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  1. Question for the runners

    What exactly do you mean by 80km easy? What would an average week look like? So, when I say slow running breaks me - I've had lots of people telling me that I should do my long / recovery / easy runs around 5:30 - 6:00 based on the theory of a percentage of marathon race pace, or 10km race pace (can't remember which one). If I ran at that pace, I would end up with niggles. I'd be spending more time on one leg (ground contact time would be greater) and any instabilities really come out to play then. I'd also be plodding and form would go out the window. My long / recovery /easy runs are about 20sec/km slower than marathon pace... I also vary my paces a lot in training which staves off injury I think. I'm back with a running coach who seems to be getting great results out of me this way... I think I might have a 3:15 in me alright Paul, but I think I can do it off 70km/week. I know that the high volume would break me (probably mentally as well as physically!)
  2. Question for the runners

    Can I ask why you consider side planks effective for running? I'm not a terribly gifted athlete and I have only done one marathon, 2 years ago, but I managed just short of a 3:30 (sort of the equivalent of a guy doing a 3:15??) on the base of 50-70km/week. I did a whole heap of strength work prior to setting off on my 12 week program and I think that is what got me through the last 10km - the slow down was only 10secs a km from 32 - 42km. I also ran a lot on tired legs in training - e.g. did a 16km fartlek run one day, and the next day followed it with a steady paced 16km run. I only did 3 runs over 30km No, I am not trying to do a "look at me" or FIGJAM, just trying to say that different things work for different people. There are many ways to skin a cat. I know that the low, quality mileage program works for me, but it may not work for everyone. Just like doing 100km weeks works for some, but will break others - slow running breaks me.
  3. Question for the runners

    We really shouldn't be looking at weight - it's not just muscles that weigh more. My husband is not muscular, is a slim build and is quite lean but is on the upper end of overweight, nearing obese on the BMI scale. You just can't compare one person's body with another...
  4. Question for the runners

    Fitness Buddy??? And yes, I know lots and lots of good glute exercises that target MY weaknesses. Everyone moves differently so a one size fits all strength & movement training probably won't cut it. BUT... to stay fairly generic, single leg exercises while staying upright. I don't believe in exercises for running that have you lying on the floor. You're never in that position when you run (unless you trail run ) Single leg quarter squats with a weight, controlled bulgarian squats with a weight, lunges if your knees can handle them, reverse lunges etc. I do lots of control exercises - e.g. slow single leg sit downs, as stability is something that I need to focus on, but again, everyone is different. Reminds me that I need to get back to doing some strength work...
  5. Question for the runners

    ^^^ And by core strength, he means your glutes not your abs You would obviously need to increase your mileage (and speed in training - others will disagree), but it should still be doable on 4 runs a week. Was your mileage the same as quoted above when you did your 2 marathons?
  6. Balance

    Does anyone else have trouble finding balance in this sport without becoming obsessed? How do you all find balance in your life while still staying competitive in triathlon? I used to do lots of activities (scuba, hiking, camping) but since getting into triathlon, none of that happens anymore. I started into tri as an outlet, as for various reasons I no longer had a buddy / was no longer able to get away, but now that it's possible again, I just don't as it interferes with my training and racing goals. Am I too obsessed? I'm starting to feel very self centered, but at the same time, I want to do my best and be competitive. Are balance and competitiveness mutually exclusive? How do you all cope and manage "saneness"?
  7. Townsville Triathlon

    No, the course was short. I have the bike at 38.7km and the run at 9.7km. I had a pretty good race. When I found out the water was 25.2, I decided not to wetsuit as I thought I might overheat. I'm not a fan of the wettie anyway. (Was it wetsuit legal due to stingers?) I kinda regretted that later as I had forgotten to put body glide on the inside of my arms - the bra and tri-top I wear tend to chafe so I ended up with raw arms. The swim was flat as a tack so sighting was easy, but there was no viz. I wasted time in T1 trying to get some vaseline from the inside of my running shoe onto the top of my arms and had helmet issues - couldn't get it on properly over my hair. Thought I had that sorted, but new helmet may require a different hairdo. Bike course was flat and fast, but we had a headwind on the way back on the second lap. I was disappointed with the bike leg, but it is a new bike and set up and I haven't done enough bike training the last 2 months as I have been concentrating on running. Hence I had a great run. It was hot and far from easy, but I managed to reel in lots of people on the run. Surprised and pleased to have the fastest run split in my age group. Got what I went for, and have points in the bag. Happy little vegemite as it takes the pressure off for the next few races.
  8. Townsville Triathlon

    Th Thanks - that worked
  9. AUS AG doping bust

  10. AUS AG doping bust

    Alcohol is a recreational drug. Only difference is that it is legal. And therefire collect taxes on it.
  11. ITB Release

    What causes plantar fasciitis? What causes the ITB to rub? They don't really know. My guess that for me it was weak glute med & min and overstriding. No, if you have fascia rubbing over something it will thicken - scar tissue? Then when thicker, it rubs more. By the time I strengthened everything it was too late (maybe?). I was very stable. Single leg squats with no wobble etc, but still had pain. The op fixed the pain. Stopped the rubbing. Last option.
  12. ITB Release

    Because of the constant rubbing across the bone (lateral femoral consume). That's what causes the pain... That is what ITBFS is...
  13. ITB Release

    They were lucky. Doesn't work for everyone AP. I had old fashioned (bad?) advice to start. When I eventually got good advice it was too late and the ITB was thickened at the boney area on the knee and no amount of physio / exercises could have fixed it. One solution does not fit all.
  14. ITB Release

    Re tissue tightness, studies (a few years ago now - haven't looked at any recent research) have shown that ITB "tightness" does not correlate to ITB friction Syndrome. Lots of runners without ITBFS have ITBs just as tight as those without. (Ober's test). I know FB didn't mention ITB tightness, just thought it was interesting. I agree with loosening the TFL - rolling the TFL on a tennis ball a month after surgery was bliss and relieved a feeling of tightness I had post surgery (never had before) But... No amount of stretching, strength and stability work helped me. It's definitely the first step that should be worked on, while NOT doing anything to inflame the area more, but unfortunately this did not help me. The op did. -H-, can I ask what op you had? Z cut or slit? How were 2 cuts done on the same ITB? Hope second op was free at least! The way it was explained to me (by a few health care professionals) was that it would be impossible for the ITB to flick/rub over the bone, causing the outer knee ITB pain, if it was split so that one part sat in front, and the other behind. So if the slit op didn't work, then the issue was never ITBFS. Anyway, sorry for the rambling post. Just wanted to clarify some points.