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  1. The Betoota Advocate, on point.
  2. Infrastructure or software as a service? I hope if the former that you still get dev & test environments
  3. 10km run. Another 42c day in Radelaide.
  4. Same Although a 200km ride is just part of a regular IM build. I think I would die of boredom before completing a 10km swim. Especially at the pace I'd be doing it.
  5. A challenge I've set myself for this year is to run more than 200km in 24 hours. Stretch target of 220. I know I'll be cursing my stupidity and the all round dumbness of it all by the 15 hour mark. Especially if the weather is like it was during the attempt last year.
  6. It didn't and it wasn't. Confirmation bias can be pretty powerful though. Just like isolated reactions to vaccines fuel the antivax crowd in the face of overwhelming statistics showing them to be safe and effective, or a dickhead cyclist proves that all cyclists think they own road or an unseasonably cold day proves that global warming is a hoax and so on and so on.
  7. What the original point again? You were upset that the local paper gave more prominence to a story about a women's cycling race, currently in progress, over a men's race that wasn't scheduled to start for another couple of days. This is representative of a big lefty, pinko, feminazi agenda to make you feel emasculated, yeah?
  8. Don't normally train before work but it's going to be over 40 today in Rads so got my 17km run in early. Even after a cold shower, I'm sitting at my desk with a wet shirt. Still sweating.
  9. Is there anyone in your club who can loan you one to take?
  10. I thought the vouchers worked well at Busso as there were a dozen or so from my club that headed over and we all went out for a meal together. That said, my first IM was at Port and the opening carb night with Mike Reilly speaking really triggered the buzz for me. Plus, I got to meet heaps of Trannies at the pub before we headed over to the marquee together which was ace. My first IMOZ experience would definitely have been poorer if they did then what is planned for this year.
  11. Definitely the SPI belt. I wear one on all my training runs to for my phone/gels and whatever. Also add toggles for the bib and use it for gels when racing long course. Toggle are $2.80 a pair. https://www.wildfiresports.com.au/spibelt-race-toggles-pair
  12. Everyone is different of course, but for me 70.3 nutrition is a light carb-centric breaky. Gel prestart. Gel as soon as settled on bike. One bottle of perpetuem + plus gel at 45km. Gel at start of run. Gel at 10km. Slug of coke at final aid station if I feel I need an extra boost. Staying hydrated is key to being able to take the fuel and while not upsetting your stomach. A hydration setup that you can sip from regularly while staying aero is very useful.
  13. Jeepers, even if the wheels fall off now...... what he has done so far is seriously impressive.
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    Be excellent to each other - Bill S. Preston, Esquire Party on dudes - Ted Theodore Logan
  15. Would one of these motors be cheaper than buying a CEO slot at Kona?
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