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  1. Tour de France Commentary

    And this is the point! Not a person out there, even Sky fans, wanted to see Porte's tour decided by his error. It's sucks not seeing him have a chance to see if he could stick with and beat the GC guys. No doubt once Froome is atop the podium in Paris (?) there will be questions as to whether Porte could've beaten him if he didn't miss that corner. If Bolt slips at the start then I reckon that De Grasse or whoever wins would have that niggle of "maybe I wasn't the best out there?" In the back of their mind. The fact that the tour is run over 3 weeks instead of 10 seconds gives the event the chance to (mostly) get rid of that thought and crown the fastest/strongest rider of the event. That's mostly due to the gentlemen's aggrement in place.
  2. Tour de France Commentary

    But do we really want to see the tour won by Froome misjudging a corner and loosing touch with the group or do we want to see him blow up, Brownlee style, and get spat out the back of the GC group after Bardet and Aru attack and attack some more? I thought last last nights final km was great and has made me reset my expectations of the coming mountain stages. Hanging out for a breakaway to make it too!
  3. Ch 7 Brisbane news - cyclists targeted for speeding

    40km/h over the speed limit! I'd be framing that infringement notice, straight to the poolroom!
  4. Your 'hardest' race?

    I'm interested to hear what people think their hardest event/effort/race has been. The term is extremely subjective but I'd like to know what you think has taken your body and mind the furtherest away from your comfort zone. Considering that very few of my friends are involved in endurance sports it seems that a common line of thinking is that longer is harder, but even after 70.3, half maras, Olympics and sprint, I still claim that the most I've ever hurt was the first time I went sub20 at a Parkrun. I'd like to think I've got other more impressive stats but that one really made me work. What's yours?
  5. 2017 Tour de France

    Does Richie Porte have a team that can get him in yellow? His ride in the criteriun de dauphine (??) on that last stage was amazing, but it was a solo effort and I doubt could be reproduced a few days straight. They'll have a few more top tier riders around him I assume, guys that were at the tour de Suisse, top help out. Heart says yes, head says hmmm maybe.
  6. Gold Coast, running festival this weekend

    Good day for it!
  7. Custom Bidons

    Just to put some closure to this thread and help out anyone in the future: I had no luck finding a place to do custom water bottles without ordering 500, or the translucent ones from kapz which didn't suit what I wanted. It's also extremely hard to find a plain bidon. I ended up getting a few all black Tacx Shiva bottles from the pushys website, about $10 each. Got a local sticker place to put together a sticker, $25, and slapped it on the bottle. Not a bad get-around and my wife was stoked when I gave it to her on race morning. Success
  8. Giro d'Italia - Tipping Comp

    Awesome finish to the stage last night. Very unexpected. Doumolin looks to be in red hot form.
  9. Dry land based training for swimming

    This post didn't seem to get much live at the time but surely there are some time pressed trannies out there who use resistance bands or the like for the dry swim sessions. At current I swim in the top 20% or so of my age group but since bub came along I don't get to the pool much at all and have found that I'm much more fatigued out of the swim. Any suggestions on resistance band workouts to keep/build strength in the swimming specific muscles? Thanks
  10. Giro d'Italia - Tipping Comp

    Rudey's Riders are on the rollers warming up. I like the tipping, makes me pay greater attention to other events within the race, other than just GC and stage winners. I'm hoping for big things from Caleb Ewan again.
  11. Comm Games Tickets

    Just a gentle reminder that nomination for commonwealth games tickets opens tomorrow. I'm not sure if you are all as pumped up as me about this but I know there are plenty of fans of the world outside of tri on here and will want to be part of this. What events are you looking forward to? Me: 1500m, 5000m, 10000m, Netball and then standing on the side of the road screaming at the road race.
  12. Custom Bidons

    I'm on the hunt for a place to get a few custom bidons/bottles made. A simple design of pink writing on a black bottle with a pink lid (or something similar). The thing is I don't need 5000 of them, only looking for 5 or so. Anyone know of a place or website I can get a small order like this? Heck, I'll even take suggestions on places I can get a plain bidon from and I'll get a few blacks and pinks and mix the lids up and whack a sticker on them. Thanks in advance
  13. safe ride brisbane/sunny coast/gold coast

    Yeah I saw these links in the other thread. Much appreciated!
  14. Best trainer for apartment

    Thread revival: Anyone have any info or experience on the STAC Zero trainer? Uses magnets but not as a mag trainer and is meant to be silent (except for your drivetrain). I'm in a similar position to the original poster: apartment living and don't want to wake up the baby at 5am, so noise is my biggest concern. Thinking of either the STAC Zero or a fluid trainer (cycleops fluid 2 maybe?), any input would be appreciated.
  15. safe ride brisbane/sunny coast/gold coast

    Interested to see a map or vague directions iFoz. I'm new to the area and most roads into the hinterland that I've seen seem a little on the risky side. I'm yet to figure out where all these cyclists that go through the beachfront at Currumbin head to. Any help would be appreciated.