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  1. Id be keen @roxii Can't seem to manage more than 400km in a pair of shoes before I wear through em
  2. 10 x (4 min run, 10 min bike, 4 min run) Fairly constant run pace across each repeat, happy with that 👍
  3. 2.5km swim and then 2 hours on the bike
  4. I have read the rules. While rule 12 is n+1, s-1 also applies.
  5. 1:40 run this morning including 12 x 3min tempo, 2 min recovery Got on zwift this evening to hit the January calorie challenge, 25 min spin
  6. My name is Brian and I ride a giant. Furthermore, it is my only bike, and I love the ugly thing.
  7. 60min zwift and 30min run. About to head to the pool for 2.3km. Hoping to get the lawns done this arvo.
  8. Managed a 14 second PB in the 1km TT yesterday. 16:58. Stoked to go under 17. Just did a 60min run... Man I suck at running in the heat!
  9. xblane

    Big Husky 2019

    This is how rumours are started... But I did notice the course want on the web site... @Sebee?
  10. 2014 took up triathlon... Bought a bike, went over the handlebars avoiding a car and broke my collar bone. Got a plate and 9 screws. 2015 Achilles drama, from Australia day through IMOZ, ran with a taped ankle through till end of 2017 2016 had someone fall on me while playing soccer and tore my MCL. 2017 another soccer related (?) injury that I never really got to the bottom of. Pain in my abdomen at the end of my stride. 2018 no soccer some minor foot issues from 3 years of running with a taped ankle
  11. 1700 easy swim and a 60 minute easy zwift. 1km TT in the pool tomorrow.
  12. My wife bought me a neo. No complaints. It's great. Can't comment on it verse kickr, but the neo has no callibration required, road feel and can be used without power. May or may not be worth it? Neo 2 doesn't look like a worthwhile upgrade though
  13. Stage 6 of Le Tour plus extra to make up 3 hours and then a 30min run.
  14. Thanks for another race report! Great job!
  15. 2km swim, non heated pool was 30.6! 🛀
  16. Yeah, that probably was the overnight low My watch had a low of 28 and an average of 29 for that run. But I know I'm lucky. Some of the temperatures others have been talking about here have been brutal!
  17. 2hr slow run ontop of another crappy night sleep
  18. Read that it uses the temp reported on your map, eg
  19. xblane

    Advice for first 70.3

    *Thread crossover* and you might just catch out the guy drafting behind you as he didn't see the bottle coming! But realistically, for someone's first 70.3, I'm not sure bunny hopping, shoes on the bike etc etc are the greatest 'bang for buck' training hours.
  20. I have a hard time pinpointing people who I find motivating... there may be quotes or stories that I find motivating but generally, unless it starts as a decision from myself, I find it much harder to have the same level of commitment to something. I'm sure a psychologist could make a mountain of money off of me though
  21. Realised today there was a Toasty badge on Garmin Connect (activity in 38 degrees or higher)... anyone cracked that this summer? Swim at lunch, 15 x 100m.
  22. 45 min run with 30second efforts every 5 minutes. A few short or bad night's sleep in a row and some early mornings and I'm toast. Looking forward to finishing tomorrow's long run!
  23. FB! Welcome back! I could answer that but you won't like the answer... Is the answer ever positive... 😳
  24. I'd rather be doing the hill repeats in the cold and rain than dealing with someone else's undocumented finances Hope it picks up Ex
  25. xblane

    New Gel Flavours

    Yeah, I struggle on the back end of long runs without the thought of seafood... it's not April yet, is it?!
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