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  1. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    A mate of mine is head of the EPA here in Newcastle, is a cyclist and his son is a very keen cyclist, competing around the state.....I'm tipping that he has had a fair bit of input into the fine and interested to ask him about it. Once again the network looking after each other where they can!
  2. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    Donuts would go well with a coffee ride...
  3. Lionel Sander motivation

    I bet his partner is thinking that she better not leave him.....he’s crazy
  4. Pay it forward... again

    I’ll take them Rog, I’ve got some with a few hundred k’s in them so a new pair will slot in nicely. Happy to give you a bit of cash for them, I’ll PM you.
  5. This is what happened to Jan

    I reckon he got Wurfed, like most of them.....
  6. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Watch this press conference from today’s winners & skip to 23:00.....
  7. Kona race day thread

    Best to use the official IM tracker app, then filter in that by using the leaderboard section and the AG men
  8. Kona race day thread

    He’s 34.....
  9. Kona race day thread

    She was in hospital on Monday....
  10. Kona race day thread

    Think we all feel for Lionel, he looks like most of us do in the last 5k of an IM, and then some little prick goes bouncing past!
  11. Kona race day thread

    Mark & Dave hill is gunna kill sanders trying to get up it
  12. Kona race day thread

    Sanders is gorn.....reckon sebi will get him too.
  13. Kona race day thread

    Just heard keyser soze is racing?