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  1. BogFrog

    Website stuff.

    Is this number of hits or amount of data streamed?
  2. I am green with envy (pun intended) I can only breath out of one at a time. They do switch, but mostly the left is blocked. I've also read that one side of the brain works better when one side is clear and visa versa (logical vs creative)
  3. With my record of staying upright? Na...
  4. <dummySpit> I am fed up with this shitty winter. The one winter when I'm trying to focus on the bike as the body still wont let me run properly and all we get is drizzle drizzle and more drizzle. What happened to cold dry winters in Sydney?!? I refuse to do 3 mind numbingly boring trainer sessions in one week. </dummySpit>
  5. OK, so you don't feel lonely, I swam 4.4km and ran about 3km
  6. If you are relying on your Garmin, I would leave some extra buffer and would be aiming for 5:37 or faster. If you are going by km markers, then sure....
  7. BogFrog

    TA Memberships

    But TA starts 1st July and CA starts 1st Jan right? How do they reconcile that? You could join CA, then join TA, get your insurance money back, not rejoin TA in Jan the next year and be uninsured for 6 months?
  8. BogFrog

    Ironman Frankfurt

    But you're not allowed to bring drinks or food AFAIK. You can only consume what is at the aid stations or in your own pocket...
  9. BogFrog

    Ironman Frankfurt

    What are the rules with regards to helping another athlete? I thought you couldn't get outside help, but a fellow athlete could help another? Why wasn't Brownlee disqualified when Brownlee carried him across the line?
  10. BogFrog


    How do you figure a no Brexit? Please! Give me hope!
  11. The cancellation is unlikely due to the water temp alone. Determination re wetsuits etc also takes the ambient temperature into account - it looks pretty miserable in Cork today with colder than normal outdoor temps...
  12. Ahhhhh, so THIS is why they got me the "Does not play well with others" T-shirt....
  13. We bought a rubber mat from bunnings - the type of mat found in gyms / weights rooms. It's pretty heavy and it massively reduces the noise
  14. BogFrog

    BIG Husky 2020

    I'm in for my first long course...
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