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  1. No way i would be paying that. Only saving grace is you don’t have to buy your county’s race kit & track suit.
  2. PM me and I’ll sort you out with all the places to train around Newcastle. I’ll have loads of files of good long rides, shorter rides, running locations. you can get lots of good running in and around Glenrock reserve. Riding can be anywhere north, south or west and lots of places to get away from traffic. one of my favourites at the moment is this ride as it can be longer or shorter but amongst the farms and nice & quiet.... http://tpks.ws/SJCK7OVX2M4ERCZUMFFO5A6AAQ I’m training for Busso and you can join us anytime.
  3. Wurf sat up on way back to town last year, Ryf wasn’t much slower than him. if he wants to dish it out Ali couldn’t go with him.
  4. This rain in NSW this weekend not good for NSW people on a critical weekend.
  5. My tip... 🏊‍♂️...💪 🚴‍♂️....👍 🏃‍♂️..
  6. Nath.

    wireless earbuds

    I reckon these are the best. Button on right ear accepts calls, pauses, plays. Button on left ear does volume. i use them at work most days as well, I love them as they have a microphone so you can use for calls. https://smoothsales.com.au/products/plantronics-backbeat-fit-2100-wireless-in-ear-headphones?variant=12969606086711&sfdr_ptcid=21235_389_402355182&sfdr_hash=fdb670b3eb6757f03286cc781c6ab928&gclid=CjwKCAjw44jrBRAHEiwAZ9igKCVQ1LcD85J1b1dcO2eg5EjsY8b02Mq8FWpVbyBX9OaGZCiI4t5b7hoCzjsQAvD_BwE
  7. Liverpool fans and sports fans generally will enjoy the latest Matty Johns podcast with Craig Johnston, very good story teller with a good story.
  8. Swap you one of these for them?
  9. Hey Roxii are these still available?
  10. Nath.

    TV Shows

    Les Norton debuts tonight, hope it’s as good as the books!
  11. El Paso allow people to carry weapons, can you imagine how difficult it would be for the police coming in to stop it. There’s potential for other wackos with their good guy with a gun theories, having their guns drawn wandering around as well. Try finding the shooter!
  12. A mass shooting in a border town and Trump’s rhetoric about these unsafe border towns and immigrants.....oh wait shooter was a white male.....again
  13. 2500m swim & 100K ride yesterday, then 1.5hr run today......on the build to Busso! Forgot how dog tired you get from IM training.
  14. Nath.

    Magpies ?

    Still too cold in Newcastle. but city to surf around the corner, which is when I consider winter over and done
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