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  1. No training wasting time sitting through interviews that I should not have been sent to as I am too senior 😂 this looking for a new job every 6 months is giving me the shits, but the term permanent does not exist in project management anymore.
  2. I use a trainer skewer with mine. They fit better, and they don't scratch up the nice skewers.
  3. I bought a trainer mat from anaconda. I had the Elite with the elastigel roller, now moved to the kickr snap (multi bike household with different clusters). We checked in the hallway and no noise, but we are carpeted here.
  4. MissJess

    BIG Husky 2020

    I'm still undecided. Maybe the LC....maybe....
  5. Apparently the 3 race annual maximum only counts for "club sanctioned" races and not "open sanctioned" (like Elite Energy, Ironman, Hills, etc). So if I was to not be a member I could do all of the Hills races for the season on ODMs and that would be no issue, but if I was to try the same at PTC where the races are club sanctioned, then I would be encouraged to join TA. We found out when TriNSW were trying to get our race entry lists. We sent one list over (as we were told to do), but then someone confirmed as we run open sanctioned we do not have to do anything! 😁
  6. Good thing I have a cheap wetsuit 😂 I am in the sleeveless club, but I did not want to spend a fortune on one with shoulders that are flexy enough for a slightly dodgy right shoulder. I'm on the hunt for something similar for the +1 some of the earlier races in the season are quite cold (sub 20) and he needs to not freeze to death 😂
  7. I am not entirely sure with those planned wave starts it is going to alleviate the drafting issue. There is only 5 mins gap between each start.
  8. Shes a rookie I think. I can't tell, need to get past the Cairns Post paywall.
  9. The Blue Mountains Hipster Coffee Run. 11k in total. Two stops for coffee, and one hell of an interesting downhill between East Blaxland and Emu Heights
  10. I remember on one contract my boss and I had to fly down to Melbourne to do it. The team lead down there had a couple of guys who were clearly not performing, but being contractors, you need to be 100% from the get go, they had tried everything from their end, gave them multiple chances and coaching, but no pick up in effort. Even though it was non-performance, it was still a tough gig to give them the news and help pack them up. Was the first time I had to do it too, and even though they are only contractors, I wanted to make sure they got the proper feedback, everyone should be able to learn. Boss suggested we grab a beer at the airport on the way back. It was good to chat about it. It's made it easier on the next times around. My contract ends here at the end of the month, no handshake, but I have tried to save as much as I can. Unfortunately, budgets are being cut and there is no job for me on the upcoming projects.
  11. We could all go to the Peachtree 😂 I've been in there after a race before, as long as it is not a UFC day the place should be pretty empty.
  12. If the Sydney crowd are willing, I am happy to book a table in the CBD that has food and booze.
  13. The only thing you need to remember is they may want to have a look at your cartridges, when you show them the letter, to make sure they are new (not showing any rust/tampering) and you do not have more than the maximum, so have them easily accessible. I got checked at Sydney, then Adelaide on the way back from Victor Harbor.
  14. Yeah, I use Rouvy now. I can get two accounts for $120USD a year, and we only do FTP workouts anyway.
  15. MissJess

    Time management

    In a lot of places I have worked it is from the Friday before Christmas to the Monday after new year. So you pretty much burn almost 2 weeks there. There are a few places some people I know still work at it is the 2nd Monday after new year, so add another week. That does not leave much for an actual holiday after you take the isolated day here and there if you need to get the car serviced or something done at home and you do not have a flexible arrangement.
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