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  1. 5.5hour session on indoor trainer (zwift) due to bad weather, covering 165km. i do not recommend this...brutal physically and mentally
  2. Rolling start for the swim. In the interest of safety of course, nothing to do with being able to squeeze in more athletes.
  3. 8-10 year round. From oct to jan built to 15-16. Since then consistent 15hrs/week before port mac. Any more and it’ll start to impact on time with the mrs. I’m hoping for a big improvement over port Mac 2017. 10-12hrs/week gave me 12:17 or 70/200 in my age group
  4. ScubaSteve

    Port 2019

    Training's mostly on target. Swim volume a bit poor, I struggle to get to the pool more than twice and time there a bit limited. Bike - going well, lots of volume. Neck and shoulders are really stiff and sore at the end of the long rides but a taper/lots of massages should have me right by race day. Run - amazingly well. Never my strongest but I'm strangely enjoying this part. Can't wait for the next 4 week block to be done and I can start the mystical art of tapering.
  5. My long runs are around 6min/km. HR is top zone1, low zone2. HIM pace 5:15min/km. Last IM 2 years ago a slow and painful 7min/km ( lot's of walking from 20km onwards....way undertrained). This year at IM Aus I'm hoping to run at around my long run pace. Which then raises another question... how fast is your IM run pace compared to your long training run pace?
  6. Nike Metcon's for me and the Mrs. Tried the Reebok's but didn't fit as well.
  7. Did the marathon too, came in at 4:22 after falling apart around 28km with quad cramps. Tough day but kind of fun. I'm a bit blown away by Ruley's "3:08 as a bit of fun". sheeeesh However, got the result I deserved on the day. Some lessons learnt: a) If it's hot back off the pace immediately, goal time of 3:50 is gone don't keep trying for it. Oh...and when your heart rate is higher than the 1/2mara in July don't assume "she'll be right!". How dumb can you be! b) More long runs if possible. I had a back injury a 8 weeks out which meant no long runs for 3 weeks. Longest run a 26km and a 28km both slower than "easy" due to walk breaks. I had little control over this one, it was what it was. c) Do a weekly 30-60min run at marathon pace. I was too focused on getting miles in at easy pace and neglected getting the legs more used to marathon pace. I think this was a big contributor to the quad soreness at 2/3 distance. So glad I did it, it's an achievement and only my second ever stand alone mara, with a PB of 2 min in hard conditions. Some big lessons learnt in the build up to IM OZ next year.
  8. Any suggestions A2K? What's remarkable and achievable for one is not for someone else. 50 IM in 50 days....for me...remarkable ( very!) but not achievable. I do like the idea of multiple point to point tri's between capital cities. eg. Melbourne to Sydney via Canberra over 6-7 days. Pool swim, ride 180km out, run 42km to the next town with a pool. Repeat until you hit Sydney. For me that'd be a big one. A lunatic could double it and do Melbourne to Brisbane. An Ashley Horner could do Melbourne to Cairns...and back, on a tricycle (I gotta stop).
  9. Perhaps I should have qualified my "legitimately impressed with 2" in that I didn't think she'd get that far, especially with her previous achievement boasting. Seemed to be a total stuff up in logistics, planning and execution from day 1 in Haiti.
  10. So many words without really saying anything. Straight from the Oprah/Tony Robbins playbook of waffle. For goodness sake woman....just say "it was tougher than I thought. I'll re-assess want to try again". You'd at least get some redemption in the tri world but you'll always be a wanker. ps. I'm legitimately impressed that she even got through 2 in a row. But still a wanker
  11. and that's really the big question isn't it. To give you a serious answer....it was always the "I'd love to qualify for Kona but it's out of my league". That's until I looked at this years roll down. I'm confident I can drop my 2017 time from 12:10 to 11:10. Finding that extra 40minutes for a sub 10:30 means taking that next step in time commitment, planning, probably finding a coach and spending a year totally dedicated to it. Do I have it in me? I'm not sure to be honest. But a seed has been planted
  12. I vote yes! I'll be in for 2019 as I age up and based on the roll down in 50-54 it could be a big year. "All" I need is sub 10:30, down from 2017's 12:10. How hard could it be. pfffft
  13. Day after finishing IM Melbourne was in the office talking (ok bragging) and a guy leans over the cubicle and said "You did the Ironman? You don't look like an athlete". Screw you buddy.
  14. Back to Swissman - I do like that your supporter must do the last 11km with you as a pair. Bit of a reward for all the sacrifices they make. I'd love to have a go but I fear it might be beyond me being 49. I have no real excuse, my wife is Swiss, knows the area and the lingo. But the training required for that bike leg...goodness.
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