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  1. Pad is the way to go. I can carry 5 bikes
  2. I am going to do 100km on Sunday the 9th on the cx
  3. this is the most i have ever felt touched by the death of someone i don't know or have no connection to. to be honest, after watching what these people have done, i felt compelled to give it a go. i am not a good bike rider, but watching this and watching these people having a crack at something that seems so out of the ordinary for nothing but their own sense of accomplishment really hits a nerve for me. that's my reason for riding, running and swimming. for some reason i felt connected to mike as an underdog battling away. he had a smile and a mannerism that connected to me... through social media. i am far from a religious person, far from it. but i find myself hoping that mike is riding his bike somewhere with the same smile. ride on mike. ride on... farken shame.
  4. I went and watched Kristof ride up the basin. it was 15c and pissing down. He didn't miss a beat. he had a fair few people stopped watching him. he was cruising up the hills like he had fresh legs. there were a couple of riders riding with him. i took him a bottle of coke and a bottle of gatorade. He didn't want anything, until he got to the top of the hill then asked where he could get a muffin and a coffee. He's got next to nothing on his bike. i am not sure what he's carrying, but it aint much. he's not got one of those big saddle bags that a lot of riders have. he's riding a steel bike.
  5. Amazing effort. As usual there's negativity from some people here.
  6. Wow. How quickly you have turned a hero into a villain. Pretty impressive efforts from my perspective. So he isn't going t(o make it. But he tough enough to give it a go. I can't imagine doing 100 halfs let alone 100 fulls! Why doesn't one of you put up what you are going to do for 100 days in a row and then manage the updates/social media etc. Who's first? 15k of running a day for 100 days? 3k of swimming a day for 100 days? 100k of riding a day for 100 days? What are you capable of and happy to put yourself into the public eye for the scrutiny of the forum?
  7. Dromana

    Free cycling kit

    Id love any large jerseys you can part with. Happy to pay postage or donate to your preferred charity
  8. I am keen to sell these. Any takers at $850 posted?
  9. Bump! Lots of people wanting to buy these, just no payment as yet
  10. No. I have had a plenty of low ball offers. Still got em
  11. have you been wondering how you could have a SWEET set of caden wheels but for a fraction on the new price? Here's your opportunity: http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=71554
  12. was holding these and now the person doesn't want them price drop $900
  13. 60mm front (Brand New 2017 model) 88mm rear http://www.carbonbikewheels.com.au/carbon-clinchers/ I've own these rims since September 2015 (still have the receipt). The front was a warranty replacement and has never had a tyre on it. I took it out of the packaging for the photo. The rear has done 2x half ironmans and 1x olympic and some training to get used to them, I trained on training rims usually. Warranty is for 3 years. Expires Sept 2018 (not sure if it's transferable) I am selling them because I am no longer doing triathlons. I am in Mount Eliza, I am usually in Box Hill on Mondays. $60 if you want the 105 10 speed cluster which was new on the wheels. Caden Carbon Clincher Wheels 10 or 11spd Shimano hub. my number is 0412 971 658 Front is $700 new Rear is $788 new price drop $900
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