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  1. Pencil_Towel

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    Gee's got a bit on.....
  2. Pencil_Towel


    I watch alot of Jazz games to see Ingles and Exum, Mitchell has been very impressive. On the flip side i watch alot of 76er's games to see Simmons. Tough one, my bet they will both be named dual winners! First games of round 1 playoffs well and truly off and running, All teams yesterday impressed, although i thought Raptors were a bit sluggish, mind you Wizards are a tough team to play so hot and cold! Celtics V Bucks was a great game, Middleton hitting a 3 from the car park to force OT, Bucks just ran out of steam in OT. Cav's comprehensibly beaten on their own floor by Pacers, Oladipo has been most improved this season for mine, what a player!
  3. Pencil_Towel


    I've heard Mark Nicholas will commentate the tennis with expert commentary from Bill Lawry and Shane Warne!
  4. Pencil_Towel


    Kyrie Irving done for season 2017-18. Throw in Hayward's injury, Theis out for season and a few other celtics players struggling to stay on the court, i say good night title chances. Kind of hope Raptors get to the big dance this year, becoming more and more a fan of Demar DeRozan
  5. Pencil_Towel


    That last sentence reminds me of every barefoot bowls i've been too, I can remember getting there, having 'ONE' at each end, and then failing to remember leaving!
  6. Pencil_Towel


    From my experience playing cricket in WA (Bunbury & Mandurah) the pitches are like ROADS! Weather, lack of moisture etc (im guessing) made them quite a batsmens paradise, you need to ball tamper to even the scales! I mean look at the bats they are using these days for goodness sake, block 4, reverse sweep off edge 6, its just ridiculous!
  7. Pencil_Towel


    Totally agree with the Bancroft observation, just trying to get himself alive in the cut throat world of international cricket. I feel ACA will want to shorten their bans and as you say use the legal system as an easy out to drop the bans to 3-6months etc, but media and public pressure might just tip them the other way. Time will tell. Either way you slice it, terrible stain on Australian Cricket that needs to be learnt from and improvements made going forward.
  8. Pencil_Towel


    This will come across naive from me, but Smith press conference staright off the field on day 3 he kind of just played the captains role, took responsibility etc and kind of didn;t really look like he was fully aware of what was going on. fast forward 7 days and i think he was completely shocked himself, makes me feel he wasnt 100% involved, again naive of me i understand, but he kind of looked blindsided by the scheming of others. I think he would have objected to any such plot, hence why he wasnt informed, thats my take. Warner looks more and more guilty everyday, Bancroft perfect fall guy. big question though, how much did Lehmann, or any of the other players know. As said above, naming names will come later and as a former grade cricket bowler, you know what condition the ball is in pretty much 100% of the time you are on the field.
  9. Pencil_Towel


    Booker, Bender and Jackson are good young talent to build around. WOuldn;t hurt to maybe move some pieces and try grab a skilled big man, like a Kanter etc. Chandler is turning 36 and i reckon Len is a bit one dimensional.
  10. Pencil_Towel

    Cigarette tax

    Maybe after 1000 packs bought, need to keep funding the health system
  11. Pencil_Towel


    March Madness, such a cruel way to end a season for the players. But boy is it a spectacle!!!!
  12. Pencil_Towel

    E-Sport USA College

    I glanced an article where the basketball game, NBA 2K18, is starting a 20+ team league, made up of 10 or so individuals who play online and they will be completing for $1,000,000 in prize money. Also, i have friends that log in and watch LIVE game play of action games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike etc, some when on their WT!!! They watch professional team play and apparently some of the team players make 6 figure salaries! TOTALLY out of my depth...... im going for a run!
  13. Pencil_Towel

    The Triathlon Jihadi

    Faris ditched the budgy smugglers for wetsuit and runners in the Otillo Swim Run WC in Sweden a couple years back. Man bun still present.
  14. Pencil_Towel


    Do we believe the "RUMOURS' surrounding Kawhi Leornard and San Antonio open to trading him in the off season? Arguably top 5 player in the league, when fit.
  15. Pencil_Towel

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Of course you would, she has fins on for crying out loud!