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  1. Ever been to a 70.3 worlds roll-down in a country other than where the world champs are being held? It's not uncommon to see Pete Murray standing in front of a very small crowd pleading "does anyone who raced and finished today want to go to the world championships?" Demand is so low they practically give them away. You'll walk in to a slot.
  2. Power meter for shiv

    Thanks for the review and photos mate! I think I'm convinced.
  3. New cycling Instagram champion. 170k followers

    Very impressive IM time considering her two 70.3 times in that same year were 5.15 and 5 hours. Long course specialist.
  4. 4iiii power meter

    You've probably read this already but DC Rainmaker is how I always commence my investigation into new cycling equipment- https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/12/4iiii-precision-review.html
  5. Power meter for shiv

    Any further updates on this? I'm about to pull the trigger for my roadie I think. $800 for a new crank-based PM is pretty attractive.
  6. Boston Marathon

    2.55 stand alone at Gold Coast and 3.12 IM at Port Mac. Both were off pretty low volume - average run kms for IM was a bit over 40km per week in a 16 week build and stand alone was an average of around 50km per week in an 8 week build. I'm not sure I can run too much quicker in an IM but I'd like to think that if I trained properly for a stand-alone marathon then I could possibly break 2.45. Easier said than done of course. Doubt I'll ever find out though as the pain I felt in the final 10km of the stand alone marathon is not something I'm particularly keen to experience again.
  7. Plateaus

  8. Power meter for shiv

    Yep. I bought a second hand wireless SRM Dura Ace 7800 for $500 a couple of years ago and it has worked flawlessly. Despite the fact that it's a dated model, I'm much more confident in the accuracy and consistency of the numbers my SRM gives me than the previous PM I owned.
  9. Bike Fitting Results

    Not sure where you're based, but it's becoming widely accepted that Ryan Williams from 3D Bike Fit in Western Sydney is the preeminent fitter in the country for beginners to pros.
  10. Challenge 70.3 Championships Live Stream

    The ITU boys have been taught a lesson here. Looks like the 20m draft zone has really allowed the long course boys to make the most of their bike strength. Murray et al aren't anywhere near it.
  11. Challenge 70.3 Championships Live Stream

    I was just thinking that.
  12. Challenge 70.3 Championships Live Stream

    Epic showdown playing out on the run! Kienle and Sanders have just dropped Brownlee.
  13. Challenge 70.3 Championships Live Stream

    Cracking field! There's chat about sub 2 hour bike splits.
  14. Offseason

    A mate of mine went to Panaitan last year and absolutely scored. I assume you're headed there. Enjoy.
  15. Caden disk , very cool

    Out of interest IP, why the turtle? Any significance there, or you just liked the graphic? FWIW I think it looks great.