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  1. CootaGC

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    I may have it wrong a long time ago but I think Allen, Molina, Dragan were top 3, not sure what order and I thought it may have been just a swim run after first one as the bike was so dangerous. All the roads were open to traffic, we were riding between cars at lights. It was hectic. Over next few years did Dubbo, Forbes, Canberra, long course on Mornington peninsula which Stephen foster won i think, nowra, Wagga etc
  2. CootaGC

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    1984 todayfm tri, swim from pier 1 across the harbour.
  3. CootaGC

    Noosa wave times

    Sign up in mates. When the waves come out if your age group is earlier by a time that makes a difference to you transfer into that. You can’t do it the other way around as mates fills up quickly.
  4. CootaGC

    Flu shot

    My work provides it for free and I was having it till about 5 years ago when I had it on a Friday, went for a run the next morning and felt like the side I had the injection was asleep from head to toe. Went to doc said it wouldn’t relate to injection, went to neurologist and so on. Still to this day have the same numbness from head to toe on left side. If I do anything physical say a run left side feels more fatigued than right side.Copped the flu last year for first time. Not good.
  5. CootaGC

    Technology - how good is it for sport

    And with all the technology the long standing British men’s marathon record was only broken yesterday.
  6. CootaGC

    Exercises for Lower Back

    Thanks FB. Any chance you could direct to a Youtube clip that may demonstrate deadlift and hip hinge? Or could you demonstrate in your Instagram?
  7. CootaGC

    Exercises for Lower Back

    Looking for some specific exercises/stretches for lower back. Seems to be the area for me that is most sore and stiff after exercising or working in the yard. I don't do any other specific exercises other than swimming, running, biking and doing little of each of these at the moment.
  8. CootaGC


    I only get the opportunity to ride to work during school holidays which is a round trip of 60km from southern end of Gold Coast to Northern end all along beach front which can be pretty busy. During these Christmas school holidays I have not had any issues with any cars, the opposite really all waiting until they can pass and allowing plenty of room. The only issues I have had are pedestrians particularly around Surfers. They seem to like to come out into the bike lane to see if anything is coming. I had one guy look straight at me and continue to walk straight in front of me.
  9. CootaGC

    Your 1st race

    Yeah did the Deakin Health Spa as well.
  10. CootaGC

    Your 1st race

    Through the 2day fm a few years ago. My son was wearing my Dubbo Tri singlet the other day that I thought I threw out. I think it was Peter Deacon Dubbo Triathlon.
  11. CootaGC

    Running iPods

    I left my nano outside after mowing and rain didn't mix well with it. Thanks for advice on where to get them. I like listening to podcasts when I run, never on bike.
  12. CootaGC

    Your 1st race

    I thought it was 1984 but was unsure. As it was my first Tri I wasn't keen getting caught in the crowded swim so took off to one side and ended up on my own out under the harbour bridge so shark bait crossed my mind at the time.
  13. CootaGC

    Your 1st race

    2day fm in mid 80's. Only entered because swim was across harbour and thought I would like to do that. Swim start was about 800 people filing into harbour off pier 1 (no wave starts) and swimming to a park just left of Luna park as you look from south to north. Ride was around north Sydney with no closed roads. Riding up between cars at traffic lights. Run was across harbour bridge and up to Sebel in kings cross. Following year they just had swim run as ride was considered too dangerous. Not sure on what order but marc dragan, mark Allen and Scott Molina filled top 3 places. I think Erin baker may have won women's but could be wrong on that one.
  14. CootaGC

    Turbo trainer recommendations

    sure does thanks. "Does the resistance on the trainers change as you go up and down hill? Yes as long as your trainer supports" So does the trainer or bike need anything else to connect to whatever indicate resistance should be changed or us this already in trainer and zwift or trainer road program?
  15. CootaGC

    Turbo trainer recommendations

    related question but a bit different. Back in the day when I last used a home trainer it was rollers or a mag trainer and if I was sorted I would listen to music in an attempt to pass the time away. I know nothing about "Zwift" or "Trainer Road" hence my question, - what do they do? - I have googled it, do you race against others via your ipad or pc screen? - Does the resistance on the trainers change if going up or downhill? - if all I have is a bike and say bought the TacX Vortex Smart what else would it need get me onto Zwift or Trainer Road, and cost? - just specifically on the trainers do the current ones wear the back tyre faster than on road? When I used to use the mag trainer I would find little specs of rubber on the floor after each use. Any advice will be appreciated.