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  1. Nath.

    Brownlee racing IMWA

  2. Just jumped back in......what’s going on, is Trump doing Maryland to try to get a KQ? Fark, Jimbo would loose it if that happened.
  3. Yep....all my IM preparations I have mondays off
  4. “Is not a verbatim transcript....” Damn facts keep getting in the way for your points....sorry, they’re not your points, they are GOP talking points to distract from the facts.
  5. Never mind that everything the whistleblower raised has been corroborated by trump appointees, the whistleblower is irrelevant now but trump needs a boogie man to endlessly raise talking points on to his base. And I guess they played mind control tricks to make him say...”I need you to do me a favour though” But in the real world, the trumps are not allowed to run a charity due to ripping off the sick & needy. “Additionally, Mr. Trump admitted a number of key facts about the other self-dealing transactions he initiated as chair — specifically, that he used Foundation funds to settle legal obligations of companies he controlled, and that the Foundation paid for a portrait of Mr. Trump that cost $10,000.” https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2019/ag-james-secures-court-order-against-donald-j-trump-trump-children-and-trump
  6. Giving the top earners and big companies a tax break which lead to the biggest share buy back in their own shares in US history didn’t help things.
  7. Nath.

    Busso 2019

    Glad that’s done....couldn’t decide on the cola or mango iced tea slurpy, so grabbed one of each!
  8. Nath.

    Busso 2019

    Damn you’re gunna be dusted at work on Monday! I was planning similar ride today but came off at 100k so pushed on for a couple more hours but pulled up at 5:45hr a bit sore. longest run tomorrow it won’t be 42k, prob a straight up 34.
  9. Nath.

    Busso 2019

    4 weeks out so likely to be the last big weekend (unless you’re Cam Wurf), hows everyone going. I’d forgotten how tiring bloody IM preps are and looking forward to backing off.
  10. The cult of trump trying to look tough, when he was too chicken sh_t when his number came up to serve and got daddy’s doctor to make up an excuse to hide at home under mummy’s skirt.
  11. Umm not sure where the Democrats come into it, but I understand that is your go to blaming. It was a number of people, mostly GOP/Trump appointees who were witnesses and were a little more than concerned and have subsequently stated so under oath. looking forward to the upcoming open questioning, where everything will be exposed.
  12. Yep totally perfect call, nothing to hide... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-lawyer-moved-transcript-of-trump-call-to-classified-server-after-ukraine-adviser-raised-alarms/2019/10/30/ba0fbdb6-fb4e-11e9-8190-6be4deb56e01_story.html
  13. Nath.

    RWC I'm ready

    We need to sign every one of our 18’s & 20’s who have been beating all comers and big let them get signed to league.
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