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  1. Nath.

    All things IM NZ

    I’m entered and have accom booked, however am going to pull out due to stress fracture in hip. Could probably offload the accom to you if you need some. its only 3 nights as I was planning to go touring straight after the race, at Chelmswood motel from thur to sun.
  2. Nath.

    Trump is the President

  3. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Buckle up, Michael Cohen due to be interviewed by Congress live in TV 7 Feb!
  4. Nath.

    Trump is the President

  5. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Well he has added over $2 trillion to national debt, the share market performed its worst in 10yrs in 2018 and he has god knows how many keys roles currently filled by ‘acting’ temp people because he fired the person in the role.
  6. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Trump campaigned on the premise that the govt was broken and “I alone can fix it”. And also “I do deals, I’m the best deal maker there is.” Doesnt look like much of a deal maker now...he’s just a snake oil salesman
  7. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Yes you are correct, there are some bad buggers in Mexico. Just like all countries and all races. i was trying to use trumps view that the Mexicans are causing so much damage in his eyes, but he doesn’t want to know about how much carnage guns cause in the US as they do note millions to him & the GOP. Not to mention they laundered Russian money to give to the GOP for the 2016 election.
  8. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    So we are only 1 week into 2019 and check this out for the US....but trump is worried about Mexicans coming across the border harming US cutizens. Geez those Mexicans must do some damage that is not reported anywhere!
  9. Nath.

    Port 2019

    Might be looking at this now as I’ve got a sportsman’s hernia and now cancelling my IM NZ plans. 👎
  10. Nath.

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    ‘You snooze you loose’ ‘He who hesitates is lost’ guess these sayings did not come about by accident!
  11. Nath.

    X-LAB Biddon cage

    I have a single and find it tops. During training it’s a good spot for your spares bottle with tubes etc. then when I race IM I have a system where I have the between the elbows holder and xlab bottle. I calculate my nutrition and have half in front and half in a bottle at the back. So I know I have finish front by halfway, then refill and drink other half by end of the bike. I use the normal holders for water and ant Gatorade on course if I feel like it. Works well I find.
  12. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Yep....and the trump govt suggested that people offer to do odd jobs for landlords to cover rent! https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.commondreams.org/news/2018/12/28/shameful-shutdown-continues-trump-administration-suggests-unpaid-federal-workers-do%3famp
  13. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Essential services have to work and won’t be paid until it’s over, non essential are closed down, what a debacle. the thing is, they house approved a plan overnight and sent it to the senate. This is the same plan that the house, the senate & trump agreed to previously. On that occasion when trump watched Fox News and they were carrying on a bout it he pulled the rug out. Now it’s stuck with him not agreeing and accepting it so Mitch McConnell in the senate won’t approve. This will pressure McConnell in the longer term as it goes on because already 7 GOP Senators have aggreed to it as they are up for re-election in 2020. And there are many more GOP Senators up for re-election and they don’t want this stain on their record. So it will be approved by the majority and good to go....except for trump.
  14. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Does their bank / landlord/ grocery store / chemist / supermarket /etc, accept the excuse that they will get paid one day, when trump decides he will accept the deal given to him?
  15. Nath.

    Trump is the President

    Security people at airports not getting paid so hundreds of them calling in sick to work other jobs. If Trump is so worried about security of Americans let’s see how that works out.