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  1. Awesome. Thank you. The Fronius inverter rating does seem weird... looks like there is a "5kW" model and a "5kW Australia" model which as you say is only rated at 4.6kW. Bizzare. I'm leaning towards the 16x QCell 330W panels and 5kW Solar Edge inverter for $6060 at the moment. Will have to think about the smart meter upgrade. Are there any monitors/meters that can say "OK we are feeding back > 2kW at the moment, turn on the pool pump now" ? Possibly if I can get the data myself I could rig up something using IFTT and a wifi controlled power point, but surely someone has seen that market opportunity already.
  2. Awesome thanks I'll start the search :-)
  3. Awesome thanks. What's the model number/name?
  4. OK I finally got a couple of quotes. I have made up my own spreadsheet to work out the payback period. Of course that involves a few assumptions in regards to future usage and how much the system will generate. Hopefully I've made conservative assumptions. The payback ranges from 5.7 through to 11.9 years. I was hoping someone might be able to have a quick high-level look to see if I've made any stupid assumptions or errors, and could comment on which quote seems like good value for the panel/inverter combo. Thanks heaps!
  5. Any review on the pram? I've been pushing our twins in their "everyday" pram - I'm interested in if a more running specific pram would make a reasonable difference. There's a guy at our parkrun who does sub 19 minutes pushing FOUR kids in a pram!
  6. I bought an eBay special which seems to work fine. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tacx-Saddle-Rail-Adaptor-for-Mounting-Bottle-Cage-Behind-Saddle-/192899518876?hash=item2ce9b5119c
  7. I think my second reply was a response to a 2004 era thread where the OP asked how long the Bay Run was, the first answer said 7km, I said I've measured it using GPS as a bit longer than that and you may as well take credit for the extra 250m or so, the next post was some guy who did the measuring for various fun runs around sydney, jumping down my throat saying how inaccurate GPS was and my opinion was crap. When I replied to ask how far he thought it was, his value less than 20m different to mine... Not bitter or anything 🙂
  8. Anyone successful in the lottery? Kinda unfortunately I was. I was hoping to miss out this year to improve my chances for the next few years. Not a great timing for me with new kids and a slight injury that I'd like to let heal completely... Now need to decide whether to take it up, or try to qualify and win the lottery again in a few years...
  9. I work for Airbus, and my job involves designing repairs which sometimes includes composites. The only aircraft I work on though only has some really simple composite parts. The parts don't have a "throw away" date or anything In theory composites have no fatigue life, i.e. they wont develop, or grow, a crack due to repeated loads below the limit loads they were designed for. Of course in practice you get a lot of damage from impacts etc, and quite often they are hidden within the plies. Anyways that means crap all I guess for the question at hand. The question of "how long do carbon bikes last" (in the general sense, not an individual bike or particular model) would probably be determined by real world usage. Considering carbon frames have been around for a long time now, I think it's safe to say that they will last as long as you keep treating them right.
  10. 80 year old final finisher - jeez I hope I can do that at that age. awesome atmosphere
  11. So how much was each "advantage" over a normal record-legal marathon worth? - pacers and car the whole way - pacers providing a windbreak the whole way - drink being handed to him - course with minimal corners? I think having pacers the whole way would be the biggest advantage. I the top 5 guys got together in one race and worked together, could they be only 20 seconds slower than having fresh guys regularly? -
  12. https://wanderlust.com/108s/ Don't over train for legs two and three.
  13. Yep that was my guess too - jeez they are loud, and they are looking for nests of other unsuspecting birds at the moment to sneak in their eggs. There are some amazing videos out there of magpies raising baby cuckoos. The cuckoos end up twice the size of the magpie, but apparently the magpies are too stupid to recognise there is something wrong... This page has a recording... http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Scythrops-novaehollandiae
  14. Thanks for all the info and advice in this topic. I'm doing some of my own numbers before I get quotes. One thing I'm not sure about is actual physical size of panels to work out how many I could fit on each roof segment. Of course I'm sure it varies a bit between manufacturers, but one random website said about 2.0m x 1.0m for a 300w panel. Does that seem reasonable? Thanks!
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