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  1. Why the swim cancellations? All I can think of in Port Phillip Bay is water quality...
  2. Yup, I thought I would try them out as I did not have my licence with me, waste of money.
  3. I ran 5k last night! Not feeling too bad today at all.
  4. Day 12 of this chest cold/whatever this is. It's not the flu as there have been no body aches and no nasty fevers. Last exercise was on July 5 when I spent 90 mins on the trainer. But as it has been in the chest, and productive coughing I have decided to rest. Might try to get on the bike tonight as "production" has slowed.
  5. Yeah I'm slack!! https://www.active.com/penrith-nsw/running/distance-running-races/hills-triathlon-club-duathlon-21-july-9am-2019 Pack collection is from 8am to 8.40am We have the usual 5/20/2.5 or a 2/10/1 for the adults. Apparently the longer distance is a worlds qualifier for Almere in 2020. Rego closes tonight at 9pm
  6. I've done it once - given a glass of wine about 500m out from the finish.
  7. Reading appendix A - so are calf sleeves still out? (mentions each part of a one or two piece must be continuous) also, so I assume wetsuit top only is ok, but not bottom only? Also, for those in the know, can the race director give a single competitor permission? We had someone race with wetsuit shorts only. I can understand fins in a wave of participants (such as try-a-tri). But not the former situation.
  8. So then they will still be on the run course on their bikes. Just not next to their athlete. They'll yell, then ride, then yell, repeat. As long as they don't go near the narrower parts, all good. That zipper ruling better be policed, but the current ruling is not, not sure if I have ever seen a TO pull up someone on the run course for a zipper violation. Not sure if I have seen a TO on a run course at all.
  9. MissJess

    Lausanne Bike Course

    Virtual - maybe Zwift New York? Real world - parts of Port between Port itself and Flynns beach. The hill at Wollongong coming back into transition. The hills are more the stand up kind rather than try to sit and climb.
  10. Out before sunrise. Idiots.
  11. MissJess

    Lausanne Bike Course

    I'm renting a roadie. I'm gonna have enough issues riding on the wrong side of the road A lot of the lumps are pinchy and 8% or more, probably more suited to standing climbs. I've been testing out the course on rouvy.
  12. MissJess

    IMOZ 2020

    70.3 or IM.....not sure.....accommodation is booked for the race and training weekends
  13. I'll be back working in North Sydney as of July 8, so won't have to think about trekking in from Macquarie Park.
  14. MissJess

    Israel Folau

    It's not the going to hell bit, it's vilifying people because of their preferences, it's not even sexual in some cases. What happens if you are totally open to all genders? What if the person who floats your boat just happens to have the same bits as you? He has a shitload of followers, lots are impressionable kids, we need to be accepting of all people, yes there are people listed on there where it is a choice, but walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you judge. Guess I am going to hell...I'm a drunk, fornicating adulterer. 😂 It's all made up mumbo jumbo anyway. But they can believe what they want. Just don't make people feel like crap.
  15. No training wasting time sitting through interviews that I should not have been sent to as I am too senior 😂 this looking for a new job every 6 months is giving me the shits, but the term permanent does not exist in project management anymore.
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