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  1. Nath.

    Port - Race Day

    Irrespective of all the talk on which course record.....Pauli Kiriu doing 8:06 seventeen years ago and they are still struggling to go faster is damn impressive! before ‘superbikes’, specific nutrition drinks, speed suits, electronic gears etc.
  2. Nath.

    Port - Race Day

    Wurf I reckon
  3. Nath.

    Port 2019

    Yep, only got races for me! i like the look of IM Wales and tough course, but way too cold for me.
  4. Nath.

    Port 2019

    A cheap gillet would be a good idea to have with your bike on race day. It will keep the wind off your core and you can ditch it if you like.
  5. Nath.

    Port 2019

    Sure glad I’m not riding a bike in a tri suit for 5-6hrs on Sunday in this weather! I always maintain that this race is a month too late in the season.
  6. Anyone going there with kids should take them to Stony Creek Aqua park, they will love it!
  7. Nath.

    This bike fit ok?

    Better to be a bit low on his first road bike, so he can easy stop and put his foot down without risk of falling off. Road bikes can feel a bit high after growing up on BMX’s & MTB bikes as kids. once he gets his confidence on the bike I’d raise the seat a bit, but main thing is that he feels comfortable and confidant so he keeps riding.
  8. Nath.

    WTB Felt IA 56cm

    I’ve got a mate who has a felt he is looking to sell, I’ll pass on this thread and see if he’s still looking to sell
  9. Nath.

    Port 2019

    Was that a bull shark in the river today? Gee the water is warm.....non wetsuit swim you say?
  10. Yes a bit long, but worth a listen. a bit concerning as a Gmail user!
  11. Nath.

    Training peaks

    Ahh legend, that turned it off!! cheers.
  12. Nath.

    Training peaks

    Yes it came in last time I updated. i just updated the app again but can’t find where to turn it off, so emailed them.
  13. Nath.

    Training peaks

    Ok I understand now that it could be a useful tool for coaches. Although, like turtle I didn’t know it can scale your workout tss. I just find it a pain as I set my own program so know how I feel and taylor things accordingly. I will update the app as bored suggests.
  14. Nath.

    Training peaks

    Anyone know how to get rid of this stupid graphic every time I have loaded a workout in training peaks? Does anyone actually use it, as it seems annoying to me.
  15. Well he is correct, you can get season 7 and watch it all in one go now.....season 8 starts next week.
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