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  1. Mike Del

    Hamilton Wheelers

    No they’re yours.... I would have thrown them away next she’d clean up. I occasionally meet up with some of the people you swim squad with, I’ll pass them on to them to give to you. Just give me a couple of weeks pls, I’ve been a little ill lately and not getting out as much as normal.
  2. Mike Del

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I have a couple of pairs of unused Lycra shoe covers , short ones. Think I picked them up on a Wiggle special trying to bump my order up to free postage 😎. One pair is yours if you’d like them Cranky, they’re red though.
  3. I’m at Ferny on the north side of Brisbane Ronny 😁 If suitable could you message me his contact details pls?
  4. I need several recessed low voltage downlights (10 or 12) installed in about 2 - 3 weeks time. Any Brisbane trannies do that type of work?
  5. Sent you a pm Parkside
  6. All good Turts 👍 One of the things my employers used to do In their capacity as Comcare approved self managers was to basically denied every claim, half the workers would give up there, the other half would appeal the decision. That in house appeal would also be denied, and only about 10% would proceed to court. Straight away they have got rid of 90% of their claims. The company lost every single court case as far as I’m aware but most of the time they would capitulate the day before it was due in court anyway. One of the worst I recall was a guy who clearly fell at work and suffered a bad ankle injury. Work sent him to their nominated industrial doc who said bruising and back to work tomorrow with mild pain killers. The next day the worker was in a lot of pain so he went to his doctor and had an X-ray..... ankle broken and off work imeadiatly, operation and pin followed. His compo claim was refused for 3 months because the employer had posession of their original docs report stating only bruising and claimed it was a factor that the workers doc didn’t see the worker until 30+ hours after his fall. During the appeal process the employer managed to find 2 more doctors who refused to look at or take X-rays but backed up the original company nominated doctors bruising diagnoses. Fortunately this was one of the cases where the company capitulated on the eve of a tribunal hearing. I can state without doubt the motivation of my employer to act like this had nothing to do with the cost of medical expenses, lost production or anything like that, it’s 100% about departments and managers lowering their Injury Frequency Rates which they are all judged and compared on (inc bonuses). They would regularly spend 60k - 80k to avoid liability for a simple hernia. I’ll add that that gov enquiry certainly cleaned up our compo policies and it’s quite reasonable now... although our company doesn’t cover us for compo if we are injured traveling to or from work which I thought was included if you are employed under an EBA or an Award.
  7. Maybe in yours and others situation Turts but I did clearly state I was commenting on my work situation, and commented what my response is to my situation. We are self compo insurers who recently got a big kick up the arse after a Government enquiry discovered we'd been operating our compo scheme illegally to the company's benefit and the staff's detriment. Dozens of claims later determined to be 100% legitimate knocked back and in most cases the employees in question loosing their jobs. Not sure how bad a company has to behave to loose it's Comcare self managing licence, we've had about 4 last chances.
  8. I’ve seen the same situation at my work a few times over the years, then I think ..... how is their “possible” compo bludging my problem? Then I just get on with my own life
  9. I’ve always used a crank pulling tool, pretty easy with one of those.
  10. Mike Del


    Where are you located FB?
  11. Planning on a Movie this weekend, either Yesterday, or Spider-Man
  12. Mike Del

    Israel Folau

    Yeh I notice all the talk of consequences of that case are limited to industrial law. I guess that's what industrial lawyer was saying on tv, because it was originally brought before the Fair Work Commission any precedents arising from the case are limited to the jurisdiction of fair Work Australia regardless if it ends up being decided in the High Court of Australia.
  13. It did look pretty bad. Just seeing the state of his singlet at the finish made my nips sore
  14. Haven’t been too well lately so I thought I’d skip this year then I noticed someone wanting to offload a half entry for $60 😎 So I’ll be run/ walking this year
  15. Your theory does sound plausible, however from a fishing perspective (is a shark a fish?) it’s standard practice to use a very dark or black lure in night or low light situations, and light and brightly coloured lures in high light situations. It’s something to do with a fishes perception of colour and contrast. Apparently
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