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  1. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    The principal wants to run a Bitcoin Mining Centre so maybe get one with a good gpu/cpu.....
  2. New Pro GoFundMe

  3. How do I approach my manager

    Ah k no worries. So what would you call that? Engineer?
  4. New Pro GoFundMe

  5. How do I approach my manager

    So is that a Safety role side of things? So people come to u for permits to work ect ect?
  6. How do I approach my manager

    What do you do for a living? I see in other threads you want to do other apprenticeships though?
  7. WS 70.3

    Pro Max Neumann - DQ why??
  8. What would you do?

    Id give a sparky apprenticeship a miss. Climbing through roofs in the heat of the day. It's not good. Trust me. Domestic/commercial/industrial. All the same. The costs of keeping Specialist courses in the trade is ridiculous every couple of years unless your company is big enough to pay for it. East coast is crap at the moment for electrical! They want you to be some kind of brain surgeon and rocket scientist on the weekend with all the qualifications prior to even getting a interview. Dual trade/CEC/Cert IV and the rest for a measly $30 an hr. I'm also trying to do something different. Another trade just to get some experience on a mine site. I have to find an apprenticeship with a mining company so I can gain "mining experience" but they all want the young blokes. Mature aged apprenticeships are dying with the introduction of sign up bonuses ect ect from the government. But if your a diesel fitter you will have no problems! Take ya pic! So many jobs. Anyone want to put me through a Diesel Fitting Apprenticeship!?!?
  9. Industry Standard wage?

    And what is your industry Bored?!?
  10. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Is there a black van out the front of your house yet?!?? Disc Manufacturers won’t like you!
  11. Itu false start ?

    She’ll be right...
  12. First car for daughter

    https://carsales.mobi/cars/details/Proton-Preve-2013/OAG-AD-15297754 https://carsales.mobi/cars/details/Proton-Preve-2013/SSE-AD-5074734 A Diesel Holden Cruze would be good to.
  13. SRAM etap (again)

    Fark how wide are his arm rests!?!?
  14. Appropiate Blue Collar Job Interview Clothing?

    I thought an actual trade might be the X factor against high school kids for doing another Apprenticeship!?!? If ya can’t stand out with multiple qualifications against a School kid then what hope do we have! I was willing to sweep floors for the 1st year on 1st Yr wages again!