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  1. Scheduling strength training

    No-one is always right - but me! lol Won't work for me. As already said, can't do hill work, need specific stability strength work for running. Bike stuff, sure...
  2. Scheduling strength training

    Years ago, I used to do 5-10mins of plyos and upright core work post run and activation pre run. Nothing else. My last coach, who was also a physio, ultrarunner and ran a business with a physio strength dude (trains NRL rugby teams) was of the opinion that you needed one decent strength session a week to actually gain any functional strength. I hear so many differeing opinions from professionals that it is hard to know who and what to believe. ATM a 15min session is giving me DOMS and affects training sessions 2 days later... Really appreciating all the responses and feedback BTW.
  3. Trannies Strava Page

    This Strava page makes me feel so average! Love it! Will be used as amo against my husband who thinks I'm obsessed Edit to add: Having Monday as your rest day doesn't do your ego any good on this page!
  4. Scheduling strength training

    I never said TC had been disrespectful and I have no 'assessment' of TC. Please reread my response above (maybe with a different tone than initially thought?) as semantically I think it is clear. If it is not clear enough, PM me. No disrespect intended to either parties - just an attempt, possibly poor, to reduce escalation
  5. Scheduling strength training

    Yep. Totally appreciate FB's knowledge in his posts. Also understand that what is written can appear more exaggerated than it was meant. BOTH ways, and am guilty of same. Anywhoooooo...
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Any race reports coming? I love reading them! What was the course like?
  7. Scheduling strength training

    Totes. I was asking that you not rise to FBs sarcastic comment at the start of of one of his posts. Civility here please all
  8. Scheduling strength training

    Disagree through experience. Wobbly left knee - running slower would have made it worse as I'd have been on it longer. ITB issues - better recovery with faster running...
  9. Scheduling strength training

    Thanks FB. Appreciate that and agree with your points. (Apart from the sarcastic start) How and where would you fit the exercises in? And TC, please be the bigger person...
  10. Scheduling strength training

    You are very welcome here! As is all respectful discussion. Just wanted to nip any infighting in the bud before Roxi closed the thread! I just don't agree with the 'what better than running to improve running' argument. I've been injured enough, and had niggles and injuries treated through strength work enough to know better. And regarding hills, not everyone can run hills. I get shin splints from them (nip this in the bid now - can't be fixed), others get pain from the downhill part of hills... Anyway, thread derailed. This was a thread specifically about gym strength sessions and how to fit them in ...but appreciate the other point of view
  11. Scheduling strength training

    ^^^I've read the link and I don't think they are saying to substitute 'gym' strength work with Turbo work. Do more gym strength work in the off season yes, and reduce when in season (sounds like an animal on heat!) adding in Turbo/hills/paddles etc. I don't think that simply SBRing, even with Turbo and hills is enough. Might be enough for the bike, but certainly not for the stability you need for running. You need single leg exercises as running is essentially hopping from one leg to the other in a forward motion - IMO being strong and stable is essential for injury prevention so you need specific exercises... well, I do
  12. Scheduling strength training

    My thread! No fighting! So, I'm mid season. Wont be having an off season. Need to keep SBRing. Any suggestions apart from building back up really slowly? (just as an FYI, what I've been doing are hip stability work as well as glute strengthening - stability, Bulgarian squats, lunges, single leg squats)
  13. Scheduling strength training

    How do you all fit in strength training without it affecting your run and bike training? How many strength sessions do you do per week? Do you do one 'session' a week or do incidental exercises post run/bike workout? Do you do tradition sets of various exercises eg 3x10 with a weight? How well are you recovered for the next run/bike training session? I know I need to do strength & stability. I let it slide for a few months last year and I'm finding it very difficult to get back into it as I'm not recovering and suffering DOMS. If I have mild DOMS and go for a bike ride, the DOMS just gets worse and I end up completely fatigued and 'niggly'. Maybe I need a change in 'application'.
  14. What training did you do today?

    Currently sitting on the trainer cooling down from an easy 80mins between 50%-75% FTP session. Feels like a wasted session fitness-wise but the body needed an easy session. Will go for a swim later..
  15. Willie goes down - again

    Faaaaark! Glad you're OK