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  1. New 10spd groupset required

    Same, I have a bunch of stuff here in boxes from the 11 speed upgrade that was done on the Shiv. Actually I might log it all and pop it on the pay it forward thread.
  2. Willie goes down - again

    As much as I hate living this far out sometimes, I am glad I do. *touch wood* I have not had a incident yet. No can do on the roadie, I am a short ass compared to you. Get well soon!
  3. What training did you do today?

    Hawkesbury loop with the boys yesterday, Penriff -> Yarramundi -> Springwood -> Penriff. 58k all up, we had a first timer along for the ride as well. First time I did it a couple of months ago, I needed 2 stops up, this time 1 stop and I got a good improvement on the strava segment
  4. The Mental Health thread

    It's too bad you are not here in the Riff, our guys love a good strava segment and competitive banter, but we also love dragging people on rides to help them improve. We helped pop a guys "Hawkesbury climb cherry" yesterday, it was rewarding watching him get shit done. Vent all you want! On my side, THE KEYS HAVE BEEN RETURNED!
  5. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    What's the swim like? I reckon I might be a starter for next year.
  6. The Mental Health thread

    Checking in, doing ok. Back at work full time. Packed up his shit. He's gone now. I'm moving on.
  7. RunWith Opening - 13th January, 2018

    Mate, Bondi 5's - I'll need a pair. Hopefully you have them. I'll log in on Monday - I can't make the 13th
  8. The Mental Health thread

    I should start a dating thread so you can see what I am encountering!
  9. What training did you do today?

    Greendale loop with the Penriff crew.
  10. What training did you do today?

    Does packing and removing the exes stuff count?
  11. Your 1st race

    Corporate games Kurnell 2013 - 300m/20km/5km got encouraged to do it by a work mate. At least the swim was only 300m, would have died otherwise!
  12. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Port 70.3 and find someone I can share my life with.
  13. The Mental Health thread

    Well, that was a bust, I give up. Then again, more fool me for not picking an endurance athlete.
  14. The Mental Health thread

    Hi surfer101, the run coach had us over for brisket. Then went over to see some other friends. I had a date yesterday, which was a drink at Echo Point and then some bushwalking, hope to see him again.
  15. The Mental Health thread

    Looks like my run coach has invited everyone over who is at a loose end. So I will be going over there. I just feel plain awkward going near the exes family at the moment, at least it is not his mother, she never liked me. I figured as much. Not crying, have a drink this afternoon with someone, and a date or two booked over the break. Hoping to find the one guy who can put up with my triathlon crap and me being an extrovert.