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  1. For me- Volume through frequency works. I have tried periodisation, Sweet spot programs etc etc. Most success has been the more times I ride a week, the better I get. Most weeks 5-6 rides. The easier I ride, the more I can ride, the more I ride, the faster I ride. That's in the context of maintaining bike for half/ironman training. 8 weeks out I transition to more event specific work by basically just changing 1 of my rides per week.
  2. Kenneth, what was it? Just mentally ready to hurt?
  3. Awesome lawman.........that has made the bucket list! Can someone tell FP to come back? I hate stalking him on that UK TriChat forum- its awful to navigate! I do not have much to add to this thread at moment - too many fires smoke etc.
  4. Zed, best catchup on the tribunal hearings. Some hilarious exchanges on erectile dysfunction (sutton/Freeman) But underlying, the doctor in Sky ordered and had delivered testosterone. I have no idea what it was used for but as you say - Brailsfords 1% are surely all above board. https://cyclingnews.cyclingnews.com/features/timeline-richard-freemans-medical-tribunal/ I hold nothing against Team Sky, I just believe they are playing on same playing field as the rest of the teams.
  5. PS - I don’t hold Australia’s on pedestal. I think we lead the world through 90’s and 00’s on sports performance where sports science could help. Cycling, rowing, swimming, triathlon etc etc etc
  6. Froome has a ‘failed’ drug test with a nothing to find here and lucky he got over that parasite thing that explains lack of ‘high’ level results at young age, which was the basis for your initial guilty until innocent hypothesis Zed. On Team Sky, anyone following the going ons with testosterone of last few months - do you honestly hold a nothing to see here view?
  7. The best training this week- don't put on 5 kg!........
  8. You never reach it and never want to.
  9. I didn’t truly commit to changing eating habits. I was hoping to train the weight away. I eat ‘cleanly’, just snack way too much. Oh, and way too much alcohol! Back to MyFitnessPal for a month or so...
  10. Forgot I was in this. Up to 84kg to finish. An Ironman build in this period as well. Goes to show, weight loss is all about input rather than output!
  11. Bosco

    Busso 2019

    Ali looks like he learnt a bit in Kona. Massive kudos though to Matt Burton for getting his Kona slot. I kept expecting him to pop in run, I did not think he had a sub 2.50 run in him. After all his trials last year, a very well deserved slot winner.
  12. Sounds like my Ironman plan
  13. Bosco

    Busso 2019

    Geez, what great discipline. I love this stuff, so thanks for posting. Looking at heart rate, those 4.40’s did spike it a bit. I know you said nutrition and heart rate hit a bit high but what would you do differently? 5-10sec a km slower?
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