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  1. I was strongly advised to get a "supercap" powered one rather than a battery - in Australian conditions batteries don't last long as they go through many heat up/cool down cycles when the car is parked.
  2. Wow seems like a great deal especially on the wheels. Debating with myself if it's worth converting to tubulars...
  3. Yeah I knew there couldn't be a hour long delay. They do have a few minutes leeway, but not that long. Rescheduled for I think 5:22am Sunday.
  4. I'm hoping for a one hour delay to be able to watch it at work...
  5. You can get standalone solar hot water systems - either electric or thermal power. We started getting quotes as our gas tank is getting old. It's not SUPER cheap, but if you use a lot of hot water the payback time isn't too bad. Thermal is kinda like the old solarhart systems you still see on rooftops, just a lot more efficient now. Electric is just a standalone solar panel on the roof that runs a super efficient heat pump attached to the tank. The thermal systems can be roof mounted, or ground mounted with a small circulation pump. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/hot-water/type/ You can get connect your normal household solar electric system to an electric hot water heater of course. You can get a "diverter" which recognises if you are generating more than you are using around the house and send the extra to the hot water tank. I was recommended against it based on the payback time, but I didn't do the numbers myself.
  6. Ryde and Maquarie Uni both closed too.
  7. In a few years when his time for work experience comes up, and he's happy with the "air" side rather than the "space" side, I'm at Airbus (though not Brisbane) and we have a pretty good work experience / graduate program.
  8. I caught a small unmanned launch when in Orlando for a conference. Was awesome, and I can't imagine how loud a shuttle launch would have been.
  9. A few days in now. I definitely overestimated production, at least for this time of year. I also haven't got the tree trimmed yet that is doing a bit of shading. Still seeing how much we are producing and using during the day before moving the overnight scheduled stuff.
  10. Panels were installed late March. They emailed Energy Australia the next day, EA were supposed to email us within 5 days to acknowledge the install, and start the process of doing the required meter works. I had to chase them up after 10 days, and only 5 days ago got the notification that they would be out within 15 business days. So long story short; installed but not yet generating electricity.
  11. Cool thanks. Not sure what brand the snips I'm using are, but pretty sure they're not aircraft standard. It's very hard not to mar the surface adjacent to the cut though. I thought the coating would be tougher/harder. Got a bit stuck when I found the top of some of the sheets have a screw that is BEHIND a fascia board. I took a tile out and can see the screw head, but the angle of the drill and socket drive wouldn't work to get the screw out. I don't have a 5/16" spanner, so Bunnings it is tomorrow to get a spanner or socket to go with a wrench. Luckily Bunnings counts as an "essential service" in these times. Shame it's raining now given there is one sheet that's missing. Not so much different to the previous situation with rust holes I guess. The sandstone patio underneath should be able to handle a bit of rain.
  12. Cut number one done. Tried some pro shears lent by a friend - they were awesome on the "downhill", but going uphill was IMPOSSIBLE. Got through it with a bit of elbow grease using the tin snips inherited from my grandfather, rust and all. Not the prettiest cut, I think if I touch up the edges it should be OK. If not, I can replace that sheet if it rusts before all the others. Three cuts to go if I get lucky with overlaps, otherwise seven to go... Shoulder/bicep is going to interesting tonight...
  13. Yep still at work. As an aero engineer feeling lucky that I still have a job, so not complaining. Team split in two, half of us moved to another hanger. Unless restrictions on movement get worse we'll be doing it until restrictions end. We could work from home at reduced efficiency, but seems like management no real plans for that at the moment. we've got plenty of work, so again lucky that I'll still have an income I guess.
  14. Solar panels being installed as we speak. Just in time for dealing with extra time at home during the day...
  15. toolex


    We went for a takeaway on the weekend that we normally wouldn't have - we don't want our local Thai to go out of business...
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