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  1. thanks for kicking this off. I have not participated before. I have a history of fluctuating weighthowever over the past year or so my weight has only been heading one way. hit 115kg at christmas so went to a dietician more for the accountability than the education (although) that did help in respect of what should be included in a meal and how much. Now down to 98 which I'm happy about but have not moved from it for about 2 months and I'm still not at my target of a healthy BMI, around 85. Good luck.
  2. Not in shoes but we used to carry news paper in back pocket and shove down top when going down a hill after working up a sweat getting up the hill. Works as a good wind breaker.
  3. I couldn’t do it. The cold maybe but the wet weather, roads etc. no way,
  4. absolutely if you are riding in the Hinterland. I have ridden out in the Hinterland, about 4-5k from the beach and the paddocks have been white with frost although if I had have gone out a couple of hours later it would have been about 10C warmer.
  5. Recently declared safe again after about 6 months due to algae
  6. not sure about that one but I run Kirra Parkrun most weekends and it is possible to do Kirra which starts at 7 and Kingscliff which starts at 8. There was a message on facebook around the time daylight saving finished this year that if you did Kingscliff as well the result at Kingscliff would not count.
  7. Has anyone supplemented bike time with spin classes? I hadn't been doing anything for quite a while and as a consequence lost all fitness. For the past 8 weeks I have been attending about 4 spin classes a week ranging from 30 to 40 minutes and one parkrun. The spin classes are intense. Definitely gets me focused for the time I'm in the class but I can't comment how this converts to riding on the road as I haven't done anyone lately although my parkrun time has improved each week without any other running. For me it seems a really efficient way to get a solid but short workout.
  8. CootaGC

    Time management

    ha, ha yeah ice skating on Brisbane river.
  9. CootaGC

    Time management

    snowing in Queensland this morning
  10. CootaGC

    Time management

    All good I’m not complaining. I did live for 20 years in Southwest NSW where the temperatures on many days began at less than zero and didn’t get much over 10 in winter. Unfortunately the 10 was while I was at work so training was usually at the coldest time of day. Not unusual to have fog and/or rain on many of those days, the fog sometimes not lifting till midday. Sheepskin mittens, balaclavas etc were the order of the day. And then in summer maximums usually around 35-40. As many of the comments/suggestion in this thread have suggested early morning starts I was just saying it can get at least cool by your standards in Qld at 5am in the morning.
  11. CootaGC

    Time management

    29/05:00am 5.1 2.5 4.2 94 0.4 WSW 7 9 4 5 1013.9 1013.9 0.0 29/04:30am 4.3
  12. CootaGC

    Time management

    At 5am this morning on the Gold Coast it was 4 degrees and dark.
  13. According to the rules that's for the Police and the courts to decide. "Under Australian Road Rule 125, a driver must not unreasonably obstruct the path of another vehicle. However, ‘obstruct’ doesn’t just mean the other car is driving slower than you. Rather, they’d need to be travelling abnormally slowly. But what exactly is ‘abnormally’ slow? Well that would be for the police and courts to assess depending on the circumstances. However, the road rules do provide one example –driving 20km/h in an 80km/h zone without reason would be classed as abnormal. A good tip to remember here is that drivers travelling below the speed limit should be aware of traffic build-up behind them and provide opportunities for that traffic to pass. Indeed, under section 45 of the road rules, it’s an offence to drive without reasonable consideration for other road users"
  14. Start whistling. It will do their heads in.
  15. CootaGC

    Transitions Deals

    the link in the original post says Trekz Titanium. There is also a picture if you are unsure.
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