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  1. BigRig

    TA Memberships

    I also had a call from TA on the same thing. Guy was very pleasant and asked me a few questions about my races etc. Told him I was retired from racing (participating).
  2. BigRig

    Kona 2018

    A great report.It will nice to be able to relive the day in your head when your older.
  3. BigRig

    TA Memberships

    I havel also cancelled my auto renewal now that I have retired.
  4. I have a 2010 Cervelo P3. Pretty much all the same gear on it since new. Well maintained.6,500km on it.Still looks new and rides brilliantly with 100kg on it.
  5. Kieran, 100% what Katz has said and suggested.Just keep on talking to people on here and to those around you.
  6. There is nothing more satisfying than planning your race and then pulling it off exactly to plan.Well done.Like you I also did not push myself as it was my last IMWA and wanted to take it all in and enjoy the day.
  7. Ripper Report Stickman.Love the bit about trying to pee on the bike. I have an issue trying to pee whilst swimming. Cannot do it without stopping.I am glad Simone finished also.I saw her out on the bike and she looked up in good spirits.
  8. Swim=58km,Ride=4,107km,Run=423km.Expect similar distances for 2019.
  9. SFA this year.No Triathon goals, but will still be keeping up some exercise, and finding some inner peace.🙂
  10. BigRig

    Busso 2018

    Did anyone try the Ironman gels on course.Strawberry flavoured plaster of Paris came to mind.😜
  11. Well done Sam.Hope your proud of your finish.
  12. Well done Katz. I saw you during the bike leg and you looked in the zone. Great comeback if such short prep time.
  13. 15 hours 47 minutes was the result of an enjoyable long day, but my worst time by a long way.This was my 6th and final IMWA, and went into it with 16 weeks of training, with the aim of just a finish, so training was nothing too long or hard, and was interupted by a 3 week European cruise.Having completed 6 x Busso 70.3 races ,and 5 x IMWA races since 2008 my OCD kicked in early this year, and I decided I had to complete the dozen (6+6).This was the year to do it.I went in about 5kg heavier than my last IMWA in 2016. The swim or slow float was 1:55 (target 1:45).I am a crap swimmer. I did not like the new course, and it felt longer than the awesome jetty route of yesteryear.Got out of the water with jelly legs which I have never had before. I got onto to bike T1 and there were about 12-15 bikes still racked, the my heart sank a little, but was expected. Bike leg was 6:58 (target 6:45), and I enjoyed the ride.Temperature was ideal and the wind nowhere near as bad as other years.It took me about 45 km to get my bike legs, but once going I passed a lot on the last lap. Run leg was 6:34 (target 5:55).Aim was to jog the first two laps and reassess from there. Halfway through the second lap I got talking to a nice fella (Dan), and this slowed me down a fair bit. Last lap I made an effort to lift, and finished quite strong. Mrs BR was there in the chute cheering me on, and I love the fact she follows me all day during these long races.Its a tough gig being the supporter of a BOPer. I've got a special one there. I am proud to have notched up 6 IMWA's since 2011, but its time to move on to something else.I am a little burnt out .Might buy a tinnie and go fishing. I will still be doing swim/ride/run training in the future, but not for any racing purposes. Well done to all the Trannies who finished. BR😊
  14. BigRig

    Busso 18

    Nice reads Keiran and Katz.I thought the swim was longer than 3.8km too, just for the record.
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