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  1. Meanwhile in NZ.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/94227882/offenders-3400-gesture-gives-cyclist-back-her-ticket-to-ride
  2. Challenge 70.3 Championships Live Stream

    Brownlee should....he has 3 moto's all around him for a dream ride! ?
  3. AUS AG doping bust

    Considering what I've seen on twitter as his profession, getting caught would have him being asked some serious questions.
  4. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Yes but as Garf says, some people's partners don't necessarily like going away, using cash & holidays for races. Which is more what I'm saying. some partners like it and some don't. When they don't and you look at the costs it is hard.
  5. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    To true. Put travel & accom over to WA as well and there's the same as taking the family for an O/S holiday when it's not all about the one racing.
  6. IMOZ Race day thread

    Your twitter updates were good Roxii, for those of us not there.
  7. Ballarat 70.3 gonski

    Looks like challenge won that little battle and still running their race!
  8. IMOZ Pro list (short and sweet)

    I seem to recall that he has already raced as a pro somewhere.....perhaps IM NZ?
  9. Winterfish

    I'll pony up for the 100. when is the cut off date, last day of winter? In the unlikely event I actually I go over I'll donate the same for distance over.
  10. Emma deserves an award for her consideration of the future of Aust triathlons by marrying and having a child with an IM & Olympic champ! Should be a future gold medalist!
  11. Winterfish

    I'm not normally one to donate to charities and as per the other thread I am against those stupid ones where people want you to donate for them doing an event. But I'm keen on the winter fish and will donate a dollar to poor Lauren Parkers fund in the other thread for every km I pull up short of the goal. anyone else interested? double edge in that it will make you get into it and if not you're helping a fellow triathlete in rough times.
  12. Dimond bikes V's Rappstar poopstorm

    He sits in bike trains for 180km...and tries to have anyone passing busted.
  13. Dimond bikes V's Rappstar poopstorm

    Only mentions it every third sentence. The bike was unsafe, I'm an engineer. I signed with cause I liked them and I'm an engineer.
  14. Dimond bikes V's Rappstar poopstorm

    Anyone know what Rappster's qualification are...don't think I noticed it his post....
  15. Elite Energy Batemans Bay

    Yes, some marshalls didn't turn up on race morning so had to cut the furthest part of the ride out of it. Meant we had to ride one Mogo and then do 4 x 10km laps of the section with part of Mogo hill in it. Made it a pretty tough bike course with not much down in TT position. stayed across from transition and liked it. Spent Monday exploring Broulee and other beaches south, beautiful place. Kids raced the enticer which started at 12:15 and when eldest daughter turned for last km of run I was coming through so we ran last km and crossed the line together, which was great! I'm unfit so no result for me, well down the field but wishing I entered open cat as only 2 in it so I could've podiumed!