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  1. I’m intrigued. How does it make seemingly 80% of all comers quicker? Placebo?
  2. What are the must do 50km-100km ultra’s in oz/nz?
  3. Breathing left feels so natural and my go to. I feel so uncoordinated breathing right. However, after 10 years and 2-3 months of continuing to test pace, I am 2-3 seconds per hundred quicker bilateral breather, but 4 seconds quicker on right side only. I have determined it’s to do with elbow drop as above. Lots of strength work on arm extension to come
  4. 147km a week. Running slow - 40 TSS an hour, 80 TSS running per day. 560 running TSS a week. The aerobic effort not so great, the impact on your body, just a matter of time before you break down. I’m with Peter though - I reckon 9 and I’d breakdown
  5. Bosco

    Swimming World Champs

    Everyone thinks their country, their sport is clean. As with everything in the world - if there is an incentive (money,medal etc), there will be people doing everything to get it. I.e just like a Kona win and don’t get me started on tennis
  6. Bosco

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Great race, great atmosphere. It’s a fast course but don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s an easy course, especially bike.
  7. Bosco

    Ironman spain

    Bergs v Costes in running race for slot by the look. Trirating have the run ratings within 30 sec. Fun night ahead!
  8. If we go back to ‘normal’ conditions the runners will be chasing from too far back. Frodo, Sebi,O’Donnell and even Currie - can all put 10 min into Lange in swim/bike and all run under sub 2.50. It’s a Crowie 2010 situation. If Ali sensible his race plan is very simple. Sit on Frodo’s feet in swim, sit on frodo’s wheel who should be on Sebi’s wheel on bike from 70k, sit behind Frodo until 30km on run. If he is still there, go for it. If not, work out what you need to improve to have same race plan next year.
  9. Bosco

    Shark at Manly swim?

    I cannot believe the shark didn’t know......
  10. Being reported as grey nurse that ‘bit’ him...........
  11. Out and back’s at Lane Cove National Park?
  12. Bosco

    Picking up salt tablets

    Thanks IP, were you tested or just what you found that worked? Bored@ -sometimes just let it go as some of us value the input of others on here.
  13. Bosco

    Picking up salt tablets

    How much sodium per hour are most people supplementing with for Ironman? I have never planned salt intake, I think it’s hurting me. My ‘sports drink’ gives me 300mg per hour - should I be more likely looking at 700-800mg?
  14. Logic and politics should not be used in same sentence. If you hold Trumps political views, everything he is doing is logical (IJ), if you don’t, well you are the rest of us. That said - logic is in the eye of the beholder
  15. Bosco

    Israel Folau

    Folou had done a pretty good job (along with church PR program) to turn the public view on this around. The GoFundMe, I just don’t get it. I cannot see how the average Joe Punter supports. This isn’t a Folou contract issue, it’s the church seeing an opportunity for a membership drive. I think they lose this one.
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