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  1. Your 1st race

    My first Triathlon was the 2004 Matilda Bay Sprint (Crawley Bay near UWA Perth), which I recall was a 400 Swim/18km Ride/5km Run.
  2. 2017 was my year off any serious training or racing, as I decided to have a bit of a mental refresher, so numbers are naturally down. Swim- 44.2km Ride-4,355.7km Run-336.2km Others-Yoga-2 hrs/week, Indoor Soccer-1 game/week.
  3. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    I had the same feeling last year Stickman.I did manage to get to the finish line but without any jubilation.Taking this year off to try and find that IM buzz again seems to be slowly working.There is always next year mate! You have unfinished business.
  4. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    I took up Yoga this year as part of my hiatus from Triathlon. 1.5 hours every Monday night in class and a bit on the side at home. I must say I have seen improvement in a few areas, none more so that mentally. Much more calm in the farm these days.
  5. How much sleep do you get?

    Average around 7 hours a night. Sleep like a baby most nights.
  6. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    I am not too worried about the ageing process that much. Was never a stick insect to start with, or had any real talent in any sport, and bad family genes. I like to compete and challenge myself.Triathlon has given me an outlet to training for events,and to focus on getting the best out of myself.It must be hard for high end sports people in their younger years to accept they can no longer cut it later in life.At 53 I am just glad to be alive, and fitter than most blokes my age.
  7. The Mental Health thread

    I still vividly remember watching the news of Robin Williams passing.I was absolutely gobsmacked and upset at the time.
  8. Spares for IM?

    Normally I would have: On me: 2x tubes with 80mm valves. In a bidon on the bike: 3xCo2 cannisters, 1xCo2 head unit, adhesive patch set, teflon tape, small multitool,2 tyre levers,small hand pump,valve extender (just in case you run out of tubes and someone drops you a 42mm tube), valve extender tool, $5 note (in case of side wall damage). In Special needs: 1xtube with 80mm valve, 1xCo2 cannister.
  9. Orca Kaisel LS Wetsuit (Size 10)

    Somewhere around $50. I will check out what i paid for it and get back to you.
  10. About 5 years old but only worn 3 times. A few small cuts.Any reasonable offers considered.
  11. IM Cairns Debut

    We'll done Kieran on your debut.Seems all went to plan.
  12. Your 'hardest' race?

    2011 IMWA Busso for me. First time at this distance and a lot of unknowns as you would expect.A hot day (33-34c) and saw a lot of much fitter than myself go home in a ambulance. The recovery tent was full to brim with people on saline drips. I paced and plodded around the course to finish. Got back to the motel, yacked up all the coke I had drunk on the second half of the run, and face planted onto the bed, and remained there till the morning.2012 was just as hot but was much better prepared.