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  1. Pencil_Towel

    AFL 2019

    Need to move on from the drug cheating Bombers storyline, i mean it didnt even work the useless pricks! Why didnt they talk to the Cronulla Sharks Lawyers??? haha And besides, without it, a player like McDonald-Tipungwuti wouldnt have been given a chance to shine, and shine brightly he has! Sidenote - im a Lions fan.
  2. Pencil_Towel


    Celtics (inconsistent regular season to say the least) could struggle to put the Pacers away without Marcus Smart, although no Oladipo for Pacers which helps them. I reckon Upset wise, Nets to push and possibly topple 76er's, especailly if Embiid is sidelined and Brooklyn (D'LO) get on a roll. Agree with Spurs, good chance to get past Nuggets, kind of the Rookie Versus the Master in terms of Playoff experience. Jazz & Rockets series will be good to watch as well. Love this time of year!
  3. Pencil_Towel


    He'll get Mark Cuban's support!
  4. Pencil_Towel


    Man...... thats freakishly close to how i went about picking Rockets V Raptors......
  5. Pencil_Towel


    With only a hand full of regular season games left and the playoffs to come. Who is your pick to meet in the Finals (winner of West & winner of East). I'll kick it off, my prediction: Houston Rockets V Toronto Raptors.
  6. My sentiments exactly, thanks for the heads up on this series, was great to watch and ive only ever watched MotoGP. Now i'll pay some attention to F1.
  7. Pencil_Towel


    Oh and when you watch the Suns beat the top teams as you state, you think, yeah a couple of good pieces and they will be flying next season, but than they go and lose to the Knicks or Cav's and you think..... how did that happen? I feel this season has been the most unpredictable with regards to results, look at the Raptors and the Celtics yesterday both being smoke by 25 points for instance..... wierd. Playoffs though could be even more exciting!
  8. Pencil_Towel


    I heard one of the MANY sports reporters in the US a little while back claim that he went to LA with an eye on improving and increasing his 'Brand'. They think his basketball focus is not 100% anymore. Meanwhile, the workman like clippers (with some shiny edges in Gallinari and Williams) look like a great place for a FA to enter. Jerry West has the golden touch thats for sure!
  9. Thats the biggest sticking point for me, i can undertsand going after some money whilst you are relevant, but i hope his car (engine) gives him a decent chance to actually get some quality results. He breathes new life into F1 for Australian fans! so podiums would be great!
  10. Pencil_Towel


    Will be even more interesting to see how the Lakers go in terms of 'bringing in Stars' this off season. I think the LeBron factor might be more hurtful than good..... time will tell, Magic certainly has his work cut out for him!!!! As always, looks like another great off season drama package! get the popcorn out!
  11. Pencil_Towel


    Do you think if this off season doesn't produce what the Suns want in terms of the draft, signing, trading etc. Devin booker starts to want out like AD?
  12. Pencil_Towel


    Bogut back to Warriors! Look out!!!!
  13. Pencil_Towel


    Throw in the likes of Michael Beasley, Marcin Gortat, Zach Randolph, Greg Monroe, Alex Abrines, Milos Teodosic & Omri Casspi to the names mentioned prior and you'd have a squad that would probably finish alot higher than the Knicks, Phoenix, Memphis & Cleveland to name few!!!
  14. Pencil_Towel


    Not only that, but surely by offering up most of your roster for AD, the Lakers chemistry will also be tested as most know they will be asked to make way. Celtics did well to beat a 76er's unit that has traded to win NOW, love to see it too! All this rebuilding/waiting for FA's etc makes for boring teams. Great to see the 76er's go for the Crown! Was a fascinating end to the trade deadline, now all eyes on the buyout market, Jeremy Lin off to Raptors and rumours Lopez will be on the move from teh Bulls and Morris from the Wizards.
  15. Tomic is a lost cause for mine, he hasn't looked like changing for many years now and blaming others is just maksing the fact that he isn't getting it done personally. I think Kyrios is the real talent, he needs a solid coach, mentor etc to give him the structure/framework to plan and execute a year of tennis. He is incredibly talented (which we all know) and could easily peel of Grand Slams if he reached and maintained his potential. For me, its just sad to see both these guys doing everything BUT play consistent tennis.
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