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  1. MissJess

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Ok, so I can understand the idea of not physically being able to swim 750m without drowning (and I am cool with people not entering due to that), but I call BULLSHIT on fitness. That's me on the right. Yup, me. End of 2015 at Nepean. Probably a 28-30min swim for 1k, 1:15 for 30k bike, 1:20 for the 10k run. Bullshit on not being fit, they just want easy racing or to win.
  2. MissJess

    A message to race directors

    Yup, they tend to do that for a reason. There's always that hope that people will stay an extra night in the race location (admit it, for shorter distances most of us will stay there the night before at the most as starts are usually early). Didn't work at Devonport with the juniors one from memory, they rocked up off the planes, went to the race, then came back to Sydney! Bikes barely made it out of the bags!
  3. MissJess

    A message to race directors

    Yeah the spot prizes are a bit meh for me as well. Goggles never fit, spare tubes and tyres are always good, drink bottles are handy (as those plastic ones do get mouldy). Depends on the sponsors, as far as I can get off the top of my head we have a running shop (not Willie) that we get shoes from sometimes, physio that gives us massage vouchers, then Garmin who gives us a watch for every triathlon, each entrant gets 1 ticket and all vollies get 2 tickets. We also have Fulfil bars being handed out at the end of each race as you cross the line now. Our sponsorshop coordinator is some kind of goddess.
  4. MissJess

    No medals for teams :-(

    I'll be doing a team for Port, mainly as the running at that distance will be a big nono.
  5. MissJess

    Big Husky 2019

    Prizna - I guess we can now, as most of the keen folk have already booked their digs for the weekend (and when I did last month, there was almost nothing affordable!) I'm in, Scotty and I will be there - we are staying in Vincentia. Arriving Friday and leaving Monday. Race plan is sprint distance for me and enticer for Scotty on the Saturday and maybe the swim or bike for a team on Sunday, if you want to make up a team let me know.
  6. MissJess

    No medals for teams :-(

    Thanks again Emo!
  7. MissJess

    TriHusky 2018

    Thanks for listening Emo. We need more race directors to consider feedback. Scotty had a great time at the Try-a-Tri, he's asking about the next away race, might wait until the water is a bit warmer for him.
  8. MissJess

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    The chocolate tastes like chocolate icing straight from the bowl *naughty Jess* 😀
  9. MissJess

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    I've had running races where they have stated that they will have electrolytes and there has just been water, or worse, nothing left at all #backofpack
  10. MissJess

    A message to race directors

    1. Regarding presentations - our club usually hires someone for any of our ITU qualifying duathlons, rest of the time we hope a club member can do it, we only present medals for the duathlons, the triathlon season we don't, that is more for the club members to earn points. For the pros though, I thought they usually have someone, EE has Jay Luke, IM Australia has Pete Murray. 2. The club info data usually does not appear on the category result sheets that come from the timing people, although I am sure it is something that could possibly be added. Maybe we should just make this a general feedback thread. There's a lot we can learn. My feedback, I know it's hard, but try to get the mid and back of pack in your photos, those people (if their shots look good) are more likely to buy your photos. Sometimes its tough getting pics when you do not have a non racing partner with you.
  11. MissJess

    No medals for teams :-(

    According to the race info page there were supposed to be medals for teams.
  12. MissJess


    On Saturday - I was walking out of the service station to the car in my kit after geting a V pre-ride, I got given the finger by a couple of bogans towing a shitty boat. Then we got honked at a lot coming out of La Perouse. 🙄 I don't remember it being this bad in Penrith or the Lower Mountains.
  13. MissJess

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    70.3 distance. I ride a Specialized Shiv. I have an xlab torpedo bottle mounted on the aero bars which carries electrolytes. The fuselage (in frame bladder) which carries water. The fuel cell which carries gels and one tube. I have a 2 bottle mount in the back, one bottle is spares (tube, inflator, levers, cartridges) one is electrolytes. For Oly I carry one less tube, but I am thinking of carrying 2 tubes anyway, just in case.
  14. MissJess

    Noosa 2019

    Considering a team entry, but not doing the whole of Noosa myself - heard the swim was quite rough this year, not vomiting on fellow competitors! Happy to ride.
  15. MissJess

    WTB - cheap simple gps watch

    I do have a forerunner 110 lying around, but the strap is broken and they are not the interchangeables (you would need to get a velcro strap) free if I still have it.