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  1. Mike Del

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    It may have been mentioned already but can someone inform me why Alistair Brownlee was DSQ'ed?
  2. Mike Del

    Woman rides 184mph to break world speed record

    I was thinking that at first but balked at "Tri Chat", rookie error
  3. https://www.bicycling.com/news/a23281242/denise-mueller-korenek-breaks-bicycle-speed-record/
  4. So is there any online video of these races? I could only find one that wasn’t free
  5. Mike Del

    New Mountain Bike - Recommendations?

    I bought a flat bar road bike for the same reason as you Nick. Was great for a couple of years until I splurged on a full set ....... Mountain Bike - Road Bike - TT Bike. mmmmm ...... CX bike.... that would be nice :-)
  6. Mike Del

    What training did you do today...

    Walked parkrun then a nap, then ate a bag of chips and half a block of chocolate for lunch. About to watch Women's NRL. Day 23 of a 4 week Efudix treatment and a walk, nap, and comfort food is all I can manage. This is hell.
  7. Hi, was wondering if anyone could direct me any videos of live feed of any of the World Champ races from the Gold Coast please? Or even the sprint races during the week. Don't really know where to look, I can only seem to find a few short highlight packages. Cheers
  8. Mike Del

    2021 and 2022 Worlds - venues announced

    Cheers for that IJ ....so when would be my 1st opportunity to race in the 60 - 64 category if I turn 60 in Aug 2022? Might be my retirement gift to myself.
  9. Mike Del


    So isn't under 30 ........ 20 something? lol
  10. Mike Del

    Equal Pay

    The 3 set 5 set argument is clutching at straws IMO Fed and Nadal (and many others) have both won tournaments in the past without dropping a set, winning every match in straight sets. I don't remember hearing calls for them to be paid less because of that. Most smaller tournaments around the world the guys only play 3 set anyway. The prize money for any tennis tournament is set beforehand, it goes to the winner of the tournament, you win the tournament by defeating all of you're opposition all the way to the final, not for how long you are on court. If the guy and the girl both have to win 8 matches to be the champion, then IMO they should be paid the same for being the champion.
  11. Mike Del


    When visiting Melbourne with my shopaholic wife and daughter , one of the best things I've done was hire a bike and ride something called the "Capital City Trail". It's a 20 something k marked trail along cycle paths from Fed Square following the Yarra upstream to Collingwood Farm then across near the zoo and back via Docklands. Really nice along the upper Yarra and interesting through some of the older Melb suburbs. I think a bike, lock & helmet for the day was $30 from Freddy's Bike Hire. They delivered it to my hotel as well. Great art gallery just over the river from Flinders St Station, Eureka Sky Deck, and the Shrine of Remembrance in Kings Domain are worth checking out too.
  12. Mike Del

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Well don't really know, it was just several conversations ...... but these were 2 specialists in the mid 60's talking about a definite increase in diseased hearts in fit men, with HFLC a common denominator. Good luck to anyone on HFLC diets but they certainly said enough to convince me not to take it up.
  13. Mike Del

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Did doctors and medical specialists keep quiet about cigarettes and asbestos to maintain patient numbers? Besides I don't believe they'd be loosing anything, after all they are cardiologists and their practices are in the US.... the home of deep fried everything. Anyway I believe there's still a lot of ambiguity as to whether this diet is good or bad for you in the long term. What the American cardiologists were telling me was a properly managed HFLC and Keto diets are often a viable option for an obese person, however they're seeing so much more heart disease in fit men who have been on this diet for quite some time. Men they shouldn't be seeing the disease in. That was their observations anyway. I think my diet work pretty well for me, I'm 56 and I've been within 2 kilos of my race weight for the last 30 years. I used to eat a lot of carbs and protein while avoiding very fatty food (apart from pastries) and I've only really ran out of fuel and bonked badly in a marathon once. These days I do avoid bread and eat a lot of kale but that's about the only change I've made.
  14. Mike Del

    HFLC ruined my life......

    I treked across Portugal and Spain with a couple of cardiologists and spent many hours talking to them about health, food, and particularly HPLC & Ketogenic diets. They where both scathing of its long term effects on the heart and other organs. They certainly ended any desire I had to go down this road.
  15. Mike Del

    70.3 World Championships in South Africa

    Crap finishing area, the last 300mts looks like a walkway through a construction site