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  1. So the category starts are out... Looks like men and women together I think?!?!? https://ap.ironman.com/~/media/23fa7c7a93274a9881606da825baadc0/ntmsf rolling category start order.pdf
  2. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2019/09/13/breaking-reports-of-an-active-vaper-on-the-rampage-in-us-school/
  3. From Noosa Tri "We will have 12 Category Start Group, within these groups you will self-seed within one of the 4 start zones which are by time. The category groups will be released today and this may help you understand more. We are taking on the feedback received about the start zone times. "
  4. Alright, I'm in. I've been back from holidays for 5 weeks now and the extra weight is just not shifting... I also had an extra few kg before I left.. Maybe this will keep me accountable, but past experiences seem to demonstrate otherwise...
  5. So i found where they have described the start and they talk about rolling starts within categories yet say there are only having 12 waves. Sub 30 sounded like a very big zone to me too, yet i just looked at my category and there actually arent that may that do a sub 30... i was surprised
  6. Did you get that from thw Noosa site? Or from a 70.3 site? i think this might be the first time they are doing a rolling start on a standard distance race...
  7. That sucks ass. The two times i swam with blokes I was either dunked (arm on each shoulder and shoved under water) or bashed over the head
  8. So is the rolling start within the age group or could I be lining up beside a 25 year ols male?
  9. Eh, what?? Please explain. Everything. Cause I'm dumb
  10. No, but i am interested in a 935 like I mentioned in another thread...
  11. Fartlek run attempting to get fit again, Fell again. More gravel rash.
  12. The last few posts here have cemented to me that what we do is right (for us). I never lie to Mr BogFrog about the cost of anything that I buy and vice versa. As long as the joint accounts are topped up, therefore the bills are paid, then I can do as I please with my own money.
  13. A lot I would think. I have been cycling at SOP (Sydney Olympic Park) for the last few years and have been riding with cyclists on roadies. Recently I've been changing it up and going to Centennial Park to get some consistent work going on my TT. I've been pretty surprised by the lack or courtesy and cop-on by all the peeps on TT bikes. They sit to the right of the massive cycle lane forcing you to go into the car lane if you need to overtake, they ride 2 abreast with about 2m between each other and they don't check their shoulder before they pull out to overtake.
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