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  1. 2017 age group world champs

    Good to read about the others who raced. Just looking back on Transitions now. Amazing event and great to meet so many people across the world, I even met the 87 year old USA athlete who finished in a little over 6 hours and won his AG. I had a disappointing performance, bike position on the rental caused back issues from the first few kms and I never found the bike easy, which given its my strongest leg was disappointing, even headed out for a 3rd lap accidentally. The run was even worse after falling on the footbridge at the 3km and getting cramps in both hamstrings, from there to the finish I was in survival mode. I did however head to Croatia and win their National Aquathlon championships in my age group, but also broke my foot while there. Therefore a bit bummed that I'll never know how fast I could have gone on a good day and on my own bike. No interest in the Gold Coast but will look at doing Worlds again sometime in the future.
  2. Challenge Wanaka (Half) race report

    Locked and loaded February 2018. Everything is booked and race entered. This has been on my bucket list for a while and will be something to look forward to after returning from Europe in October and having a well deserved reduced training break. What was the total ascent of the bike and run?
  3. What training did you do today?

    75 minute Trainerroad session this morning, my last ride in Australia until October. Next ride will be in a gym in Galway and then on the road at Rotterdam. 3km Swim tonight, which given the weather in Melbourne and an outdoor pool I'm not really looking forward to, buts its the last swim here as well. So much looking forward to my taper which starts at 7am tomorrow. Then flying to London tomorrow night (Friday 12:15am actually).
  4. What training did you do today?

    Swap your knicks out after 45-60 min and chamois cream.
  5. 2017 age group world champs

    Having had a day to think about this, its not ideal but it is what it is. Mental attitude shift to urban cyclecross racing, attack when its safe and ride safe in order to finish when its required. I'm not there to win or hurt myself so might as well ride the bike leg with that in mind and enjoy the ride.
  6. 2017 age group world champs

    Having watched most of the video, its not quite as bad as it seems, there will be sections which will be slow and tricky, but also enough wider path for over taking. It'll require some strategic riding and accelerations when there are opportunities and patience when there is not. Enjoy the experience and race whatever is thrown at us.
  7. 2017 age group world champs

    Rant over!
  8. 2017 age group world champs

    Wiel.nl. We've got 7 of us coming over from Hawthorn in Melbourne and I think we are all renting. I'm happy for it to be technical but there is no space to manevour around other riders at speed.
  9. 2017 age group world champs

    Given the wave start spacing with some of us starting over 2.5 hours after the start this is exactly what is going to happen. My bike leg is my strongest leg and this race has just become a swim/run race.
  10. 2017 age group world champs

    Fortunately I'm hiring a road bike and leaving my good bike at home. The bike course will be all about survival. I guess at least I'm in the OD race and not trying to draft around the course as per the Sprint.
  11. 2017 age group world champs

    I thought of posting on the official website that I didn't realise that the Dutch celebrated April Fools Day on the 4th September, but decided that was probably a little too rude. Frankly, the course really pisses me off, there is no way it can be raced properly, as someone else mentioned faster riders are not going to be able to safely overtake in many locations, things such as hitting tram tracks parallel are dangerous, there is one spot where you duck through an underground parking garage with about 2 metres to spare, so possibly bright sunlight into a darker garage (not great for those like me who are visually impaired), there is a tight right hand which if you miss you end up in the river. Its downright dangerous with that number of people and would never get sanctioned in Australia for even a local race, yet alone World Championships. The course is a disgrace, as a 50-54 in one of the last waves I guess I'll have the blood trails to follow. I guess the one benefit is that I should have a decent run leg as its going to be very hard to push that course hard.
  12. RIP - Nick Munting

    I'm not on here much these days, but remember Nick from the early days of Ozchat and also Trannies. I also managed to race a few of his events. Sad news and way too young.
  13. Your 'hardest' race?

    Shepparton Half in 2009 in 36 deg was interestingly tough with a 2:35 bike and a 2:24 run, i was so hot that I chose to run through the sun and walk the shade. I was shoving ice anywhere it would stay. More recently an adventure race that involved a 16 km trail run with 700 m of ascending, followed by a 12 km paddle, by the 6 km mark my quads and adductors were in cramp and stayed that way until the end. Fell out of the ski at the end of the paddle and cramped in legs and arms. Decided to ride back down the road to my campsite and quit. However as I got there realised that I had no food or electrolytes there so decided to carry on to the pub 20 km down the road. By the time I'd reached the pub I was feeling better and so tackled the 20 km of climbing. Stepped off the bike with a 4 km run to do and decided to walk run it.Unfortunately couldn't walk as every time I did I went into cramp. Ended up running it. Tough day with cramps.
  14. Season 2017/18

    September: Rotterdam World Champs - Standard Distance October: Yarrawonga OD - for a bit of fun Dec: Sprint Tri at Mordialloc - I'm coaching beginners and this will be their first race, always good to race with them. Feb: Wanaka Half IM distance July: Challenge Belgium (maybe)
  15. death on beach rd

    Absolutely terrible, I also don't believe there is any excuse for the truck driver hitting and killing a rider on that section of road, its double lane and plenty of space to go around, especially at 10am. But as we all know many drivers refuse to. Horrible tragic event and my heart goes out to her family and friends. I've personally taken to only riding outdoor on the weekend and in a group, at least slightly better visibility in a group than as a solo rider. This doesn't mean an accident won't happen but at least I have slightly more control over the risk I'll occasionally ride on my own but in very controlled environments and on courses that I know are mostly free of cars/trucks.The rest of the time the trainer is my friend and so far I have managed to fall off that. That section of road has claimed at least two lives in the past 5 years.