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  1. Pencil_Towel


    Throw in the likes of Michael Beasley, Marcin Gortat, Zach Randolph, Greg Monroe, Alex Abrines, Milos Teodosic & Omri Casspi to the names mentioned prior and you'd have a squad that would probably finish alot higher than the Knicks, Phoenix, Memphis & Cleveland to name few!!!
  2. Pencil_Towel


    Not only that, but surely by offering up most of your roster for AD, the Lakers chemistry will also be tested as most know they will be asked to make way. Celtics did well to beat a 76er's unit that has traded to win NOW, love to see it too! All this rebuilding/waiting for FA's etc makes for boring teams. Great to see the 76er's go for the Crown! Was a fascinating end to the trade deadline, now all eyes on the buyout market, Jeremy Lin off to Raptors and rumours Lopez will be on the move from teh Bulls and Morris from the Wizards.
  3. Pencil_Towel


    Tomic is a lost cause for mine, he hasn't looked like changing for many years now and blaming others is just maksing the fact that he isn't getting it done personally. I think Kyrios is the real talent, he needs a solid coach, mentor etc to give him the structure/framework to plan and execute a year of tennis. He is incredibly talented (which we all know) and could easily peel of Grand Slams if he reached and maintained his potential. For me, its just sad to see both these guys doing everything BUT play consistent tennis.
  4. Pencil_Towel


    Surely Pelicans administration is smart enough to wait until the off season, thats when they will get most bang for trade when the 'Rose Rule' is expired and the Celtics can deal, will make teams like the Lakers upscale the trade package they offer.
  5. Pencil_Towel

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    Thanks all, great starting point for em to begin my search. Appreciated your taking time to send these reccomendations and thoughts.
  6. Pencil_Towel

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    Howdy all. I have been given full finanacial approval to purchase a BRAND NEW Wind, Mag, Fluid (what ever you wanna call it) trainer by the better half. Just wanted to canvas the Trannie's folk to see what they liked, disliked, wished they had or wished they didn't have. Any and all information is appreciated. Cheers
  7. Pencil_Towel


    Not sure, i've never voted. he does float into the 3 spot for Mavs sometimes, when they have Berea and Smith Jr on the court as well and Barnes on the bench,
  8. Pencil_Towel


    Tom Thibodeau gets the axe by T'Wolves, D'Rose and Luka Doncic out poll KD & AD in the first wave of all star voting. Its all happening!
  9. Pencil_Towel

    Karl Stefenovic

    'It's AnchorMAN, not AnchorLADY' - Ron Burgundy
  10. Pencil_Towel

    Cronulla Sharks

    Fair call, i'll lay my arms down.
  11. Pencil_Towel

    Cronulla Sharks

  12. Pencil_Towel

    Cronulla Sharks

    Making your child wear that shirt is borderline child abuse, im contacting the authorities!
  13. Pencil_Towel


    @Cottoneyes what are your thoughts on the Suns trading Trevor Ariza for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers?
  14. Pencil_Towel


    Thats exactly right in terms of what you should expect from an all rounder coming into the side. However, Media and critics will rank ANY Test all rounder against Jacques Kallis and therefore they inevitably fail....... Just like every wicketkeeper batsmen is compared to Gilchrist
  15. Pencil_Towel


    Statistically, Khawaja avg's over 100 with the bat when he has opened in test cricket (has only done it 4 times, so not a lock) moving him to opener isnt such a bad move. Mitch Marsh or Stoinis coming in to 'bat' middle order and take up some of the bowling load from the quicks isn't a bad move either.