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  1. Nepean Triathlon just posted and confirmed that they are working within the 500 limit which everyone expects to still be in place by October, they are doing race entries on a first come first served and will cap at 500. Not a lot of hope for Port and Western Sydney. They would have over 500 entrants already. Do they go and offer people a deferral to get it down to 500? Then they need to consider the road closure costs, which are mostly main roads, compared to Nepean which is a bunch of backstreets.
  2. Yeah, not just road closures, but the Settlement Point ferry would be out for most of the weekend. At this point it is out from 6am Sunday to 1am Monday from memory, Hibberd is open, but is a bit smaller. The locals on the North Shore tend to not go over from the Friday to the Monday anyway, unless they have to, actually they don't go over much at all the rest of the year either 🤣 (unless they need to go to work, shopping or hospital).
  3. Club level motorsport, no real sheep stations, no podiums, no medals - you think its cheap when you realise you can start with a pretty much roadworthy car. Then you get overtaken like you are standing still. 🤣 The only way to improve is to buy better cars and better bits.
  4. No real changes in weight or fitness. Have liked being able to go straight from work to the trainer! Might be sneaking in a few bevvies, but working it off.
  5. Well, no real information out of TriNSW with regard to return to racing. Current maximum in NSW is still 20 people outdoors, and there is a checklist for clubs that do club sanctioned races (so less than 150). No discussion on open sanctioned races which Hills does, and I assume the commercial RDs are getting help directly. Someone on the line asked about club champs, they said they would have to make a call 4 weeks out, but thing is they admitted that a lot of the clubs book accommodation for their members so might have to make a call before that. We refunded all our accommodation packages back in March, I think we have the new date pencilled in with our providers, but have not opened up our booking system yet. Article I saw posted elsewhere here today mentioned that Ironman Oceania have 2 weeks to decide on Port. If my calculations are right, at least that means you know if you need to turn up the distance dial, if you can as some pools are still on 45min swim slots.
  6. Thats what I thought, 20 new cases overnight in Victoria, Gladys is not blocking the traffic between VIC and NSW, but telling us we should not travel there, and they should not come see us (affected areas only). As for racing, so I am meant to stand in the wave start zone at Port with a face mask on? What about the run course spacing? I'm ok as I am slow and not after sheep stations of any kind, but the front runners tend to bunch up.
  7. MissJess


    The data is there and has been reviewed, and seems legit. I think they did it for New York.
  8. 50 days from the last time I heard, but I am now VERY concerned. There are a number of races on in the US this weekend and next few weekends where there has been no change. 70.3s Lubbock, Muncie and Boulder have no notifications of postponement or cancellation. Thing is I know people who are located in OZ, but have races booked overseas, Government are not allowing Australians to go OS, unless someone close is dying. The EU parliament are on Sky at the moment, and they are still saying 12-18 months until we get a vaccine. Also, we can't go back to a "new normal" too quickly, look at Melbourne.
  9. Yeah, I'm not that kind of contractor, I am mostly (it seems) in specialist roles that are only for set timeframes, this one is to just past the end of the "scale build" so my work here is almost done. Usually anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Yeah, a lot of companies are trying to stamp out the "long term" contractor here, it's common now to have maximum terms for us daily raters, usually up to about 2 years, takes a lot of wrangling to stay on, there are a lot of rules about how far a project is in and how long to go and if the role itself is at risk of losing IP if that person goes, especially for government, telcos and banks.
  10. I'm not a fan of bonuses - too many stories of them finding some way to not pay them! 😂 Yeah, I'm starting to get a few more unsolicited bites (where I have not sent a CV through) ads are starting to increase as well. I'm working at the moment, but I'm a contractor until the end of September so I am starting to get myself out there just in case they decide the permanent employee wins, which is likely, as they are rolling off all the contractors as per their current end dates.
  11. Yeah, my my standpoint it seems to be quite toxic, no training, no documentation, no assistance, left on his own to manage, has been told to not call on longer term employees OS to ask questions, no adjustments to hours to deal with meetings that are late in the evening due to time zones, expected to not count flying time as work time, managers who (I have heard on the phone) being aggressive, he's been yelled at, and chastised for forgetting his phone, and being 2 minutes late for a meeting when there were issues with skype for business, being blamed for not being responsive when citrix desktop dies or crawls. I've already done some checks (thanks to a friend) on the place and manager that has extended the offer, seems pretty good.
  12. My man has an offer for a role outside of toxic workplace, but its a large cut. But I'm thinking if I calculate the rate on the hours he does now vs what he will do there + the nightmares, it will be about the same. 😂
  13. Macquarie Uni is open again. You can book online, but all the booms are up so lanes are 25m, booking is 90mins https://secure.activecarrot.com/public/session/classes/382/2020-06-16
  14. Do you have a goal race booked? Also, do you want to podium and/or qualify? My general plan Mon - Trainer ride and/or gym Tue - Trainer ride Wed - Gym and swim if a pool is open (paddles, pull x 100s) Thur - Trainer ride Fri - Gin + Tonic Sat - Trainer ride + 10-15min ROTB Sun - Long run + swim Race prep plan - Mondays become another swim, Tuesdays I add a ROTB, Wednesdays I swim, and distance increases. Weekends the distances get increased gradually. I try to aim for some outdoor rides too, but my coach has given Rouvy the ok, for all my bike sessions, especially if I use the Port Mac course 😂 Gym sessions get dropped in the last 8 weeks...
  15. I don't see much changing in the US too quickly, first it was the anti-lockdown crowd protesting and spreading the virus, now its the BLM crowd. The boss and some of my colleagues noted that it's going to be tough for the sub-continent as well, working from home is not a thing there, so they pretty much had to stop working. We got through this so well as the majority could hunker down in our homes and work from there, or drive to offices if there was no WFH. For me, I will be WFH probably 2 days a week once we are back in the office, and looking at altering my hours or mode of transport to get into the office. +1 is going to get himself some masks so he can commute, as he is in IT support so has fixed hours, I'll probably do the same. I'll carry sanitiser everywhere, and say goodbye to filling up on communal food like brekky buffets (which was great travelling cos you could almost skip lunch!). We are already changing our wedding to a sit down from cocktail.
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