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  1. hi, is the accommodation still available and what cost

    thanks richard

  2. If anyone is looking for accommodation, I've got 5 nights at Port Pacific and can no longer race. Thursday to Tuesday. It's on the bike and run course, a few hundred metres from the finish line and the all important Beer Mile venue. PM me if anyone is in need of accommodation. Best of luck to all of you who are racing.
  3. If it's true, they haven't told the IMWA team. Response to query - Thank you for your message and that rumor is most definitely not true. IMWA is a prestigious event to the IRONMAN brand and with the inclusion of the 70.3 last year we can see this event to continuing to grow. Please feel free to share with fellow athletes this rumor is not true and we look forward to seeing you at all IMWA for the foreseeable future.
  4. Katz, I am so sorry to hear this is how things have worked out but please rest assured, you will recover. Seven months ago my husband (partner of almost 15 years) took off with my best friend. Words cannot describe how devastating it was to have the two people who were my whole life do that to me. I spent the next few months heavily medicated and barely able to function, and like you, I didnt know how I'd ever recover. But I have recovered. The betrayal will stay with me for awhile, maybe forever, but otherwise, I'm better than I have been for at least a decade. I lost count of the number of people who told me "everything happens for a reason", and I really didn't want to hear it. I thought it was just something people said when life turned to shit and they had nothing else to say. But they were right. They were really right. And I have no doubt the same applies to your situation. There is a reason this happened, and in time, you will be much better off for it. You wont be able to see it now, and I couldn't either at the time. I too never thought I'd be able to trust another human as long as I lived. I was determined to never put myself in a situation that could possibly result in that much hurt ever again, but I came to realise that there are some very good people in the world. Learning to trust again is hard, and will take time, but stay open to the possibility. My 'experience' with a couple of bad eggs has enabled me to really appreciate the good ones. I hope yours does the same for you. Please be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to heal. And remember, everything really does happen for a reason. That chapter has ended, and when the pain subsides, a new and better one will begin.
  5. Great review, and best sunnies I've ever worn. Also, Oakley now let you customise - you pick the frame colour, arm colour and also the colour of the little Oakley symbol. Very cool.
  6. ironjen

    pain, sleep, endep

    I only took it at night, right before bed. It will certainly help you sleep, for the first few days it knocked me out within about half an hour of taking it. Aside from the mood issues, mornings used to feel like I was waking from a sedative. On the few occasions I managed to force myself to train, I didn't ride on the road. I just felt too groggy. That seemed to wear off after about a week or so though.
  7. ironjen

    pain, sleep, endep

    My experience was not a great one. It was prescribed by a neurologist to try and help me manage stress levels at work when this became the apparent cause of migraines that resulted in facial paralysis. I lasted a few weeks, but my mood became so low that I had to stop. Just getting out of bed became a huge struggle. Obviously it's going to affect everyone differently, this was just my experience. Not a good one.
  8. ironjen

    Hervey Bay 100

    Looks great Downsey. I'm really looking forward to this one. Hervey Bay is such a beautiful part of the world. Also, it's nice to not have to sell a kidney to afford the entry fee for a change. See you in November
  9. I saw a sports doctor recently. Consult lasted about 15minutes and cost $170. So you're onto a winner with the prices you've been given. Cortisone injection was done under ultrasound guidance (which I understand is pretty standard - someone correct me if I'm wrong) - and cost between $150 and $180. Can't quite remember. Also had the cost of an MRI, which was over $300.
  10. I think Harts is being very helpful.
  11. You should get a Thermomix. It's the perfect appliance for a busy triathlete following a HFLC diet. Or any diet for that matter.
  12. Cranky I'm a bit OCD when it comes to packing. I have my list from last year - if you want me to send you a copy, PM me your email. Have enjoyed following this thread. We've had to withdraw due to injury, but will still be there to cheer you all on next Sunday. 8 more sleeps!!
  13. Spoke to my lbs this morning. Apparently the fix Specialized has announced for IMNZ competitors is temporary and just designed to get them through the race. The actual components aren't ready yet. Estimated time frame of 2 to 6 weeks.
  14. I'm on here a lot but don't post much. Very rarely, in fact. I just find the responses of some to be very aggressive, and unnecessarily so. People will comment and out of nowhere, they are being attacked. One example - and what's turned me off joining into discussions - the last comment I made had something to do with being disappointed about Ironman changing from bonk breaker to winners. I'm coeliac, and like having the option of grabbing a bar on course if I need it (if I drop my own stuff, or if for some reason I just cant stomach any more of what I've got on me that day). The responses I got were just unnecessary - basically, the world is not here to cater to you and your dietary requirements. Totally agree. And that's not what I said. For what it's worth, that's my 2c. Doesn't explain why there aren't many females around here, just why this one in particular isn't much of a contributor. Not sure that having a women's only section would really change that. The bulk of the discussions that I'm interested in wouldn't be women-specific, so would be in the main forum anyway.
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