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  1. Rude Beef

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    40-50km is a pretty good week for me. Was certainly doing these weeks in half marathon and 70.3 prep but often wouldn't link 3+ weeks of that volume together. So weekly volune isnt isn't anything more than I'm used to in preparation, but monthly would be more. I agree, it's likely the volume that results in improvement, not the easy running itself. Just that the easy running is my best way to achieve such volume consistently.
  2. Rude Beef

    Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Just a few notes from my experience doing the 80/20 method of easy running. Only been at it it a short time (since Christmas), with the aim of improving my 5 and 10km run times. I did 5 weeks straight of only easy running. Easy running was defined as "can I keep my mouth closed and breath through my nose for 500m at this pace?". I did around 4-5 runs of 40-50km per week, all easy. No efforts whatsoever. Pace was around 6min+ per km, down towards 5:30-5:45 after 5 weeks. Then I introduced a hard session once a week in place of an easy run. 2 weeks later and I run a sub 20min 5k off the bike, first time off the bike and about 30 secs of a running 5k pb. im quite excited about continuing the 80/20 (or 90/10, or 100/0) as I feel that there is a lot of progression to be made by simply running more and this is the method that will allow me to do that. I really enjoy running slow, often use podcasts, and while the ego takes a hit in the short term I'm confident I'll be a better runner in the long term. Just my 2c.
  3. Rude Beef

    Who is the best Aussie IM Male Athlete right now? Why?

    NIck Kalestein (spelling ?) had the fastest IM time of 2017 for an Aussie if I remember correctly, at Busso.
  4. Rude Beef

    Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Am I right in saying it's a rolling start for the pros? 30 males, 20 seconds between them, so that's 10 mins difference between first to go and last. So it's not necessarily first across the line?
  5. Rude Beef

    Queens Baton Relay

    "Shut up legs!"
  6. Rude Beef

    Hawaii Ironman betting

    Patrick Lange was at $17 on Sportsbet the night before the race when I last checked.
  7. Rude Beef

    Hawaii Ironman betting

    I'm more so curious as to how he could be deemed the winner by Sportsbet. Has an age grouper ever had the fastest time on the day in an ironman? I'm thinking it could happen in the female ranks as they generally aren't as deep at second and third tier events.
  8. Rude Beef

    Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    I worked it out to be 2:15am. Hawaii is 4 hours ahead (actually 20 behind, but 4 for easy maths) and the race starts at 6:15am. Thats 2:15am aest (qld time), you would be right with 3:15am if your in nsw (aedt).
  9. Rude Beef

    Hawaii Ironman betting

    I'm not sure how you'd go getting a payout on an age grouper to win. Would they be crowed the world champ if they had the fastest time or surely it would go to first pro? Still, worth a few each way on Tim.
  10. Rude Beef

    Pick the Kona male winner & top aussie 2017

    Sanders kienle Tim reed (3rd and 1st Aussie)
  11. Rude Beef

    Tour de France Commentary

    And this is the point! Not a person out there, even Sky fans, wanted to see Porte's tour decided by his error. It's sucks not seeing him have a chance to see if he could stick with and beat the GC guys. No doubt once Froome is atop the podium in Paris (?) there will be questions as to whether Porte could've beaten him if he didn't miss that corner. If Bolt slips at the start then I reckon that De Grasse or whoever wins would have that niggle of "maybe I wasn't the best out there?" In the back of their mind. The fact that the tour is run over 3 weeks instead of 10 seconds gives the event the chance to (mostly) get rid of that thought and crown the fastest/strongest rider of the event. That's mostly due to the gentlemen's aggrement in place.
  12. Rude Beef

    Tour de France Commentary

    But do we really want to see the tour won by Froome misjudging a corner and loosing touch with the group or do we want to see him blow up, Brownlee style, and get spat out the back of the GC group after Bardet and Aru attack and attack some more? I thought last last nights final km was great and has made me reset my expectations of the coming mountain stages. Hanging out for a breakaway to make it too!
  13. Rude Beef

    Ch 7 Brisbane news - cyclists targeted for speeding

    40km/h over the speed limit! I'd be framing that infringement notice, straight to the poolroom!
  14. Rude Beef

    Your 'hardest' race?

    I'm interested to hear what people think their hardest event/effort/race has been. The term is extremely subjective but I'd like to know what you think has taken your body and mind the furtherest away from your comfort zone. Considering that very few of my friends are involved in endurance sports it seems that a common line of thinking is that longer is harder, but even after 70.3, half maras, Olympics and sprint, I still claim that the most I've ever hurt was the first time I went sub20 at a Parkrun. I'd like to think I've got other more impressive stats but that one really made me work. What's yours?