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  1. BogFrog

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Nawwww Even my mother never said that 😉
  2. BogFrog

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    I agree it's necessary. I agree I'd be injured without it. But man oh man does it adversely affect the rest of my training. Apparently it takes me longer than "normal people" to recover from the sessions.
  3. BogFrog

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    What does a "good rest" mean here exactly?
  4. BogFrog

    Bike Bag Recommendations

    My husband has the Scion knock-off which I've used to travel a few times. I didn't take off or rotate the handlebars (as you don't need to), but my di2 on the tri-bars was broken when I got back. Still haven't received any compo from Etihad airways. 8 months later. Cost $500 to fix I've used the bag since, but loosen the bars and point downwards... I read an article somewhere re soft vs hard case bags, and a baggage handler, who is a cyclist, recommended soft cases, and keeping it as light as possible - i.e your pedals and all other stuff goes in your suitcase. He said that it is easier for the baggage handlers to deal with, so they are less likely to throw it. He also said that they stick to all the conveyor belts better - hard cases slip off and can often fall from a great height - read from plane door to ground
  5. BogFrog

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    Hmmm I'll give it a go. I'll be fine with the 1:50s and 1:45s, but the 1:40s will see me get slower as I won't have the rest I need to get the speed up. By the 1:35s it'll be 500m straight! (back in a chlorine pool - my ego has taken a hit!) Oh trust me, that hard 100 is fast - I flog it! I do this set with lots of rest - leave on 2:00 touch between 1:21 and 1:35 depending on 100. Brought it down to 1:55s in the salt pool...
  6. BogFrog

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    Christ that hurt. A lot. Very early. But I hung on and made my stretch goal, so super super chuffed 🙂 How did you go nealo?
  7. BogFrog

    Swim plateau: how to break through

    I've been doing something very similar to this but as a main set and I think it was you who gave it to me. I do it as 3x(4x100), the only difference is that my 3rd 100 is my fast one and the last 100 is easy. And I can confirm that this worked and definitely got me out of a plateau. I flogged myself for the fast bits and concentrated on form for the easy bits. This also taught me that I can hurt, while maintaining strength, for a long longer than I thought I could. I've kinda plateau'd again, but I haven't concentrated much on swimming recently. I'm trying to get some mojo back so this has peaked my interest. So, are these 100s done easy to start, fast to finish? Or fast to start as you have have lots of time to recover, then easy to finish as there will be no recovery? e.g. the last 5x100 would just end up being 500m? Or are you trying to touch on exactly the same time each time, just getting 5 seconds less recovery each time? Thanks :-)
  8. BogFrog

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    Well this thread took off!
  9. BogFrog

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    Yep, I'm in...
  10. BogFrog

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    2nd. Really comfortable and quite flattering when on imo
  11. BogFrog

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    Most of your riding will be done in training, so how do you train? If you ride with others or are a member of a cycle club, then I'd say get an aero road bike as you can't bunch ride tri bikes (well, I have seen some people do it, but I think it's stupid dangerous). If you plan to do all your training by yourself, then get the tri bike...
  12. BogFrog

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    I put in a query at my work as to whether we had sporting leave. They made me give them all the details, then said no 😫
  13. BogFrog

    What training did you do today?

    Swam in a pool with a numpty. One 50m lane and only 2 if us in it. He managed to get in the way every 100-150m. Swimming up the wrong side, stopping and standing in the middle, treading water mid length etc etc etc
  14. BogFrog

    Age Groups

    Huh? In my best Pauline Hanson voice, Please explain?
  15. BogFrog

    Winterfish 2018

    I know I should but...