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  1. I had two friends train for Busso doing 6 hour rides on trainers. One of the wives would turn up with egg and sausage mc muffins 🤣
  2. Episodes of The Simpsons, although my indoor sets call for 30mins and episodes are 22mins. DOH!
  3. All my mid-week (and some of my weekend) training is on the kickr. Especially mid-week which are strength and tempo sessions, I can't get those done on the road without terrorising those on the shared path, or getting swiped by cars. My weekend bike session is more about time in the saddle now, so I will be doing those outside on a combo of paths and bike lanes. But I came from a cycling background, specifically mountain biking. So I got my handling skills back then.
  4. A measly 100g since last week. Perhaps not meant to be skinny.
  5. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning. But I doubt I have lost much
  6. I'm going to the gym and riding on the trainer. Only using a fan at the moment as the aircon brings it in as well. Most of the smoke in Rhodes seems to be early morning or late afternoon, so at least on the weekend I can get out for a run around 10 or so. We are thinking about going to Port Mac over Xmas (see the +1s family) but are playing it by ear. Hopefully there will be heavy rain to put all this shit out.
  7. My losses are small on the scale, but apparently my waist and hips are narrowing. I might just use the scales to make sure I am not putting on weight, but take the changes from the measuring tape. My wedding dress already seems loose and I swear I ordered the smaller size, and the setting engagement ring keeps on slipping down to the underside of my finger again.
  8. Yeah, might be taking a longer holiday later and my contract ends not long after the wedding.
  9. Yeah, the info board said 24.6 only needs a drop of 0.2
  10. Husky LC Port IM Get married 👰 Recover in the Hunter for a week 🥂
  11. Yeah, I read the rules again, I would not take the floaty shorts. I'm going to double check.
  12. Rule change this year, apparently in years past they were worried people would go ass over tit in the water just wearing wettie shorts.
  13. Forecasts Today - 38 and smoke haze Tomorrow - 34 and possible storm 30% chance of rain Saturday - 34 shower or two and possible storm in evening 50% chance of rain Sunday - 26 shower or two and possible storm 50% chance of rain The regatta page shows water temp of 23.1 at 8am, note that there are cold spots and warm spots, so it depends on where the measurement is taken.
  14. Swimming headphones. A new watch that can last an Ironman that is not within the standards of this forum (over 13 hours) 🤣
  15. We've moved to Race Result as part of the new timing system - but payment for race entries was not easy. Took a while to get the PayPal account set up as we were considered an "eBay non performer" (well we have no reason to be on eBay). PayPal is the only option for those not using CHF, EUR or USD. Now our account is completely verified it seems to be working ok. I'll have to go do the maths, but PayPal still charge a percentage of sales, maybe not as much. Setup wise it is about the same few more places where I needed to do a little more on the first race (and I expect this at the start of each season now), there were some issues with calculating age groups for race distances as it is a bit more manual than active (I had to calculate the maximum and minimum birth dates myself). Active also allowed mass mail outs to prospective entrants, where Race Result only allows a small amount of emails.
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