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  1. toolex

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    Thanks for the background info. It's really good to know why decisions were made.
  2. toolex

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Getting pretty dusty in here right now...
  3. toolex

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Why has the coverage gone to the highlights for the 3rd time??!?!??!!?!?! Get back to the finish line - this is the best bit!
  4. Wurf Berkel Amberger McKenzie Reed
  5. toolex

    What training did you do today...

    Not sure if you are actually referring to the existing running club but yeah that's already a thing : https://www.facebook.com/groups/650499288335106/ They do heaps of parkruns around Australia... http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=21413
  6. toolex

    All things NRL

    Yep this was also my reaction too - he has so much form for dirty play, but seems to not have the reputation others do. Add to the sliding in with the feet the period where he was kicking out when taking high balls. I was also at Leichhardt the arvo he kicked out and hit Skandalis in the head - I'm sure he got a week or two for that too.
  7. toolex


    The two on Windsor Road in Rouse Hill this year you can "just ride through", because they don't seem to be making any contact (maybe they haven't got a taste for blood yet). The one that was there a few years ago though was an expert at nipping your ear - good luck riding through that with traffic going 80km/h right next to you.
  8. toolex

    Fixing a leaky shower

    Interesting re: tiling over the top of the existing tiles. One of our problems is that the existing tiles are on the outer/wrong side of the bath lip, so if we built over the existing tiles that would fix, or at least help, that problem. Very jealous of the snow lifestyle - did one season working in a kids ski school in America - great fun.
  9. toolex

    Fixing a leaky shower

    Cool thanks. It's a full brick house so no problems in the walls - the joists underneath the bathroom don't appear to be wet at all, and the termite guards are in place. It was termite inspected 18 months ago when we bought it and they didn't find anything. Cool thanks I'll check it out. Would you go that product first to fill the majority of the gap, then a normal silicone fillet on top? Yep I agree with you - it wasn't done right previously, now I'm just trying to decide the best course of action. I was worried though that 7mm is possible too much of a gap to fill with silicone alone?
  10. toolex

    Swimming pools near Coogee

    Well there is Wiley's Baths right in Coogee... https://wylies.com.au/
  11. toolex

    Fixing a leaky shower

    We've got an older bathroom. We - and a plumber, and a shower seal expert - think there is at least two hairline cracks somewhere in the grout between the bath and wall letting water leak through. We want to do a "permanent temporary" fix, with a view to a full bathroom re-do in 5-ish years. The existing grout between wall and bath is about 7mm wide. Options being considered - - Leave existing grout, apply shower sealing compound ("shower plug"), apply a fillet of caulk - Remove existing grout, put in new grout, apply sealing compound, apply a fillet of caulk - Remove existing grout, apply a fillet of caulk Any opinions? Any other suggested course of action? Thanks!
  12. toolex

    The Photo Thread

    Since we're posting photos of whale sharks... This was on Nigaloo Reef just off Exmouth in WA. Definitely one of the best places I've been in Australia.
  13. toolex

    Russell Returns

    Yep we commented on the voice too - wonder why they changed it...
  14. toolex

    All things NRL

    Jeez as a Tigers supporter... this sucks. Just when we thought we might have a bit of stability... So much for "On the bus" Anyways here's hoping Cleary stays. Though in rugby league there is NEVER smoke without fire.
  15. toolex

    Tracing a cheque

    There actually is an electronic way now, but yeah we ended up opening an account at a credit union specifically because they offered a free cheque book. It only had one cheque used and then the account closed... I really wanted to make up a large novelty cheque though. I doubt I'm ever going to win one, so I figured handing one over would be the next best thing...