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  1. Thanks for the tips all. I'll Google map it all.
  2. Hi there, I am looking for decent areas to ride my tri bike in the aero position for long distances around Yallambie in Melbourne. I dont mind driving ~ 20 minutes to get there. Back in Adelaide there was a bike path along an expressway for ~ 20km that was perfect. I don't mind if its just a 5-10km path that's separated from the road. I can do laps.... I really struggled in the Geelong 70.3 last weekend even though I had done 3-4 hours on Zwift indoors every week and I was quite fit, I wasn't prepared for the rough road surface, so I am looking to do at least 1 ride outside per week going forward.
  3. micka

    Geelong 70.3

    Same, wife and myself have signed up. 8 month old son... It's gonna be tough
  4. Im "racing". Prepared for the swim and the run. Not so much for the ride. Taking it easy and going to enjoy the day
  5. micka

    Avanti chrono recall

    Dammit, lucky I check these forums regularly. I bought a EVO2 Di2 late last year and have only ridden it about an hour due to injury.
  6. In Australia, shorts over tights. When I lived in Sweden, I still wore shorts over tights but I was the only one in the whole city to do so.
  7. 2013 Full world champs is online now
  8. micka

    IMNZ Thread.

    Had to pull out due to injury but going there to watch anyway because flights were booked already and a friend is racing. I've never watched one live before, It will be a good change.
  9. Not too bad actually. I do an ab routine once a week. But its a good idea to make sure its solid.
  10. Ok, so its been about 3 weeks now since my last update. I pulled out of the NZ Ironman as I simply hadn't done enough training and I am turning the trip into a holiday and also watching the race as a friend is racing in it too. I have had a MRI on both my knees and got the results yesterday at my physio appointment. In both my left and right knees I have "Lateral fat pad edema deep to the ITB suggestive of impingement". All of the other tests came back normal, so there is nothing seriously wrong with my knees, but this is still something that I need to fix. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see his opinion on it too. So for all those with mysterious issues that cant be diagnosed, I really suggest getting an MRI and finding out once and for all. It was expensive ($200 per knee when referred by a doctor), but very worth it in my opinion. I have been given some strengthening exercises (I had some really good improvements in strength and stability over the past 3 weeks doing the exercises) and been told to roll more near the hip area. So it looks like the solution for this is the same as ITB. I've done a bit of googling and there are cortizone and surgical procedures which can help this, but I want to continue to try to fix this without doing that if at all possible. Now I am not signed up to an Ironman I don't "have to run".
  11. Yer thats the thing that I have found while reading up on this. Some people say to stretch and roll, some people say that stretching is useless as you cant stretch that area very well anyway and that rolling does nothing. Ive been told to take anti-inflammatory medication, but then you read that it actually causes the injury to not heal properly when you do that. Lot's of different opinions, no real perfect answer. What I can say that is stretching does help the symptoms. If I go for a run with little stretching beforehand the issue comes on a lot sooner. If I stretch when the symptoms start I can continue for a bit further.
  12. Thanks for all of the replies so far. So I went to another physio yesterday who did an extensive 1-1.5 hour analysis. (In the past I have been living overseas so my visits to the physio have been sporadic - I plan to stick with one during my treatment now I am back in AUS). I have: Iliotibial band friction syndrome +/- biceps femoris tendinopathy Contributing pathology/factors: Pelvis blocked on L, L tibialis posterior weak, R>L guteus medius weak, overpronated L foot, dysfunction at L5, fibula head blocked. So yer.... sounds like I have a lot of things to work on. I am going to go and have an MRI on both knees in the next few days to get a proper look at what is inflamed and to see if there is anything that cannot be diagnosed from the outside. Leaning towards pulling out of the NZ IM and trying to get this sorted and then when I am fully fit and ready again signing up for another one.
  13. Well I booked in to see another physio tomorrow who has been recommended to me who specializes in bike fitting and sports injuries and does dry needling, so will see how that goes. I would prefer to keep away from surgery but if it comes to that, then so be it. Not sure how much I want to do triathlon though if it means going under the knife. Will need to reassess if it comes to that. The thing that is most annoying about this is that I feel perfectly fine right now. Walking around with no pain feeling 100%, but its only mid way through exercise that it starts to hurt. I think I will go into the physio tomorrow explaining my pain but don't tell him of any other diagnosis that I have had and see if he comes to the same conclusion. The last couple of physios I have mentioned that I have been diagnosed with ITBS and that may have closed their minds to looking for other causes.
  14. I have been doing triathlon for about 3 years now (2xIM, 1xhalf IM, some sprints/olympic distances) and mid 2012 my old ITB issue flared up in both knees (was originally only in my right knee 5-6 years ago). So for the past 1.5 years I have been working on getting this issue fixed. I made it through a full IM in WA late in 2012 but hobbled the last 1/2 of the run. Since then I have done a few sprint races and 3 weeks ago I did a half IM in Canberra where the second I got off the bike my left knee was completely ruined. I finished the "run" but it was very painful. What I have done to try to fix this issue: 4 months of weight training to try to strengthen up my glutes/hips etc. Various periods of long rest where I kept fit (did weights at the gym, walked etc), but stopped running/riding completely. Regular bodyweight leg exercises (2+ times a week for over a year) - pretty much these exercises http://strengthrunning.com/2011/02/the-itb-rehab-routine-video-demonstration/ 1.5 years of foam rolling very regularly I stretch at least 2 times a day. Before/after exercise and I stretch before I get into bed at night. The last year I have been getting remedial massage every 2-3 weeks, sometimes are regularly as every week Been to 3/4 physio's, most just recommend doing the bodyweight leg exercises, foam rolling etc. Use ITB straps on both knees - this doesnt seem to help that much at all http://saveyourself.ca/imgs/knee-strap-question-s.jpg\ I had a 3 week break after the half IM Canberra where I have been doing a little bit of swimming, but even with swimming it feels a bit off and I stop at around 1 to 1.5km. But I had been feeling good the past few days so I went for a ride yesterday (22km up and then 22km back - a very bad idea). I ended up walking/1 leg peddling most of the ride back. I am completely fed up. I have a full IM in New Zealand in 8 weeks. While I think I am fit enough to complete it right now (wont do well, but could finish it), I am seriously considering just pulling out to prevent it getting any worse and just turning the 2.5 weeks in NZ into a full holiday. Has anyone had any experience with Cortizone injections into the bursta near the knee? Did it provide instant relief and you could continue your training without any issues? Has anyone been in my situation and found any miracle cures? As far as I can tell I have been doing the right things to solve the problem, but it simply isn't working and I am out of ideas other than asking my GP to give me Cortozone injections into both knees (I wonder if they will even do that without question.....) Helppppp Also, for those who helped me with advice in which bike to buy, I ended up buying an Avanti Chrono Evo II Ultegra Di2 2013 model but I have only been able to ride it twice now. I did the 1/2 Ironman on my old bike.
  15. I've pretty much exclusively trained for 2xIronmans on a trainer/treadmill, so doing it with company would be a huge bonus. I am however back in Australia training in the sun now, so not sure if I could go back to doing that every weekend...... Anyway back on topic, I think its a good idea. It'll be less stress on your body too, just think of it as a very long training day.
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