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  1. CootaGC

    Weight Training

    If you had a choice who would you see, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, PT?
  2. Just ordered.
  3. Anyone have cheap wireless that are OK, less than $120. I did have trekz bone conduction ones that I paid over $200 for but lost them. I found them OK but if I was using them on pubic transport or anywhere that was noisy struggled to hear.
  4. I work in a large public hospital, not in nursing though, admin. Fortunately I haven't experienced what you have.
  5. I'm white, male and have never felt discriminated against.
  6. CootaGC


    my son took the photo. He was saying they are starting to lift restrictions or talking about it (not sure which) and things are pretty crook with the current level of restrictions so things are likely to get worse.
  7. CootaGC


    allegedly. I wasn't actually there but my son claims that he took the photo last weekend. It was 25 one day there last week.
  8. CootaGC


    Liverpool UK last weekend
  9. do you download the music to your watch prior to your run? what model do you have? i like to listen to podcast when I run. used to have the ipod nano years ago with the clip so that worked well but now have to carry my phone.
  10. I haven't been locked up but I think so.
  11. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/radio/radio-host-alan-jones-sanctioned-by-acma/news-story/dbfd22264e79a88635f89f6467afd9e7
  12. Not sure how this system works but the quote u have replied to definitely isn’t mine.
  13. His comments were flippant. Were the comments leading up to the Cronulla riots and what he said and how he said them to the opera house chief flippant?
  14. Cronulla riots? The opera house chief?
  15. they had a guy on the radio the other day that lives near the airport and he said he is missing the planes since covid. Is that Lake Hugh Munz? I don't think that has been open lately due to algae.
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