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  1. Bosco

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    Monkie - I have no idea on course, so no real clue on ‘speed’. I am not looking to race the bike - looking to run well in half. So for me it’s an easy first 60k, 60k at Ironman effort, 60k at half Ironman effort - all that could go out the window in first 10k if a group forms at right effort. I suspect around 5.45/6 hours Happy for company if it suits.
  2. Bosco

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Fibre always gets me an hour into a run........
  3. Not yet, just a prediction
  4. Women 1. True 2. Charles * DNF Ryf to be different Men 1. Currie 2. Gomez
  5. Bosco

    Target CTL

    Be careful you don’t try and fit it all into 2 weeks Katz. Being a little more conservative now may help in the big weeks in 3-4 weeks time. I have always looked at it this way when ‘cramming’ - and if it’s 8 weeks for you Train for 4.5 weeks to be able to hit 2.5 big weeks of training. Followed by 1 week taper. Your focus should be on getting ready for the big weeks, not the race or anything else. It’s nailing those 2.5 weeks (from a good base of the 4.5 weeks) that will get you through the rave.
  6. Bosco

    Running as a pacer, 10km

    I have never done it, so hopefully RBR and others can have better input. From experience of running in races with good and bad pacers: Talking your runners through it is critical. ‘Ok we are tracking well, it’s normal to feel the legs are heavy here’ ‘we are doing this easy today’ etc etc Dont bank time - it never ever ends well. But everybody wants to be under target time from km 1. Just tell them they are. Now most importanly - ensure you sprint away from your runners in last 300m just so they know who is boss.
  7. Bosco

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    Hi guys, I entered last night. 3.8k swim, 180k bike but I took soft option of 21km run. Anyone have a spare bike rack and seat to bike start/finish from/to Huskisson on Saturday morning?
  8. He needs to win Kona or an Olympic gold. He has failed in too many of the big Head to heads - come on son, you’ve got this!
  9. Bosco

    What training did you do today...

    My FTP indoors/KickR v outdoors (PowerTap pedals) is 50 watts less. Yes I have fans, yes I just don’t want enough - but training has been spot on since accepting the differences. Is it just me or is so much harder training in Erg mode on smart trainer.
  10. Bosco

    Second hand gear

    Monkie - I got a Zipp Super 9 Clincher on Facebook Triathlon Marketplace. It was relatively cheap and I was first with cash and pickup ( I had subsequent offers well above what I paid hours after pickup). I have seen some silly prices paid second hand, just be patient and if price and product are right, just pay with no haggle.
  11. I agree Peter but did Gómez and Rinny help Cairns sellout this year? That 1% stopped me getting in (I’m still dirty in myself)
  12. Bosco

    Online Assesment - Job

    Disaree - I have not met a good one yet 🙂
  13. Bosco

    Target CTL

    Yes - I can give you the book copy if you like. I work in city and live Northside so can drop off any day.
  14. Bosco

    Target CTL

    There is some rally good data points on pro cyclists and there ability longer term to hold CTL above (?) 130 I think. All CTL is not equal, especially if you have swimming etc etc feeding in. Also, consistent testing to ensure correct thresholds is critical. But what I have mainly learnt - my CTL could be completely different to someone else’s CTL. I have done an Ironman at 82 CTL and I have some one at 110 CTL. I was 40 min quicker at 82 CTL FWIW - as I had held that CTL for 20 weeks prior, and only peaked in a short 8 week build into a 110 + other race day factors. Monkie - have you read Jim Vance’s book on metrics. It has some good general levels to target.
  15. I struggled finding latest thread on best bike fits in sydney. Seemingly 3-D are now too busy they do not need new customers (no email, Facebook or text reply or phone answer for 2 weeks) but still posting fits on Facebook. Anyway - who is next best. I’m north side but happy to travel.