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  1. Would like to add it to the RCS collection if still available it would be number 12 or 13...I've lost count! Please give me a call 0418 324 052 Cheers Richard Roof Carrier Systems, Camberwell (Softride Rescue Centre)
  2. Thanks trinube, your 561 has no problem. I thought my info post was clear as to where it came from, if you want a disclaimer you have it, sorry for the omission. cheers RT
  3. Thule Sprint 528 & 529 quick release bike rack recall RCS received this advice from Thule today............. "The Thule Group has determined that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists with the Thule Sprint bike carriers with product numbers 528 and 569, sold since their launch in March 2015. Thule are instructing consumers to stop using Thule Sprint bike carriers with product number 528 or 569 that were produced before May 1, 2016 and to return your existing carrier and register for a new and improved replacement at a Thule dealer, which can be located via www.thule.com.au. The Thule dealer will assist you with your return of your existing carrier and with the delivery of the replacement Thule Sprint bike carrier." http://www.thule.com.au/details.php?p_id=853&listid=7&slistid=&seo=Thule_Sprint_Recall&menuid=&submenuid= Our recommendation is to use the Thule 598 wheel on bike rack (new series, replaces 591) in preference to a quick release type bike rack. For 598 details contact Richard at RCS. Roof Carrier Systems (Thule partner dealer) 469 Burke Rd, (Cnr. Toorak Road) Camberwell Vic. 3124 03 9822 9539
  4. Price is good but Thule 598s have only been available for a few weeks my guess they are 591 series not 598 New 598 are $299.00 the 591s were $279.00 new. If the 59? Does not clamp up it should not be used, not worth risking the bike. Bars from XV my not suit other wagons with rails because of width, profile etc. Not being negative only trying to help Rt @ RCS
  5. If you are using a quick release type bike rack or carrying a new bike, or carrying your mates bike, check the compatibility & correct fitting of your bike forks in quick release type roof mount bike carriers. measure the internal diameter of the 'lawyer lips' of the forks measure the diameter of the quick release skewer fitted to the bike measure the diameter of the ‘clamping boss/sleeve' (check both sides) of the quick release bike rack. If you do not have a vernier a simple way to check of your fork dimensions is to use a 5 cent coin which is 19.4 mm in diameter use a $ 2.00 coin which is 20.4 mm in diameter If the diameter of the ‘clamping boss’ or ‘adjusting sleeve’ of the quick release bike carrier is too large you will see when the forks are are fitted into the bike rack, the ‘boss/sleeve' clamps on to the raised lawyer lips and not inside them. This is because the diameter of the 'clamping boss/sleeve' of the quick release system of the bike rack can be larger in diameter than the 'boss' of the quick release skewer on the bike. The crushing effect may fracture the carbon fork. The fracture damage will be more prevalent on full carbon forks than with carbon forks with 'alloy inserts' The bike can also come out of the bike carrier when driving because of this 'false coupling' The issue is compounded because the bike rack quick release is always tightened far in excess of what a quick release will be tensioned to when the wheels is clamped in the forks on the bike. Quick release bike rack dimension check.................... Quick release bike skewer boss diameter 19 mm Zipp quick release bike skewer boss diameter 18 mm Thule Outride 561 quick release bike carrier, ’stepped type' boss diameter 20 mm Thule Outride 561 quick release bike carrier, ’un-stepped' boss diameter 21 mm Thule Sprint 569 quick release bike carrier, boss diameter 20 mm Thule Low Rider 821 quick release bike carrier, boss diameter 19 mm Rhino Quick Release bike carrier boss diameter 19 mm Yakima Quick Release bike carrier boss diameter 19 mm The Thule Outride 561 fitting instruction. http://www.thule.com.au/images/product/file/561_Fitting_Instructions.pdf Installation conditions are shown on page 2 and page 9 Minimum diameter within the 'lawyer lips circle' is 21 mm NOT OK to carry bike without 'Lawyer lips' If you have forks with the diameter in the lawyer lip zone less than 21 mm in diameter, measure the diameter of the ‘clamping boss/sleeve' (check both sides) of the quick release bike rack. best to use a quick release bike carrier with a maximum boss diameter of 19 mm. DO NOT use a Thule Outride 561 quick release bike carrier with a boss/sleeve diameter of 21 mm. An alternative is to use the Thule Proride 591 wheel on bike carrier. http://roofcarriersystems.com.au/item/thule-591-proride-bike-rack/
  6. Warning…. There can be compatibility issues with the quick release clamping type of bike carriers. This is because of different diameters of the ‘clamping boss’ or ‘adjusting sleeve’ of the quick release bike carrier and different internal diameter of the 'lawyer lips circle' of carbon bike forks. refer new topic…...Check the compatibility & correct fitting of your bike forks in quick release type roof mount bike carriers.
  7. If you are bored to death sitting on your trainer between 7 - 9 am turn on SBS 2 and watch T of C. You may still be bored but you can always count the gum trees !
