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  1. So let's say someone, BOP, is just out there to "have fun" and finish feeling OK rather than than risking blowing up chasing a PB and walking the last 10km, Their calves are taking longer and longer to recover after the weekly long run. How much benefit is there in doing a long run on Sunday or Monday (so ~2 weeks to recover), versus just doing 10km off the (long) bike on Saturday? Longest run has been 31km the day after a 150km ride. Asking for a friend.
  2. Pool hours this weekend for the Sydney inner west-ish / north-west-ish area... Sydney Olympic Park - Closed all four days Macquarie Uni - Closed Friday, open Saturday/Sunday/Monday 6:00 - 18:45 (I swear I saw they were closed Sunday though - maybe double check) Epping (Dense Park) - Closed Friday, open Saturday/Sunday/(probably) Monday 8:00 - 12:00 Ryde - Closed Friday, open Saturday/Sunday/Monday 9:00 - 17:45 (as usual in 25m mode the whole time) Cabarita - Closed Friday, open Sat/Sun/Mon 8:00 - 18:30
  3. Wurf is going to lap me on the bike 😞
  4. Did the sydney race two years ago. Wad awesome. Was entered in this years race too (last weekend in april) but partner had to withdraw. Totally dfferent atmosphere to a triathlon - closer to a parkrun with people out there to have fun rather than be super competitive. For example at one swim exit there was a queue to usethe only pair of stairs, but no one was getting agro about have to wait for 30 seconds or so. It was nice to do a multisport event right in the heart of the city again.
  5. Any reduction in waste is good. Would have been good marketing though for Ironman to provide free bags that people could re-use for shopping etc. Hopefully someone comes up with a way to reduce the waste created by the drink bottles they give out on course. Doesn't seem like an easy problem. Maybe there is a more bio-degradable material they could use, considering most (or at least a significant proportion) are probably only in use for the distance between one or two aid stations.
  6. Both devices will have their own alogirthms for smoothing the data and detecting stops which inevitably will give different results - but 850m difference over 50km is a lot. Can you check on the Garmin settings that autopause is set to "when stopped" (as opposed to a custom speed - e.g. if it was set to 10km/h you'd miss all the distance between 0 and 10 when you start from a set of lights and from 10 to 0 when you are slowing down). Also check on the Garmin that recording is "every second" rather than "smart"
  7. First albums were bought at the same time using a $30 Brashs voucher from my grandmother. I went in to buy Big Audio Dynamite... an had enough left over to buy John Farnham...
  8. Would hire bike bag and wheels. Wouldn't rent out any of my stuff.
  9. Can you clarify how you are recording your data? Where is Strava getting data? From a standalone unit, perhaps the Garmin you mention? But then that wouldn't be consistent when you say that Strava and your bicycle computer agree. I suspect it might have just as much to do with the various "autopause" settings/algorithms on each device than the accuracy of a particular unit.
  10. Has anyone tried wheels from "Xtreme Carbon" - https://www.xtreme-carbon.com/product-category/wheels/ ? They are very cheap - for example their 80mm clincher aluminium brake track model is pretty much the cost of hiring a pair of Zipp 808s for two weekends, which seems pretty good if they are good quality. They hubs are different, but I like the design. I know people say "just get a pair of second hand [insert known brand name here]", but that's easier said than done - if you have any links to good value second hand wheels please post 'em!
  11. toolex

    Port 2019

    Ah crap sorry if I had've clicked though one more button I would have seen the info I was looking for. Looks like up to Tier 4 for the full. Who know how many at each tier though I guess.
  12. toolex

    Port 2019

    Anyone entered recently? What pricing tier are they up to for the full / half?
  13. I think their are parallels to the podcast scene at the moment. There are a lot of podcasts that are completely free to download, but either have ads, have a Patreon option (i.e. voluntary pay what you want), or both. Most that do Patreon offer "swag" or bonus episodes for people who contribute a certain amount. If you were to set up a Patreon option, I think some people would contribute. I'd be happy to do $1 a month at least :-). I can't think of a "bonus" that you could offer for subscribing. I think the forum is small enough to not want to exclude anyone from "exclusive" Q&As or meetups or caps or anything.
  14. toolex

    Advice for first 70.3

    Dangerous? I definitely see more near misses at the mount line with people trying to get their feet into shoes than I have seen near misses due to running through transition with shoes on. Maybe that's because I'm up the back with others who can't swim or do other things good too.
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