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  1. Nath.

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for our weird niche community of tri geeks with this forum Roxii. I reckon 5yrs running this is a good stint which would require a break. good luck with you upcoming hip surgery and best wishes.
  2. Nath.

    2020 70.3 World Championship

    I booked flights last week for IM NZ next March....$125 over and $64 back! It is with nostar but even after luggage it cost $530 for wife & I return!
  3. Nath.

    What training did you do today...

    A hills run & then booked flights to NZ for IM NZ 2019...so better get training for real!
  4. Nath.

    Retirement sale.

    Tops let me know how you go.
  5. Nath.

    Retirement sale.

    Just some ski bend aero bars for 22.2mm diameter, don't care if they are alloy or carbon. I'm using the flat ones at the moment and want to give the wrists a break...similar to the Cameron Brown setup.
  6. Nath.

    Retirement sale.

    Don’t suppose you have a pair of j bend / ski bend aero bars lying around you could sell?
  7. Nath.

    Lances Tour Podcast.

    Haven’t read the thread, but the cycling podcast is very good if you want good information plus a bit of light hearted stuff.
  8. The debrief - Dave O’Neill, chats to comedians on drive home from gigs. The moth - strangers get to tell a weird/funny story on an open mike. The guardian long reads - political / interesting long articles by journalists The cycling podcast - very good listen during the grand tours In our time BBC - Good brain food on history or science Dan Carlin rise of the khans - amazing 5 part series on rise of genghis khan. Holy crap he ruled the world! Head room by James Valentine - best bits of his radio show and Good light hearted chat which is funny. Download this show - tops pop culture, science and tech podcast by Marc Fennell Casefile - true crime show . Listen to the Silk Road episodes....very interesting! that should help you all with some!
  9. Nath.

    Touristy things to do in Cairns

    Try Brett’s outback food tour. we did it a few weeks ago and it is a great way to explore and learn about the area, including the Atherton tablekands. he makes a real effort and talks all day about the area so you pick up a lot. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g255070-d10492381-Reviews-Brett_s_Outback_Tasting_Adventures-Port_Douglas_Queensland.html
  10. Nath.

    What training did you do today...

    Geez Skel, my wife & I are booked for a week in port Douglas next week. What’s the chances of us having a decent week, it’s looks pretty wet & rainy up there?
  11. Nath.

    Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    A mate of mine is head of the EPA here in Newcastle, is a cyclist and his son is a very keen cyclist, competing around the state.....I'm tipping that he has had a fair bit of input into the fine and interested to ask him about it. Once again the network looking after each other where they can!
  12. Nath.

    So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Only takes 1 goat....
  13. Nath.

    Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    Donuts would go well with a coffee ride...
  14. Nath.

    Lionel Sander motivation

    I bet his partner is thinking that she better not leave him.....he’s crazy