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  1. I think the lack of Monday night function now means a lot of people probably leave Monday morning or after roll down (if they think they will get a spot). I know I am leaving as soon as the Beer Mile is done.
  2. Any more takers? I want to make sure I have just the right amount of beer on for the trannies 😊
  3. Bring it up to Port. Scott might give it a try 😁
  4. I was advised to not take my road shoes (I wear the Bondis as well) out to the trails. I have separate trail shoes for that which don't get used all that often anymore, moved away from the trail areas, I'm also accident prone when it comes to trail running.
  5. 16:30 sounds good, I have dinner at Town Green Inn from 6pm. @prizna and I are easy to recognise on course. He will be in his Pikachu hat (if racing) and I will be wearing my Eevee one.
  6. There are a few spots around the Town Green near the finish line. The pub right on the finish line (Beach House) is ok. Fairly average pub food. There is also the Town Green Inn which is also ok from what I hear.
  7. So are we actually organising a catchup? Happy for a pub somewhere on Friday lunch/arvo.
  8. I'm up from late Thursday night. But I have the witsup swim and morning tea on Friday morning. Then no real plans until bike rack on Saturday.
  9. We are also using it to go on holiday. Will be hitting up the beer halls in Munich, the symphony in Vienna and the wall in Berlin. Also some watch shopping in Zurich (maybe), and CERN in Geneva! It's been a while since I have been overseas. Also discretionary picks do not work if your AG is full in your chosen event. Closest chance I have in Australia is maybe standard distance duathlon or aqua bike.
  10. Only chance I will get to wear the green and gold. Unless I go get liposuction and get down to 65kg dripping wet to be competitive in my AG. Thats at least a $20k bill and no holiday after. 🤣
  11. @trickle I only believe in DQs for short cutting and PEDs 😁 Start time is 3pm - IRONMAN presentation will finish at 2.30pm.
  12. Yeah sold under the brand name of Clomid - friend who was doing IVF was taking it to encourage ovulation for harvesting. @Greyman Mesterolone is a testosterone booster, actually a lot of the stuff on there is a testosterone booster or estrogen suppressor. As for the GP, I have made sure I tell any GP I see that I am athlete (age-group) and that I could be random tested (although unlikely as I never win anything - well not age group anyway) Found this article: https://cyclingtips.com/2018/07/one-sick-cyclist-14-banned-drugs-and-a-four-year-ban-michael-fitzgerald-qa/
  13. Funny mechanical? Was that the butt slap I got on the bike @Flanman I rode right over a co2 canister. Thank god no damage! Not a bad race for me, moved to Athena as no points needed, picked up 2nd out of 3. I was mostly beaten in the swim and run. Thats expected, I was holding back, Port is in 3 weeks
  14. Drafting 😂 10km of road, and a lot of people out there at the same time. I think National Qualifiers are one infringement and you are out. Trying to verify that, but I'm sure I have heard them mention it. Mens 55-59 in the standard will be interesting - according to the TA Worlds site it is the only age group that has too many applicants for spots on the team, so they will be going for sheep stations.
  15. Yeah the donuts are coming down. Although the work mates have offered some assistance in eating them 😂 My bike choice is fine. Theres enough TT room there, just. Lucky theres no sheep stations on this one for me, that course looks ripe for some DQs.
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