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  1. MissJess

    What training did you do today?

    Assuming it is the one in Glenwood? Add to the reports on Magpie Alert, word has it with certain councils, the more often it happens the more chance they will look at moving it on. Although they never did do anything about the one near the chicken farm, and it was that one that caused a broken arm, a few rider near misses! Yesterday - 1 hour on Zwift + 1km run off the bike. Guided cortisone shot in my hip tomorrow, then never running over 10km again. I just do way too much damage.
  2. MissJess

    Fenix 2 - Free to good home

    Will try, but managed to score the +1 a Fenix 3 at an absolute steal. So he's happy.
  3. MissJess

    Fenix 2 - Free to good home

    Guys, I have a Garmin Fenix 2 (watch and charger - no HR) which kindly came from @roxii as part of his retirement sale. Offering free to good home, but there are some issues with it. 1. The back/lap button needs a really hard press to get it working. I will have a look at it tonight and give it a clean and see if that helps things. 2. It holds charge, but not well (as well as can be expected) use it for a few hours ride and then get it back on the cradle. The start/stop button works fine, I reckon this watch would be good for anything where you do not want to do intervals or manual laps. Happy to include standard postage.
  4. MissJess

    What training did you do today?

    50 min Zwift (AHDRL - the hump day ladies ride, which we do on a Tuesday). Starts at 7.10pm and finishes 8.10pm, but I stop at 8pm to wind down before bed (been told I need 2 hours to ensure I sleep well). Passed out on the couch at 9.30pm
  5. MissJess

    What training did you do today?

    I understand. The +1 seemed to think getting inside the doona cover and me handing him the doona was the best way. He got twisted in it and fell on the bed. 1.2k swim for me yesterday in the competition pool at Olympic park. 500m fins, 200m paddle and pull, 3 x 100m, 200 fins and board. I think the +1 did around 600ish.
  6. MissJess

    New Kickr Stuff

    I've heard some guys training for Kona inside on a trainer under lights and heaters
  7. MissJess

    What training did you do today?

    Hills duathlon yesterday for the +1 and I 2km/10km/1km. Swim tonight maybe, but treatment for the dodgy hip first. Then a break from running again. Guess more Zwift time.
  8. MissJess

    TA Membership time

    Stikman, as a club admin I agree. Especially where mobile useability is concerned. I have been trying to complete a number of withdrawals and invites to our race on Sunday and had to resort to borrowing the +1s laptop, I was trying to get it done on the move. I have renewed, our AGM is on Sunday and I am nominating for Secretary.
  9. MissJess

    TriEvents WA

    Thanks for the answers. It's definitely food for thought. I can understand some swim cancellations (sharks, water like a sewer, rough surf that would beat the best swimmer) but not others. Water safety is there, and if there is not enough water safety, hire more. Oh and were the swim cancellations after the sale to 7West?
  10. MissJess

    TriEvents WA

    So I have been thinking about this.. (sorry thinking NSW here) help me out please... 1. Are these guys like Elite Energy in that they run a lot of triathlons? (how big is the hole) 2. Is there a club there like Hills that has an open sanctioned race series? (can it be filled by a large club) 3. I keep on hearing about sharks over there, has that been a part of the drop in numbers? (cancellations and summer duathlons suck) 4. I assume there is a general downturn in things over there, I've been told by my aunt and uncle they not only secured a 5 year lease, but at a discount compared to 2-3 years ago, does that have anything to do with it? (plus other stories I've heard about hardship) I guess there is a general downturn in triathlon which does not need discussion, as its been done to death.
  11. MissJess

    TriEvents WA

    Ex - I know. It should be about participation. Looks like this has put a small hole in the qualifying races for Lausanne. Standard and Sprint for WA are TBC.
  12. MissJess

    Plastic bag ban.....

    But I bet the yanks get to use boxes that the supermarket has, at least that's what Costco has here. Coles and Woolworths don't offer it, and Aldi used to, but now you have to hunt the shelves for a product that has a big enough box and is nearly empty to take it. That was the deal in Austria, the local supermarkets were bag less back in 2003 when I went to St Anton, we just grabbed a couple of boxes at the register on the first trip. If we forgot to take the box on the next trip, just grab another one. Best way to transport boxed items back to the apartment. Oh and I am not entirely sure if this is true.... https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/mans-reusable-bag-refused-for-sporting-competitors-logo/news-story/d1946a36ddee96cbd0289cd44893957e
  13. MissJess

    TriEvents WA

    Agreed! I did an entire season of enticers as I kept on getting sick or injured while training for sprint distance. Good thing I am a member of a club that sees any distance as acceptable.
  14. MissJess

    Plastic bag ban.....

    We didn't have a bag when we went to Aldi for a bottle of wine. That was a good look walking across the rail bridge from Meadowbank to Rhodes with an uncovered bottle of wine in one hand and cordial in the other!
  15. MissJess

    TA being sued for race crash

    I thought the para triathletes would have the course to themselves? The race wheelies get first start at running races to make sure the rest of us don't get run over!