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  1. ScubaSteve

    Shoes for crossfit

    Nike Metcon's for me and the Mrs. Tried the Reebok's but didn't fit as well.
  2. ScubaSteve

    Port 2019

    I'm in too
  3. ScubaSteve

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    Did the marathon too, came in at 4:22 after falling apart around 28km with quad cramps. Tough day but kind of fun. I'm a bit blown away by Ruley's "3:08 as a bit of fun". sheeeesh However, got the result I deserved on the day. Some lessons learnt: a) If it's hot back off the pace immediately, goal time of 3:50 is gone don't keep trying for it. Oh...and when your heart rate is higher than the 1/2mara in July don't assume "she'll be right!". How dumb can you be! b) More long runs if possible. I had a back injury a 8 weeks out which meant no long runs for 3 weeks. Longest run a 26km and a 28km both slower than "easy" due to walk breaks. I had little control over this one, it was what it was. c) Do a weekly 30-60min run at marathon pace. I was too focused on getting miles in at easy pace and neglected getting the legs more used to marathon pace. I think this was a big contributor to the quad soreness at 2/3 distance. So glad I did it, it's an achievement and only my second ever stand alone mara, with a PB of 2 min in hard conditions. Some big lessons learnt in the build up to IM OZ next year.
  4. ScubaSteve

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Any suggestions A2K? What's remarkable and achievable for one is not for someone else. 50 IM in 50 days....for me...remarkable ( very!) but not achievable. I do like the idea of multiple point to point tri's between capital cities. eg. Melbourne to Sydney via Canberra over 6-7 days. Pool swim, ride 180km out, run 42km to the next town with a pool. Repeat until you hit Sydney. For me that'd be a big one. A lunatic could double it and do Melbourne to Brisbane. An Ashley Horner could do Melbourne to Cairns...and back, on a tricycle (I gotta stop).
  5. ScubaSteve

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Perhaps I should have qualified my "legitimately impressed with 2" in that I didn't think she'd get that far, especially with her previous achievement boasting. Seemed to be a total stuff up in logistics, planning and execution from day 1 in Haiti.
  6. ScubaSteve

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    So many words without really saying anything. Straight from the Oprah/Tony Robbins playbook of waffle. For goodness sake woman....just say "it was tougher than I thought. I'll re-assess want to try again". You'd at least get some redemption in the tri world but you'll always be a wanker. ps. I'm legitimately impressed that she even got through 2 in a row. But still a wanker
  7. ScubaSteve

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    and that's really the big question isn't it. To give you a serious answer....it was always the "I'd love to qualify for Kona but it's out of my league". That's until I looked at this years roll down. I'm confident I can drop my 2017 time from 12:10 to 11:10. Finding that extra 40minutes for a sub 10:30 means taking that next step in time commitment, planning, probably finding a coach and spending a year totally dedicated to it. Do I have it in me? I'm not sure to be honest. But a seed has been planted
  8. ScubaSteve

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    I vote yes! I'll be in for 2019 as I age up and based on the roll down in 50-54 it could be a big year. "All" I need is sub 10:30, down from 2017's 12:10. How hard could it be. pfffft
  9. ScubaSteve

    most patronising thing said

    Day after finishing IM Melbourne was in the office talking (ok bragging) and a guy leans over the cubicle and said "You did the Ironman? You don't look like an athlete". Screw you buddy.
  10. ScubaSteve

    Swissman. Holy hell!

