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  1. Tossacoin

    Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    The LBS kit i wear is made by ventou. Its great quality and i believe its also Aussie made.
  2. Tossacoin

    Treadmill owners, help me out!

    Seems to be a common concern in stuff ive read... Cheers
  3. Tossacoin

    Treadmill owners, help me out!

    Cheers team
  4. Tossacoin

    Treadmill owners, help me out!

    I want to flick the switch but im in the city concrete jungle, sans garage. Do any of you use a treadmill inside & on the carpet? If so, do you use a mat? Lino? What's your eperience with carpet wear & tear?
  5. Tossacoin

    Busso Accommodation

    Now have to work, can't race. Another DNS Accommo non refundable, but is transferable. This has been confirmed directly with the park. Details below, dm me for anything else. I paid $1376. Id like to get $900 to soften the blow. BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park 10 Earnshaw Rd, West Busselton Reservation dates: 30 Nov. 2017 - 4 Dec. 2017 2 adults Spa Villa (6 Berth) Included amenities Free Parking, Free Wireless Internet 1 Queen Bed and 4 Twin Beds Non-smoking room Price summary Price breakdown Room price AU$1,376.004 nights: AU$344.00 /night Taxes : included Total AU$1,376.00 Guest Charges and Room Capacity Base rate is for 2 guests. Total maximum number of guests per room/unit is 6.Maximum number of adults per room/unit is 6.Maximum number of children per room/unit is 4.Maximum number of infants per room/unit is 1.This property considers guests aged 17 and under, at time of travel, to be children. Availability of accommodation in the same property for extra guests is not guaranteed. The fee for extra adults is AU$35.29 per person. The fee for extra children is AU$35.29 per person.
  6. Tossacoin

    Lachie's New Bike

    Bring back the Softride!
  7. Tossacoin

    Lachie's New Bike

    I raced over there on the weekend as well. Massive hats off to Lachie. He was more thsn happy to have a chat before & after the race. During the run, even after all of his issues he was still giving me shout outs. Kudos mate, you're the embodiment of "death before DNF" & I can't wait to see you race again.
  8. Tossacoin

    Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    I flew Singapore Air for a race in Asia. Can confirm the bike was just treated as normal baggage under the allocated allowance
  9. Tossacoin

    IM Cairns 2017

    Wowzers. Hats off to her. That's incredible.
  10. Tossacoin

    Ironman Taiwan 2016 date

    Last year I actually got a quote from a travel agent and with stopovers etc it put me off.... Just too out of the way. I'd love to go to the states but can't match it with work. I'm considering Bintan again. Logistics are easy as, but not your typical "destination" race
  11. Tossacoin

    Ironman Taiwan 2016 date

    I was considering it but starting to think if I go overseas for another one that Langkawi may be a better option, purely from a logistical standpoint....
  12. Tossacoin

    IM Cairns 2017

    That's what I also based my comment on
  13. Tossacoin

    IM Cairns 2017

    Rolled down to at least 11th I believe
  14. Tossacoin

    IM Cairns 2017

    Pros were clean as from what I saw, my frustrations came from seeing what was going on amongst the agers that should known better
  15. Tossacoin

    IM Cairns 2017

    11:00 on the dot for me yesterday, slowest ironman of the 5ive done but off the back of absolutely minimal prep so I'm happy enough. It was interesting seeing the race from. Different perspective. Drafting at the front end was a disgrace. Athletes need to take some responsibility themselves. Rant over. Congratulations to all who made the start line, regardless of your result