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  1. Although it’s one of the least COVID effected US states, being an island state I thought Hawaii may have done better than they have so far. I guess being the US if they shut the islands totally off too many constitutional rights would have been violated. Their death toll is just a little lower than New Zealand’s but their population is only about 1.70 million inc tourism visitors.
  2. Ari Gold is my favourite. I have the whole series and the movie also. Having Mark Wahlberg as the producer and bring about the movie industry probably helps lining up all those cameo extras
  3. Yeh must be, I know a heap of the have pop ups in Entourage
  4. Having done both sprint and Ironman triathlons I’ve the years I’d suggest it’s a smarter idea to do sprint races
  5. Mike Del


    Yeh that’s correct Dalai 👍 Im taking Cyclosporine now to keep my neutrophils low. Hopefully to kickstart my bone marrow back into functioning correctly. cheers
  6. Mike Del


    Maybe wash your hands after you go to the toilet Peter. If you do that you’ll be fine, unless you’re licking the toilet seat. All the washing of hands and social distancing won’t save you then, though I recon you’d probably catch some other fatal disease before you’d catch covid. Do you read my posts before you disagree with them Peter? I said it’s not a given people infected will obey the rules, and most people catching it atm haven’t obeyed the rules... and you say “not really”, Haven’t you seen the reasons behind the recent outbreaks in Melbourne? Just about every case is because somebody didn’t obey the rules. I’ve had blood cancer for the last 16 months and part of my treatment was to wipe out my immune system to the point I was neutropenic. I still managed to work, socialise, run and ride a little, and believe it or not Peter, I use the toilets at work, several time’s a day. Even public toilets occasionally. All without catching even a single cold or infection. And that’s with almost no immune system. That’s because I’ve social-distanced religiously for over a year now, plus using a lot of hand sanitiser, and washing my hands after I use the toilet. If you follow the rules you won’t need to worry about the hypothetical situation you’re suggesting.
  7. Mike Del


    True, but that's not a given considering they probably got infected in the 1st place because they couldn't manage to follow the basic distancing rules we are all supposed to follow
  8. Mike Del


    They are going door to door and testing in the Melbourne "cluster suburbs".
  9. Mike Del


    The Broncos are being tested daily for Covid. I recon they could probably save some money and stop testing them performance enhancing drugs.
  10. Mike Del


    Where did you read that Peter? Do you have a link? Our Dep Chief Med Officer was saying the exact opposite on the news
  11. Mike Del


    Yes there’s a few family members and partners of the NZ Warriors that aren’t permitted to enter Australia
  12. Mike Del


    Lol I didn’t suggest anything Peter, I said what I’d do if I was in that circumstance if I could. I (me) could be wrong, but also the northern hemisphere winter might not be quite as suitable as summer in NZ or Aus for doing the training hrs required for the 3 months leading into an Ironman. What does “For a pissant sport to do a race?” mean anyway? You used a question mark, so are you asking me a question Peter? I don’t understand it.
  13. Mike Del


    If not much has changed by October and I was a serious US, EU, or GB pro with Kona qualification, I’d be heading to NZ or perhaps Aus and setting up a training base after sitting out a 2 week quarantine
  14. Mike Del


    As of yesterday...... deaths per million of population has the USA positioned 7th highest out of 145 countries (Aus is 106th). By mortality rate of Covid cases the USA sits at 3rd highest out of 142 countries. That’s despite Trump claiming only last week that the USA had one of the lowest Covid mortality rates in the world. Make of that what you will.
  15. I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier but I’ve been pretty busy. Yeh I know you didn’t make up the 90% Peter. but the 3 year old article you chose to quote and link to has been corrected many many times since in the press, by the responsible (🤔 most would say irresponsible) department, and also in both WA and Federal Parliaments. I’m surprised you didn’t notice this when you were searching, and equally surprised you’d choose to quote a UK website that rarely passes fact-checks. While every instance of sexual abuse is tragic and disgusting, the true figure of 25% doesn’t paint the same picture as the figure of 90% that you have used to resurrect this thread. For an issue like sexual assault, and for problems as serious as those faced by the community at Roebourne, I think it’s important to use creditable facts and figures. Something positive that has since been established in Roebourne is a series of 24/7 safe houses throughout the community where anyone at risk can go for protection and assistance. It’s a positive step that according to local police seems to be helping. I believe it was initiated by a group of local indigenous women too.
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