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  1. Bosco

    Busso 2018 - The 3 year plan.

    Cracking report and awesome race. I hope you don’t mind a few more questions:1. You seemingly have made some great leaps on your bike, do you put that down to slightly more intensity, just time or something else? Bike fit? 2. Are you still LCHF’ish in diet? Was it mainly Tailwind throughout bike for nutrition? 3. I think I spotted you at Western Sydney with a group of mates in wyn gear, do you have a strong training group that support each other? (I had you as their coach!) 4. What was the funniest deal you made with yourself in that last 10km? Thanks again for taking the time in writing the report.
  2. Bosco

    Busso 2018

    RBR - crushing result, well done. At least you made the most of over biking!!!! I do think we need a twits style - ask me anything thread with you at some point. Enjoy the result.... PS - don’t change your mind between now and tomorrow on the slot. I think you are making the right decision!
  3. Bosco

    Busso 2018

    A kid on the way, $$ and time may be making the decision? I’ll be interested did if he takes it. I hope so -I’m learning a lot from afar from this guy!
  4. Bosco

    Power meter pedals

    I have the PowerTap P1’s - I’m reasonably happy and run the same Garmin gear as you. Had an issue for a while with the 520 not reading correctly but that’s all fixed. All that said - I would likely go the Vectors if buying new again. Not sure why, I think with all the watches they have secretly inserted a chip inside me.
  5. Bosco

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    Agree Ironmanfoz. I’d call you out as well however as there is no reason to be on the road in bike lane. All you are doing is creating an issue for the bikes. The footpath is perfectly fine - even with the odd dog/wheelchair to get around.
  6. Bosco

    Western Sydney 70.3

    I didn’t find the drafting too bad* - certainly not all 12 meters and you could find plenty of blocking etc but generally I thought most were trying to do right thing in sometimes congested places. I have only done rolling starts last few races, so the wave start were great; the 10 minutes between men’s age groups seemed to work well. I loved the race; it was absolutely perfect conditions (except of course that water! - did they add cement?)
  7. Bosco

    What training did you do today...

    What was the water temp. Monkie? Looks like the 70.3 next week will be wetsuit swim given cooler nights and mild days....
  8. Bosco

    Sanders. Announcing an announcement. WTF?

    Sanders didn’t pick Canyon, Canyon picked Sanders. Smart move Canyon - the coverage alone on Twits is worth it......
  9. Bosco

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Ex - is this the case for a full week? That was my weakness - I would be in calorie deficit for 2-3 days and then undo all the good work. Maybe boiled eggs instead of banana in morning? Avocado are a great way, I use a lot of olive oil as well. You are not a coffee drinker so I can not think of much to add to tea. I’d up the Veges at dinner as well. I like RBR sweet potato sweet hit as well when needed.
  10. Bosco

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Are you eating enough? I find I could do what you are doing for a day or two but then have a binge (or 4) and undo it all. Adding more fat to most meals helped.
  11. Bosco

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    Thanks guys. I was trying to not use downtube but for minimum aero penalty (lots of googling last hour) it might be easy to just utilise. FP - I think from memory now you were utilising some sort of aero bottle? I think I will follow you LC setup. Zed - your setup is basically how I setup for most of the year. I do not mind on course nutrition and normally not too fussy - I have just found Infinit napalm and loving it. Good luck in Busso. Thanks for the call out on setup Goughy. Just need someone to come up with an aero box for the useless bolt above cranks.
  12. Just curious as to how everyone had their bikes setup for Ironman/long course? I have a BTA bottle for water, behind seat another single bottle/gel bottle plus a bento box top tube. I’m most curious as to best setup for spares/co2 etc. I’m on a Cervelo P3 with ISM saddle and having not luck on solution under saddle. Should I just squeeze it all in the Bento box somehow? Looking for inspiration (solutions).....
  13. Bosco

    Western Sydney 70.3 Tranny Team?

    If I was not racing Sunday - I would be there.........by not racing normal do you mean you will not be drafting? 😀
  14. Bosco

    Western Sydney 70.3 Tranny Team?

    RBR - M7 is not too bad and some good stretches for efforts. I like racing - but just be mindful with relay you basically have the whole AG race in front of you. You know the course as well as anyone - there will just be a few extra packs to get through. I would leave at 12.00pm Saturday ( Heat work for Busso) ride down M4 to M7 path - 1 x 76k full loop, 1 x 50’ish K loop to South, back to hotel, beers and then hit the slots at Panthers!!
  15. Bosco

    Noosa Tri 2018

    You’re only as good as your last race/result.........