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  1. Raph

    Whats the deal with AP

    I have been coached by AP for a number of years. As a coach he is one of the most understanding, supportive and inspirational people I have ever met.
  2. Raph

    Hoka Sandals?

    Have I missed something? I still wear Newtons. Do every run in them, from 5km sprint tris to Ironman. Does anyone else wear Newtons or have I just completely missed the memo that they are no good? Serious question.
  3. Raph

    Northam WA

    Has anyone here rode from Perth to Northam? I'm wondering mostly about the safety of such a ride. I'm guessing Toodjay Rd or Great Eastern Hwy are the obvious routes. Are either of those roads safe to ride on, as in is there a nice shoulder to ride on or am I just going to get blown off the road by monstrous road trains? Anyone done it before? Alternatively is there some nice riding in the general Northam area? I've never been out there, but will be up there next weekend.
  4. Hi, last year, I received similar news; "you won't be able to run anymore". With some careful management and a very diligent approach to core strength, I continued on and this year also completed an Ironman PB. Doctors are conservative and I guess they can't say "sure go ahead, you'll be fine", in case you break down. I wouldn't be throwing in the towel just yet.
  5. Mines the same! Bi-carb soda will clean it up, but the dirty old bong look adds to the mystique!
  6. Raph

    Running shoe suggestion

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help. My son runs in kinvaras and loves them. Will try them. Dazzau, you are so right. I'm just getting a little heel slip and it's driving me nuts!
  7. Raph

    Running shoe suggestion

    Onya champ! Stick to your day job, comedy's not your thing.
  8. Hi, I've been using Newton Motion for the past three years and have really liked them. I wear them for all training and racing. The latest model though seems to be a slightly different fit to the previous model and just doesn't quite fit right, so I'm looking for an alternative. I'm not keen on anything too bulky and a heel/toe offset of 4-6mm seems to be about right for me. Any suggestions.
  9. Raph

    IMWA Busso 2015

    Yep. But in a different spot. Just down the road.
  10. Raph

    IMWA Busso 2015

    Oh, and the stingers. They're here as well.
  11. Raph

    IMWA Busso 2015

    The flies arrived, big time, yesterday!
  12. Raph

    IMWA Busso 2015

    So they're going to call it off, 4 weeks out are they?
  13. Raph

    Busso Accom

    Try Jaccaranda guest house. About 500m from the jetty. Pretty sure they have some rooms available.
  14. Hi all, I have for sale a Fast Fwd tubular disc. 3 yrs old, used only for racing (used about ten times in total). Comes with ultegra 10 speed cluster and continental tyre with heaps of life left. Can text or email photos. $600. Postage included if needed.
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