    Back to Swissman - I do like that your supporter must do the last 11km with you as a pair. Bit of a reward for all the sacrifices they make. I'd love to have a go but I fear it might be beyond me being 49. I have no real excuse, my wife is Swiss, knows the area and the lingo. But the training required for that bike leg...goodness.
  11. ok so I'm biased seeing I've been doing Crossfit for 18months. As we've all said, fittest on earth is relevant to the sport. I'm MOP at triathlon but I can swim & ride faster than nearly every other person at my Crossfit box ( oh year...the cult lingo). There's a couple there who are faster runners, but not many. However, when it comes to weight lifting, I get my arse kicked at Crossfit. But put me up against triathletes and I'd do well. The idea of Crossfit is to be fit for anything. Run, swim, ride, ski, weight lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, rope climbs, you name it. It won't get you through an Ironman or marathon, but a sprint/10k/...no problem. At the Crossfit games they try and throw in the unexpected to see how they cope with new skills and how they performed. Not many other sports can say that. A while back there was a comp in Australia to find the fittest athlete. I remember Bill Slater ( rugby) took it out over a pole vaulter, life saving Ironman, cricketers, racing car drivers etc. The concept is interesting...who is the fittest? The dude who can run 100km but can barely lift a pencil? The gymnast who can do crazy flips and super strong? The weight lifter who can clean 200kg but puffs out walking to the next room ? Beats me
  12. ScubaSteve

    Who is Zwifting?

    yep, although not doing much post IM Oz. Typically I'd jump on a couple of event/races. Kiss Australia Tuesday nights ( race) Australia Hump Day Ride Wed night - group ride at 2w/kg with 10-15min race at end. Pro4mance ride - Wed as well - group ride increasing pace each lap till a full out sprint. The Big Ring rides ( Thurs?)- weight handicap group ride - brutal! If the weather was shite I'd jump on a group ride for 2-3 hours over the weekend. Pretzel ride was fun, about 2.5-3hrs. I didn't do too many of the solo dedicated workouts, perhaps I should have!
  13. ScubaSteve

    2017 IMOZ TV Coverage

    Ironman WA on 7mate at 5am Sunday ( Melbourne time). No sign of Ironman Oz yet.
  14. ScubaSteve

