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  1. Hoffy86

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

  2. Hoffy86

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    That was incredibly uncomfortable viewing.
  3. Hoffy86

    Cape epic Seb and hoff

    Looks like the Hoff just sat on Sebbie’s wheel the whole day.
  4. Hoffy86

    Test dummies required...

    Keen to try gels and gear if you're still after volunteers. PM'd you. Cheers.
  5. Hoffy86

    The Mental Health thread

    Reminds me of a quote from an acquaintance who spent years trying to run away from unhappiness - “Everywhere I go, there I am”
  6. Hoffy86

    Bike Fit

    Ryan @ 3D Bike Fit. This thread honestly doesn’t need to go any further. If your friend wants the best, then they need to go to him.
  7. Hoffy86

    Respecting the Race

    Lots of people talking about the IM experience as though it’s the same for pros and AG. They are worlds apart in every respect.
  8. Hoffy86

    Pool near syd airport??

    http://www.botanybay.nsw.gov.au/Recreation/Botany-Aquatic-Centre Outdoor 50m and the closest. As mentioned previously, I swam there once and had a lane to myself.
  9. Hoffy86

    Pool near syd airport??

    I’ve swum here once before. Outdoor 50m pool and I had a lane to myself - http://www.botanybay.nsw.gov.au/Recreation/Botany-Aquatic-Centre
  10. Spot on. I was booked in for surgery for a labrum tear but on a hunch decided to get one more professional opinion. Turned out to be tendinopathy in my illiopsoas, and after a couple of months of rehab I was good to go again. Saved me a very lengthy recovery from what would have been an unnecessary operation.
  11. Hoffy86

    Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    That course seems like the real deal. Not even the winner went sub 9. Great effort.
  12. Hoffy86

    Question for the runners

    I averaged higher watts at Port than SA.
  13. Hoffy86

    Question for the runners

    No argument there. However, my four IM marathon times prior to the 3.12 were 4.30, 3.42, 3.29, 3.35. The first IM is always a blowout, but improvement after that was very small for 3 IMs and numerous 70.3s between them. After each disappointing IM marathon I would increase run volume in an attempt to run to my potential, only to be let down by a run split that I was certain did not reflect my ability. In triathlon terms I was never a 'runner'. My approach changed dramatically for IMOZ '17 (thanks to my first build with a coach), and while I still wasn't fast enough to KQ, I at least crossed the line feeling like I'd raced and more importantly run to my potential. I reckon good IM running is about being the strongest athlete, not the strongest runner. I'm certainly not arguing against your approach. You have the runs on the board over a long period of time, and I have huge respect for that. I'm just offering an alternate experience that worked for me.
  14. Hoffy86

    Question for the runners

    As is always the case with these type of debates, there is no silver bullet and different approaches will work for different individuals. I can only talk from my own experience where I went from a 3.35 IMSA marathon off 65kms per week in the build to a 3.12 IMOZ marathon off 40km per week which was the fastest 30-34 AG run split and 3rd fastest overall AG run of the day. 25kms per week less running but I was so much stronger on the bike, rode at a smart intensity, and my body was just stronger overall. I always get worried when people assume the answer is to throw more volume at it, as it used to be my approach and my improvement was negligible. You mentioned earlier that you rode 2.25 in Busso off 100km riding per week but ran slower than you had hoped. Expecting to ride a hard 90km in a race off 100km riding per week then run well off the bike just doesn't add up for me.
  15. Hoffy86


    This is a great post.