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  1. xblane

    The Art of Tapering!

    I got sick before my last half... turned into an almost 3 week taper! Was fresh on race day I usually do 2, which is apparently on the long side (I'd like to call myself a 'back of the middle of the pack')
  2. xblane

    It's about time Ironman

    Definitely does lower the risk of racing ironman... my wife even thought it was good news.... I wonder...
  3. xblane

    Cycling PTSD

    I just use Zwift now... down side though, nearly stacked it at a hairpin turn last race
  4. xblane

    Your "Go to breakfast"

    either - 2 sunny side up eggs on toast - small bowl of coles brand muesli with some extra peanuts & sultanas with lite milk and a coffee on lite milk
  5. xblane

    What training did you do today?

    In regards to spending hours on the trainer, have a look at Zwift... keeps things interesting enough
  6. xblane

    Husky - Who's in ?

    I thought it may have been after your race ritual of "show up, be awesome, leave"
  7. xblane

    Husky - Who's in ?

    Was targeting 5:30 (2015: 6:10, 2016: 5:39), managed 5:18, totally stoked. Swim was ok, bike laps got progressively faster, and despite not going sub 2 in the run, it was still was under 6min/km. Thoroughly satisfying day! I only noticed 2 instances of drafting, seemed pretty clean. The elite guys looked like they were drafting, but then I realized it was just because they were flying!
  8. xblane

    Husky - Who's in ?

    I enjoyed the hat! Made the run that little bit more entertaining I saw someone with a tranny sticker on the side of their aero lid as they flew past.. #3xx ?
  9. xblane

    Are brick sessions really necessary?

    Based on that sentence I'd think your not doing long distances? I'd do one to ensure you're familiar with some of the sensations you get running off a bike and gain some confidence doing so. But if your good with both of those, as Naut says, just ensure you can nail your transition.
  10. xblane

    Race Week Rituals

    After last night, I'm going to add, lay awake in bed looking at the ceiling worrying about getting more sleep :s
  11. xblane

    Race Week Rituals

    Wondering if anyone had any interesting (or boring!) race week/day rituals or routines that you always make sure you do? Love to hear them. I always make a point of getting a haircut (and associated beard trimming) a week out from a race.
  12. xblane

    Husky - Who's in ?

    In for the Long Course. Current forecasts for a top of 19! Non-wetsuit swim, wetsuit bike!
  13. xblane

    Forum Upgrade - Please Note

    I'm was on here to escape change management!
  14. xblane

    Fuelling Plan Resources

    In my first long course I assumed energy drink was energy drink.... 30km into the bike I had my first sip of Endura and my stomach was done.. that made for a long day
  15. xblane

    Running Heroes

    lol You suggesting marketing folks are not real people?!