    Port Race Reports

    Port Mac race report: Thrown together in 15mins, but here goes! Race preparation Training generally went well over the last year with a build up to 14 hours, which was all I could fit in. I felt I was lacking on some of the big rides and runs but knew I’d at least done enough to get through. 2 sessions of Crossfit through the year has made a big difference too. Dropped 8-10kg and much stronger. Not a single injury during the year and healthy all the way up to race day. Swim leg 1:05 Exactly as expected. Cruisy swim just taking it fairly easy and enjoying things. Loved the rolling start but as a MOP I wasn’t racing anybody but myself. Crossing the weir was a novelty although I badly stubbed my toe due to gawking at the surrounds instead of watching my footing. Bike leg 6:00 exactly. Ride time 5:53 ( 7mins lost due to toilet stops and change of nutrition) What a hoot of a ride! Scenery was stunning in the first half and those rolling hills were so much fun. The road surface wasn’t as bad as I expected but it’s definitely slow. Lap1 went pretty well except for the HED sticker on my disc coming half off and flapping on the frame. That was my one big fright of “oh no, a mechanical”. Quick stop, peel off the sticker and stuck it to the drink bottle with the plan to give it to the Mrs “Here, have some HED”. <<insert groan here>>. Finished lap 1 in 2:50, which was right on my estimate but felt I’d overcooked it slightly. TSS score a bit higher than anticipated and thought I’d better knock 10w off for lap2. Lap2 exactly as planned. NP sitting around 165-170watts which felt much more comfortable given there was a bit of a run coming. Finished with a TSS of 264 so seeing I was aiming for 270 I thought that was pretty good. Oh…Matthew Flinders Drive…yep it was steep and short but quite doable. Crowd support helped make it a laugh along with Elvis at the top. Initially I was concerned running a 11-23 cassette but that was fine. Run leg: 4:57 ( ouch). Went in to the run feeling awesome, running well, thinking I could pull a 4:10 out which was about the best I anticipated. Unfortunately at the 5km mark I had an issue on the big toe. I wasn’t sure if it was the tape I put on in transition had come loose ( always tape the same spots due to blisters) or something in the sock. Scrunched the toes it went away so pushed on. 1 lap down and realised I needed to stop and check this frigging toe out. Big blister which hadn’t burst. Put on 1 of the 2 bandaids I had with me and pushed on. By lap2 the pain in the toe was back again, knees were starting to ache a bit and my feet generally hurt. I really couldn’t understand it as I’d done lots of 20-25 km runs without issue. Stopped at special needs to really patch up the feet. After a good 5mins everything back under control and back to running again. The last 2 laps was very much a run/walk, turning in to a walk/run. I think my old nemesis of ITB had come back as I could run for 50m, then the pain in the knees increased and became too much by 100m. Walking and the pain went away. Finish 12:13 - 77th out of 200 in 45-49 age group. I was absolutely stoked to finish in that time. I though the best I could ever do was 11:15 so still happy with 12:13 given the amount of training. Finish chute was a total blast, I found the Mrs just before the chute and was able to stop, give her a hug and kiss and thank her for being out there for 13 hours. Lots of high fives down the chute, big smile for the camera and perhaps a double fist pump. Recovery: Sore, tired but ok. Had a bit of food and as much liquid as I could then off for a massage. Could have stayed in there all night but had to cut the massage short after 15min…the wife was waiting! Only issue I had here was a similar one I had after Ironman Melbourne. If I lay down I was ok, but as soon as I stood up I’d get the chills and start shaking. I knew this was probably dehydration so started drinking and drinking. Water, soup, recovery drink…about 2.5l in 2 hours and was good as gold after that. Around 11:15pm headed back down to the finish line to catch a few of the last finishes. So glad I did that! Just fantastic to see people coming in after 16 hours on the road, what a great effort to be out there that long and still come in vertical! Lessons learnt/improvements: Ride more hills! It’s very flat where I am ( west sub Melbourne) and not that easy to find good rolling hills. These hurt me a bit on the ride. Run more hills. I think the hill on the run course caused my blistering. Again, very flat where I am and not that easy to find hills but must try harder! Nutrition was tolerated extremely well ( Perpetuem on the bike, winners gels on the run) but must prepare better for the 2nd bottle of perp. I had 1 bottle between the bars, a spare bottle with perp in a zip lock and spare tube in a bottle under the seat. 2 water bottles on the frame. It took too long to change the bottles and get new perp. I’ll have to think about configuration here. Race suit - while my TXU race suit is comfy and got through the ride well, it’s a pain to have a pee. You either get out of the sleeves totally or unzip, hunch over and try to pull it down. It just doesn’t work with lots of toilet stops. Instead I’d go 2 piece but still have something with sleeves on the top. Another one to ponder. I can tolerate more volume in training and I needed it. If I go again, I need to ponder the training and see how I can better fit things in. Conclusions: Stunning event, fantastic crowds, I had a great time and generally very happy with the way things went. The Mrs comment of “best event I’ve been to as a spectator” was a bit plus. Will I be back? I don’t really know. I’d like to focus on sprint’s for the next 12 months so perhaps 2019 I’ll have another crack. I’ll have aged up to 50-54 by then.
  15. ScubaSteve

    Ironman Australia 2017

    I had a blast in Port Mac. That bike course was such fun and nice to have some scenery. Results not all I could hope for but I'm bloody satisfied. Swim: 1:05 right on target. Loved crossing the weir, thought that was fun. Bike: 6:00. 1st lap spot on with 2:52 but realised I might have been a bit over excited. Slowed a bit on the 2nd but still ok. bike course harder than I expected with the rolling hills. Run: 4:58. Developed blisters 5km in. What The F&*(! 1st lap ok then some major foot repair meant everything just slowed after that. Lots of run/walk dealing with foot pain and suspected ITB pain the last 2 laps. Still chuffed to push through and not just walk it. Overall - 12:13. Would have liked a sub 12 but thought not bad for me. Faster than IM Melbourne by 4 mins Totally blown away by the times of other guys in my age group ( 45-49). Lots of sub 5:30 bike splits which blows me away as I always thought of myself as reasonably strong on the bike. Most important the Mrs had a good time spectating. Her view is Port Mac is the best course for her of anything I've done. I think that's my last Ironman though, I'll concentrate on sprints. I'm pleased to go out with that result and no regrets.