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  1. Perhaps because it’s purely a NSW thing, and as mentioned I think Labor lost those State elections. Im in Qld so don’t follow it too closely but did you find it as interesting that during the ICAC herring while under oath the people involved basically provided all the information that came to light? I don’t know why she just didn’t say “I can’t recall” like Arthur Sinodenis did 27 times under oath at the ICAC enquiry when the Libs were in a similar situation regarding excepting and laundering banned donations from property developers.
  2. Snide? I think you're being a little precious about me quoting to you something you yourself posted in "The Sand Box", and then you're threatening to go to another site because of it, seriously. I got a little laugh out of it because you were dismissing the opinions of others yet you plucked the figure of Hundreds of thousands of places to buy assault rifles out of mid air, then in your next post stated that you're a realist. Are you saying it wasn't a total guess? So yeh I thought that was funny and it gave me a bit of a laugh. You have to admit More you're always saying your opinions are always right whilst dismissing the opinions of others.... like just now to Ex, in your own words you decided Ex was wrong and you were right, presumably based on a figure you just made up when you said..... "So no, Walmart's move whilst a nice gesture will achieve nothing while there are still hundreds of thousands of other outlets where these weapons can be sold" What's "hundreds of thousands mean?.... 200,000+ . Not every USA state allows the sale of assault riffles (that number would be small though) and not all gun dealers / shops, pawnbrokers ect have the licences to sell assault riffles. The Gun Retailers Assoc has just a little info on availability of assault riffles but even they themselves say it's hard to get an accurate count because of the roughly 40,000 licences to sell assault riffles about 25% have not made a sale in the last 12 months. Their best estimate is of the 300,000,000 guns in the USA, the number of assault riffles would be between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000, licensed and unlicensed combined. At around 3% of all guns apparently that makes them a lower volume niche market...... this also made me laugh. BTW Last year there were 13,905 MacDonald restaurants in the USA, and not every Walmart store sold assault riffles and the ammo anyway.
  3. Thanks More, I got a laugh out of this.
  4. Mike Del


    Warner has always had problems in England. He's played 22 Test innings over there and never reached a century once. His overall Test average is 47 however he averages only in the mid 20's on English soil and this series Warner has only scored 2, 8, 3, 5, 61, 0, 0. I'm thinking Joey Burns probably deserved a crack, he scored 180 at opener in our last test match before the Ashes then didn't even make the squad. He also scored 133 opening for Australia A in England in July. Burns was dropped from to make way for the return of Warner after his suspension ended.
  5. Mike Del


    Yes it was in line and would have hit the stumps but there's much more to LBW than that. The ball went mm from the moving bat and the front toe as it pitched (to a lesser extent), both of which would have meant not out or placed enough doubt in the umpires mind. That's what the reviews allocated to each team are for. There were 5 or 6 similar decisions this match that went evenly between us and the Poms. That was obviously the level of doubt the ump had set himself and he shouldn't alter that just because the match is tight or 1 team has used all their reviews. A couple of balls earlier we wasted our last referral in one of the stupidest decisions I've seen in a while. Our team has a history of not managing our referrals well and it seems to be continuing.
  6. He’s playing an amazing game but have you ever seen a survivor contestant more up themselves the Dave?
  7. Do you ever read your own posts? Hypocrisy much
  8. On the news this morning of Jones urging Morrison to get tough on her with a few backhanders. Plus a few more sponsors have withdrawn from his radio show. He might be sitting beside his mate Izzy soon
  9. Mike Del

    All things NRL

    Yet every NRL player seams say the opposite. Most that actual play the game are starting to call him the greatest of all time.... but what would they know
  10. If he just comments for attention and there’s rarely any fact or substance in his posts I think it doesn’t really matter if he claims to have visited or not.
  11. Mike Del

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I haven’t forgotten Cranky, I’ve been in hospital for a while but should be home soon and I’ll get it sorted. Which squad at centenary pool are you in?
  12. Mike Del


    Not happy about the washed out 1st day but it does play into the Aussies hands a little 👍
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