  8. The link http://www.wired.com/2015/04/design-bicycle-hit-138-mph-ski-slope/ The video The bike http://www.sunn.fr/ The rider http://www.sunn.fr/sunn-soutient-eric-barone
  9. I will take this @ $100.00 as offered. I have an OC 1" fork and this should go well with it. Please send me an email with your payment requirements, and with the delivery/post payment details to Melbourne email to info@roofcarriersystems.com.au Thanks cheers Richard 0418 324 052
  10. If you have a max. of 3 bikes the Thule G2 3 bike 923 @ $789.00 is the better, and cost effective, option. http://roofcarriersystems.com.au/item/thule-g2-tow-bar-bike-carrier/ 923 is lighter, it is narrower because of the slide in-slide out wheel supports and is easier to fit and to store in the back of vehicle when required. The advantage of the bigger and heavier 929 @ $1039.00 is that it can be up graded to carry 4 bikes ( add on $279.00 for the 4th bike adapter ) This is not an option with the 923 Contact Dan @ Roof Rack World in Artarmon 02 9439 2677
  11. Thanks AVAGO, always willing to assist where I can, (‘we’ , ‘RCS’, ‘snowtyes’) is not actually a LBS but a retailer/wholesaler of roof racks and bike racks etc. now for 30 years Hope this helps Cheers Richard RCS was established in Melbourne in 1985 as Australia’s first roof rack shop, refer http://roofcarriersystems.com.au , specialising in Roof Racks, Bike Racks, Roof Boxes, Snow Chains & Snow Tyres.
  12. We have not seen a frame damaged by a bike carrier either but it is RCS store policy not to suggest to a customer to transport any carbon frame bike in hanging position. RCS always suggest to carry a carbon frame bike with the load taken on the wheels. Always best to check the warranty conditions of the bike maker and then decide what you want to do. This quote from Felt explains……………...“ I PLAN TO PURCHASE A RACK FOR MY CAR. WHAT TYPE OF CARRIER WILL SAFELY SECURE MY BICYCLE? With our aluminum and steel-frame models, most any rack on the market will allow you to transport your bicycle safely. With our high-performance carbon-fiber road frames, we encourage our customers to use racks that clamp the fork or hold the wheels. Bear in mind that carbon fiber does not respond well to point loads and anything that applies clamping pressure to carbon-fiber tubes has the potential to damage the frame. I HAVE HEARD THAT YOU SHOULD NOT PUT A CARBON STAY BIKE ON A TRAINER - IS THIS TRUE? THE LOADS A TRAINER PUTS ON A BIKE ARE QUITE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE WHICH THE BIKE IS DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND ON THE ROAD, PARTICULARLY WHEN IT COMES TO TENSILE FORCES IN THE SEAT STAY—WHICH TRY TO PULL THE DROPOUT OUT OF THE SEATSTAY. HOWEVER, FELT HAS BEEN SELLING BIKES WITH ALLOY DROPOUTS BONDED INTO CARBON SEAT STAYS FOR FOUR YEARS NOW. SOME OF THESE BIKES HAVE BEEN USED IN TRAINERS, AND WE HAVE NOT ENCOUNTERED PROBLEMS. EVEN SO, WE RECOMMEND AVOIDING OUT-OF-THE-SADDLE EFFORTS " WHILE RIDING TRAINERS. HOWEVER, RIDING ON ROLLERS LOADS THE FRAME IN A SIMILAR WAY TO RIDING THE ROAD AND SHOULD NOT DAMAGE YOUR BIKE'S SEAT STAYS OR DROPOUTS.
  13. Clip on and strap on Bike racks.... Not all vehicles can be fitted with a clip on or strap on bike racks, refer Thule listing, http://www.thule.com.au/list.php?s_id=2 There will always an issue if the vehicle has plastic 'spoiler' on roof/rear hatch door because of the load over this part from the straps or does not have a 'bumper' area to take the vertical loads. If the bike has carbon frame it should always be carried on it the wheels and NOT suspended from the frame.
  14. Your Softride resurrection looks great Peter… Here is a little more ‘SR trivia' that relates to this link, http://www.slowtwitch.com/Features/Winners_and_Losers_Bike_Brands_4681.html From what I can see 2014 was the first Kona event without a Softride in the field. Softride bike count for last 20 years at Kona, (thanks to Slowtwitch for the numbers) Year. Entries Ranking in bike count 1992. 19 5 1993. 30 5 1994. 75 5 (Greg Welch 1st on Softride Power V) 1995. 95 4 1996. 126 3 1997. 96 5 1998. 115 5 1999. 93 5 2000. 89 5 6.06% 2001. 72 5 4.90% 2002. ?? 7 4.15% 7 2003. ?? 2004. 45 9 2005 40 11 2006. 23 15 2007. 14 2008. <10 2009. 6 2010. 1 2011. 1 2012. 1 2013. 1 2014. 0
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