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  1. Tri bikes for Juniors

    I think at some stage in the past, Hills applied for a grant from the Government, the club used it to purchase a couple of bikes for kids to borrow. Also, they have had a sponsorship in the past where a junior bike was the prize at presentation night and all the juniors were put in the barrel. Apart from that the club does not generally take any part in buying equipment. For a lot of the juniors they ride the bike that they have, we have kids riding mountain bikes, bmx bikes at club races, the decked out kids are the ones who are probably racing the full series, are on a squad and maybe one day, trying to race pro. Also, parents can seek to purchase second hand road bikes. This would be the best bet.
  2. The Mental Health thread

    Yeah, phenergan has a hangover. Melatonin does not from what I have experienced. Although the phenergan does have its uses, my GP in the past has suggested it for me to sleep through the side effects of new depression meds.
  3. The Mental Health thread

    Wish I was down there at the gong, but enjoying a weekend at home, so much housework and meal prep done! Melatonin - I was using Bioglan. But now I have stopped having caffeinated drinks after 11am, unless I need to stay up late.
  4. What training did you do today?

    Yesterday - 90 on the bike (Lake Placid Tri) and 1 hour run. Today - tready run as I'm gonna do it later.
  5. Average Aussie eats 44 snags a year

    That reminds me, I must make a trip to Bunnings for some stuff this weekend.
  6. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    Interesting, oh well, lets put it in the same bucket as drafting, as different TOs are applying that rule differently too.
  7. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    For non wetsuit swim. No coverage below the knee, unless you are subject to an extra rule which allows for modesty for (essentially) female Islamic competitors. That rule says that if you are covered below the knee, it needs to be unbroken (so knee is to be covered) and you are also to be covered up top to the wrist. So covered almost completely, apart from hands and feet, the very few Islamic women who do compete tend to wear those Burkinis.
  8. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    They named it after my exes mum! AWESOME!
  9. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    *toot* *toot* all aboard the AA7 express!
  10. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    Hey guys, whats the current ruling on calf sleeves in QLD? I saw heaps of people wearing them for a non-wetsuit swim, and as far as I was aware, TA have them banned when there is no wettie.
  11. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    I started at 7.48 and hit the motorway at sometime around 8.45ish. I saw what I thought to be a Sunday bunchie coming towards me
  12. Mool meetup

    First time I have logged in since Friday. Race went as well as it could. I got a little queasy in the swim, but stayed wide and took it easy. Bike was ok, except the return, with the headwinds and rain. Run was more a run/walk. Due to the reasons I had travelled and a certain person I would probably bump into I was not eating properly for most of the weekend, so performance was likely to be shit. I had an Aussie Triathlon Singles meet which was a bit of a bust really, 3 of us turned up and the organiser did not even show!
  13. Mool meetup

    I've not organised anything as there is not enough interest, you are welcome to message me and I will give you my details.
  14. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    OH FFS. So I have a weekend interstate where it was ruined by someone I do not know. Sitting in an apartment alone, as I do not know anyone going all that well, and now a headwind on the return leg?
  15. Mool meetup

    QF548 then a shuttle from Brisvegas. Long story short , was meant to be hanging out with someone else all weekend and he's Brisbane based. I'm at the Carribbean.