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  1. Im not sure LCW and Nepean are on the same weekend. I thought LCW is 19/20/21 and Nepean 28th.
  2. Got pinged 8 bucks at North Sydney a couple of months ago, lunch time swim only had enough time for a K..ill never complain about paying $5.60 at the local pool again.
  3. I'm on the wait list and logged in 2 minutes after opening today and missed out. Any one have any luck - reassure me it was all fair in love and war.
  4. The Chump

    Cairns Preview

    If Gomez does well at Kona, every man and his dog will come to Cairns next year. Great coup for the race I reckon.
  5. This post reminded me of the good old days when you had to qualify for ironman oz or be accepted. I remember rushing home as my wife told me there was a message on the answering machine from some from forster wanting to know if you want to participate in ironman. I was over the moon. I think the wait from qualifying race to phone call was about 3 or 4 weeks. Needless to say thing's have progressed a bit technology wise since then.
  6. So much bitchin and moaning but they'll all be back next year, along with 1000 or so others.
  7. Really impressive AP I had a laugh when the 3rd guy in your age group crossed the line Mike Riley said, your third, there's a chance you might get a Kona slot if the first 2 don't take there's.
  8. Great work flanman. According to the tracker your whereabouts is unknown lol. Ill tell them to try the pub
  9. Have all the good runners of the new generation moved to triathlon, maybe.
  10. mmmm so 20 odd years later i find out there were sharks. Says it all really. Sorry wrong thread
  11. Was thinking something similar yesterday. Theres gotta be a lake or river somewhere you'd think Edit. Clearly im not from WA
  12. I'm in Sydney and pretty sure most of the general public don't know its about to start. You can thank the ball tamperers for hogging all the headlines I suspect
  13. Not sure the costs are harming the sport though, 700+ newbies at Port this year seems to be a good indicator of demand.
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