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  1. You never reach it and never want to.
  2. I didn’t truly commit to changing eating habits. I was hoping to train the weight away. I eat ‘cleanly’, just snack way too much. Oh, and way too much alcohol! Back to MyFitnessPal for a month or so...
  3. Forgot I was in this. Up to 84kg to finish. An Ironman build in this period as well. Goes to show, weight loss is all about input rather than output!
  4. Bosco

    Busso 2019

    Ali looks like he learnt a bit in Kona. Massive kudos though to Matt Burton for getting his Kona slot. I kept expecting him to pop in run, I did not think he had a sub 2.50 run in him. After all his trials last year, a very well deserved slot winner.
  5. Sounds like my Ironman plan
  6. Bosco

    Busso 2019

    Geez, what great discipline. I love this stuff, so thanks for posting. Looking at heart rate, those 4.40’s did spike it a bit. I know you said nutrition and heart rate hit a bit high but what would you do differently? 5-10sec a km slower?
  7. "doing volume plus good technique might get you exponential improvements." - winner right here Technique alone is wasted without volume.
  8. No idea, I love getting lost......
  9. This is the best part of the forum in here, don’t let too many people know!
  10. I 100% agree with that Pieman.
  11. FFS - I am all for driving a hard bargain but technically forcing them into one.......
  12. No, you do not want it to be a wetsuit swim. It was cooler last year and I still cooked!
  13. Refer TO's race in Kona. Reset your mindset, low running 3 weeks into race is probably best anyway. Enjoy your PB!
  14. Fitness buddy, is this a piss take? There a few threads in Sandpit, same person behind it I think you will find.
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