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    Tricks for getting wetsuit off feet/ankles?

    I use the same lube for neck chafing on my ankles and wrists to assist with removal.
  2. skinnee

    Weak ankles and trail running

    These plus a single legged squats & single legged deadlift (body weight) can help with ankle stability by address the hip, knee, ankle (done correctly) Maybe get a Physio to assess your hip and knee stability as well Trail running is great for the body , persist with it!
  3. skinnee

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    yes if you have no bluetooth on HRM on device using Zwift
  4. skinnee

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    its $65 for a plan from 8020endurance.com if you have training peaks already. Sample week workout here https://www.trainingpeaks.com/training-plans/triathlon/olympic/tp-113279/80-20-triathlon-olympic-level-3-pace-and-power-7-to-13-hours-per-week
  5. skinnee

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    This - years of study at the elite level of endurance athletes show the sweet spot is 80/20 for loading the body for optimum performance. This allows consistency of training over years and improved performance, its a long term game.
  6. skinnee

    Got 404s, what next?

    Thanks Alex appreciate your knowledge sharing on here
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    Got 404s, what next?

  8. skinnee

    Got 404s, what next?

    A disc should only be used on courses that don't have a consistent cross wind. Their ideal use is head and tail wind and up to a certain yaw angles. Someone with more engineering knowledge can provide more info.
  9. skinnee

    Stages Power Meter

    Yep and add the cost if you need change cranks later ? Also research stages drop outs with head units , they might have changed that with their product versions. If you have BUPA private health you can get 20% of the vectors, not sure on other private funds
  10. skinnee

    Stages Power Meter

    Why not Garmin Vector 3S? Easier to swap around on bikes
  11. skinnee

    Gamin Vivofit Jnr - any good?

    My kids wear theirs - been over 12 months of constant use. school , swimming , knee boarding etc
  12. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    https://www.canyon.com/en-au/triathlon/speedmax/speedmax-cf-8-0-di2.html No
  13. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    Buy a Canyon Speedmax Di2 then, $6500 delivered
  14. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

  15. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    Can’t buy a frame ?
  16. skinnee

    Garmin for training with a bad memory

    Watch would be too small on the bars , I run a 820 and it’s easy to read out on the trails
  17. skinnee

    Garmin for training with a bad memory

    Edge 510 would still be ok to use or edge 500 or 800 even cheaper but not sure how good battery would be on these old units or if they support smart phone connections
  18. skinnee

    Garmin for training with a bad memory

    Edge 520 second hand would be ideal
  19. skinnee

    Garmin advice

  20. skinnee

    Database or app choice

    Strava premium about the same as TP with discount , strava is crap for planning anything. if you just want to look at numbers and not plan just watch Garmin connect or your fitness eco system report.
  21. skinnee

    Internet diagnosis

    MRI ?
  22. skinnee

    My Fitness PAL

    Ok mine linked to Garmin so it used Garmin calories for exercise
  23. skinnee

    My Fitness PAL

    Did you set your activity level correctly for your day job? I did some independent testing on their calculations and found it was reasonable.
  24. skinnee

    My Fitness PAL

    Yep have used it and recommend it to those starting out with weight loss and diet analysis Worthwhile to track your meals for a couple of weeks assuming consistency in diet and find some weaknesses. You can save your meals for future use The bar code scanner makes it easy as you can just scan the packet and the enter your consumption. It also integrates with Garmin so you can see how many calories left you can consume. My use case is that it is ideal for heavy days when you might not be eating enough but not know you aren't eating enough. One tip is to set a weight goal and loss per week as well as your activity level (e.g. this is set to not very active for a desk job), has nothing to do with exercise as it calculating your caloric need based on your activity level during the day.
  25. skinnee

    Plantar fasciitis

    Are you are teacher , I meant that muscle .