politics in this thread, maybe you should too. I’d appreciate it if you stopped trying to drag me into your political arguments on this thread.
  9. I’d never heard of him but just checked him out then. 1st class figjam
  10. Mike Del

    TV Shows

    Binge watched The Casketeers on Netflix last weekend. Best thing I’ve seen on tv in ages 👍
  11. Mike Del


    Hopefully 🤞 the forecast rain tomorrow and Friday will assist the firefighters and perhaps give them the break they need.
  12. Mike Del


    Prince why the hell would you claim it’s because the fireies do all the hazard reduction burning in National Parks and not the rangers? You have no idea mate do you. Hazard reduction in National parks is the responsibility that states parks and wildlife service or equivalent. They outsource help occasionally but the vast majority is done by rangers. In 2018 window NPWS completed 75% of the total hazard reduction work in that state. In Qld National parks over 80% of the hazard reduction work was done by QPWS rangers. I’m starting to think you just come on here to troll and disrupt these thread. edit ..... Glad to see you’ve now edited and removed your stupid comment Prince. Changing your comment to ask who exactly cut the numbers of QPWS rangers is pretty hypocritical of you though considering just a couple of posts ago you’re telling people to keep the politics out of this thread.
  13. Mike Del


    So true. My neighbour is a ranger at nearby D'Aguilar National Park. He tells me the numbers of rangers were significantly reduced and quite a bit of their work is now done by volunteers. Unfortunately that leaves the number of staff qualified to conduct hazard reduction burning quite low. So far this fire season they've been very lucky.
  14. Mike Del


    Sorry double post
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