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  1. BigRig

    Busso 2019

    Have to say this years finisher medal and tee shirt look a bit naff compared to previous versions. Like everywhere these days probably cost cutting.
  2. Oops a bit early on my last post.🤣
  3. Good luck to you all that are racing. Hope the conditions are favourable for a great day.🏊‍♂️ 🚴‍♂️ 🏃 🏅
  4. Back after a week and a half away in China and HK. Won't weigh in till Monday,but think the kg's will be heading north. Ate heathy local food, hardly and bread, but had a few bevvies. The bike shop just rang to tell me they some hairline cracks in my 10 yo rear wheel rim. Probably did well to last so long lugging my bulky frame around.😆
  5. A bit lost last week mostly due to an abscess under my bottom right wisdom tooth. Alot of pain, meds, and slower eating.
  6. Kieran, that was hard to read, and equally hard for you to write.Very brave of you to share. Keep up the conversations with your help team and wife. Everyone wants you safe and well including all on here.I really hope you get to start and finish Busso.Stay strong!
  7. BigRig

    TA Memberships

    I also had a call from TA on the same thing. Guy was very pleasant and asked me a few questions about my races etc. Told him I was retired from racing (participating).
  8. BigRig

    Kona 2018

    A great report.It will nice to be able to relive the day in your head when your older.
  9. BigRig

    TA Memberships

    I havel also cancelled my auto renewal now that I have retired.
  10. I have a 2010 Cervelo P3. Pretty much all the same gear on it since new. Well maintained.6,500km on it.Still looks new and rides brilliantly with 100kg on it.
  11. Kieran, 100% what Katz has said and suggested.Just keep on talking to people on here and to those around you.
  12. There is nothing more satisfying than planning your race and then pulling it off exactly to plan.Well done.Like you I also did not push myself as it was my last IMWA and wanted to take it all in and enjoy the day.
  13. Ripper Report Stickman.Love the bit about trying to pee on the bike. I have an issue trying to pee whilst swimming. Cannot do it without stopping.I am glad Simone finished also.I saw her out on the bike and she looked up in good spirits.
  14. Swim=58km,Ride=4,107km,Run=423km.Expect similar distances for 2019.
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