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  1. Bosco


    Victorians are doing nothing different than the rest of Australia. Environment obviously plays a huge part with this virus- let’s just all head to Darwin. (35 this week!)
  2. No need for a white flag FP. It’s been great watching. It even looks from your posts a month our two ago, it’s helped a positive mindset for you as well. You’ve used the goal well, don’t let it be a downer now if it slips away.
  3. Bosco

    Weight Training

    Super simple me stolen from B Stulberg- 3x10 goblet squats with a kettlebell, 3x10 pull-ups, 3x20 weighted lunges (kettlebells), 3x20 pushups, 3x10 single leg deadlifts. 20 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s helped strength but more importantly mobility for me.
  4. Only 5% - that’s a massive win!
  5. Keep training Peter - stop looking for excuses! 🙂
  6. I’d like to see Parkrun get started in early July. That should help all others get going.
  7. Tyno - apartment or air bnb likely preferred accomodation. We would consider a ‘resort’ for kids, just finding it hard to find one we like.
  8. Team, looking for a family beach holiday in October, driving from Sydney chasing some ‘warmer’ water. We are not really into high rise settings, but some cafes and restaurants ok. Good running trails a must, good open water swimming. No bikes this trip so biking not a factor. Noosa seemingly fits the bill (never been) but thought I’d see other opinions before ‘mortgaging‘ the house to go.
  9. Good luck FP - you deserve some luck! Prepare well and those opportunities will come........
  10. 13 months pregnant- I’ve heard of those 3-6 month pregnancies but not the 13 month ones! 🙂
  11. The old Port Douglas Tri the week before, never did it but that one was not for me!
  12. Really? It’s far better out in the cane fields than that stupid wharf they used to make you run on. The 4 lap course is far better than the old 3 lap course. If that smooth flood light footpath is an issue, there are a whole lot of other events in trouble.
  13. A good piece on Lance I thought: https://www.cyclingopinions.com/2020/05/31/lance-armstrong-a-convenient-scandal/
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