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  1. emski

    Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    Yeow!! Got mine yesterday!! Thank you so much Cranky and Roxii! They are bloody rippers!
  2. emski

    Additional Kona slots for Aus?

    Wowsers! This is cool. Might pull my finger out and try give one of these races a crack! Cairns I think. Loved the 70.3 there a few years ago. Was thinking about roll downs too, but it all depends on who turns up on the day! And then if they're interested in a slot as well! This year's 30-34 1,2,3 at Cairns went 10:11; 10:13 and 10:17, super close! But last year there was a bigger gap, 10:23, 10:43 and 10:44.. Just need to try to win and hope for the rest to fall in your favour! Well that's what I will try to do if I end up going for it..
  3. emski

    Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    Yeow! These look awesome! Money transferred for one of each and pm sent Roxii. Can't wait!
  4. emski

    Cairns Cap Count and Visor Volumes

    Yeow! Looks amazing!!
  5. emski

    IM Cairns 2017

    This!! I've done a half distance on not much training and that was bloody hard! Far out, you guys are real suckers for punishment! Looking forward to a day of tracking. Wish I was heading down, love this race! Maybe the full next year.
  6. emski


    Personally, I'd leave it until after the race as I know how much my feet hurt when not supported. But you know your feet! I just replaced mine after 6 yrs as my feet started hurting again. Podiatrist said they usually recommend replacing every 2-3yrs! I always think don't change what isn't broken so didn't replace them. But now I'm no good. Feet hurt with my old ones. Feet still hurt and had my new ones for a month. No idea what to do!
  7. emski

    Cairns Cap Count and Visor Volumes

    I'm trying to line up someone to collect for me in Cairns. Should know over the weekend. I'm keen for one of each, but may need to wait til after Cairns..
  8. emski


    hahaha yep..... soft indeed... was 25.5 this AM.. Took a few hundred meters to warm up! Reckon I could have swum a PB in my warm up.. ! Wowsers! I thought this morning how the heck am I going to last all dry season, and I'm only at 25.5!
  9. emski


    14 degrees?? what are you currently swimming in? I think in peak dry season up here our pools might get to about 18-19... Can't remember exactly, I usually give up swimming by then! Going to try my hardest to swim right the way through this yr.
  10. emski


    Would love to, even though it was totally brutal. So beautiful over there, and nowhere to hide on that course! But having feet issues at the moment (plantar fasciitis has come back to haunt me) so trying to get sorted and then thinking of Cairns full next year. Itching to do another IM.. feeling massive FOMO with Port just gone and Cairns coming up...
  11. emski


    Parap is closed!! Reno's.. all year! So only have Nightcliff, Casuarina and the waterfront. Have been roped into a duo for the Katherine Ultra Challenge... 3.2km swim in the Katherine Gorge... As a local, I do not usually swim in croc infested waters.......
  12. emski


    I'm happy I'm plodding along nicely. Hopefully I can keep it up, this is my 3rd attempt, the last two years my swimming usually drops off. But swimming has been my most consistent sport this year so far, so hopefully I can keep it up and make the 50!
  13. emski

    Transitions Run Visor

    Saweet! Thanks!
  14. emski

    Cairns KQ times 2016

    I've wondered the same, wonder where it will go after Cairns next year..
  15. emski

    Transitions Run Visor

    I'm up in Darwin but there are heaps going down for Cairns - If I can try rope someone in to collect for me will that be a goer??