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  1. Nothing better than an afternoon snooze.
  2. toolex

    Mini pump recommendations?

    Any recommendations for mini pumps to be carried on the bike? Are the hybrid pump / CO2 heads worth it? Go cheap and replace every couple of years, or premium and hope it lasts longer? Currently I have the "Topeak Road Morph with Gauge", but the seals are leaking, and it's big. Needs replacement. I carry C02, but I think it's worth a manual pump too for every day rides at least. Cheap: http://www.wiggle.com.au/lifeline-performance-cnc-mini-pump/ Premium: http://www.wiggle.com.au/lezyne-digital-pressure-drive-hand-pump/ Hybrid :http://www.wiggle.com.au/lifeline-hybrid-co2-mini-pump-race/ Thanks!
  3. toolex

    Men’s comm games tri. NOW 1pm it’s wet

    Maybe two sprints per gender, top 15 (20 for olympics) in the first race in the morning qualify for the final in the afternoon?
  4. toolex

    Work stuff ups.

    On the subject of workplace injuries, two weeks ago a group of guys decided to have a chilli eating competition at lunch (as in the hot peppers, not chilli con carne). Two of them ended up going to hospital with extreme stomach pain. How do you classify those injuries in the monthly WHS report?
  5. toolex

    Weird cop moment

    Did you look like you might have been holding a phone? There are a lot of police on bikes moving along lines of traffic at lights looking for people breaking the law by sing mobile devices.
  6. toolex

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Tim Reed was doing it until recently.
  7. toolex

    Uber-Autonomous Fatality

    I'd love to know how insurance works for the autonomous car operators. Surely the normal tables/probabilities the big insurers use wouldn't be applicable to autonomous cars.
  8. toolex

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    We went up for the weekend. Ran one and a bit lap, and cycled the course. People aren't joking about Mathew Flinders Drive :-) I can TOTALLY believe that walking it on the second lap of the full ironman is a reasonable option :-) The hill up to Bonny Hills from the south isn't insignificant either - and doesn't help that it has probably the worst road surface of the whole course...
  9. toolex

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Doing the 70.3. I'm sure on the day I'll be jealous of everyone doing the full thing!
  10. toolex

    Height & weight

    183cm, 71kg
  11. toolex

    Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Definitely one for www.marathoninvestigation.com
  12. toolex


    These were Kayanos, so definitely not designed for the trail, but drained fine. Once you got used to the wierdness of running into the water with shoes on it was all good. Maybe 10 metres after getting out of the water it was just like running in the rain and having wet shoes.
  13. toolex


    We just used normal runners - worked fine if you are looking to go the cheap route :-)
  14. toolex

    beep Test - What level can you do?

    Is there two different tests with different intervals or something? Is there an accepted standard for the interval time, number of intervals and distance you have to run? I swear there is a huge range of results I see that couldn't just be explained by a couch potato "having a big engine".
  15. toolex

    Tubeless wheels

    Let's say I was being conservative :-)