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  1. Hey Guys, I'm chasing a 3T seatpost side plate and screw to suit round rails. It might be a long shot but I hoping some one might have a 3T Ionic or Palladio seat post and changed over to a seat with oval carbon rails. I'd like to buy their old side plate suiting round rails. A note to self..... If I'm riding along and hear metallic sound rattling around my wheels and the rider behind me says "I think something dropped from your bike", don't just glance at my drive train and say "it looks ok to me and keep riding.
  2. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    2018 goals = Magnetic Island-Townsville Swim, sub 4hr Noosa Marathon, sub 1.45 Gold Coast half, sub 22min Parkrun. race 2 or 3 Tri's this year Get more sleep
  3. Gold Coast 1989

    Are you sure? I thought we stayed downstairs at Gail's Grandparent's, with Fiddler. I still have a pic of us holding the World Cup banner we "found". BTW at 9:50 in the vid, can't remember what I pinned to my beenie. Maybe a race nutrition plan or some motivation crap lol, or probably just drunk when I packed my race gear
  4. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    2017 Swam 340k Rode 2370k Ran 992k 2017 Highlights = 1 Tri (my 1st in 26 years) 1 Marathon (my 1st in 27 years) 3 half marathons, 2 Parkrun PB's, 10k Swim 2018 goals = Magnetic Island-Townsville Swim, sub 4hr Noosa Marathon, sub 1.45 Gold Coast half, sub 22min Parkrun. race 2 or 3 Tri's
  5. Gold Coast 1989

    I came 68th the previous World Cup but blew up in this race. It was such a tough ride leg and a puncture didn't help.
  6. Some Noosa Tri History 4 ya

    Pitty some of the team results are missing, Ex Hasbeen won the Family Teams category that year with his awesome brother & sister.
  7. Race puncture repair

    They had marshals on every corner pointing which way to go (which was great). Well I was riding along approaching an intersection on my 1st lap when a fluro vested marshal positioned at the intersection pointed down a side street. I turned and was powering off when I heard him yell out wrong turn so I slowed enough to do a u -turn and headed back. As I passed him he apologised and said he was just pointing something out to a spectator. It prob only cost me 30 secs but it pissed me off at the time.
  8. Race puncture repair

    I had my spare tube, leavers. co2 cylinder and tap and was setting up my bike in the transition area when noticed most guys weren't carrying anything so I didn't worry about it. It's a bugger finding somewhere on my TT bike to store all that gear anyway. Won't all fit under the seat. I'll definitely need to work something out before Mooloolaba though. Pretty happy with my race apart from a wrong turn in the ride which cost me a little time. 4th in my cat. How was your race AA7?
  9. Race puncture repair

    Thanks, I'll go the co2. Really looking forward to the race now but I'm a little worried about doing something wrong and getting disqualified. So many rules, I'll be glad when the bike leg is over.
  10. Race puncture repair

    Hi, entered my 1st tri in 27 years today (Bribie 1-30-8). It seems things have changed a little since then. Apparently there's rules now, and I can't do the race in just Speedos anymore. Anyway I was wondering what I should carry in case of a flat? Riding clinchers (GP4000s). I have co2 cylinders and tubes but would something like Pitstop be a better option? And if so what brand? Also any other tips would be useful as I've been out of it for so long. Haven't even attended a tri in 20+ years. cheers
  11. Hey Ron, I'd like to buy a T shirt and a cycling shirt, white, either M or L. Only prob is I'm just there for the swim on Fri arvo and heading back a little later but i'll ring you and try to meet up.


    Mike Delisser 

  12. Knee clicking

    Or use the words "unstable".
  13. Achilles Tendonitis

    The Doctor told me Achilles has an extremely low blood flow and heals very slowly. He said The Rectogesic cream increases blood flow and speeds up healing. I sould have mentioned a small side effect I experienced. While using the cream 4 times a day I would wake every morning with a slight headache but it would always dissipate in 10 or 20 mins. It does mention headaches on the tube.
  14. Achilles Tendonitis

    I've never had an Achilles issue until last April. I ran a few fast 5ks in May / April and my right Achilles started to play up. I was managing it with reduced mileage, physio, tape, and massage for 2 months until it really flaired up after a half marathon in July. Then a doctor I run with told me to try rubbing Rectogesic cream on to it 4 time a day. Achilles was better in 3 weeks and I ran a full marathon 2 months later without an Achilles problem. Rectogesic cream is for people who have just had hemorrhoid operations, it greatly increases the blood flow to where it's applied. It won't help most injuries but because your Achilles is so close to the skin it often helps here. Not too cheep at $35 but it lasts a long time as you only use a little each application. You don't need a script but the chemist wouldn't sell it to me at first when he quizzed me why I wanted it and I needed to talk him around. Anyway it worked for me.
  15. Piriformis syndrome

    Pretty keen to read what AP had to say on this subject as I'm struggling to get over this injury also. I can't seem to find it though and hoping someone who knows their way around the Tranny web site could post me a link ...please? or any info that's helped them overcome piriformis