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  1. Evil Guru

    HFLC ruined my life......

    It works pretty well, its something that I do most days.
  2. Evil Guru

    HFLC ruined my life......

    There is a heap of stuff on the Fitter Radio Podcast, they've been doing it for about 4 years with very good results. Also go searching for Mikki Wiliden (https://mikkiwilliden.com/coaches) who has written lots of good stuff. If you are really serious you might want to hire her as your nutritionalist, she's pretty good and doesn't charge all that much. It'll help you avoid lots of the beginner mistakes, give it 3 months and you will no exactly what to do. Biggest lessons I learnt are: You'll feel like crap for about 1-2 weeks as your body craves carbohydrates. You need to add salt to your diet, a teaspoon in a bidon every morning works pretty well (reducing carbs also reduces salt intake, and you do need some salt - try himalayan) You need to ensure that you eat enough fat, a lot of people reduce carbs but are still too afraid to increase their fat levels enough, so your calories drop and you lose weight and have limited energy to train. Once you adapt, you'll find that you recover quicker from hard sessions, have less DOMS due to reduced inflammation as your generally burning a cleaner fuel. You can also get through longer sessions on just water and maybe some salt. Coconut cream becomes your friend and you add it to lots of things. A smoothy for breakfast with coconut cream, avocardo, a small amount of full cream milk and a handful of berries will keep you going for hours. Chia pudding is worth making, its a really easy breakfast and has really good fat, I usually add some berries and honey. Omlettes are also pretty good, add plenty of cheese to them, biggest challenge is getting enough fat into them to make them useful. Butter in your coffee, seems pretty weird at first, but once you get used to it, its a must before every morning session. There is a difference between LCHF and Ketogenic, you need to figure out what works for you. There doesn't seem to be too many rules around what is LCHF as far as carbohydrate content, however it typically seems less than 120 g per day. You'll usually know pretty quick if you are going ketogenic as you'll smell after a training session, its a pretty distinct odour. Its worth trying. I've been doing it for about 4 years although over the past 18 months I've relaxed and eat a few more carbs. However, by generally eating lower carb I seem to avoid the worst of DOMS and have reasonable endurance without having to eat too many carbs.
  3. Evil Guru

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Now here is a far better story, although it's terribly tragic. I'm sure Leigh would rather never race (or even walk) again and still have his family. https://www.facebook.com/IRONMANAUS/videos/1071934472971950/?t=1
  4. Evil Guru

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    I must admit I really liked his office! Its a shame they didn't follow up on Sister MB or give a bit more insight to her achievements.
  5. Evil Guru

    Training solo

    Well I train for the coffee afterwards and in the hope that at 50 I can keep on doing it for a few more years.
  6. Evil Guru

    Training solo

    Back to the original subject. Sorry technology related but paid subscription to Trainingpeaks. Fantastic motivator especially as you see your CTL either rise or fall, mine has just fallen by 30 after 3 weeks travelling in Europe with very little training. However, plotting out sessions for the next 6 weeks I can easily see how long it'll take me to get my CTL back. If you miss a few days you drop back pretty quickly. Of course you don't necessarily need the paidTrainingpeaks subscription as you can also build this into an Excel spreadsheet providing you are measuring HR and have some idea around run and swim threshold. There is a heap of information online at Trainingpeaks on how they caclulate CTL.
  7. Evil Guru

    Which bike should I buy and why?

    I ride a Merida 7000-E Tri bike, great bike and an absolute bargain earlier this year. German designed and made in Taiwan, I'd buy another and will certainly look at what they have in the road bike line up.
  8. Evil Guru

    Challenge Wanaka - Currie/Gomez

    Amazing to be at the same event a JG on Saturday, unfortunately I missed all of their racing as I was out doing my own race which didn't start until 11am. Great to hear Currie mixing it with him as well.
  9. Evil Guru

    Starting Again

    Set yourself some challenges to get some base fitness movement back. Week 1- swim week Swim 6 our of 7 days, min distance is 1km, aim to build to 1.5km by the end of the week. Week 2 - ride week: 6 days of biking over 7 days, minimum of 30 min per ride, ideally done on a trainer, aim for at least 2 swims this week as well so as to keep the swim momentum going. Week 3: A min of 4 rides and 4 swims of at least 30-40 minutes duration each day. If you haven't been running either then start to throw in some runs in week 4. 3 runs in the week of at least 4 km walk/run and stretch to minimise DOMs. Maintain 2-3 swims and rides per week. Get through those 4 weeks and it'll just come back to you and you'll either love it or quit. I find with years of training repetive light and short training gets everything moving again but doesn't create too much fatigue. I'm just getting back into running after breaking my foot on the 1st October and being in a moon boot for the past 14 weeks, fortunately I was allowed to swim and ride (in cycling shoes) and have just had the best block of riding ever, terminated with a treat which was a trip to Wanaka to race the Aquabike event (3/120). Going back next year for the half.
  10. Evil Guru

    Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    That's a seriously negative TSB in early December. I find TSB a useful number, it confirms when I'm really tired due to training as opposed to poor quality sleep. I typically operate in the range of -10 to -25 to feel half way decent, anything less than -25 and I'm starting to really feel it. Currently working on decreasing the TSB and bringing it positive over the next 11 days in the lead up to Wanaka.
  11. Evil Guru


    One of our club members race in Canberra on Saturday and then flew back to Melbourne to race the sprint qualifier on sunday. I believe he did very well in both events, but then he is pretty impressive. Well done everyone who raced, it was a lot easier to pick up points there last year.
  12. Evil Guru

    Gomez racing Challenge Wanaka

    Brilliant as I'll be the on the 17th to race the Aquabike.
  13. Evil Guru

    Park Run

    Fun memories, my oldest son (17 now) would go out hard at around 4.15 min/km pace for the first couple of km, it usually took me to about 4km to catch him by which stage he was slowing dramatically. We also raced a mini tri last year, I stopped for him after the swim, stopped and had a chat with one of the TOs after the first lap of the bike so he could join me, waited for him in T2. Running out he was struggling so we agreed that we'd cross the finish line equal first. 80 m from home the little bugger kicked and beat me across the line. I usually finish well but I didn't have a 3:15 min/km in me to catch him.
  14. Evil Guru

    2017 age group world champs

    Good to read about the others who raced. Just looking back on Transitions now. Amazing event and great to meet so many people across the world, I even met the 87 year old USA athlete who finished in a little over 6 hours and won his AG. I had a disappointing performance, bike position on the rental caused back issues from the first few kms and I never found the bike easy, which given its my strongest leg was disappointing, even headed out for a 3rd lap accidentally. The run was even worse after falling on the footbridge at the 3km and getting cramps in both hamstrings, from there to the finish I was in survival mode. I did however head to Croatia and win their National Aquathlon championships in my age group, but also broke my foot while there. Therefore a bit bummed that I'll never know how fast I could have gone on a good day and on my own bike. No interest in the Gold Coast but will look at doing Worlds again sometime in the future.
  15. Evil Guru

    Challenge Wanaka (Half) race report

    Locked and loaded February 2018. Everything is booked and race entered. This has been on my bucket list for a while and will be something to look forward to after returning from Europe in October and having a well deserved reduced training break. What was the total ascent of the bike and run?