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  1. Only staring?? Anywhere from about 2pm we cop the meowing. This makes for interesting meetings, actually my interview was at 3pm, but a good ice breaker with the potential bosses, where I got introduced to the project managers french bulldog as he was asking for food too. My little guy is asleep now, so adorable. Hills Science Diet Dental kibble, and he seems to like the Purr brand of sachets from coles, he gets those fussy cat meat pouches as well, as well as a little bit of BBQ chicken if we are having.
  2. MissJess


    I've been around since since 2013/14 (my first race was at the tail end of 2012/13). I used to race lots at the club races and EE, mostly anything up to club distance. October 2017 I moved up to long course, but I still get a sprint race in every now and again. I have an mdot in the plan, but Rona put a stop to that. Hopefully 2021 will be the year I get the finish. While not racing the short stuff, I keep involved in the sport. Currently on the management committee of a large club in Sydney and have taken on the race director role until we find a new one. Whenever I step down from c
  3. But you have to admit that accessing a tap is not as convenient, depending on how many things they touch during a shift. They would have to go to an unused room and I doubt there is one of those, so that means the lobby, which means more touching, and I doubt they have been conditioned to hit the buttons with elbows.
  4. I saw it on the Oceania Facebook page yesterday. The VC site does not have the information presented like that.
  5. https://www.ironmanvirtualclub.com/
  6. @KieranR I know the pain, when we catch up with family we prefer to eat out, understanding of what it is can be limited in normal establishments, and sometimes I think we almost have to book the vegetarian/vegan joint to get what we need, which no-one wants. For those in Sydney - Restaurant 317 in Parramatta has piles of gluten free options and according to the future sister in law, also has separate areas for gluten free meal prep. We've all eaten there with no issues.
  7. Yeah, I have signed up for the 7 day option. I am thinking I can do the swim in one session and the bike in one session, but the run will have to be split up to save my legs. The 7 day option starts (Sydney time) at 11am 5 Oct and finishes 10:59am 12 Oct - unlimited sessions swim or run, bike, run in any order. The 3 day option starts (Sydney time) at 11am 9 Oct and finishes 10:59am 12 Oct - unlimited sessions swim or run, bike, run in any order. There are two 17 hour options one for those who do not want to, or cannot swim, the other is the standard swim bike run. Must be done
  8. She's running no exceptions right? So would assume yes for at least NSW, VIC and ACT, and I would assume you would still have to apply to enter the state, and a 70.3 would not be essential, I mean seeing dying relatives is not essential, so why would a triathlon be? Edit: there are internationals in the list of finishers. Guess they were allowed in.
  9. Yeah a plane of folks from Wuhan from memory. Not sure how much it helped, would love to see the genomic sequencing from the early Australian cases and see if they were from China or elsewhere. We also had people returning from the US in February and that floating petrie dish in March.
  10. I was living in Melbourne, my ex father-in-law was up here volunteering. I think he was one of the folks driving around officials. Triple M used today to remind all of us ladies that we all missed out on meeting Prince Frederik at the Slip Inn. 🤣
  11. My mum said people were driving up from Melbourne to Echuca to get toilet paper. 🤣 They were being rude about it too. There was a shop out the back of Newcastle (on the way to Forster) that was checking peoples licences so he could stop Sydney people from buying all his stuff and leaving his loyal customers with nothing. Most of his customers were fixed income or without cars, so buying quantities for hoarding was impossible. Funny thing is I am seeing all of these articles of how people are "escaping Melbourne" and the "work from home revolution" is going to mean we can depart the c
  12. MissJess

    IMWA 2020

    I would check with them, it depends on how they will raise the credit, if they raise it as a cover the full ticket including the active fee then there should be nothing to pay (that would more or less be a transfer), but if they just raise it as the cost of the ticket (so excluding active), then there will be an active fee to pay on top. At least you get a credit, you are in a better spot than us who have had Port cancelled on us twice now, it's now May 2021. Not sure if we will ever get an event over 500 here until there is a vaccine. I reckon the council won't like it.
  13. I love how people are using the phrase "I can't breathe" when no-one is choking them!
  14. Same! I'm thinking of doing the Maitland LC, so bored! Have fun all.
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