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  1. Pencil_Towel


    Yeah the rest of the Lakers roster will be the key, i think holding onto Rondo for another year is wise, have him play on the ball and get back to avg 10+ assists a game. I think Kemba and Kyrie will be sort after for the now vacant PG slot. Looking forward to an active off season!
  2. Pencil_Towel


    I think Nick Nurse shot himself in the foot at the end of that 4th qtr, Kawhi scored 8 straight points, Raptors were on a 11-2 run, 6 points ahead with the ball and he called a Timeout. Warriors reset and went on a 9-0 that ultimately won them the game. but happy to have a Game 6, because there is ALOT of time until next season! ha
  3. Pencil_Towel


    They said it was over when Cavs went down 3-1 in 2016.......
  4. Pencil_Towel


    Surely KD plays game 5, irrespective of the state of his injury. He has a whole summer/off season to recover. Warriors have surely got to go all in at this point!
  5. Still one of the best outside backs that has ever laced up a boot. I would drop Chambers and move him into the centres or Gagai into the centres and Folau wing.
  6. QLd could definitely use him come origin time next season
  7. I got put onto the Facebook page, Bad Dates of Melbourne, its actually a pretty good laugh, also very cringe worthy and leaves you thinking how or why people are so wierd! But reading this guys story, makes me think that alot of the stories (if actually true) could have ended up going the same way it went for these unfortunate women....
  8. Pencil_Towel


    GSW through to 5th straight finals series. My view of Draymond Green has changed dramatically during this series win over Portland. He was wired up and is truly a team mate you would love to have on your squad, but dread to play against. I think GSW would be happy to let KD go and resign Green for what he is worth.
  9. Pencil_Towel


    I doubt it, he is still arguably a top 15 player in the league. What it did show is that he probably isnt good enough to be the number 1 option on a team ALL the time. He is a great Number 1b option, just like in Cleveland with LBJ the number 1. I think teams with a proven star/number 1 go too guy with cap space will benefit from his addition, or the Celtics will try hard to get that Number 1 player, as in AD. Free Agency/off season 2019 is going to be just as enthralling as the Playoffs! haha
  10. Yeah i understood it to be race related as in Folaus skin colour, have just seen some commentary where using your religious views or the like to denounce any group (outside of race ie skin colour) you can be considered/called a racist. I didnt think that was the case.
  11. Funnily enough this thread was started by comparing Mundine's views to Folau's views. Mundine has now come out and stated his support for Folau, saying its a stand against racism. My questions, is he implying racism because of the colour of Folaus skin, or his religious beliefs? I grew up believeing racism is directed as races of people being targeted as superior or inferior (very basic explanantion). Now i am reading that racism can include religious views, sexual preference etc...... am I mistaken or is the later incorrect? Im honestly not sure.
  12. Pencil_Towel


    These 2nd round playoff series have been great, aside from Bucks V Celtics, to call Celtics Bipolar would be offensive to people suffering Bipolar! They have been trash in the last 3 games, 2 home losses, Beantown wont be impressed! Anyways, i like a Bucks V Raptors/Sixers ECF and i feel whoever wins out of Warriors V Rockets (i feel Warriors will just get through) will take care of eitehr Nuggets or Blazers.
  13. Same thing i heard about Newtons a few years back when Crowie was winning everything. Have been in Saucony Kinvara's for nearly 7 years, marathons, IM, 70.3 etc, i'll get 800-1000k out of them easy, usually have 2-3 in rotation for conditions and where im running.
  14. Is that Aussie mini series/movie about him worth watching to actually find out how he got himself into this position?
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