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  1. Wouldn't that trigger a bi election then? And shortly after they'd just had an election. I thought one of those would cost at least the $1m he wanted to save the taxpayers
  2. Not any more Foz, the current scheme doesn't permit that. Changed in 2004 thanks to Latham forcing Howard into a corner, perhaps the only decent thing Latham ever accomplished. You could be thinking of ex Nationals Senator Bill O'Chee. In the 90's he did about 9 years in the Senate, appointed without an election at the age of 24 to replace a retiring Nationals Senator. He retired on a pension and perks at 34 years and through a loophole in the old parliamentary pension scheme left his wife and handicapped son with nothing when he divorced her. After dabbling in Skeleton and Bobsled he’s now know worldwide a one of Wikileaks supergrasses.
  3. Agree, I work closely with 4 people who live in Dickson and all 4 said they were voting for Dutton. 1 because the Labor candidate lived in the next electorate and the other 3 because of Labor’s 40% death tax.
  4. Exit polls indicated that overall for 30 odd % of the voters it was their number 1 issue, that places it as the most important issue with voters. In Abbott’s seat of Warringah the climate came in at 52%
  5. They are obviously Dutton pamphlets. All parties will do similar from time to time. It’s a matter of if they’re registered.
  6. They are all designed so that each vote will flow on to Peter Dutton on 2 party preferred. What were the people handing them out wearing Ex? They are supposed to be registered with the AEC, both the form and the person handing the out. I’m surprised the Labor or Greens guys weren’t straight on to it
  7. You should have first gone back through this thread and checked out how accurately some of your assumptions turned out More, could have saved yourself a pineapple 🍍
  8. Using facts again Ex..... wrong sub forum. Facts are never as strong as assumptions
  9. If that’s what he said on tv I’m not surprised they didn’t want him back on site. He definitely be gone from the Gov owned corp I work for.
  10. I think road cycling has made me a very safe and good driver..... I just wish the cops shared my opinion
  11. Noosa, I training up there, esp swimming in Laguna Bay
  12. I haven't heard all of what the guy said but apparently he mentioned the amount of salary the company was paying some of it's tradesman and that is suppose to be in confidence. I know I'd get the sack from my job if I did that. Not really sure he actually did get the sack anyway. He was working for a contractor that works for the Gladstone Water Board (I think), the GWB just said they don't want him on their site anymore so he's just moved to another job site.
  13. I doubt that, assuming Labor win I expect before long a resurrected Abbott will end up being the opposition leader again. he is the most formidable opposition leader we've seen in Aus. Nobody can wreck like Abbott.
  14. I thought the Libs were coming back but a poll yesterday has Labor kicking again. Also I think the bookies have shortened (pun intended) Labor’s odds each day since last Tue. Maybe it’s been the debates? A week is a long time in politics though, anything could happen I guess
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