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  1. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    We sound very similar. I just don't take crap like I used too.Life is too short to have to deal with knobheads, and bad situations.
  2. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    Unfortunately I did vent at the boss.
  3. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    It's National Mental Awareness day so a timely time to post I guess.As others before have written,it is hard to right this sort of stuff about yourself,but I need to vent.Kudos to those who have.I have suffered from depression most my adult life, and don't take meds for it.Tried once and didn't like it.I have sought treatment on a few occasions.Since 2004 triathlon has been my medication, and brought a lot of inner joy and small personal victories despite being a back of the pack finisher.I have been in what I call my cyclonic mood for a long long time now .I am a slow moving rain bearing depression.The entire joy of training and competing has gone. I look at my bikes and go "Meh!" Even give myself a good upper cut from time to time but that has worn off.Nothing gives me any joy anymore.Last week my new boss flew in (80's style bullyboy manager, about my age, and no industry experience) and tore me a new one.It was bombing raid with zero notice.It's a new job which I was head hunted for 6 months ago, and I work on my own in sales role for the whole of WA.Sales dollar are 50% up on last year but am apparently not doing it the right way /his way.My KPI's, touch points, etc,blah blah....I have been in this Industry my whole life up to a senior role level,and never had any issues up till now.Working on my own is very new and probably hasn't helped as I am a social person.This was the icing on the cake for me and has pretty well finished me. I am considering quitting work/sport and taking a long time off to sort myself out, perhaps hire/buy a campervan and hit the road with the wife and travel around Australia. Maybe it time to smell the roses.Thanks for reading if you read this far to the end.
  4. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    I had a gut feel about an old work mate last week who has his struggles. I hadn't heard from him for a long time.I didn't have his phone number so I emailed him to asked if he was okay and to ring if not.It turned out he wasn't. He rang me and we had a good long chat.Always trust your gut feel if you ever have an hunch someone you know may not be okay.
  5. BigRig

    What training did you do today...

    90 minutes on the wind trainer.
  6. BigRig

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    Have done 5 all 14 hours +.I am not that good tbh, but just enjoy the training and the challenge on the day.
  7. BigRig

    Pretty Disappointing

    I too can join the disappointment club.Was 4 weeks into IM Busso training, then followed by a long planned 2 week Nordic holiday including a 7 day cruise ( floating Buffet), and despite eating okay and doing an hour in the gym each day plus a butt-ton of walking,I returned 3.5 kg heavier.Also gave myself an uppercut last week and will aim to lose 5kg.
  8. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    Ambos, Fireman, Police, Nurses,Army, etc that all have to see and deal with some horrific things in doing their job need a lot more help in this area (PTSD).Far too often they get cast aside.
  9. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear this FFF. Hurts like heck now, but probably for the better if she doesn't have your interests at heart. Are you doing it this year?
  10. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    The redundancy money, is nice but it is hard to take when it happens to you. I got managed out in 2016 after 16 years.Upside was I was able to reinvent myself and move on.In hindsight it was a blessing. It gives me pleasure to see my old work become a debarkle since I left.
  11. Thanks Slowman. Will check them out.
  12. BigRig

    WTB- 29" MTB wheelset

    Cool. Can you send me the details,cost etc.
  13. BigRig

    WTB- 29" MTB wheelset

    If anyone has any surplus to requirements with or without a rear cassette, please let me know.
  14. BigRig

    IM Australia when you are 50

    Good job!
  15. BigRig

    IM/LC racing. Value/worth thoughts

    For me its about being at my absolute best and having the best outcome possible in all three legs . So far I have failed to that in my LC 5 races.I have come close.I will never KQ, but the driver for me is to enjoy the training and associated benefits, and one day have that perfect race where it all comes off. Then I can die happy!