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  1. Kona 2017 NBC Highlights

    Red bull adverts and Charlie were annoying
  2. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Ask a paramedic
  3. It’s hard we are sort of screwed as a small country club running events due to the legal side of things ‘the local swim club fees are more than the tri fees though so it’s not just triathlons
  4. Was interesting reading , good debate on pros and cons
  5. Rashies

    I swim with an oneal rashie - no chafe issues, it’s tight fitting but adds extra drag
  6. Chasing fitness with Ego

    If you didn’t train from jul to sept you lost a lot of fitness , you lose a lot after 6 weeks off if you training like you did back then then you will be fatigued ?? if you are easing into training and you are resting well and sleeping well and still feeling fatigued then see a medical professional
  7. Pedals: clipless vs flats

    510 and flats
  8. Freight bike to Qld help pls?

    Greyhound freight $120 depot to depot
  9. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    We had 340 entrants at the Murray Man in SA here Nov 5th , locals are going to Busso so I doubt they will be doing this one
  10. New Fenix 5

    Ray recommends the 735 over the Fenix 3. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/06/garmin-forerunner-735xt-in-depth-review.html Fenix 3 will be unsupported a lot quicker as it’s old but will do the job for triathlons. Wrist optical heart rates are only good for heart rate measurements while sitting on the couch or for recreational users. Definitely use a heart rate strap if you are heart rate training / racing. I have a 935 and Apple Watch 3 and use a heart rate strap with both, both wrist opticals suffer with heart rate lock and changes in wrist movements.
  11. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Good video - explains the aero science behind the rim depth
  12. New Fenix 5

    5x better than a Fenix 5
  13. New Fenix 5

    That’s Bluetooth which happens through the phone automatically is what you are referring too which all versions have.
  14. New Fenix 5

    Only the Fenix 5 sapphire version has wifi, out of interest the 935 is the same internal hardware as Fenix 5 with wifi included
  15. What would you pay for zwift?

    I ride outside on my mountain bike as it’s safe , I ride my tri bike on a trainer as it’s safe. Cost isn’t a concern
  16. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    Yep she made a positive life change
  17. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    Agree here - some of them aren’t dealing with their own personal issues. i can understand someone wanting to push their limits but when they don’t listen to their bodies when getting seriously injured or medical advice then they need some help.
  18. What would you pay for zwift?

    Road grand tours - real roads with racing if it takes off , interested to see how it goes
  19. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Customisation if u r into that https://zwiftblog.com/category/tips/zwift-hacks/
  20. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    Yes definitely and more importantly as you get older , also include functional strength exercises. I would also advocate soft martial arts as well. Whether it will increase your times will depend on if you have any bio mechanical weaknesses that these exercises can help with. Pilates may assist with hip alignment for running, yoga may help you get more aero on the bike, really depends on your body. An office worker for example are susceptible to shoulder and core/hip weaknesses by nature of the job. I do Pilates and strengthening at the gym
  21. New Fenix 5

    935 is more accurate and less ant+ connection issues , check out dcrainmaker comments from ray himself and Garmin forums
  22. Plateaus

    Haha - forums are great for advice too... as everyone is a qualified coach ? check out Matt Fitzgerald training programs on training peaks or some other coaches on there - buy the program and subscribe to training peaks and follow them. Annual cost $100 training peaks , program $50 - a lot cheaper for self motivated folks If you like reading check out Joe Friel triathlon training bible on kindle
  23. Plateaus

    Get a coach
  24. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    Apple TV 4 will support Zwift native soon - but yeah a cheap pc build with a decent graphics card will run it easily and cheaper than a new iPad