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  1. BogFrog

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    Who motivates me? The fat chick in the mirror
  2. BogFrog


    So, because you can't help someone who has it really bad over there, you wont help someone who just had it bad here? Help where and when you can. Call out bad behavior when you see it - it might really help someone
  3. BogFrog


    Oh God! Do we really need to go there? They let mothers die ffs. An unviable child is worth motlre than a living, breathing woman. Look up Savita
  4. BogFrog


    Most men here are decent on the whole, yes but most men to not call out sexist comments and language. Most men would not call out a sexist "joke"...
  5. BogFrog


    I agree that it's all screwed, but ever consider that this behavior might be due to conditioning? To thinking their only worth is in how they look? On how their sexuality is the only thing they have to offer? The only thing that will make men notice they are there? They must've had great role models who showed them theitmr worth. Glad to read that I've seen too many bad male managers supported by the "boys club"! Way more of them out there than bad female managers supported by the sisterhood. The amount of sh!t bad male managers I've had that no-one has called out... I've had a few terrible experiences and I'm not someone who takes crap - I was reduced to tears by a bully. My current manager is awesome BTW. Happens to be male...
  6. BogFrog


    So we can only work on one issue at a time? Can't try and make their lives better as well as making our lot better?
  7. BogFrog


    Because WE are HERE in the predominantly white culture. HERE is where we can make the change
  8. BogFrog


    If the murderer grew up hearing sexist language & attitudes it would absolutely change the way he thinks and acts. Calling it out early teaches that it's not acceptable
  9. BogFrog


    Go past the title of that article and it's well written and makes very valid points. What you dont call out, you accept. The main part for me, what I think we can all do is nicely put in the article as follows: "It is up to you to call out your friends and family, your colleagues, and your fellow men when they act in a way that contributes to sexist ideology, whether that's just through the telling of basic "jokes" or the actual abuse of women, and even of men: the misogynist, homophobic bullying that occurs between men is part of this too. Intervention needs to start early and, in an online era, trust me when I say the adoption of sexist language, ideology and practices begins well before boys turn into men. Basic sexism is the foundation of gendered violence. It isn't something that sits on the periphery, separate and inconsequential."
  10. BogFrog

    What training did you do today...

    Just earned that badge this evening - but I didn't deserve it - I was swimming in a lake 🤣
  11. BogFrog

    New Gel Flavours

  12. BogFrog

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Really? Wasn't Kurnell the sprint state championships?
  13. BogFrog

    What training did you do today...

    No, but he did cone across a flying cow...
  14. BogFrog

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Cheating depends on the intent? If you meant to do it, it's cheating. If it was an accident, then a rule violation
  15. BogFrog

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    But an 18 year old winning both titles?!? Amazing!