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  1. Saddles

    I had the adamo ISM and hated it. Chafe city. Actually, I spoke to some of the girls I ride with, and some were cable tying the front bits together to get them closer. The TT has a Specialized Power on it, the road bike has the Specialized Oura.
  2. WS 70.3

    My advice, pack it, take it with you on race day. That water is DEAD, any form of buoyancy is a plus.
  3. WS 70.3

    Water temp at the Hills race today - 21 and a bit. Unless someone finds a way to boil the lake, it might be a wettie swim.
  4. 50% off everything Dare2Tri

    https://www.dare2tri.com Code is SALE50
  5. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Unique key to join the AEC data, that's where they got the elector data from, hence the need to get on the electoral roll.
  6. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    I would not class it as Labor/Liberal in NSW. Those electorates have higher than normal populations of those who are believers in one deity or another. I'm not going to specify which deity for fear of reprisals.
  7. WS 70.3

    Yeah they were saying 21 and a bit on Sunday at PTC. Hills is racing this Saturday, but the temp is taken at 3pm or so.
  8. WS 70.3

    Wow I remember the days when they had to split M40-44 into two waves! (I think M45-49 had the same deal)
  9. Shark.....Rotto Triathlon becomes Duathlon

    Thing is, it treats the swimmers like a buffet, have a little bit of each!
  10. Stringer Sports Sale

    Holy crap, that is a blast from the past! Mum used to take me there to get my track spikes (grew up down south).
  11. Tri Wyong

    I'm in. Club Distance.
  12. How long have you got left to live - touch wood

    So I might have a slim chance of making it to Kona, but I only have a year to do it in 80-84...guess I better get training for 75-79... And this... Just so you get to live in hell a little longer
  13. It's not even November

    You like buns don't you FM? Well slapping them I see Christmas cards in the shops, but I guess if you are using Australia Post I would send them now
  14. It's not even November

    Christmas trees were up at Central Station (Sydney) on Monday, yes October 30.