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  1. Yes. I still do more around the house than he does though
  2. Quite a timely post for what has been going on in my house over the last while... We have no kids and I don't have a stressful job - ie 40 hour weeks is the norm for me, so I train about 12 hrs a week and don't see the issue - I do more than my fair share around the house. Whenever I race, Mr BogFrog is really supportive and says how proud he is when I do well etc. But when I'm training, he feels as though everything comes before him, so after worlds in Sept, I was asked to take a break, so I did. Less training and no racing. It was his turn. So I supported him while he did trained and did races. I've picked up my training again and someone around the house is none too pleased. And this from someone who has bought entries to do 5 races over the next year including the full at Port Mac...
  3. The obsession about Kona on this site is ridiculous. Not all, but so many peeps see it as the pinnacle or triathlon. It isn't for most... I had zero interest in ironman until about 3 months ago, and it has now risen to zero point five as Mr BogFrog has signed up to Port...
  4. And the Spring Cycle... https://bicyclensw.org.au/spring-cycle-and-ironman/?fbclid=IwAR3FXwrw52FUo8w_S9t6TcpeV1krKtxGMHPVTA6VjqVA_q4FMeGhFqJfJWs
  5. My turn! It's a jet black fluid trainer and is a good few years old but not used a huge amount. Any ideas where I should look? The noise is intermittent... And yes, there is no 'video' , only sound 20190522_071022.mp4
  6. 60km of a 75km bike ride and got a sudden mechanical. Taxi home. Think it's the derailleur... Not my week - found a screw in my back car Tyre yesterday - I'd been driving on it and the Tyre is screwed...
  7. Yeah, I was forced to swim in there about 3 times - never again. There are waaaaay more options in the area. Drummoyne (when f*#@ing Polo haven't taken over), Cabarita, Leichardr (all year around) Rude...
  8. Beer and doughnuts and what Cranky said
  9. Woe is me! 🎻 - the worlds smallest violin 😜
  10. Well, I didn't have an on-season so no point in having an off season! I can't run train atm so have decided to tri train for the first time. This means actual bike training and doing proper swim sets... All runs to be pretty easy for now...
  11. 3 years is future enough right? 🤔
  12. So, OK for the man not to be thinking straight after 42km (I agree BTW) but not OK for the woman to not be thinking straight when he did that, after she ran 42km? They both werent thinking straight! As written above and in the article, they both seem OK about it after the fact...
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