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  1. Bosco

    UTA 2020

    Also, if anyone comes across a 50km entry let me know. Happy to pay expenses and a charity donation to sellers choice. I am on wait list but not holding much hope there. Cheers
  2. Bosco

    WTB - Treadmill

    Looking for a good quality treadmill. Thought I’d see what was in Tranny land before searching through Facebook. Under $1k, Sydney pickup. Many thanks
  3. Anyone that tells you melbourne traffic is better is a liar.............
  4. I got it done and enjoyed myself. Do not know how the pointy end race it like they do. I ticked the box and loved the event (whole week build up). Kona was above expectations for family holiday - everyone had a blast. As a race - I’ve done better, as an event - right up there! Finished fresh (that’s what I had to do right?), time to enjoy some family time and put Ironmans to the back of mind for 5-10 years!!!!! IFoz - enjoy your book! PS - traveled with TriTravel and enjoyed every minute of it. Stayed at Royal Kona - worked well for family to watch race, close to expo and restaurants. Main highlight of the whole thing is the swimming. Just so much to see under that water.
  5. How many numbers at Bowral?
  6. Watched him running along Ali’i drive yesterday. He wanted everyone to see him. I must say, looked great. Fit but not too thin. Bugger me he was sweating though......
  7. Depends if it’s the first go around or not. $150-$200 a head? I think cash is fine for most people these days
  8. Bosco

    Kona 2019 Picks

    Women 1. Ryf 2. Haug 3. McCauley Men: 1. Jan 2. Sebi 3. Brownlee
  9. Pieman, every app tells me a full packet of Tim Tams is bad. So I stopped getting apps!
  10. 15 hours training and +1kg - weight loss is 90% diet!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for posting, I like the time changes.
  12. Bosco

    UTA 2020

    I’m on the wait list for the 50km - I’m looking forward to watching all the build up for everyone.
  13. I run to heart rate and not pace on my long runs - still end up going too quick. I have forced myself into a 9 min run/1 min walk for all long runs last month or so. Recovery time significantly less and average pace within 20 sec/km over whole run.
  14. Can I join? 82.1kg/185cm - 4 weeks to get to race weight.
  15. I get it and accept It. But those f*ckers who do not put on the category marker on calf annoy me. It should be an instant DQ.....
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