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  1. Lol, going with trump’s ‘no you’re the puppet’ defence. Back to the point, show me where Biden didn’t abide by a subpoena......
  2. He was the one who said it....about Obama and now using it himself Wrong quote...
  3. You have a double standard. You’re critical of Biden saying something in the media in which he actually walks back and corrects but shrug at trump doing the same.
  4. I think the court also said lol to trump’s meaningless absolute immunity absurdity.
  5. And what of it, he has clarified his position, he hasn’t obstructed or instructed staff to decline 72 requests to appear before lawful hearings like someone else. or lied constantly such as saying he had no interests with Russia but was trying to secure a $1B deal as proven in the special counsil memos released overnight....
  6. If he wasn’t busy enough with impeachment, he is about to get a lot busier....they just knocked of the 2nd most powerful bloke in Iran. Tipping there will be a rebound from Iran. “At the direction of the President, the U.S. military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.”
  7. Not especially, if they did something wrong they need to be counselled, reprimanded or whatever so that they perform their job independently. as I’ve said before and as this is a trump thread, I comment on trump and his criminal behaviours......and if I were to support a left / right side I’m not sure I would be supporting the GOP given below, but you can keep trying to defend criminals and deflect back to “the left”.
  8. And your point on this is? You dont mention the pro trump FBI agents texts.... The IG report found procedural errors made by the FBI and Comey is admitting to his mistakes, not running from them or obstructing. The IG report actually discredits the theory that the FBI used informants or undercover sources to “spy” on the Trump campaign prior to opening the investigation, and finds that the FBI did not rely on the Steele dossier to open the investigation.
  9. No run away just got bored with your trolling and deflection, avoiding the facts...I note that you haven’t answered my question again, you just deflected.
  10. LOL... I’m actually embarrassed for you people who suck up this conspiracy crap that the GOP feed you. I guess the lizard people came down and took over Hillary to help this. Dont read the IG report with all of the resources of the judiciary, commissioned by Trump appointed people which found opposite to what they wanted to find so they now need to spew these theories to try and confuse their (simple) base. haha....so why Has trump submitted an argument in his case to prevent mcGahn from having to be a witness that mcGahn testifying is moot as trump has been impeached? Nancy has them by the balls and they know it....more coming out and he will have superseding impeachment charges. Evangelicals jumping ship. he is .05% of even being capable of contending the next election due to his dementia. Feel free to explain to the world WTF he was waffling about on windmills!
  11. Don’t start that game with politicians comments over time, it will go on for ever....see views and comments from Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham on Trump only recently but now their comments. or Graham’s comments before Clinton’s impeachment to now the shoes on the other foot. Or Newt Gingrich complaining about this impeachment being before Christmas, yet he dropped the impeachment on Clinton Dec 19.
  12. Broken jaw = can’t talk....metaphor. you seem triggered that another MAGA fool was beaten, shut up and humbled.
  13. 😂😂 MAGA loudmouth Colby Colington has his jaw broken and then knocked out by a black immigrant in UFC title fight today....a view of what’s coming
  14. Terrible...as bad as ripping off an charity for the needy for your own narcissistic needs and having to pay $2M fine?
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