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  1. 80 year old final finisher - jeez I hope I can do that at that age. awesome atmosphere
  2. So how much was each "advantage" over a normal record-legal marathon worth? - pacers and car the whole way - pacers providing a windbreak the whole way - drink being handed to him - course with minimal corners? I think having pacers the whole way would be the biggest advantage. I the top 5 guys got together in one race and worked together, could they be only 20 seconds slower than having fresh guys regularly? -
  3. https://wanderlust.com/108s/ Don't over train for legs two and three.
  4. Yep that was my guess too - jeez they are loud, and they are looking for nests of other unsuspecting birds at the moment to sneak in their eggs. There are some amazing videos out there of magpies raising baby cuckoos. The cuckoos end up twice the size of the magpie, but apparently the magpies are too stupid to recognise there is something wrong... This page has a recording... http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Scythrops-novaehollandiae
  5. Thanks for all the info and advice in this topic. I'm doing some of my own numbers before I get quotes. One thing I'm not sure about is actual physical size of panels to work out how many I could fit on each roof segment. Of course I'm sure it varies a bit between manufacturers, but one random website said about 2.0m x 1.0m for a 300w panel. Does that seem reasonable? Thanks!
  6. toolex

    Swimming World Champs

    One article said Ledcky's last 50 was the slowest of any of the 8 in the final, Surely she must have blown up and didn't make a tactical error.
  7. any suggestions on who to replace him with? I'm not in the transitions league... not that you'd have to worry about my score if I was :-)
  8. Artarmon Reserve has a paved path around the outside - it's not a perfect oval or anything though
  9. I think their system is set up such that you can't get two official results on the same day EXCEPT on new year's day
  10. 2014 I spewed four times in the swim. Not sure if it was the wave motion or swallowing a few mouthfuls in the chop. (Not complaing or looking for kudos - just reminded me of good times :-)) That year it looked really bad on the Saturday but calmed a bit for Sunday; hopefuly it improves a bit this year too. Good luck for the race!
  11. toolex

    Dave and crowie

    You can go to https://y2mate.com/youtube-to-mp3/ and enter the link to the video you want to download as an mp3. For example, for the first video of the two above, it's https://y2mate.com/youtube-to-mp3/VchT2VTMMgQ Then just click the green download button.
  12. Born at 34 + 1 because one was hogging the placenta. 2.5kg and 1.75kg but the same length, so the smaller one is a scrawny little guy. Hanging out in neonatal for a few weeks while they develop/improve their sucking instinct and muscles. Wife is now learning what it's like to get up early after years of sleeping in :-)
  13. Congrats. Mine were born last week monday. During our fortnightly scans the doctor was giving me the percentage chance they'd still be on the inside by the time Port came around. Made it by 2 weeks 🙂 Partner was interested for a while and did a few sprints and an OD, but has lost interest in training. She is still willing to talk about it if I want to, and comes to all races (with the most recent an exception). Training while she was pregnant worked well - she was happy to sleep in and get up at the same time I was getting back from a long ride or run.
  14. I do have some clip ons already, but if you think the matching pair should stay together :-) Feel like I'm taking advantage though and there might be others out there who need/want them more.
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