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  1. The Iranian lady according to the article I posted was working with Roka for her kit. It also needs to be somewhat loose to conform to requirements (hence one photo shows her wearing a vest over her wetsuit). Speedo has a full body bathing suit with hood. I'm pleased by the way. It's good to see they can still have their traditions and compete. More women is good for the sport, actually I think the enticer distance at Hills last weekend have more females than males! (I ignore TriPink as a data point as the majority of those who do that event, will only do that event and not move into the sport).
  2. Nepean Tri was affected (minor) by the bushfires in 2013. The fires in that case were in the lower Springwood/Winmalee/Yellow Rock, the fire itself did get down to the Nepean River and jumped toward the regatta centre, but was out in the lower bits before the race. The smoke from the rest of the fires were still there, especially after 10am when the wind comes in, and all people still on the run course were told to stop, it was mostly the BOP folks. Still got their medal. My house (where I still own, but rent out) is not too far south of the little golfer in Springwood.
  3. I had a look at the "rally the troops" for WS70.3 for last year and this year, my club is down on entrants by about 10, Moore Performance have disappeared entirely as a "group" (maybe they are elsewhere?) Warringah are about the same, Panthers are about the same.
  4. I guess it would, the kit at Lausanne was black. But there has been an Iranian female finish Kona http://realiran.org/shirin-gerami-becomes-first-iranian-female-to-finish-the-ironman-world-championship/
  5. What they can wear. There are modesty rules about head to wrist to ankle. Saw a couple of ladies from that part of the world at Worlds in Lausanne.
  6. Water temp taken by TO's yesterday at about 3pm when Hills transition opened. 24 degrees. Hot and shifting winds from about 2pm, did get a headwind coming down Castlereagh Rd on the bike.
  7. I'm much the same about racing out at Penrith. I'm "going round" in the club enticer tomorrow as I am doing a long ride to get out there (just so bored with laps of the regatta centre!) Most other races are out of Sydney though so you need a nights accommodation to race, so when you are paying $150 for a sprint, then everything else it ends up being a no go for a sprint. Kurnell is more reachable for me now, but for the outer westies you might as well book a room!
  8. Getting given tickets, so yeah I'll watch. I still wonder why people keep going back to WS70.3 🤣 @Flanman water is not clear. Last race I did there a few weeks back, could not see wire. I use the buoys as a guide, I know I'm on target when I hit one
  9. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be 36 and 40 at Penrith. Not sure if I have seen the actual temp too different from the forecasts out there 😮 14 day long range starts getting into the 30s, but that is a little too far away. I'll be up at the Supercars in Newcastle.
  10. MissJess

    Noosa Tri 2019

    I saw a few strange results where the chip did not register at certain points so their T1 was about 60-90mins (so included the bike) or T2 was 50-90 mins (so included the run).
  11. Down 1.2 which is probably water weight.
  12. MissJess

    Nepean 2019

    I wonder what course map they had up on the boards on site? Those ones are not clear. I do not have the briefing pack either as I was not a competitor.
  13. I found the Mooloolaba 70.3 course as well. You can also build up your own courses with a secondary app they have, I have made the course for Port 70.3 and IM. It only shows the map, but still works well
  14. Try Rouvy....if you need more details message me
  15. Putting on weight Hopefully with my birthday now gone, TO training and assessment completed as well as the work trips done for 3 months I can eat and train properly. No plans to race away from home which always throws everything out.
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