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  1. I tape my victims' mouths and their running away times have definately improved
  2. Series on game hunting. Just got too hungry
  3. Moving the half to the sunny coast rimmed that joint. Pity, was a bucket lister I never ticked off.
  4. Caught my 7 year old rewriting his number from the kids tri in permanent marker the morning he returned to school last week. We train em early...
  5. Premium mates is gone within seconds. Must need a buddy on the inside as I was refreshing the page incessantly last year and still missed out.
  6. Gregor_McBoob


    Chased by a badger in Sweden. No, wasn't in a sauna. Not that type.
  7. Gregor_McBoob

    Pump and run

    What a freak, compression socks dont do shit.
  8. Gregor_McBoob

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Swim was good fun, would have been a shame to have shifted it. If Cranky was wearing AUS kit then she rode past me. Extremely rude....
  9. Gregor_McBoob

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Northerlies haven't let up, looks like poo out there. Move it to the canal ya bastards, take pity on us rubbish swimmers....
  10. It was me with a snorkel. That wasn't an eel, I'm half Kenyan. Funny it was empty, usually the Noosa crowd flood that joint for last minute sessions in the weeks before.
  11. It's gotten much better, and I've chosen the dark side so just shoot and steal all day. Helped some lady the other day who was being kidnapped. Didn't say thank you. Bullet. Packing it away until after Noosa now though as gaming fks my neck.
  12. Did they change the pic? I want to see world record shaft too!!
  13. Not wise, good advice above. On another point, ibuprofen makes me shit my pants. You're welcome
  14. 2 hours in, my god it's a slow grind.... wont give up yet as it's sure to open up, but boring as fk at the moment
  15. Zero to gain from pushing through an ITB issue carried into the race if it flared up. Ooh he didn't respect the bunga bunga party island gods....
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