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  1. Dependent on time, I find a lap of West Head followed by Duffys repeats does the trick. Are you looking for about 90k? Drive to Terry Hills, West Head return via Mcarrs, 4 laps Duffy’s, 5km easy off the bike. Day done - not a traffic light in sight
  2. Serious question AP- are you more concerned for people running too hard or biking too hard or both? It seems pro’s these days are riding some significant sessions up to 5-10 days out - I am sure it’s relative. I get the run, just curious your views on bike. BTW - no way would you see me doing 16 x 1km 2 weeks out in a group. I’d over run that for sure!
  3. No idea. Just seem to ‘fill up’. Mainly notice with salt water due to stomach issues post swim.
  4. Wow - makes An ironman look cheap!
  5. Is that why you are doing cairns- to not fall for the trap?
  6. I swallow a lot of water swimming, which is normal not an issue. But I have a salt water swim race coming up. Doing a few oceans swims lately I have a few ‘issues’ 5-10 minute post swim. What tips or ideas are out there for not swallowing as much water?
  7. Bosco

    AP's training tip # 4

    I’m struggling to follow the arguments here but: 1. I believe for most people 15 hours is not going to cut it on my N=1 dataset 2. For most people with kids and work, finding more than 15 hours is tough 3. People without kids don’t really know the time they take + the time you want to give 4. This is a selfish sport, if you are in it to qualify for Kona and cannot give +15 hours, save your family the pain and reset some other goals
  8. Great to have you back posting (more often) Ironpo. I get a lot of inspiration and advice from these discussions from everyone and especially like the different perspectives.
  9. Bosco

    Training peaks

    Phone app
  10. Bosco

    Sydney Swim Groups

    Vladswim run good squads all around you - expensive but ok.
  11. Bosco

    Training peaks

    Does the ‘ask for recent activity RPE’ toggle turn it off in settings? Hope so, just turned that off
  12. Bosco

    AP's training tip # 4

    I’ll say 15 on the hours and support your comment. Pretty much any incremental up to there, endurance, aerobic etc - would be providing benefit to most AG Ironman athlete. (Unless over or under trained)
  13. Bosco

    IM Kona

    I like talking, learning and discussing triathlon in this place, don’t care much for all the other shit. Seems about a week of good threads and then we run out........
  14. How long was your warm up for Park run? For me, its all about the warm up. You should be cooked after a 5km - any way you look at it. But going cold to full gas is never pleasant (or fast). Next 5km - try a 6-7km easy warm up and see if a difference.
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