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  1. moderator1

    Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    This thread appears to be attracting new people trying to lay down scoops with everything but indication of who they are - can't see anymore good coming out of it so locking this down now
  2. moderator1

    Moats fails another drug test.

    Trannie guidelines are not to be making claims about other athletes without proof. You can discuss the Moats case as it is public. Don't be making Roxii liable for other claims. Replies have been removed, no further public discussion online without some form of proof or deposit of $10 million into Roxii's bank account before hand
  3. moderator1

    ANZAC day

    I've moved some of the replies into the "In the News" thread here in the sandbox. Feel free to carry on the discussion there as long as it's kept within the guidelines, however let's not allow this thread to descend into the area this has the capability of going
  4. moderator1

    Favourite Quote

    "Let's keep this thread on topic and family rated" - Moderator 1
  5. moderator1

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Keep it on topic guys, start your own thread in the Sandbox if you want to have a degree validity exercise. Oh, and don't be afraid to go for a walk before you post as well, life's too short to take everything personally
  6. moderator1


    I've taken the opportunity to lock this thread and give it a bit of a clean up. Might give it a few more hours before unlocking to allow some heads to cool down.
  7. moderator1

    Thayapura and PEDS program and macca and nick gates

    Let's keep the airing of personal laundry for the laundromat, anyone would think this is facebook the way you are carrying on
  8. moderator1

    Sofie Goos stabbed while out on run

    Some parties seem to have very ordinary computer skills. Transitions constantly is getting mixed up with http://www.religiousforums.com/ This is Trichat, conversations are about our favourite sport and related legs of that sport. As there is little to be added to this thread now that it has been so badly derailed, it is locked
  9. moderator1

    Lance Life Ban means nothing it seems 50K ultra

    Thread is quickly descending into personal issues between various posters and is not going to end well based on history, therefore we will leave it here Hope one day we can discuss this type of thread as a rational adult without feeling we need to attack or bait other individuals
  10. moderator1

    Instagram posts and those who post there

    Consider yourself stronger than the San Andreas Fault Hiltz, you started the split A previous thread from Leon went off track, one of the other moderators split the posts going off track into this thread
  11. moderator1

    The Mental Health thread

    Have moved some posts to another thread to allow the broader discussion to continue without derailing this thread. Feel free to continue the discussion at http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=69729 Happy Friday
  12. moderator1


    Am copying this post over to a new thread to allow discussion on the photographic aspects of the post that aren't related to mental health. Feel free to continue to discuss the merits of this career, ISOs, rules and Nikon v Canon who simply ask questions about anything, sounds like we have some experience on the forum
  13. moderator1

    Kona Equal Pro spots

    Let's keep this thread on topic. If you feel the need to take this topic into an area that you can't seem to help but post about in every topic - don't If you feel you need to post the same posts back to that person, inflaming the situation - don't. We've all read it enough and are getting sick of it on both fronts.
  14. moderator1

    Removed Thread

    Just to be open, a thread has been removed from the forum this afternoon. Those in the public parts of our sport are fine to be talked about to an extent. There is no need to take the threads to the point of speculating on professional sportspersons in our sport. At the end of the day, your actions are not going to help anyone, however you are putting the future of the forum and the website at risk. Roxii also could do without the headaches of having to deal with these messes.
  15. moderator1

    The Mental Health thread

    Many of the community recognise the Mental Health thread as a major positive on this site. To ensure this remains so please follow these guidelines for the use of this thread: The primary purpose of this thread is to ensure anyone with mental health concerns, both diagnosed and "minor", to have an outlet to voice what they are feeling. It is also there for members to offer support from time to time for those that may be needing it. Members have the choice to put their feelings down and get them out in an environment where they can share what they wish. They also have the choice, formally or not, to reach out for help from the community in general. Anyone is able to respond to these posts if they feel it is appropriate to do so. Before you post though, please ensure that you are not "judging" the individual, or typing a post that can be perceived as such. Before you hit post, stop to think it the person feels enough to post their vulnerabilities that takes a lot of courage to do, are you helping them or making the situation worse? Remember many will put on a brave face and may not show really how bad things can be - even as anonymous posters on a forum. If you are unable to do this, feel free to ignore the thread. While the rest of the forums are fairly censorship free other than the guidelines already established, the moderating team will be strict on anyone that wishes to make judgements of individuals, or post items that can be perceived as being negative to those that have posted within this thread.