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  1. NBA

    March Madness, such a cruel way to end a season for the players. But boy is it a spectacle!!!!
  2. E-Sport USA College

    I glanced an article where the basketball game, NBA 2K18, is starting a 20+ team league, made up of 10 or so individuals who play online and they will be completing for $1,000,000 in prize money. Also, i have friends that log in and watch LIVE game play of action games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike etc, some when on their WT!!! They watch professional team play and apparently some of the team players make 6 figure salaries! TOTALLY out of my depth...... im going for a run!
  3. The Triathlon Jihadi

    Faris ditched the budgy smugglers for wetsuit and runners in the Otillo Swim Run WC in Sweden a couple years back. Man bun still present.
  4. NBA

    Do we believe the "RUMOURS' surrounding Kawhi Leornard and San Antonio open to trading him in the off season? Arguably top 5 player in the league, when fit.
  5. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Of course you would, she has fins on for crying out loud!
  6. Mooloolaba Tri transition area....gone

    Was on bottom level for last one, was fantastic cover!
  7. Is it wrong to laugh at this?

    Serves him right
  8. NBA

    To say the least!
  9. NBA

    Gee's Lavar has gone ALL in...... this could be a brilliant decision, or a terrible one. Grab the popcorn and hold on! ha
  10. most patronising thing said

    'Its like a pistachio in a birds nest'
  11. most patronising thing said

    I've done that too......drafted whole bike leg, was racked closer to exit then me, caught him in first k, asked him he he was going to tail me for the next 20k, next turnaround about 2k down the road he was back about 1min'ish, i quizzed him why was he not on my tail with all the energy he saved on the bike. Kept shrugging everytime i saw him and he was further back. He got the shits...... out split him by 20+mins on the run, saw him in the recovery area, he avoided me.....
  12. Cricket

    I guess the Bancroft selection could also have been as a 'back up' keeping option for the injury prone Paine as well.
  13. Cricket

    I agree whole heartedly with you on all the your observations and points. However I would swap out Burns for Renshaw in the touring party. Technically, skillfully and style, Bancroft & Burns are the exact same batsman. If you look at a break down of their dismissals, pitches they are strong and weak on it is identical. Almost eerily similar. I think Renshaw offers something else entirely and was hard done by not staying in the team for the Ashes.
  14. Busso 70.3

    Well Done, way to keep the mental demons at bay and get a solid result after such a bizarre start to the day! Your run volumes for HIM training seems quite large (to me anyways) i trained for the Melb Marathon this year with the goal of going sub 3:05 to qualify for NY or Boston and avg'd 60k per week, peaked at 80k once. While peaking at 40k for my own HIM training. Thats solid work to keep those numbers up, you'll be sub 1:30 soon no doubt!
  15. Cricket

    Cook struggles against a left arm fast bowling, looked out to see when facing Starc, had no issues at all in his 244 no. BRING BACK JOHNSON!