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  1. OK - Admins feel free to delete. It was posted to draw attention to the stupidity of this sexism. How is women's sport going to progress to equality unless these sort of things stop. I posted to the Ministry of Culture (Columbia), Minister Mariana Garcés Córdoba. email:mincultura@gov.co And you guys have a 10 page thread on race suit zips.....
  2. Ritchey WCS UD Carbon Interval Base Bar. Very limited use. Never dropped. No marks. Suit new buyer 31.8 x 60mm drop x 400mm wide and 190gms WCS Carbon Interval base bar complies with the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) "3:1" bicycle design regulation so it can be used for TT. Super low aggressive position. http://ritcheylogic.com/wcs-carbon-interval-base-bar.html Pickup Balgownie 2519 NSW or post at buyers expense $200 - also open to offers if the Trannie community think this is too high (RRP $500 AU @ Pushys)
  3. Try Aldi. Wife bought some today for the kids. $13
  4. start moderate finish strong - good for the confidence passing lots
  5. remember that you will also need more spacers for above the stem if you are not going to cut the steerer tube.
  6. 64ponty

    Help with devices

    Does the new Garmin remote work with the 510?
  7. Stage 7 done. Crit at the end with the peloton chasing was hard.
  8. I didn't think Cadel was thinking about the overall at that point in time. He wouldn't have made up any time anyway and would still be 21 sec down. I think it was a nice thing actually. Help the young riders move up whilst still keeping an eye on the overall prize.
  9. Cadel was in the lead and on the inside line in the final corner but swings wide. Bling comes through on the inside of the corner for the shorter line to the finish. If you want to win the race the last thing you do is swing wide on the last corner!
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