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  1. skinnee

    Tricks for getting wetsuit off feet/ankles?

    I use the same lube for neck chafing on my ankles and wrists to assist with removal.
  2. skinnee

    Weak ankles and trail running

    These plus a single legged squats & single legged deadlift (body weight) can help with ankle stability by address the hip, knee, ankle (done correctly) Maybe get a Physio to assess your hip and knee stability as well Trail running is great for the body , persist with it!
  3. skinnee

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    yes if you have no bluetooth on HRM on device using Zwift
  4. skinnee

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    its $65 for a plan from 8020endurance.com if you have training peaks already. Sample week workout here https://www.trainingpeaks.com/training-plans/triathlon/olympic/tp-113279/80-20-triathlon-olympic-level-3-pace-and-power-7-to-13-hours-per-week
  5. skinnee

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    This - years of study at the elite level of endurance athletes show the sweet spot is 80/20 for loading the body for optimum performance. This allows consistency of training over years and improved performance, its a long term game.
  6. skinnee

    Got 404s, what next?

    Thanks Alex appreciate your knowledge sharing on here
  7. skinnee

    Got 404s, what next?

  8. skinnee

    Got 404s, what next?

    A disc should only be used on courses that don't have a consistent cross wind. Their ideal use is head and tail wind and up to a certain yaw angles. Someone with more engineering knowledge can provide more info.
  9. skinnee

    Stages Power Meter

    Yep and add the cost if you need change cranks later ? Also research stages drop outs with head units , they might have changed that with their product versions. If you have BUPA private health you can get 20% of the vectors, not sure on other private funds
  10. skinnee

    Stages Power Meter

    Why not Garmin Vector 3S? Easier to swap around on bikes
  11. skinnee

    Gamin Vivofit Jnr - any good?

    My kids wear theirs - been over 12 months of constant use. school , swimming , knee boarding etc
  12. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    https://www.canyon.com/en-au/triathlon/speedmax/speedmax-cf-8-0-di2.html No
  13. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    Buy a Canyon Speedmax Di2 then, $6500 delivered
  14. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

  15. skinnee

    Buying new bike without wheels

    Can’t buy a frame ?