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  1. My Fitness PAL

    Ok mine linked to Garmin so it used Garmin calories for exercise
  2. My Fitness PAL

    Did you set your activity level correctly for your day job? I did some independent testing on their calculations and found it was reasonable.
  3. My Fitness PAL

    Yep have used it and recommend it to those starting out with weight loss and diet analysis Worthwhile to track your meals for a couple of weeks assuming consistency in diet and find some weaknesses. You can save your meals for future use The bar code scanner makes it easy as you can just scan the packet and the enter your consumption. It also integrates with Garmin so you can see how many calories left you can consume. My use case is that it is ideal for heavy days when you might not be eating enough but not know you aren't eating enough. One tip is to set a weight goal and loss per week as well as your activity level (e.g. this is set to not very active for a desk job), has nothing to do with exercise as it calculating your caloric need based on your activity level during the day.
  4. Plantar fasciitis

    Are you are teacher , I meant that muscle .
  5. Plantar fasciitis

    See a podiatrist and specifically one that likes running. Physio's aren't as qualified/knowledgeable in the foot as a podiatrist. If you are in SA I can put you onto the right person. My podiatrist had me on calf loading exercises and then ease into running slowly. I didn't have it acute though. Also had a weaker gluten medialis which I went back to the physio and got a custom pilates program to deal with that area. Also second seeing another Physio, make sure the issue isn't coming from hip stability which can cause stress through the ankle.
  6. Garmin 935. Wow

    Here it is https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/12/pacing-races-garmin.html
  7. Garmin 935. Wow

    Ray has a good page on what and why https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/03/configure-watches-datafields.html I would only ever use actual pace using a good footpod e.g stryd. Otherwise average pace There is a good IQ app you can install that help on long runs for pacing, will find the link to that and post here
  8. Id rather someone make a decision with the best available information they have than not make a decision. I also have an issue with people thinking failure is negative, its the only way we learn...
  9. Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    This might help , I didn't go reading the reference material https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/controlling-neuromuscular-performance-to-prevent-muscle-cramps/
  10. Hotshot for cramps. Anyone used it?

    It’s not fatigue related as opposed to chemical ?
  11. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    These will help from their website http://8020endurance.com/intensity-guidelines-for-8020-triathlon/ http://8020endurance.com/understanding-your-8020-triathlon-plan/ Also Dave responds reasonably quickly to questions if you have bought a plan , extract below from plan Purchasers of this plan will be able to contact the co-author, David Warden, directly at david@8020endurance.com, in order to request clarification on any items that may be unclear in the plan.
  12. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    How are you planning the workouts , if manually are you using Matt's zones and not the gamin zones? Are you using their new structured workout plans which automates the plans onto gamin device? I assume in training peaks you have all your threshold pacing / power values set? PM me or ask here if I have confused you or you need help
  13. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    Not all - just recover. For example I will sit up and grab a drink and not pedal. I will however start to progress to hit the power / heart zone by spinning up 10 secs before the interval starts so im in the zone 4 / 5 as long as possible.
  14. Items for Gym

    Get or make a power tower for - chins , dips, push ups and some core work. Fitness ball for core work Free weights for squats , deadlifts TRX - never used one but think they would be useful
  15. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    2 mins is the optimum rest interval - use the time to recover with your zone 1 power. if im doing this running - I stop and walk to get the recovery The most important part is making sure your hitting that z4/z5 right as this is where the gains are.
  16. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    I could have written that Zed that was me 3 years ago prior to my SVT episode, training like a mad man. Now onto Matt's plans. Totally agree with the injury prevention and consistency the training provides.
  17. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Good stuff - great hearing your experience and years of running. I think you know your body well enough to not worry about any theory 👍 Yes hill intervals are great , trail running up hills even better , not a real fan of road running I always seem to go off into different world when I run so never lose the motivation, sometimes I find myself solving problems related to work / personal life whilst running
  18. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Not every run is slow - a week training block would have 80% at zone 1-2 pace and 20% at zone 4-5 pace, with current theory being more in Zone 4 time spent for the 20% as zone 5 benefits vs risk injury isn't worth it. So you might do a Saturday long run for 20km in zone 1-2, a short run with targeted zone 4/5 training (5km) and a medium run with minor zone 4 interval sessions (10km). You should find a drop in heart rate and increase in pace over time in the Saturday long run. The Saturday long run should be done so that when you finish it feels like you just went for a walk to the shops. This keeps the body in a zone that allows adaption and reduces the stress of constant higher intensity loads, both to the muscles, bones as well as the nervous system. The years of study on endurance athletes have shown this produces the best results. However how often someone runs to get physiological adaption varies from person to person. Some people may have to run 3 times a week to see progress, others 5 times a week. Its all interesting.
  19. Challenge wananka. It's on like donkey Kong

    who's Luke Bell?
  20. Challenge wananka. It's on like donkey Kong

  21. Challenge wananka. It's on like donkey Kong

  22. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    This - TA Australia have a 20% discount code on their website or you can find one from USA Triathlon teams online easy enough.
  23. Height & weight

    So true
  24. Height & weight

    Its what body fat % to get to. I would say 10% would be sustainable. between 75 & 80kg at a guess, really depends on your build (bone and muscle mass), based on what you said you have been