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  1. Let me know if you don't have any success, I could forward the questions on to a friend of mine. Things like that are actually her job, she's an Islamic woman's liaison officer and the ABC Radio's go to person when they require information about that community.
  2. So this is the Turkish president's Tampa or children overboard
  3. Well actually I've never wondered what will be going on in 1 - 2 thousand years from now. Don't know anyone that does either.
  4. Unless you use the tradesman entrance like I'm required to do
  5. From Anning’s Facebook page. This guy really is a piece of work. He posted it just before the shooting but any decent person would edit their photo.
  6. When I first saw his press release I thought it must be fake so I checked his official FB page to check. Couldn't believe just a few hours after the NZ shootings he posted that he's forming a new political party called "Fraser Anning's National Conservative Party" and will have a booth and will be speaking on Sat and Sun at the Ipswich Gun Show.
  7. Thanks Humdrum, I hoping too raise it up another 25mm +
  8. In 2017 Lewis Hamilton paid $25 million US for his own private jet
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy ( or have some they’d sell me) riser spacers and bolts to suit Vector Fast clip on aero bars. I’ve tried a few stores and they can’t help me. I currently have 12.5mm but I’m looking for at least double that height, hopefully triple. Cheers
  10. She's about 10 years older than she looks but I would be surprised if that wasn't Clare Geraghty. She's been running in the top 2 or 3 finishers at Roadrunners for years now and owns the fastest female record at most of Brisbane's parkruns. Still looks like a teenager too.
  11. Mike Del


    Don't mind waving the long wand myself. Mainly bass but occasionally tuna and trevs in the salt.
  12. Gearing up for a sprint tri in a few weeks. Unfortunately my only tri of the summer due to injuries. Sat 15k easy spin on the bike along the Brizzy River then straight into New Farm parkrun, (3k flat out then 2k super slow). plus a 2k swim set on the way home. Sun 30k ride inc 1 x Mount Coot-tha lap into 2k hard run off the bike.
  13. I thought she was in jail
  14. Deathbed confession to a priest and all is forgiven
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