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  1. toolex

    Fastest Ironman branded race

    Course ratings for overall and each leg: https://www.trirating.com/course-ratings/ A negative value means slower than "expected", positive faster.
  2. toolex

    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    I went - it was good! I think Anna drank at least three glasses of wine while on stage. I'm glad they did about 45 minutes of other stuff besides the podcast - made it a bit better value.
  3. toolex

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    Not a comment on which one is "better", but at 2018 Port Mac 70.3 I would estimate between a quarter and a third of all the bikes were road bikes - so even at a relatively big race like that you won't stand out from the crowd too much on a road bike.
  4. toolex

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    2.105 90.49 21.69 During the run I thought my watch was pretty close (within 25m) at the various KM markers on the course (not that I'm saying they are perfectly accurate)... it ticked over 21km on the Buller St footbridge which was clearly more than 100m from the finish line...
  5. toolex

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Athlete's Guide says the 70.3 run is 21.7km... making up for the short course in Texas maybe... Also the run map is slightly confusing... coming out of transition it has the pointing arrow the wrong way (back into transition), and turning left to go against the flow... Yes I'm being picky :-)
  6. toolex

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    Full  Race no.  Trannie name Name AG  19106 IronmanFoz Andrew Foster M50 - 54 558 The New Guy Nick Hall  M35 - 39   245 Blobby Stephen White M50 - 54  14266 Dave T David Thornton M55 -59 1048 Rory-dognz Richard Houghton M50 - 54 286 Badger77 Staff Hurlston M50-54 694 Trickle Sean Dench M40-44 296 Tall Paul Paul Marshall M45 - 49 12332 noknees Chris Ernst M50 - 54 30-009 Paul Every M50 - 54 231 K3vski Kevin Siah M35-39 985 Youngy2 Gayle Young F50-54 1115 Youngy Tony Young M45-49 17-058 AP Allan Pitman M70-74 70.3 Race no. Trannie name Name AG 2929 Flanman Michael Flanagan 55.59 (Bronze Wanker 😎) 2533 Wombattri Andrew Ritter M40-44 (Silver wanker) 2983 Goodcatch Kevin Dixon M60-64 2589 MissJess Jessica Edwards F40-44 2333 toolex Alex Hill M35-39  Rooting on the Sideline (i.e. watching) Roxii  iFoz (I'll be out there chalking up the run course)  RunBrettRun (will be in T1 change tent till 10am. Presumably men's tent, conceivably women's)
  7. Nothing better than an afternoon snooze.
  8. toolex

    Mini pump recommendations?

    Any recommendations for mini pumps to be carried on the bike? Are the hybrid pump / CO2 heads worth it? Go cheap and replace every couple of years, or premium and hope it lasts longer? Currently I have the "Topeak Road Morph with Gauge", but the seals are leaking, and it's big. Needs replacement. I carry C02, but I think it's worth a manual pump too for every day rides at least. Cheap: http://www.wiggle.com.au/lifeline-performance-cnc-mini-pump/ Premium: http://www.wiggle.com.au/lezyne-digital-pressure-drive-hand-pump/ Hybrid :http://www.wiggle.com.au/lifeline-hybrid-co2-mini-pump-race/ Thanks!
  9. toolex

    Men’s comm games tri. NOW 1pm it’s wet

    Maybe two sprints per gender, top 15 (20 for olympics) in the first race in the morning qualify for the final in the afternoon?
  10. toolex

    Work stuff ups.

    On the subject of workplace injuries, two weeks ago a group of guys decided to have a chilli eating competition at lunch (as in the hot peppers, not chilli con carne). Two of them ended up going to hospital with extreme stomach pain. How do you classify those injuries in the monthly WHS report?
  11. toolex

    Weird cop moment

    Did you look like you might have been holding a phone? There are a lot of police on bikes moving along lines of traffic at lights looking for people breaking the law by sing mobile devices.
  12. toolex

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Tim Reed was doing it until recently.
  13. toolex

    Uber-Autonomous Fatality

    I'd love to know how insurance works for the autonomous car operators. Surely the normal tables/probabilities the big insurers use wouldn't be applicable to autonomous cars.
  14. toolex

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    We went up for the weekend. Ran one and a bit lap, and cycled the course. People aren't joking about Mathew Flinders Drive :-) I can TOTALLY believe that walking it on the second lap of the full ironman is a reasonable option :-) The hill up to Bonny Hills from the south isn't insignificant either - and doesn't help that it has probably the worst road surface of the whole course...
  15. toolex

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Doing the 70.3. I'm sure on the day I'll be jealous of everyone doing the full thing!