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  1. Pencil_Towel


    Ponting is a great commentator/voice for the Seven network coverage of the cricket. Carrying on from his great Big Bash commentary. No doubt people will disagree, but i reckon he is doing very well, and so are the Aussies! The shots of the crowd when Kohli was caught with that screamer, wow, they looke dlike they were at a funeral! ha
  2. Pencil_Towel

    Can carfrea win kona again?

    Its IRONMAN - 'Anything is possible'
  3. Pencil_Towel


    Very true, i saw a video of LeBron standing around waiting for an inbound, Luke subbed him out and he looked DIRTY to say the least!
  4. Pencil_Towel


    LeBron Lakers = LeBron Cav's. He is leading the team in every statistic apart from Blocks per Game. And now Luke Walton just lets him run the offence for periods of time, just like Tyrone Lue did, is this a problem or just the consequence of putting LeBron into a team with no star power? I wonder how a player like Curry would play on a team in a simialr state. Would he be taking 30+ shots a game???
  5. Pencil_Towel

    Has Anybody Bought from Boozebud

    Same, have used them a bit this year for those odd types of beer, cider etc that local bottleshops don't seem to have.
  6. Pencil_Towel


    Neve rbeen a fan of Michael Clarke (could be the NSW brown paper bag/captaincy thing), but admit at his best was one of Australias best batsmen. His comments this week about winning and being respected as opposed to liked, than taking Journo Gerard Wheatly to task..... Warranted? As a person who was lucky enough to make it to the teir below county cricket in the UK and play some high level cricket in Aus, i see where he is coming from. On the field my team and i were always feircely competitive (never cheated, thats another discussion) and weren't looking to make friends out there. BUT once the game was over, we would always make a point to hang out with the opposition and have a beer etc. I remember playing against Andre Nel in Liverpool, i had seen him on TV playing and i thought he looked like a bit of a cocky twat, but he was just VERY competitive on the field, but you couldn't meet a nicer bloke off it. So i respected him for that. I understand his comment about being respected on the field, but i think some of the Aussie team touring in South Africa was disliked off the field, which creates another dynamic and can easily esculate things on the field.
  7. Pencil_Towel

    Hayne to NFL

    Read a comment from a very unreliable source on social media, take with a grain of salt type thing, that Holmes being pursued is more a case of trying to lure Taumololo over. And apparently the Cowboys are aware of this and thats the reason they went after and signed Josh Mcguire..... Take what you want from that, but it got me thinking, probably furthest away from the truth as possible though.
  8. Pencil_Towel

    Hayne to NFL

    Yeah its all a bit odd to say the least on how this is unfolding. I'm still not a fan of the trial by media, i realise its a page turning big selling story, but let process run its course, hate for this to be another Shaun Kenny Dowell incident, but on the flip side if it is all entirely true, throw the book at him!
  9. Pencil_Towel


    Man that whole Durant and Draymond thing is definitely a bit of a buzz kill for them of late. They will be wanting Curry to return LONG TERM and not be off the court for the rest of the season!!!! I feel Draymond will be shown the door via trade, he is in line for a Max Deal with GSW, but they won't have the cap space and no doubt would prefer to try and keep players like Durant and Thompson. Just my 2 cents, but as you say, its been a CRAZY season thus far and we aren't even 20 games in!
  10. Pencil_Towel


    Totally agree with your point, i am also without Pay TV and havent botehred to watch any thus far. BUT, funnily enough, my parents, their friends, friends of friends, all bought the Pay TV sports package over the past 10 or so years to watch the golf, now they are all laughing...... P.S. they are all well over 60.
  11. Pencil_Towel


    Who are 7 bringing into the Com Box besides Ponting?
  12. Pencil_Towel


    Will be interesting to see how Butler gels with Embiid and Simmons. Whether he is happy to play a role fitting into their system or want to be the MAN as i reckon was the case when walking into Minnosota and not wanting to fall in behind KAT and Wiggins. Time will tell, what a season this is going to be!
  13. Pencil_Towel

    When Hgh is easy to get, you take it. Yanks.

    Been a problem in young males for a while now, Aziz 'Zyzz' Shavershian became a social media superstar with his body building expolits and was dubbed the godfather of the amatuer body building movement in young males called 'Aesthetics'. Zyzz died of cardiac arrest in a sauna back in 2011, due to his high steroid use. Have read some interesting articles and stories about this topic, they call it reverse anorexia or 'Bigorexia', where young males are trying to bulk up and get the ripped body using all sorts of supplements and drugs. These individuals dont usually drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, meaning they justify steroid use as their poison.
  14. Pencil_Towel

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Never said there was an issue 'trickle', just mentioned, like Roxii, i noticed the same behaviour he did.
  15. Pencil_Towel


    The crack down on 'freedom of movement' by the NBA through the referee's has certainly see teams score big