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  1. Mike Del

    Sunny Coast long Course or half or 70.3 Accomadation

    Looks good Rod, and value at $72 a night however it jumped to $250 for 2 nights when I looked at booking. Not familiar with short stays with Airbnb in Aus and cant see the full breakdown of fees on my phone. Maybe see it better on my computer but seems a lot for cleaning. Just need a place to crash up there for 2 nights in a couple of months.
  2. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    40k river loop ride into a hard 2k run. It was so hot when I finished this morning I almost skipped my post session skinny latte, but then I came to my senses.
  3. Mike Del


    Hewitt has already sued 2 of his "mates" for lesser things, he would be suing Tomic if there wasn't some truth in it IMO
  4. Mike Del

    The Politics Thread

    I know nothing about marketing but an extremely experienced and successful marketing director I train with told me Clive's recent text campaign was sheer genius and has exceeded all expectations.
  5. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    8k cruisy run with friends along the paths beside the Brizzy River as the sun was setting..... very nice
  6. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    Turned up at the Nundah Crit track for a max effort brick session only to discover the track has been booked out for the Aussie speed skating / rollerblading championships so switched to a 35k moderate road ride into a 2k hard run. Skating was good to watch for a while though.
  7. Mike Del

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    If you're talking about that race at the Uni of Qld I thought it was the 2nd tri in Qld. Question for you Ex , AP , Ronnie Ac & and any other old timers....... So if we take it as drafting was banned from the start (though only 2 or 3 bike lengths) how many years do you recon it was before that rule was actually enforced? I can't remember anyone being penalised before about 1990
  8. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    The promise Cornetto would work on me as well Kieran. BTW If I lived were you do I'd certainly be spending more time fishing.......... and definitely less time open water swimming
  9. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    Cruisy parkrun at Redcliffe then a sole crushing 9k swim in very choppy conditions. Definitely the toughest conditions I've ever swum that sort of distance in, and to top things off I scored a bad case of sunburn.
  10. Mike Del

    Straddie Salute 2019

    Well I just checked my old training log and I was just out of the front 10% and you were just in the front 10% Ex
  11. Mike Del

    Straddie Salute 2019

    In the late 80's Bill ran a one off "Mild Steelman Race" on Straddie. 1k swim, 60k hilly ride, 20k run (much on a sand track). I remember suffering in the February heat. Pretty sure you were there too AP
  12. Mike Del

    Straddie Salute 2019

    The current course suits those with a strong run leg cranky
  13. Mike Del

    Trump is the President

    How is he "correct" Iron? Your statement doesn't even make sense, what's correct about it? Thousands have arrived against the government's wishes since Howard said this in 2001
  14. Mike Del

    Family fun day event at St Kilda beach

    He stood for One Nation in the Senate and received 19 votes, didn't get in. Then Roberts lost his Senate spot for being an idiot and Anning was installed as a One Nation Senator for Qld. He was immediately sacked from or quit One Nation depending who you believe (either Pauline or Anning is lying about it). He then went and joined Katters party and lasted 5 months before he was again expelled and sacked. Currently sits as an independent but likes to hold Cory Bernardi's hand every now and then. Lately been talking to known race hate and ulta nationalist groups about forming a party, probably sees this as the only chance of getting elected again and his family history may indicate this would be a good fit .
  15. Mike Del

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Hey.... don’t knock it till ya tried it