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  1. Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    Goughy, Based in Melbourne, we had Solar installed in Aug. We have a 5kw system of 17 x 300w LG Panels and Fronius Primo inverter. Cost was just under $7k after rebates. We have 6 panels facing North and 11 panels facing West. Like you, basically someone is always in the house so consuming during daylight hours. Our power bill was $455 for May, June, July (our Gas bill is a different story!). For the period of Aug, Sept, Oct we dropped to $60. Actual numbers compared to the same quarter last year are: last year we purchased 26.11kw per day. The quarter with Solar was 3.52kw's so a saving of 86.5% less purchased usage. In terms of energy: on a sunny day, we seem to make 30-32kw's a day so we are in surplus which we sell back at 12cents and then at night, we buy at 26cents. So far in Jan we have created 600kw's so about $160 in value. In Dec 745kw, Nov 720kw. For the quarter that dropped our bill from $455 to $60 we created 1504kwh which would likely be our lowest totals (darkest month of the year). We were told payoff period for us would be 3.5 - 4years. This seems, so far, to be accurate.
  2. Artial Fibrillation: anyone? Mental side?

    Correct - it is a surgical option available It’s not really the high heart rate as an issue - more the high and low sequence. Going from 180 to 30 in 1 second and the back up to 190 20secs later is no fun. This can repeat for hours. In terms of tests: I presented to emergency in AF and was captured on ECG. Had many since ECGs since, worn a halter (portable ecg) for a few days, blood tests and ultrasound of heart. Sounds like I just need to get out and do the rides and see how I go. Feels weird to feel so mortal and very hard to overcome the mental block of the chance to go AF again.
  3. Hi Guys, Been a while.... I have had an interesting time, being the elite endurance athlete that I was, I have in September spent 3 days in hospital with AF. Reality is, I have had AF numerous times before including in Three Peaks ride and I suspect in a few other events, numerous training and just generally. After many tests, followups and seeing different specialists, the end result is I am able to slowly get back into exercise, but need to take tablets to do so. I am told AF won't kill me, but has left me uneasy: particularly due to riding to work (11km pancake flat) has seen my heart at 200bpm and dropping to 40: feeling like I was close to the pearly gates! I'm not against the tablets, but they have side effects of drowsiness and slow heart rate (around 30-40bpm constantly) so not ideal either. The other slight complication to my heart condition, is mum has a defib implanted due some issues she had a few years ago (and had to have her heart shocked in front of me 12 times, which was the survival record for Vic!) - which kinda has me freaked out also... So... * Any sufferers of AF amongst us? How do you handle/deal with it? Love any comments * Any had to work ongoing challenges with exercise? How did you mentally overcome the barrier? what worked for you? Steno
  4. Cranky Update

    Alright guys.. See you after Kona.
  5. Cranky Update

    24 age groups at quick count. May be lucky to get 3. Several age groups only have one entrant so these could roll which may help
  6. Cranky Update

    Cranky qualifies, I'm out to Novemeber... Bar TDF talk
  7. Yep I read it pretty clearly as from RCS and have found them pretty upfront always. Also post to add value rather than just sell. Disclaimer: my thules come from RCS Disclaimer 2: a friend used to work there, probably 15 years ago before he left for celebrity fame and fortune
  8. Wheels for disc brakes

    Don't think we have had this question, if we have I couldn't find it. What are people using/recommending in the $500 range and $1000 range? Looking to get a set of wheels that can do on road and some CX stuff. Does not need to be tubeless compatible. Steno
  9. Win Olympic Gold. Auto qualify for Kona

    I don't think anyone needs to announce... If it isn't true, it would go something like this... Ni hao WTC, Al Brownlee here. Ni hao Al, how can we help? I would like to enter Kona WTC No worries Al, where did you qualify? No no WTC, you don't understand. Google me. B R O W N Oh Mr Al, you are booked in, good luck. WTC, do you need my credit card? Oh sorry Al, of course we do....
  10. BYOD

    How did you do the test? I have had a surface 2 since day 1 of release as my main computer and never had a fault. Runs perfectly, quick boot times and minimal lag with a SSD. Only complaints are battery could be better (think this is probably just me thinking it should last as long as an iPad rather than comparing to laptop) and a second usb slot built in would be handy. I would buy another tomorrow.
  11. Grand Tours Tipping Comp.

    Correct, but on his hip was Howson and Nibali
  12. Grand Tours Tipping Comp.

    Sam bewley, ameets and Howson were all there on second last climb - yes not to the top but a lot of the way. Not sure where Plaza was but made it together far closer than 77km to go.
  13. Grand Tours Tipping Comp.

    You need to watch again FP...
  14. Active fees

    Yep, I agree with ip. My read is that it is the same as a gym joining fee but rather than a fixed cost, they price via percentage
  15. Anyone know Challenge tyres well? Looking for a set for my CX bike that goes ok on Tarmac, ok on firmish gravel and can handle a little mud... For those in Melbourne, rides like up through Warburton way including on road. Thoughts? Stuffed if I can work it out!