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  1. Attempted TrainerRoad Bago this morning. Failed. Managed to hit the numbers for the first set, but failed during the second, and just tried to keep some sort of effort for the 3rd. Supposed to be a VO2 max session, but I just don't have the bike leg strength for it - VO2 max sessions running aren't a bother... Proves my lack of bike work!
  2. He has never even ridden a TT before, so has no clue at all what to expect or what frame size would be right...
  3. As I said, he's a sit giant - so shorter legs and a long body. He has a long stem on that bike, but it fits him well and he's comfortable on it. Can get into quite an aggressive position on it. We're just wondering whether the 56 TT would be too small - would he be out the front of it too much?
  4. An old Specialized SWorks. He has a long stem on it
  5. Mr BogFrog is 6foot4 (yes, all of you who have met me may snigger) and he rides a 56.5 roadie frame. He's a sit-giant. There is a cheap 3rd hand TT on sale but not easy to access atm. Effort can be made, but only if worth it. Would the same size frame work for a Roadie to TT? How would being a sit-giant, vs long legged make a difference in appropriate TT frame size? Thanks Trannies!
  6. 3rd indoor trainer set in 4 days - TrainerRoad is making things slightly more bearable! Thanks again @monkie. Just an easy recovery hour - Pettit. Gonna do my first ever set of VO2 max work on the bike on Wed... I've only ever gone as hard as sweet spot training on the trainer - seeing as I can't do my usual VO2 max running session, guess I better do it on the bike... Thinking Matthes+1, Mist-1 or Bago. Prepare for some cursing on Wednesday...
  7. BogFrog

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Got the extra medal when it was down here in Wollongong, but only a visor as a prize...
  8. BogFrog

    Mooloolaba Tri

    1st for AA7 and 2nd for Cranky Congrats ladies!
  9. BogFrog

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I saw them being weighed the year before last at Noosa
  10. BogFrog

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Cause they have to be weighed and no one wants that done in public??
  11. I agree - I very rarely see women drafting. In saying that the dynamics are different - Aren't fewer women at the "pointy" end in comparison to the men? As in, FOP is much pointier for us? Does a pack form in the water causing a heap of us to get out on course at the same time? As the swim in my best leg, the only time I've been in a pack in the water was at worlds.
  12. Just did my first ramp test (thanks Monkie!) and it's given me a lower number than my 20min FTP test gave me a few months ago. But I think I messed it up. The instructions said to simply stop peddling and it would calculate my FTP then. So I paused, a different screen came up, so I started my warm down - I realised about 30 seconds later that it had restarted the test once I had started peddling again, but I had only been t about 50% FTP for the last 30 seconds. I paused again and saw that I should have pressed stop test... I presume I should disregard that ramp test and try it again in a few days...
  13. Hmmmmm It hasn't helped me... I'm no better than I was 2 years after first getting on my Roadie. Faster yes, more skilled no
  14. ^^^ This is what I struggle with BIG time. I know I need to do strength work but it seems to always interfere with my training. How do you balance it?
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