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  1. She was given an exemption as she was trying to break a world record... 'twas in the paper
  2. BogFrog


    ACT / Canberra is too much like a border town situation. Lots of people live outside of the ACT, but commute through or to the ACT for work and general services. E.g. What would people in Queanbeyan do?
  3. BogFrog


    Zero cases in the ACT. Not sure masks are necessary
  4. BogFrog


    He looked pretty relaxed at lunch today...
  5. I have never denied that I am "a little bit racist". I think we all are. I just try to check myself and correct myself when I find myself doing, thinking or saying something racist. What I was agreeing with on your original post is that we are relying too much on China. Relying too much on buying their cheap goods and on them buying our coal. I also believe that doing business with China has its problems as I have also known small businesses who have tried to trade with Chinese companies, only to have them take the goods, then cut and run also - or also steal the IP. However I retract saying that I agreed with you until the last paragraph - your second last paragraph: The subtlety within it is that you are tarring all Chinese people with the same brush and I well know that they don't all do this.
  6. No it isn't Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. demonstrates the definition of racism I pasted above
  7. BogFrog


    Might see you out there. On my way out the door myself 🙂
  8. I was with you until the last paragraph. Smells quite racist
  9. I also log sessions with distance and shoes etc in a spreadsheet, however Garmin presents information to me that is too hard to scroll through on a watch. E.g. HR over time, power, calories, L/R balance etc. So it's not that I can't think, it's just access to information
  10. I doubt Garmin will though... It'll take a while to get all that data back - if they can...
  11. BogFrog


    Weather today is not conducive to riding, and I can't run, so I am seriously considering doing some work. Take the time back when the weather is better...
  12. Need to change the title of the thread from "...Day" to "...Week". Or probably "...Fortnight"..
  13. BogFrog


    Tbh, it looked to me that you were trying to blame the current Vic leader for it. Not sure why you are suddenly blaming everyone else for a left vs right based on the posts above???? Looks as though NSW is going down the same route, so I wouldn't be so quick to blame Victorians...
  14. Cycled the beautiful Cotter - Uriarra loop again today after lunch. This is one great thing about working from home - being able to cycle whenever you want. In Canberra in winter, that means glorious glorious sunshine anytime after 10am
  15. BogFrog

    Roller - Pain

    Agree with Prince. Don't do it. Get a new physio who knows about running. Take it from someone who has had to have the op and get a lateral release done. My (then) physio massaged the ITB lots, told me to ITB roller, which I did for months to no avail. A better option would be to roll all the muscles surrounding the area, specially quads. And the main thing is to get a tennis ball into the TFL. TFL TFL TFL It's a small area but it seems to respond well to the ball - well it does forme
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