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  1. Probably, although I am wondering if I will ever do that again
  2. I was running 8:15-8:30min k's over 5k when I was *shudder* 122kg I am now 91kg and running 6:45-7:00min k's
  3. They have already run out of the UTA22 shirts with the competitors names on it! How is the free shirt sizing? At Port the kids seemed to get the adult sizes and the 70.3ers got the kids sizes!
  4. Yeah the training pool at SOPAC (Homebush) is like soup. 😏
  5. @Peter Hows the crowding at MSAC though? I found Homebush to have the competition pool unavailable a lot of the time, and then forced into the training pool which was crowded and full of idiots playing in the lap lanes, poolies did not give a stuff. Tried to go when it was quieter, then they decided to change the closing time. Over at Mac Uni now. Effing freezing getting in and out and starting (it's outdoor), but I'll deal with it.
  6. Good lord, sounds like my younger sister!
  7. Has anyone got a trial code? I am thinking of switching from Zwift.
  8. Is there something medically (and mental illness is medical!!) wrong with him, or is he just being a typical pre-teen/teenager? If the latter, swift kick up the bum should do it, that's what my parents did to me 😂 That's all I have to contribute, I am glad I did not have kids, my DNA does not need to be replicated 😂
  9. Will continue to work on strength and keep the distance up. City to Surf in August then we fly out to Lausanne for worlds. Might try to lose some size and tone up for that damn tri suit. 🤣 I think me concentrating on the strength work in the gym has helped immensely with maintaining and gaining bike and run power as well as avoiding injury.
  10. Look at how many slots are allocated now in your age group and double it. (The ratio of slots available should be about the same, although this might change if certain age groups like M35-39, M40-44 and M45-49 have huge numbers.) That should give you the last place that gets a spot, at least for the first race or two. After that it is down to who is in already and how far it rolls. Edit: Your other option is Zell-am-see Austria which is only a week after Nice. Field might be depleted.
  11. Yeah, it might be that season pass thing they had for Sunny Coast, buy 3 70.3 entries in one hit and get put into the draw. But note it probably will not include the Busso 70.3 in May, (I think the licenced races were excluded) which incidentally is not on the 2019 finisher towel.
  12. Western Sydney is a 2 lap bike course at the moment, in order to lengthen it they either need to find new roads they can close (which is difficult) or go to a 4 lap format (not really doable). Also may need to look at a date change as the water and air temps can be high around November/December and with no breeze to compensate. Forster locals/council don't want anyone closer into town than the keys. Club Champs moved from there in 2017, in 2016 my bike course team copped abuse from the locals. The Challenge/Ultimate/Elite Energy course changed in 2017 to lose the run over the Tuncurry. Club Champs is back, but the course is expected to be all in the keys, with a bike leg to Smiths Lake and a run to the Cape Hawke lighthouse, which is what Ultimate was in 2017. Doubt Husky would let anyone do a full there, the Ultimate course was changed to a 3 lapper to appease the locals, rightly so I guess as if you went to the Vincentia shops you had to go the long way back around to your house. Forbes was more than welcoming a few years back, but the non-coastal locations struggle for numbers, and now for water quality.
  13. It did happen, but I did not have the camera going for the race. The only trannies in there were Flanman and Smithy - trickle was a no show (off getting pissed no doubt) and tomsey did not show up! Just trying to get some of the pics off Scottys phone. Ironman Beer Mile: Male - some guy in a droopy boobie suit Female - no female entrant so we picked a guy who was dressed as a female in a "lets get physical" one piece with fake boobies Ironman 70.3 - two girls from the Orange Tri Club took the honours, including a linked arm scull Greyman - a guy in a gigantic baby suit Fashions on the field - apparently his name is Mick - the Brazilian Life Guard
  14. MissJess

    Port - Race Day

    Nice to meet you Mr (and Mrs) Flower! I did not realise you and I know the same people (your coach) small world!
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