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  1. MissJess

    The Mental Health thread

    Yeah, I just use that term as I cannot say he works for me (not his manager unfortunately!)
  2. MissJess

    Trannie Specials - OCT 18

    Any gel specials @willie?
  3. MissJess

    The Mental Health thread

    I'm just EXHAUSTED! I have a resource here who does not seem to think for himself, who does not do the job properly, and then blames everyone else when shit goes wrong. I'm exhausted just dealing with him. The other one in the team is S-L-O-W and does not document, it's shitting me. Although bright spot is I have a guy who has just started on the 7th and is a breath of fresh air. Exact opposite, only issue was getting all his access sorted!
  4. MissJess

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    89.9 - not much but going in the right direction. I'm also relaxing things from Friday night to about Sunday afternoon.
  5. MissJess

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Standard response - get drinking! Possibly scientific response - maybe the booze was reducing your stress levels, they do say that stress can make you gain or not lose weight?
  6. MissJess

    Behind saddle bottle holder

    I have one of these, but I think they work on the specialized saddles only, but who knows? https://www.specialized.com/au/en/direct-mount-reserve-rack/p/155838?color=229243-155838&gclid=CjwKCAiA1ZDiBRAXEiwAIWyNC-h661bAa3Ho3IgjzFsnh2NDTLFq4NSSwjOIE0bzluufuzRIGWxuXxoCwQcQAvD_BwE I have two cages on there, one is spares, one is spare electrolyte. Mostly for training and races where there are minimal bike aid stations.
  7. MissJess

    What training did you do today...

    10k run yesterday, trainer day today - between system outages (working from home)
  8. MissJess

    Port 2019

    Well I have finally put the money down, 70.3 entry in yesterday. Now to figure out how to run over 10km again. 😖
  9. MissJess

    New Gel Flavours

    I checked the article date 🤣
  10. MissJess

    Stroke correction - Sydney

    Hi folks, need some assistance on finding someone to help the +1 with getting his freestyle more efficient. Most of the places do payments on a term or fortnightly basis. Would prefer to not sign up to heavy commitments. Also might need to look at weekend sessions or later starts mid-week (say 6.30pm or 7pm) as we both work in Mac Park and it's not easy getting to the city for a 6pm session. Ta!
  11. MissJess

    Hills Triathlon Sprint - Regatta Centre, Penrith

    All done! Photos are up on the Hills facebook page
  12. MissJess

    Hills Triathlon Sprint - Regatta Centre, Penrith

    See you all there - I will be wandering around in my secretary shirt.
  13. MissJess

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    If I see NY on the calendar I get on the workouts. I think cranking it up a sudden hill on the opening week is what killed my back.
  14. MissJess

    Official Zwift Group RIde

    From experience - you won't be able to cover everyone, I ride alone most times as I have found that the w/kg estimates are out of whack, besides that what others deem to be cruisy I am struggling. Normal ride - I reckon cover it for you stronger lot - I can weight dope I guess (~2w/kg is my FTP) Group workout - The other option is a group workout where we all hang together, but work at our relative w/kg
  15. MissJess

    What training did you do today...

    That was me on Tuesday night - left foot decided to not play, so I kept kicking away using just the right (was in fins) and still overtook someone