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  1. I'm more Carlton Draught worthy atm......
  2. Not worried in the least about what happens in the water, just hoping it's fluid getting people away.
  3. I'm in that wave too. I'm guessing these zones are going to be a CF but it is what it is. Unless it isn't. But it is.
  4. That's where we are staying. Yay us!
  5. Hopefully they're not using last year's swim times as a proxy for zone sizes as conditions were a bit of an aberration. Add 2-3 mins if so. Zone 1 under 26/27 maybe...
  6. Heart set on a Speedmax CF 8.0 Di2 but nervous re fitting. Any recommendations on pre bike fit to ensure the right bike/size/adjustability, or any insight from those who have purchased canyon before would be appreciated. Thanks G
  7. Zone 1 will be a cluster ****, especially out of the water. Might have to take in nutrition to survive the lineup... balls to this. Let me roll the dice on a good wave start any day.
  8. I tape my victims' mouths and their running away times have definately improved
  9. Series on game hunting. Just got too hungry
  10. Moving the half to the sunny coast rimmed that joint. Pity, was a bucket lister I never ticked off.
  11. Caught my 7 year old rewriting his number from the kids tri in permanent marker the morning he returned to school last week. We train em early...
  12. Premium mates is gone within seconds. Must need a buddy on the inside as I was refreshing the page incessantly last year and still missed out.
  13. Gregor_McBoob


    Chased by a badger in Sweden. No, wasn't in a sauna. Not that type.
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