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  1. Sent you a pm about the dash saddle
  2. Fizik Tritone vs ISM attack. Has anyone tried them both, and what are you thoughts? I have been using the attack for a while now, roadie and TT, and it is perfect of the roadie, but not so much on the TT.
  3. Used for one training ride. Come with Caden pads and skewers. No tyres. Due to work commitments I will not be able to use these in the foreseeable future. Best someone else uses them. Can send photos if needed
  4. Good luck burgs 45.45 4.40 3.07 8:35:35
  5. Fairly hilly course, the pinch up "mt. Misery" is a good test along with the finishing climb. The roads are average or "dead" which I feel adds to the toughness. Would have come out to watch but was at Mont over the weekend. I raced that course a few weeks ago as my first club race for SHCC. I won c grade, 2 laps, and the second climb up to the finish hurt big time. I just looked at my numbers and they are laughable compared to yours, but here they are: AV power: 227 NP: 272 Good report and great effort Trek.
  6. There is a Facebook page called Jindabyne notice board. Join up and put a post up there. I'm sure there would be local who would be able to help.
  7. adstar

    RIP Dave Mirra

    Wtf. That is a shock
  8. adstar

    FTP test

    Thanks guys, will lock in 255w
  9. adstar

    FTP test

    Sorry for the thread jack, but I have a FTP question for the guys in the know. I did a 1hr ride today pretty much as hard and I could on the road so safety was a concern and couldn't push 100% of the time, but nonetheless I was pretty much spent at the end. Here are the numbers using a quarq: Average power: 244 NP: 262 HR average: 172 (max of 189, wow) Do I use the average power or the NP to set my FTP? Thanks in advance
  10. Get a wahoo tickr, the one I have has been faultless
  11. adstar


    Had my first training ride with infinit yesterday (custom mix) Hard 90k ride (my NP 238 matched my FTP of 238) 1100m of climbing) 3 hours 23min and used 3 bottles of the mix. I really like it. Easy to get down, no gut issues and no sign of cramping at all (I usually get them on hard workouts/racing) Loved not having to use gels/food. I must have missed the trannies discount from other posts though. I'll use it next time.
  12. adstar

    quarq update

    Can you do the update via the qalvin app?
  13. Sorry to thread mine. Looking at a tready and want some first hand feedback/advice on what to look for, and what to avoid Thanks
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