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  1. Turts and I are in the same AG (40-44) M Jones is 50-54 and no, I cannot see her name on any of the ACT or NSW qualifiers (Kurnell, Canberra Draft Legal or Forster). 🙄
  2. Unless your administrator has blocked the setting where you can change it, then its a matter of just flicking the mouse every now and again 😂 I am wondering if it flips it to away if I lock my computer.... Edit: Dammit!!! Your status will change immediately to "Away" when you lock your computer...
  3. Not pretending to look busy as the bosses are working from home today, so all I need to make sure of is I am "green" on Skype 😂 Two more work days then flying to Switzerland on Wednesday.
  4. Yeah we are off to Munich (2nd), Vienna (5th) and Berlin (8th). All evening flights booked to maximise the days. Back in Sydney on the 14th.
  5. Besides Turts and I who else will be there? +1 and I arrive on the 29th and leave on the 2nd, we are doing to open race on Friday evening and I am in the standard on Sunday.
  6. MissJess

    Chop Garmin file

    Try these for most fit files https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/top Try these for swimming http://www.swimmingwatchtools.com/index
  7. Hey Cranky, yeah, he passed away last Sunday (11th) they are having a celebration at the end of the month as there is no funeral (he had mast cell disease and he has chosen to donate his body to science). Thanks for checking in. Goughy, got no advice for you. Hopefully things get better when he gets into the doctors.
  8. MissJess

    Simply Kickr

    Rouvy for me is pretty good. Workouts - I love the library of workouts that are available, I can also search them on a website, add them to my favourites, or copy them then use them as a template, and adjust them to in the office without having the application open (which is installed on a desktop at home). It all syncs when I open the desktop app. Courses - I can setup courses to ride on just by uploading a GPX file from Strava. Funnily enough as soon as the GPX files were released for the ITU Grand Final in Lausanne someone created the courses for the sprint and the standard. So I have been riding them as soon as they were available. Video - Some of the courses have videos, I did a video course of Queen K a couple of weeks back for a 90min ride. Also, the +1 has an account which is one of the extra accounts included, I think I can have 2 more besides mine.
  9. MissJess

    Simply Kickr

    Rouvy is a subscription option - but is cheap. Golden Cheetah is free if you are happy with open source http://www.goldencheetah.org/
  10. 31 degrees is hot? Western Sydney 70.3 gets above that. We shortened a club distance race a couple of years ago, but it was 40+ and a club run event, so not like we can pull extra aid stations out of our butts.
  11. Hmmm how long does it take pseudo to leave the system? The plan is to stop taking it when this next bout of sinus crap goes, or when I fly out for worlds...which ever is first... So am I now going to have to check out the ArmaForce I am taking? I'm on 2 of those a day during the cold and flu season. Bloody germy people.
  12. Mum messaged me last Friday suggesting I give my uncle a call (rather than the usual facebook style contact). Turns out the treatment he went in for about a month ago (which seemed to be routine) has not worked and he only has a few days left, he decided to withdraw consent for more medical care (he has Mast Cell and every treatment is an experiment really). Called him Friday, he was in and out (sleepy), liver gone, kidneys on the way out, I have left him and my aunt to themselves. I'm anxious about checking in, but I got a failed facebook messenger call when I was asleep this morning. Just waiting now....at least it has happened after his dad passed away 1 year ago.
  13. That was my other thought too, I figured there would be 5 reserves on top of the 25 selected. Did all you guys buy the uniform just in case?
  14. The story was in SMH as well, and I think they have a picture of him (from memory). All for an age-group podium.
  15. I like the idea personally, the water is a lot calmer for one, but for those of us who cannot or do not get leave it means we don't have to try to leave work early on the Friday.
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