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  1. Canberra 70.3 was the first race for me racing in my hometown of Canberra, and my first race in Australia after doing all my racing and training in U.S. I had three goals for Canberra 70.3 1.Get my bike from Detroit to Canberra safely 2. Have fun racing in my hometown with family and friends supporting 3. Win 18-24 Age group and finish the year ranked #1 in the 18-24 ironman 70.3 rankings After a 27:09 swim in Lake Burley Griffin, a 2:24:56 ride around the city and a 1:20:23 run along the lake I accomplished 2 of those goals. Finishing in 4:16:57 in Canberra for 2nd 18-24 was a little disappointing but in reflecting on it I have learned a lot more from this race than many others I have been happy with. After going out too hard in the swim I faded in the back half and dropped off to swim a minute slower than I did in Miami 6 weeks earlier in a non wetsuit swim. The bike leg in Canberra really exposed my weaknesses on the bike after racing and training on very flat roads in the States. Descending down into Coppins Crossing I was given a dose of humble pie as a few people flew past me. I have known that my lack of time in the saddle leaves a lot to be desired in my handling skills but this opened my eyes to how much work I have to do. After getting off the bike 5 minutes behind the leader of my age group I knew I had to chase hard and opened my run with a 25:21 7km first lap on pace for a 1:16 split. After losing time in the second lap I began to fade in the 3rd lap and finished in 1:20:23. Reflecting on the race allows me to pinpoint areas that I can work on for 2014 and I believe having a slightly dissapointing race every now and then is neccessary to keep athletes honest and driven during the year. A full race report with photos and my thoughts can be found on my website at http://jamesthorptriathlete.com/2013/12/26/hometown-race-report-canberra-70-3/ All the best to everyone in the new year.
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