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  1. ^^^ this I'm up nearly a kg and I know that it is mostly fluid as I am unable to get my rings on today...
  2. BogFrog

    Noosa Tri 2019

    I'm in for my second Noosa tri. We're arriving on Friday evening and are staying for a week. Staying in Noosaville in the in-laws rental ...
  3. BogFrog

    Nepean 2019

    It was the first tri I ever did about 6 years ago and I did it 3 years in a row I think. The hubby dud it last year and I went as a spectator - it was pretty dead. Very little atmosphere although the conditions were perfect for racing. Disappointing to see
  4. Picturing you free diving with the world's smallest speargun 🤣
  5. BogFrog

    Caden v Roval

    I have Cadens and Mr BogFrog has deCadens. I'm no tech geek either but Ben is great to deal with. I was having trouble with the brakes (shuddering) after a service at a LBS. They insisted there was nothing wrong with what they did and told me that the wheels must be the problem. I should've bought Zipps apparently 🙄 Anyway, went to see Ben and he played with the brakes, cleaned the rims and lo and behold it was right as rain again. LBS had over oiled the bike. While he was playing around, he fixed the rusting screw on my saddle post, tightened a few things that the shop should've done. All free of charge.
  6. Mishca giving Whiskey a bath. Burmese brown & chocolate from the same litter. Brown female is an independent sole, confident but sensitive. Chocolate male is a sook
  7. You were saying Not the horses - where / when was this all proven to be false after the fact?
  8. Was it a drafting race? Did women and men start together?
  9. Really? Can you show me where this was proven?
  10. Thanks. Thanks for the ear worm. Thanks a lot 😬
  11. Times appear to be up... 7h19 - 7h 38 for 40-44... who is in this group? Cranky, AA7, me, any others? Men? Not sure if it is better to start up the front or a little further back. Better to have to swim through a few slower swimmers and be comfortable or be with peeps your speed / slightly faster so you can draft, but have the risk of being bashed by men much bigger than you... hmmmm
  12. ??? I don't follow. Maybe I'm drunk...
  13. Ahh shite! Sorry to hear trifun. Fingers crossed it'll come good. Can you ride and swim? That should help keep the kgs off...
  14. I AM in the burbs. Considered inner west, 10km from the city center
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