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  1. xblane

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    Wicked smiles on 2 and 3
  2. xblane

    Power Meter Recommendations

    I often wonder what else may play into this, like how you sit on your saddle, are you completely square or any previous injuries with knees/hips that will never be the same again. Would that impact power generation? would it matter? Could you make things worse by trying to balance the numbers when your body is not functionally symmetrical? So many moving parts!
  3. xblane

    What training did you do today...

    30min run yesterday arvo and 1.5km swim this morning
  4. xblane

    Recovery from...

    Wow. I've only had the clavicle (plate and screws) and the limiting factor for me for the bike was the wound healing. I did try swimming a bit too early also which caused some of the screws to be ever so slightly loose. I'd reiterate that patience is key. All the best with the recovery.
  5. xblane

    What training did you do today...

    So I went for a swim this morning, 2 x 1200m. After 950m of my interval, I kicked off the wall and noticed there was someone in front of me treading water a few meters up the pool. I stopped to be informed that I was swimming in the 'gentle exercise/walking' lane. To my surprise, there was no longer any lane rope. It had been pulled out on my right while I was breathing to my left. My stop starting midway through apparently caused the garmin to count an extra lap as well. I then managed to mess up starting my watch for the second interval... didn't realise for 400m, messed it up again for another 100m.
  6. xblane

    Port 2019

    Oh this is only the 2019 thread? Following for 2019. I'm there in 2020.
  7. xblane

    IMWA 2018: A love story

    Extra kudos on these two sentences 😂 Great job zed
  8. xblane

    Busso 18

    Great job KieranR! Looking forward to Taupo and beyond. Good luck getting the ITB sorted.
  9. xblane

    Short and to the point.

    Great journey to follow you on Sam. Well done.
  10. xblane

    Ironman WA 2018 - The Comeback

    Great job Katz, thanks for the insights Many ways to skin an IM.
  11. xblane

    Ironman WA 2018-My Last

    Congrats on the dozen mate Enjoy the new adventures, whatever they may be.
  12. xblane

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    you can pick someone to join... but that is hit or miss depending on the route they are doing... not sure if there is a better option
  13. xblane

    What training did you do today...

    1km TT in the pool... 17:12 - 3-second pb I think 30min run this morning
  14. xblane

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    This is totally my fight. Obsessive personality... oh you want to swim, bike and run? Let's do it for a long time! Oh, you want to eat? ....
  15. xblane

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    I do run on the road regularly, I prefer the surface to the footpath (at least in my mind it is a little softer), usually with the traffic (depending on parked cars and whatnot) and the vast majority on sedate suburban streets. Wouldn't do it with headphones in though... asking for trouble.