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  1. Minimum 13th - possible 15th.
  2. Xterra Vengeance to $150 DHB sleeveless. Xterra have some awfully cheap deals in US now if you know someone to help with shipping. ($59 USd for sleeveless VOLT)
  3. AP - did you go all in on bike? As Peter has mentioned, that was an impressive ride in the conditions.
  4. I am a weak swimmer and Cairns was my first swim in sleeveless. I will not be going back.......
  5. AP - firstly, nice brag on your swim. Seriously an impressive swim. I think sleeveless in Cairns is the only way to go. Bergs posted pre event on why he goes sleeveless at Cairns - turnover a key point.
  6. Well done Cape Horn - you had it in control the whole day!
  7. Thanks for volunteering, a massive kudos to you and the family. I’ll add one more point - 70.3 is the money vehicle of the future for IM. So good to see so many individuals and teams out there - and the merchandise that everyone buys is just crazy.
  8. I finished 10th in 40-44 with a 10.03.
  9. Roll downs went a fair way in 40-50 male age groups. I think 15th would have gotten you a slot in both age groups.
  10. She won Cairns last year + second at IMNZ. She declined Kona slot after finishing 2nd IMNZ this year. So cool seeing her P2 next to Sarah Trues Shiv!
  11. Am I the only one expecting Bored@ to announce he is actually racing, has been coached by AP since Maryland and is chasing KQ?
  12. I like it murky, I prefer not to see the crocs before they get me! My third time up there this year, never had clear water unfortunately.
  13. Peter, Jan just got his mojo back for Kona if Ali makes it. PS - I think this is a celebrity roll around with a DNF 5km into run.
  14. And this is where it all ends.....unfortunately.
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