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  1. Cars & car racing. its just cars going around & around...
  2. If you can find a sports doctor that would be good. I went to physio and they thought hernia but after MRI & 5 weeks I still had pain. went to sports doctor and I have adductor tendinopathy. Basically tendinitis of the tendons on the pubic bone. there is so much going on around that area, I’d probably recommend GP and get an MRI and referral to specialist.
  3. Deflecting and not looking at the facts again. The dossier has nothing to do with any investigations but trumpers don’t want to admit it.
  4. Who the hell is hamish. Compelling and worth a listen.
  5. Bugger all evidence? Cam you answer this....do the copies of cheque’s co-signed by Trump & Allan Weisselberg not implicate Trump in the scheme to pay a woman for her silince by Cohen? if so how is Trimp not implicated or involved given his signature is on the cheque’s and it is from Trumps trust account?
  6. The Steele dossier was not used at all by the authorities (FBI, CIA), stop listening to the GOP media. US allies approached the FBI with evidence (surveillance gathered by five eyes & Alexander Downer’s interactions with Popadolous in London). That is is what started the red flags and lead to concern by US intelligence. the Steele dossier had and still has nothing to do with it. It is not admissible in court so can not and is not being used. It is just a very handy roadmap for the media and public because nothing in it has been disproved.
  7. You are deflecting. What is Cohen going to jail for? For violating/breaking of campaign laws by paying someone hush money to someone. In the verdict provided by the court they found he was in violation of campaign laws for this and it was “at the direction of indivisible 1, who later went on to be successful in the election”. this won’t be good for trump down the track. what does that have to do with Democrats? You keep deflecting with what about Hillary and it is the Democrats.
  8. A company called The Internet Research Agency is a company in Russia backed indirectly by the Russian govt, thru an FSB agent (FSB is new friendly name for KGB). They sent young people to the US in 2012-2015 ‘backpacking’ thru the US, while conducting surveys. They gathered years of info to understand how US citizens behave & vote. They then had people in the US during the 2016 election who were feeding info back to the company in Russia. The internet research agency then brought ads on Facebook, other social media and papers like the national enquirer during the 2016 campaign mocking as various American groups, such as blacks for trump. They spread disinformation about Hillary They found that so many Americans are influenced by what the see on Facebook so this was one of the focuses. chime in jimbo that trump can’t be held accountable for this, true. The Russians then hacked the democratic server and stole emails and gave to Wikileaks to release. The part where trumps campaign comes in, based on info out there now, is that the theory is he was in touch with Wikileaks to get this info and find out about its release. This is not proven in court yet but this is a key part of the investigation and will be in muellers report. Muellers special council does not talk to the media and does not leak so anything anyone says about them is speculation. the theory is that the Russians would help trump win and trump would relieve sanctions and thus making Putin billions through a company called rosneft, then shares in Rosneft would be sold to trump to share the profit.
  9. Nobody political has been banging on about impeachment fir 2yrs, it’s the media whipping up a frenzy. they have just started talking about impeachment in Congress now. what do you mean about me saying it’s no big deal, so I can clarify?
  10. He had someone ‘leak’ an old tax return, 2005, nothing recent from last 10yrs where the claims of Russian backing through deushche bank have been going on. This is the period where no US bank will touch him and was going thru Deutsche bank. and yes I agree his school results from years ago should be irrelevant now. The only issue I have with that is he attacked Obama fir being a bad student and said Obama should release his results. So if you want to get on the front foot you should walk the walk you are talking.
  11. ‘Collusion’ was made up by Trumps lawyers and then promoted through the media to confuse and deflect. ’Collusion’ is not a crime in the states and hence nobody will ever be charged or found guilty of collusion. Hence they made it up. Conspiracy, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, perjury, insurance fraud.... these are all crimes and funnily enough quiet a few of trumps close contacts, campaign manager, lawyer, national security advisor all getting popped for these charges. but then again he always “has the best people” and he doesn’t sound concerned at all....
  12. Aldi have a version of very similar to the fly6 on sale in the Newcastle stores next week. im getting one to see how it goes.
  13. Yep, looks like he's packed his bags and leaving......surely its only a change of clothes in there.
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