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  1. 2-136 with Warner and Labaschange set, all out for 179. Thats Headingly for you. Doesnt look good i agree, however 179 is better than 79. If Aus bowl well and have them at least 5 down when/if Eng pass to take a lead, game on. But if they are 1-2 down, game just about OVER!
  2. You would think that, but the judiciary panel holds the right to not set precedents, unlike common law. For example you may remember Akuila Uate was charged with a grade one spear tackle before an origin game in 2011. He was subsequently let off and every north of the Tweed was fuming about it. However within that same season, a defence for another player charged with a spear tackle was told he could not use the Uate situation as defence because the NRL claimed (2 months later) that the judiciary got it wrong, Uate should have been suspended, and this case could not be used as precedent. In other words, it seems everything has to be case by case and no similarities are considered, more based on the players record etc. Well thats how i have understood it over the past 10 yrs..... but no doubt im completely wrong..... but who knows with that process!
  3. I would have given not out to all 3
  4. How are the Sharks so inconsistent at scoring points, they score in clumps, like when it rains it pours. Then other times they look so far away from even getting over the line. With a team inc Moylan, Johnson, Graham, Dugan, Morris, Xerri, Feki etc, one would like scoring would be quite abit easier than it seems. Watching Gallen play as a ball handler/1st& 2nd reciever on Sunday was astounishing..... Whats going on in the Shire?
  5. Eitherway, i still think the third umpire should have given not out.
  6. Well said. Agree on all points.
  7. England must think Aussies have a toothless attack when it comes to intimidation, but we have Starc in wings who bowls just as quick and menancing as Archer. I wonder if they would still be using these tactics if Mitchell Johnson was still in the Aussies side...
  8. Day 2 i have Aussies slightly on top, will have to consolidate their position with a full day of batting today to be right on top. Fielding was below the usual lofty standards, but luckily they kept the intensity up and Burns didn't make them pay too much. Good cricket day for the Baggy Green.
  9. Second test kicks off today, much to do about Archer. I hope the Pom's dont heave to much pressure on him, seeing as its his Test DEBUT! I feel he will a bit like Brett Lee, raw pace and passion, but might take some time to find his Test groove, but will be a weapon once he does. Will see some glimpses of his best, but might see some horrbile stuff too. At least Lee had McGrath, Gillespie and Warne to support his progress early, Archer might be found wanting if Broad, Woakes and Leach don't shoulder their load.
  10. Wow, 1-0 after Edgbaston is seiged! I was sceptacle about the team selection, but Siddle was HUGE, can see why he is picked over Starc, do feel for Hazelwood though. Not sold on Bancroft, but win is a win. Poms moral will be low, having had the Aussies 8-122 on Day one, to lose the Test by over 250 runs.
  11. I know RSS of 40 per hour is considered a 'recovery' run done at no greater than 70% effort, so i imagine TSS is the exact same thing. Either way, as you say, 80-100 TSS per day (depending on individual speed at that effort) totalling 560+ TSS score per week is a huge physical toll, let alone the mental application. I did the 30min run everyday for 30 days. That novelty certainly started to wear off as Bored@ says after 2 weeks.
  12. First heard about these guys when they went through Ben Cousins career back in 2017, listened to a few more of American and European sports tragics as well, harder to get into the international ones as i didn't know people who were referenced etc and the sports background. But Cousins was a good listen, will look into Todd Carney now.
  13. Pencil_Towel


    if you dont mind me asking, what spurred this passionate dislike of the OKC Thunder? Were you a Seattle Supersonics fan first?
  14. Bringing Ferguson, Trbojevic in for Mitchell and Morris was a master stroke (still feel Morris deserved another jersey for game 2), but Wighton to centres along with Ferguson gave so much more energy and intensity. I wonder if Latrell's attitude was from confidence htrough form or he didn't like the structure etc, or all of the above. Who knows, but he'll have his work cut out for him to make it back into that side if everyone remains fit.
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