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  1. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    The redundancy money, is nice but it is hard to take when it happens to you. I got managed out in 2016 after 16 years.Upside was I was able to reinvent myself and move on.In hindsight it was a blessing. It gives me pleasure to see my old work become a debarkle since I left.
  2. Thanks Slowman. Will check them out.
  3. BigRig

    WTB- 29" MTB wheelset

    Cool. Can you send me the details,cost etc.
  4. BigRig

    WTB- 29" MTB wheelset

    If anyone has any surplus to requirements with or without a rear cassette, please let me know.
  5. BigRig

    IM Australia when you are 50

    Good job!
  6. BigRig

    IM/LC racing. Value/worth thoughts

    For me its about being at my absolute best and having the best outcome possible in all three legs . So far I have failed to that in my LC 5 races.I have come close.I will never KQ, but the driver for me is to enjoy the training and associated benefits, and one day have that perfect race where it all comes off. Then I can die happy!
  7. Looking for a recommendation for a reasonable wheelset. I am 194cm and 105kg, and keep breaking a spoke on my rear wheel quite regularly.Bike only goes on road most of the time.
  8. BigRig

    Everyone's entitled to a shocker

    My last IM in 2016 I had PB’s on the swim and ride. Decided in T2 not to change socks and put on my run socks as I had done previously to save some time. Biggest mistake and regret. Feet blistered so badly I couldn’t run after 5kms.Took ages for the heel damage to repair. If only......
  9. BigRig

    New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    That is sad to lose such an iconic part of the race at IM Busso. Fully agree with Triax's comments too. I am a slow swimmer more than a weak swimmer, but love the swim leg as it was around the jetty.
  10. BigRig

    The Mental Health thread

    Hang in there Goughy! I have a situation similar to yours at home( ie bad food and bad choices, increasing weight, cannot sleep much due to meds, psych issues etc). You have just got to keep chipping away.Try and get some small wins with him. It will help you and your wife also.The big picture of recovery can be scary, so don't focus on it too much. As Katz said, just Keep Going.
  11. BigRig

    Your 1st race

    My first Triathlon was the 2004 Matilda Bay Sprint (Crawley Bay near UWA Perth), which I recall was a 400 Swim/18km Ride/5km Run.
  12. 2017 was my year off any serious training or racing, as I decided to have a bit of a mental refresher, so numbers are naturally down. Swim- 44.2km Ride-4,355.7km Run-336.2km Others-Yoga-2 hrs/week, Indoor Soccer-1 game/week.
  13. BigRig

    Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    I had the same feeling last year Stickman.I did manage to get to the finish line but without any jubilation.Taking this year off to try and find that IM buzz again seems to be slowly working.There is always next year mate! You have unfinished business.
  14. BigRig

    Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    I took up Yoga this year as part of my hiatus from Triathlon. 1.5 hours every Monday night in class and a bit on the side at home. I must say I have seen improvement in a few areas, none more so that mentally. Much more calm in the farm these days.