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  1. davros

    Super league season 2 this weekend

    I'm no macca fan, but the racing and coverage was brilliant. I really like enduro format and Ali Brownlee commentary took it to another level. Its worth watching just for the great close up video of the swim.
  2. davros

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    Yeah for me its about the training and challenging myself relative to my ability. If I ever do IM distance I'd be super happy to get anywhere near 13 hours.
  3. davros

    Husky Weekend

    Hell yeah I'll be there all weekend. Just done my last long run and hope I feel less smashed by sunday. Off some good form (by my standards) I am gunning to go sub-six. My hint for first timers is secure your bottles well - lots of ejections. Someone asked wetsuit swim - probably but not guaranteed. Miss Jess the lady you beat at tri canberra will be doing long course. Can anyone tell Emo to please set the run distance right - the extra 800m last year nearly killed me ; )
  4. davros

    Formula 2 Elite Energy

    I just went to register and found it closed - would have been fun, maybe next time...
  5. davros

    Formula 2 Elite Energy

    I think I can get around in under the cutoff, the layout looks pretty compact so hopefully transitions shouldn't be too long. With short breaks pacing will be a weird balance between OD pace and max-effort intervals. But how will I get all the legs on my 735 to track my splits???
  6. davros

    Half Iron Enduro Format

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Not enough enduros. I think the short swim and multi-lap format makes a lot of sense.
  7. davros

    Long course weekend

    There's a website for Jervis Bay http://www.lcwjervisbay.com/ in the brochures given out at husky. Emo gives dates above for Mandurah but I don't see anything else. I'm interested but won't enter until closer to the date - will depend how my off-season goes whether I have any chance to complete even the middle distances...
  8. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    I nearly did that once - so glad I didn't it would have been soooo embarrassing As per others, I saw minimal drafting. Now if only they'd resurface that road - on the faster sections I was vibrating so much I felt like I was about to enter hyperspace.
  9. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    That sucks, racing with the lurgy is awful. I must have come by you shortly after T2 judging by the times. You still beat me out of the water by 2 mins despite being unable to breathe : /
  10. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    What a great day. Beautiful weather (contrary) to the forecast. As usual wonderful atmosphere. 6 hours of pain. Why do we do it I have no idea. I'll be back next year. New run turnaround made the course close to 21km which was particularly painful to me because I screwed up my nutrition and finished bonked.
  11. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    See you all tomorrow. Definitely bring wetsuit although the water is very nice. Flanman, I'll be the one with a Bungy chord
  12. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    Anyone know what pros are racing? Also, anyone in the premium wave want to tow me around?
  13. davros

    Husky - Who's in ?

    Just arrived. I am pumped to go sub-6, this wind is not going to help, but won't be the super hot day originally forecast.
  14. davros

    When did you last do an Iron Distance?

    I will probably do an ironman one day, but right now half-iron is plenty tough enough for me. And I really enjoy sprint/standard distance events too.
  15. davros

    Anyone going to Canberra at the end of the month?

    Anyone want to tell me the swim course was a bit long? All too likely I just swam slow. But a bike PR and hit my run goal so super happy : ) Bogfrog you were one of two people to start late, great of Emo to adjust your time.