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  1. Wow 3000! Crazy! I haven't done a long race in a couple of years so have a few race dollars up my sleeve. I've just had 2nd babe so mine is more so training/family time and Feb is too early to make that call. But really Nov should be plenty of time to get enough in me to go around and have some fun def not in it for sheep stations haha
  2. Any chance of this selling out? Keen to weave into travels but can't commit til later in the year..
  3. Just catching up now, what happened to Ryf? Normally she powers through to the front on the bike and extends on the run....
  4. Absolutely amazing!! Goosebumps!
  5. Catching up on this now. Wow, just wow!!! That is absolutely incredible. Tearing up reading her message.
  6. Why don't they do wave starts? Surely that would help, and keep it competitive for those that want it?
  7. emski

    Nice 70.3

    Seems like the moto capturing Holly Lawrence is right in front of her!!!
  8. I had the same and thought the fiber was the culprit so would ease back the day/night before. But then I wondered if I'd be hindering my system morning of race/session to get that first one out the way haha 🤷‍♀️
  9. Yes absolutely! I love netball, but my daughters won't be playing it.. my knees aren't great and I'm lucky I stopped playing when I did.
  10. Only paying for zwift at the moment with a little one and another on the way (if I get one session of s/b/r each week I'm stoked!😁). I used to pay about 140-150 a month for a local coach a few years ago when racing 70.3's and my 1 ironman, probably wouldn't pay for a coach again unless I was trying for world champs after kids are bigger.. learnt a bit from my coach and have been around sport all my life so would be able to get by if just going around for fun.. Also not much on offer in Darwin, so while local would be best, it would likely need to be online! ETA: Would probably be happy to pay something similar if I was to get a coach again and try get a bit more serious and try get pointy end of AG.
  11. I got one earlier this year to ride while my baby slept - best purchase!! Absolutely love it! Was going to get the Kickr but my LBS suggested the core to save a bit of $ as the only difference between Kickr and Kickr Core was the Kickr had a higher max wattage (no probs for me, you might want to check for you though!) and the legs on the Core don't move, they're fixed. Mine stays where it is so not a problem for me.
  12. emski

    Challenge Roth 2020

    That's awesome!!! Well done!
  13. Yikes!! Yes that was huge. My sister lives in one of the suburbs he was in and heard the shots. Scary stuff!
  14. emski

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Would LOVE to do this race one day, did you just sit by the computer with your speedy finger on the button to get in fast enough?
  15. Absolutely agree. And the societal affects of alcohol are crazy. Alcohol is such a big problem in the NT. Huge!! But no one is concerned about it.
  16. emski

    Ironman Frankfurt

    That seems like a long time for a pro? Or the type he runs (tubeless?) is normal?
  17. This is amazing! Can’t wait to run with my boy (and future girl) who is just 16mths 😂 Long way to go yet..
  18. I’d love to go to Kona one day, but if I don’t that’s ok and I will be happy to have just given it my best shot and will be happy to keep racing and just doing the sport. I love this sport, but for me just doing it, keeping fit, meeting similar minded people, travelling, that is what means the most to me. Ed: I think failure is such a strong word. Maybe if you put your all into Kona, that’s all you ever wanted, and you just couldn’t get there, maybe you’d put that label on yourself, but like mentioned above, others would still think you were amazing for the effort you out in.
  19. Wow had no idea they did that. Thanks for that.
  20. What are the ‘women in tri’ spots? All the double slots would be for races after Nice wouldn’t they?
  21. I heard this as well when I first started so I have big ones!
  22. emski

    Port - Race Day

    Well done everyone!! Even those who didn't do as well as hoped or were not feeling so good - you're all amazing for what you did! Serious FOMO at these times. Always such a great motivator to get out the door and exercise.
  23. emski

    Garmin Fenix5S

    Damn don’t tell me that! I wanted one of these earlier in the year because I’m small built and the size appeals to me. Couldn’t justify the price ($799 I think) so found a 3 on fb in good condition (it’s huge though!). The battery life is prob the only downside I could tell - would just have to do my next Ironman quicker haha.
  24. Yes!! Want to do this one day too. Would be be so much harder decked out, geez I’d never do it but love watching the ones that do! Always give me a laugh.
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