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  1. Almost 18k run this morning - from Rhodes to Parramatta with a slight detour. Scott is cooking dinner and I am getting my hand slapped out of the way 🤣 #hungry
  2. Chattanooga again?!?! That will open to the floor for sure.
  3. I personally like a good old stack hat.... ...seriously, I have a Specialzed Evade for racing and a Bontrager road helmet. I dunno. It's matte black. It looks cool.
  4. There was a guy doing the club champs ride on a Reddy Go (one of those city bikes). 😁
  5. MissJess

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Same entry fee. We have to weigh in at Mool, so its not as simple as showing ID and getting your pack.
  6. MissJess

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Not really, Athenas and Clydes went late at Mool last year. In most races in NSW we are the last out, in some events we are thrown in with mates and teams. Just depends on how many of us there are. It's nice when the results are published, as you get to see them compared to others of the same type. No way I can put down the same run time as a 60kg whippet. I'm in age group this year for most of my races as I am playing the qualifying game for ITU, lucky for me the location is cost prohibitive for a lot of people, gives me a chance to go. 🤣
  7. For my kit, I would only be willing to rent out my bike bag, but not much else. Maybe my wetsuit, but that is an item that I would not want to have rented out and I need it because I thought a race was not going to be wetsuit optional, but it ends up being that way (Western Sydney 70.3 is a great example of that, usually no wetsuit, but last year it was) My bikes are all setup for me, and I would not want to have the settings changed. I've already done that on my roadbike and its not been easy getting back to the right settings. Edit: I would be willing to rent a bike, helmet and pedals, and have booked a rental for ITU worlds in Lausanne.
  8. Hey @monkie yeah it was. We had a number of the draft legal juniors racing ahead of the All Schools. Unfortunately those guys and girls do not know when to switch off the drafting. They also performed some dangerous passing moves (overtaking on the left). The TOs certainly earned their keep that day! The penalty box had a good level of attendance from them. We obviously cannot target those who were in the wrong, so we contacted everyone. We wanted to remind everyone that although we are open sanctioned that we are a club run race series that wants to cater to all athletes. Back to the positive, we have one more race before winter which is on April 6. It is our yearly enduro format. Swim 380m Ride 10km Run 2.5km Swim 380m Ride 10km Run 2.5km Get on the website at www.hillstriclub.com
  9. Correct. Swim location has also been confirmed. Just need to get a date sorted.
  10. It was getting difficult dealing with Forster. But councils do change @Clappers it was great seeing you out there too!
  11. Well, its moving back to a coastal location next year (not sure how much more I can say yet), although who knows how long that will be for before we get run out of another town 🤣
  12. MissJess

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I got weighed last year. First time I have been weighed for athena. But yeah you others, thanks for the fat jokes.😡
  13. Yeah I was going to point that out when I saw a post from OTC on Facebook. Beat me to it, how was the water then?
  14. MissJess

    Port 2019

    Not too badly, running is now up to 15k in a single run. Pace is a little slow, but I am carrying a 3kg pack (water and snacks) and I do have to stop at crossings, sometimes I get a little lost, and duck into a shop for a V and a Powerade. Cycling and swimming I can crank out the distances needed easily. I have club champs this weekend, Wollongong qualifier on the 13th April and then we are in Port for Easter, so I will ride the full length of the course then. How about you?
  15. No need for the goggles or wettie! This is good news for those who cannot deal with the cold water out there - temp has been 16 or so degrees in previous years.
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