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  1. not sure why it isn't letting me post pictures, if someone could help me out that would be lovely
  2. UPDATE: price drop to $7000. For serious buyers I will have it cleaned and inspected by a professional bike shop upon request. Reluctant sale. All parts were bought new 2 years ago, I am the original owner. Only has 3500 miles on it (5600kms). Pedals, garmin and rear water bottle cage are NOT included. Frame size Large. I am 6'4" but I would say it is suitable for anyone down to 5'10" Rolf Prima TdF 58mm with continental sprinter tubulars. Profile Design SVET base bar (carbon) Profile Desifn CobraS stem (carbon) Profile Design aerobars (carbon) Ultegra cassette and crank. Yellow swiss stop brake pads ISM time trial saddle. Everything new was over $11,000 I am asking for $7,000. The price is negotiable and I can sell with or without wheels. Based in Brisbane.
  3. ok just looked at some of the hotel prices and WOW :0 realization that I need to split the costs with someone. I'm form Merica so the accommodation costs came as a shock to me. I'm used to paying $80 a night for the fancy hotels lol I am 27 year old male, goal is to get in before sunset. Looking to stay 7 days, Dec 2nd-Dec 9th so Tuesday to Tuesday, maybe Tuesday - monday. I'm flexible. That is IM Busso, not IMW
  4. Alright I won't be needing to assimilate to this Australian 5am start time. Starting at 10 wasn't that bad at all, went out to Bribie island and did 164kms in 6 hours, avergaed 17mph which is a lot better than expected but still crap compared to my glory days. Sure the first hour of the ride was a bit hectic but not really any worse than it was when I left at 7am before. After that you hit Old Gympie and its all smooth sailing from there on out, came back in on the Deagon Deviation and that was even better than heading out on the A3 in terms of traffic. Right when you're at that 4 hour mark and starting to get tired the weather starts cooling down and you get a nice breeze for the stretch back home. Not bad at all!
  5. looks like I am heading out solo from Auchenflower tomrrow morning 9am
  6. in AMERICA we start sometimes at noon, it doen't get dark till 9:30pm in the summers. It's not uncommon to start even as late as 2pm for 6 hour sessions
  7. what's wrong with 100 miles in 6 hours? that's not a bad pace
  8. Hey guys I am looking to do a 100mile ride sometime over my break. I get a week off from Uni at UQ next week. I want to start the bike training and also looking to meet some people doing ironman western australia in December so I actually know someone when I get there and have some people to train with. I ride a TT argon18, pace 15-16mph. Would prefer a 9am start.
  9. I've done a triathlon where someone had died in the swim. Actually you are about 5 times more likely to die in a triathlon than on a skydive. Problem is you do many more skydives than triathlons, so like you can easily do 5 skydives in a day to create the equivalent risk of one triathlon. I do about 5-10 per weekend so about same risk as one triathlon per week if you factor in expeirience goes up with more jumps/risk goes down and those triathlon numbers don't include fatalities during training. I have considered parachuting into the swim start (but it might be a bit pretentious) but you need lots of experience to obtain an event permit which is required for parachuting into public events consiting of large crowds. In australia they also have separate licenses you need for parachuting into public places not sure how that all works here. In the US it's just like D license I think. Bottom line, people who do that have thousands of jumps and super experienced.
  10. so long as we have a 'alcohol getting in the way of training' thread I thought I'd start this. I want to do the Ironman Port MacQuarie in May (assuming it is still unsold, checked a week ago and there were still spots) but whenever I am caught up on all my schoolwork I will go on a skydiving binge over the weekend so it is really hard to train meaningfully. I will sleep at the bunk houses at my home dropzone over the weekend, skydive all day drink red bulls go to bed wake up and skydive all day again. Go home on Sunday night exhausted. Needless to say this is not the most conducive lifestyle to getting fit for an IM. Should I just sign up for this race and if I have to walk the marathon I walk the marathon? I have 6 IM finishes and one quit over the last ~6 years. I can finish these no problem but to actually 'race' the marathon I can only do with significant dedication to training. This I cannot do due to my current skydiving problem. I am stuck, I want to do ironmans again, but with having done a handful of these it almost makes no sense anymore just to do one and probably have a horrible finishing time. Also I am new here, I did all mine IMs in the US and there are huge crowds at night, but here in Australia I feel like people don't play around and everyone doing this is gonna have fast times and all supporters/spectators leave early. Does it get lonely for the slow finishers at night in aussie races? What are the numbers like? In the US 3000 entrants is not uncommon with ~1000 going into the night after sunsets so at least if you feel like crap and out of shape you're in good company. Anyone else in similar situation? It doesn't have to be because of skydiving but in general like because of work or family commitments that just prevent you from being able to train up for a good IM finish? So you can finish but feeling like it's not worth it if you can't train like you used to for a good performance?
  11. this is probably the best advice you'll get on here. Hard to get help when your drinking is interfering with 'ironman' training. LOL at the comments to go to AA. "Hello my name is XY and I'm an alcoholic, my drinking limits me to competing at only half ironman's! I need help! I work all week, train all day on the weekends and have to cut it short just so I can enjoy a few cold beers!"
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