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  1. Bosco


    Just for relativity - NZ overtook Australia today on number of cases per million population. Both of us are doing great but let’s not be too hard on ourselves as Aussies.
  2. I loved my time (and family did as well) in Kona. I’d do it all again, not in this environment however. The 28 days isolation would suck but not as much as the $1,000,000 AUD to make it happen with weaker AUD now!
  3. TC- I had to buy bladder seperate, although got the front sippers included.
  4. Seyed, I guess you are questioning your coach by coming on here. I have no idea the distances you are racing but I suspect Olympic on your training volume. As a longer course Ager - I personally like more volume at lower intensities but I am not anywhere near the pointy end of a race. I do use Training Peaks TSS as my training load manager. If you feel a lower intensity/higher volume model is something you would like to look at - google Alan Couzens, Stephen Seiler, Maffertone - these should lead you to some interesting articles. As always, some of it is BS and some of it is gold.
  5. Katz, you are right, Jesus as a carpenter probably has a few batteries......
  6. Thanks - I have 2-3 on non-stop, just changed that process!!!
  7. Bosco


    Peter, I think there are about 10 suicides per day in Australia. First infection in Australia was jan-24 - 70 days ago. I did see an interesting article from US (I cannot put my hands on now) where actual death rate has dropped substantially due to lock down. Less car accidents, homicides etc etc. I am still in the sceptical camp - cure being worse than disease at this point but understand why every government has done what they have. Not so fun fact - Did you know Australia has 50% less ICU beds per 100,000 people than Italy? (8.5 in Australia, 12.5 Italy, NZ 5.1 source ABC).
  8. Bosco


    Dazaau, and that’s why it feels the best thing to do here is hold the best cash generating assets if you can find them. Albeit being contrary to what you should be doing. It feels world will print its way out of this one, ie hyperinflation on cards. I hate owning shares at moment but also hate the debacle that follows down the track from all this ‘printing’.
  9. How dare someone want to talk triathlon or training!
  10. Bosco

    Ryf still swimming

    Two pull buoys help with whatever option you go.
  11. Bosco


    It appears not to like heat.......
  12. Bosco


    Hopefully NZ locked down for next 2-3 Bledisloe’s. (PS- let’s not tell them when it’s all over!)
  13. Bosco

    UTA 2020

    I have had all my accomodation rolled for holidays this year. Starting with bushfires and COVID - 4 lots of accomodation rolled for no cost. Just thought I’d name them: Bella Casa - Noosa, Lake Crackenback, Mercure Port Macquarie, Lilianfels - Blue Mountains. I offered to pay administration fees- they all pretty well said just make sure you come and spend some money!
  14. Bosco


    Alex, any idea on data on number of people hospitalised this far?
  15. Paul, I am terrified of sharks. How many are out there around Manly?
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