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  1. Updated with photos. Thanks.
  2. Hi, The wheels are Zipp 808 tubular with Ceramic Speed bearings and Vittoria Corsa CX tyres. These were my race wheels for Kona (2010 and 13) and I used the front with a Zipp 900 disc that I have when racing in Australia. The wheels were built by Wheelbuilder in the US http://www.wheelbuilder.com/ The spec is as per Zipp with hubs and rims and Sapim CX Ray spokes. Wheelbuilder fitted the Ceramic Speed bearings. The wheels have probably been raced in 6 or 7 Ironmans, so 1500 km or so. No training on them. Looking for $1,200 for them, will include the Vittoria Corsa CX that were brand new for Kona and the quickrelease. Photos: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adamstown/bicycles/zipp-808-wheelset-tubular-/1044711750 Thanks, Ethan
  3. Sold. PZ3TX is a highly advanced swimskin combining hydrophobic fabrics with welded seams in order to reduce surface drag and through its biomechanically engineered compressive properties, drastically reduces wave drag and increases performance. Hi, I purchased this swimskin for Kona 2013. Its been raced in twice, the ocean swim at Kona the week prior and race day. Its basically brand new. Comes with the carry bag and tags. If you are racing Kona this year you will need one of these - saves time in the swim and transition. $150. Thanks, Ethan
  4. You need to remember that your hip flexors and glutes connect to your ITB, so if either or both of these are tight, then your patella can be being pulled out of alignment by the ITB which connects at the knee.
  5. Tight hip flexors were a major problem for me - stretching every day simple didnt make any difference. The problem was that I would train every morning and night and then sit at work all day allowing my hips to tighten up. I found the only way to get on top of the problem was to kneel at my desk with one leg down and stretch out my hip flexor for 5-10min and then swap legs. I would do this 4-5 times during the day for maybe 30min each. Once your hip flexors stretch out then it will be easier to just to some maintenance stretching at home.
  6. Drafting has been a problem in Australian Ironman for a long time now, not enough penalties given out and too may competitors willing to take the chance. My view is the draft busters are nervous about DQing a competitor. Maybe it would be better if drafters recieved a 10min penalty as many times as they are busted. That way the time penalty can ruin their race if trying for Kona etc and the draft busters can give them out more often.
  7. I have had some minor moisture penetration at the battery. It probably depends on where the battery is located - under or on top of the down tube. I would recommend removing the battery after a wet ride and letting the connection and battery dry out.
  8. Bepanthen (nappy rash cream) works very well. Even when you have to swim without a wetsuit it will still last for the ride.
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