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  1. Hoffy86

    Transitions - What do you want?

    Yeah I’ve been thinking a lot about how much this site has given me and how little I’ve given back. I raced IM Cairns earlier this year and finally KQ’d (it took me six IMs to finally punch my ticket). I hadn’t planned on writing a race report, but it might be a good read particularly for someone who dreams of KQ and has the commitment but is still on the journey. Or anyone else who just loves a race report.
  2. Hoffy86

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Great choice mate. Athletically, Chris has taken me to places that just 2 years ago I thought were so far beyond my potential. We started the same way you two are - we set a goal, I committed to his program 100%, had complete trust in his guidance, and in less than 2 years working together this produced a result two weeks ago at IM Cairns that I had only ever dreamed about. It takes courage to put yourself out there and let a public forum know your goal, and I’m sure you expected to have your doubters. I can promise you that you’re capable of a lot more than what you, or anyone else, thinks you are. You’re in great hands with Chris. Trust the program, truly commit to it, stay the course and the rewards will come. Looking forward to following your progress mate.
  3. Hoffy86

    Cairns 2018

    I made it in to the video! Where did you find this mate?
  4. Hoffy86

    Cairns 2018

    Easy there Pieman. Just being a bit provocative. She was no closer than every other age-group pace-line.
  5. Hoffy86

    Cairns 2018

    Jumping on my wheel for the final 10km of the bike leg certainly would have helped 😛
  6. Gold Coast marathon 2016 1.27.37 / 1.27.25 I ran a big negative split in my last IM marathon in Port last year, which would suggest I probably left too much in the tank 1.38.21 / 1.34.52
  7. Hoffy86

    What racing flats are the kool kids in?

    X 2 The best and most versatile across all of those distances I reckon.
  8. Hoffy86

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

  9. Hoffy86

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    That was incredibly uncomfortable viewing.
  10. Hoffy86

    Cape epic Seb and hoff

    Looks like the Hoff just sat on Sebbie’s wheel the whole day.
  11. Hoffy86

    Test dummies required...

    Keen to try gels and gear if you're still after volunteers. PM'd you. Cheers.
  12. Hoffy86

    The Mental Health thread

    Reminds me of a quote from an acquaintance who spent years trying to run away from unhappiness - “Everywhere I go, there I am”
  13. Hoffy86

    Bike Fit

    Ryan @ 3D Bike Fit. This thread honestly doesn’t need to go any further. If your friend wants the best, then they need to go to him.
  14. Hoffy86

    Respecting the Race

    Lots of people talking about the IM experience as though it’s the same for pros and AG. They are worlds apart in every respect.
  15. Hoffy86

    Pool near syd airport??

    http://www.botanybay.nsw.gov.au/Recreation/Botany-Aquatic-Centre Outdoor 50m and the closest. As mentioned previously, I swam there once and had a lane to myself.