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  1. fasterfaster

    Powertap P1 Power Meter

  2. fasterfaster

    Powertap P1 Power Meter

    @RunBrettRun if you're interested, make me an offer, otherwise I think they are about to go.
  3. fasterfaster

    Wahoo Kickr, Felt B14, FLO 60+90 Wheels

    Kickr is gone, bike and wheels still up for grabs. (And Powertap P1s from my other thread!)
  4. fasterfaster

    Wahoo Kickr, Felt B14, FLO 60+90 Wheels

    TT Gear clearout! Wahoo Kickr - $900 Wheels: FLO 60 Front + FLO 90 Rear with 10 spd SRAM cassette, ready to go with GP 4000s tyres and latex tubes: $750 Felt B14 2014 54cm - http://2014.feltbicycles.com/USA/2014/Bikes/TT-TRI/B-Series/b14.aspx, $1000 Comes with: Adamo saddle Torhans aero frame bottle for spares Shimano pedals Garmin cadence and speed sensors. Don't really want to post any of these, so pick up from Lilyfield NSW or some other reasonable location.
  5. fasterfaster

    Powertap P1 Power Meter

    Purchased from bikebug, but note powertap only does original consumer warranty. (https://www.powertap.com/support/warranty)
  6. fasterfaster

    Powertap P1 Power Meter

    No issues, dead simple to install and get working. Just not using them much with more family time.
  7. fasterfaster

    Powertap P1 Power Meter

    Powertap P1 Pedals, dual sided power, in the original box. A few hundred km ridden, so some wear on the cleats but otherwise in great condition. Extremely easy to install and/or swap between bikes. $1000 (RRP now about $1400).
  8. Black Garneau Vorttice - Size large. If you have trouble getting other aero helmets to fit, this is the one for you! Bell Javelin - Note this doesn't have an Australian Standards sticker, so it's ok for most Triathlon events but not other events. Both are in very good condition, just used in a few races, have visors and the original box. $120 each. Pickup from Lilyfield NSW, can post at buyers cost.
  9. fasterfaster

    Sunny Coast 70.3 Roll Call

    Finisherpix don't seem to have gotten any of the classic side on shots - what were they thinking!
  10. fasterfaster

    Power tap has pedal and chainring PM's coming

    Can anyone point me to a store that has the P1 in stock? Looks like BikeBug did... and sold out.
  11. fasterfaster

    Ironman New Zealand (2015)

    Is it just me or has the favourites tab gone on ironman.com's athlete tracker?
  12. fasterfaster

    IM WA race day

    Didn't you used to be able to favourite people in the live tracker and reload? All I can get working is searching by name, over and over and over.
  13. fasterfaster

    Trying on aero helmets, Sydney

    Did a lap today, lots of mediums, no larges around. Notably the large size Bambino which came out at the start of the year apparently hasn't passed Australian standards yet.
  14. fasterfaster

    Trying on aero helmets, Sydney

    Absolutely, happy to give my money to anyone who has one in my size ready to go.
  15. fasterfaster

    Trying on aero helmets, Sydney

    Is there anywhere in Sydney you can recommend that has a reasonable range of aero helmets to try on? Being blessed with a head at the larger end of things I have zero confidence that ordering online is going to result in something that fits. Seems like most shops have about one helmet, in medium or small at best.