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  1. Pencil_Towel

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Agree with all of the above, also Cal is a Kiwi, and from what i have seen of him on Social Media etc, he takes the mickey out of everyone and everything inc himself. I cant imagine there was much if any malice in his Bot comment regarding Crowley.
  2. Pencil_Towel

    The Batchelor

    Raelene Castle has some questions to answer
  3. Pencil_Towel

    Category description - is it just me or is this a bit weird

    Last time i did Mooloolaba Oympic Dist, my 25-29 AG Wave started directly after the 100+ Clydesdale wave...... What an experience, half were breast stroking before the first buoy 100m out
  4. Pencil_Towel

    Dating online

    Just go on of the Bachelor FFF, no gurantee's though
  5. Pencil_Towel

    The Batchelor

    What did the Steve Miller Band say? GO ON, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!
  6. Pencil_Towel

    Dark Horse for 2019 Kona

    I follow him on Social media and he does seem to be training his back side off too..... intriguing indeed, hope he does well too.
  7. Pencil_Towel

    Dark Horse for 2019 Kona

    I havent followed Cam on Insta, but he comes up heaps in my 'Search' feed under sports. Obviously i follow triathlon in general but have seen ALOT of him in the past 4-6 weeks. Looks like he is in Beast mode and training like a man possessed! Hope he does well.
  8. Pencil_Towel

    Dating online

    I've been to weddings for couples that have met on RSVP, never Tinder, although it seems i may be attending a wedding for friends of my partner that met on Grinder
  9. Pencil_Towel

    Dating online

    I used Tinder many years ago, was hit and miss (no pun intended) but quit after meeting a lady for a morning coffee on a sunday morning after a long run around 10am. All went fine, i had my dog with me, she fell in love with him (Blue Cattle Dog - named Buck). So after what felt like a 3hr chat and mainly dog pat for her, i paid for the coffee's and food, went to leave and she wouldn't let my dog go. Said that we should go to the park, so loaded her and dog into my Ute and off to nearest dog park. Long story short it was 7pm that evening when i finally dropped her back to her car at the now closed coffee shop........ moral here, don;t take pets and have someone lined up to call you if you need an out.......
  10. Pencil_Towel

    AFL 2018

    Ripping game, just how you want a GF to be i guess. Two friends, one a Pie's man, the other a Blue, were chatting about the game and the Blue said, well i can't criticise as Carlton finshed near last this season, to which the Pie's supporter replied, i'd rather finish with a wooden spoon as opposed to being runners up......
  11. Pencil_Towel

    AFL 2018

    I wonder if Gary Lyons had a hand in that decision
  12. Pencil_Towel

    AFL 2018

    Buckley Wins coach of the Year, this time last year he should be sacked/let go, he is burnt out lost the playing group! Couldn't write this stuff.... no wait..... yes you can! ha
  13. Pencil_Towel

    All things NRL

    Thats a young Folau in the background
  14. Pencil_Towel

    AFL 2018

    Agreed, Tigers never got out of second gear for large parts of the season. I think the week off hurt them, lost their 'rhythm' and faced a Collingwood team that hit the ground running and never looked back.
  15. Pencil_Towel

    All things NRL

    I think its quite an interesting side note that both Dylan Napa and Latrell Mitchell who were each suspended for dangerous contact to a players head/neck will return for suspension just in time to play in a Grand Final. And i only just caught Friends tackle on Inglis, i realise like Slater, his intent wasnt to hurt anyone, but i feel the consequences of Friends tackle could be deemed far greater than Slater's shoulder charge/bump. Mind you, everyone has their own take on it, so will be interesting to see how he fairs tonight.