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  1. aegcp

    Roof Rack Bike Mount

    it doesn't limit it, you can tilt it back, and I also drive a SUV. I'm moving overseas and currently selling one that holds 2 bikes, thule rideon.almost new. ping me if interested.
  2. Alex, I've got a 2014 merida scultura 905, 11 speed ultegra, size 54. let me know and I can send you photos etc
  3. Last year when I finished Port, a lady gave me a towel and walked with me to take my timing chip off. Another lady was there taking photos of each finisher with their towel and medal. Does anyone know where that photo can be viewed/ordered? I don't think it's part of finisherpix...
  4. a nightmare trying to find a stinson 13 or even 14 in sydney to try on. not even Hola Constants.. I'm size 13 2E ascics, stinson or constants are my last bet
  5. hi vo2max, are you 2E in ascics? or just the standard 13 size? i am 13 2E in asics. i'm interested but I think they might be too tight on the front too. let me know
  6. I was going to buy the ayups when someone in the forum pointed me to these ones: https://m.kogan.com/au/buy/cree-t6-led-bicycle-light-head-lamp-kit/ creed light from Kogan. it's all you need.
  7. 2 to 3 weeks slow. but yours is almost 2 months now!
  8. I rode sometime behind 'Dave', a bloke who has done all 30 IMOZ! caught up with him on the run. that's what I call mental toughness. I finished a few mins ahead of him. An inspiration
  9. garmin with ant+ usb, trainerroad, pick up a training plan and that's it.start with a 20 min FTP test (or called "rubber glove" in sufferfest world). that will give you an ESTIMATED FTP so you cab have a baseline.
  10. aegcp

    The 13 hour rule

    yes, not again lol
  11. is it really that big difference btw a roadie and a TT bike?
  12. aegcp

    2015 IMOZ RACE DAY

    wow, finished at 15:30? I did 15:29, I was the one doing push ups at the red carpet. got wet as well on the ride and also rode only the first half of MFD (proudly did the first turn of MFD without issues). What race numbere were you? 406? Anyways I'm glad you pulled it off!
  13. aegcp

    goggle for port

    currently have thr zoggs predator but not happy with them. drops are filtering in, and sometimes finish with a headache. just today i bought the spedo aquaplus max (no mirror). will test it out tomorrow
  14. it was working fine few weeks ago, but just today I noticed these numbers. the garmin edge 500 works fine, but the 910 xt says my ride had an elevation of 12,000! any ideas?
  15. getting ready for your swim when you realised you left the garmin at home!
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