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  1. I’m a dnf 😩 1 year old who is teething hardcore and isn’t sleeping has resulted in very little happening this weekend. Thanks for the challenge though @Peter! I wouldn’t have ridden 90km on Fri without it. Now to get to the pool and go for a run at least once this week and I’ll be very happy with that 👍🏼
  2. Ok I’m giving this a go! More for motivation and to get back into it after a few quiet weeks so my times will be slooow 😆 and run will be a mixture of run/walk. 90km zwift ride, 3:18. ETA: flat course
  3. I’m not really for/against any side (eat meat, but have wanted to try to eat more plant based on many occasions) but I reckon a huge percentage of people eating meat and dairy etc would be incredibly deficient in so many things purely from the amount of crap in people’s diet.. just interesting from the other side too.. Prof Athletes with nutrition playing such a large role in their performance and potential pay packet would have people to work all that out wouldn’t they?
  4. emski

    AP's training tip # 4

    I see it as the other way around, and not sad at all. I had some goals, we decided to start a family so those goals are on hold. I hope to one day pick them up again. But you’re entitled to your opinion.
  5. emski

    AP's training tip # 4

    Lots of different views here. My 2 cents as a MOP: having recently started a family (have a 14mth old) I’ve realised just how much time you have to do anything you want when you don’t have kids hah. I’ve put full IMs on hold and will do 70.3 and shorter for the next 5-10yrs while we grow our family. I missed trying to KQ while young (am currently 31) but want to give it a crack so will wait til we’re done with kids and they’re bigger so I can throw myself into training and not miss too much.
  6. I’ve always wondered this! My 10k pb is off the bike in an Olympic, and my 5km would be too except for the one race I got dragged to a monster pb by a speedy old fella helping out a youngen. I think my half mara pb is off the bike too but that’s prob just because I haven’t done a stand alone in a few years and mostly been in half distance tri’s.. i feel being so warmed up helps, as long as you don’t cook yourself on the bike and for some reason I pace a lot better off the bike. No idea why!
  7. emski

    AP's training tip #2

    This is great. And def for other aspects of life - I need to work on this with my study and household chores!
  8. This is what I have found! I’m struggling to get back into swimming after a sizeable break because I’m not swim fit so not enjoying it. I’ve never really liked swimming but 18mths ago I’d managed to get into the fast lane at squad and was loving swimming!
  9. Haven't posted in aaaages but have been back reading for some time. In response to this Peter - in Darwin we don't have many options - 1-2 that I know of. And if you wanted something more along a performance coach or wanted to get to WC say, you'd prob want to go online with someone down south with a group that's had success like the ones you've mentioned.
  10. Yeow!! Got mine yesterday!! Thank you so much Cranky and Roxii! They are bloody rippers!
  11. Wowsers! This is cool. Might pull my finger out and try give one of these races a crack! Cairns I think. Loved the 70.3 there a few years ago. Was thinking about roll downs too, but it all depends on who turns up on the day! And then if they're interested in a slot as well! This year's 30-34 1,2,3 at Cairns went 10:11; 10:13 and 10:17, super close! But last year there was a bigger gap, 10:23, 10:43 and 10:44.. Just need to try to win and hope for the rest to fall in your favour! Well that's what I will try to do if I end up going for it..
  12. Yeow! These look awesome! Money transferred for one of each and pm sent Roxii. Can't wait!
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